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 1  PCOS. Spotting in between periods Acne to chest and back. Bloating. Mood swings I've been on many bcp since I was 16 due to PCOS. I kept spotting in between my periods so my doctor put me on demulon. Since being on demulon, I've had acne to my chest and back and getting large pimples on my face which I never had before. There's been no change in my periods. I still get them for 7 days and they are heavy. I am very short tempered and moody on this bcp. Not a fan of demulon F 23 3 months
 1  Birth Control & Acne Severe Anxiety, Moderate Depression, no libido, chronic yeast infections, dizzy spells, nausea F 26 2 years
 4  Acne/Pregnancy Prevention First four months on Zovia 1/35E it improved my mood swings, I gained weight, about 8 pounds, boobs increased about a cup size, I felt very bloated all the time. Acne got really bad up until the four month mark. Acne completely cleared with the ocassional pimple here & there near the end of my fourth month on the pill. Weight went back down a bit (about 5 pounds but I also exercise almost everyday) and I didnt really have much of a bloated feeling after that. And I have had no pregnancies on the pill. Everybody is different you have to give it time before it adjusts to your body. I almost stopped taking the pill on the fourth month until I saw it started clearing up my acne majorly. F 19 6 months
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 5  birth control No noticeable side effects, may get moody around period time, lighter periods(1-3 days), can miss periods up to 3 months in a row. I started taking Demulen 9 years ago. I never had any side effects, except noticing that a few days before my periods, I may get moody, depresss, but it only last about 2-3 days. No weight gain, clearer skin, don't feel any different, no babies! F 30 9 years
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 4  Birth Control Worst - heat rash, sensitive skin, extra hair. Some bloating and possibly mood swings :), sore nipples. Some periods missed consecutively, screw up on the pills at all and get spotting. I just recently discovered that this is probably what has been giving me sun sensitive skin, easily getting heat rash and burning quicker. I just now read that it can increase hair growth and am pretty sure that has happened too, my arm hair is LONG and everywhere, and I get lots of mutant long hairs on my back, face and arms frequently. Plus I have hairy hands and feet. But no kids, so it worked that way, and I had tried many other kinds in a couple years with always bleeding through. Demulen did give me 3 day barely there periods which was nice, but worrysome when it didnt come for 3 months. Stopping because I want to see if I notice any difference in myself not on it, hoping for no more heat rash, its itchy and ugly. F 29 12 years
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 4  POF, Early Menopause Main complaint: no Libido, didn't even want to be touched by my husband. I am no longer on this pill because of the libido problems. Sore breasts, bloating a few days before period Acne Good symptoms (for me): increased breast size, increased appetite, increased weight. I was put on this to help me get my periods back and stop my ovaries from dying. I have Premature Ovarian Failure and Early Menopause symptoms. This pill brought back my periods and made me gain weight (I was very underweight). This BC pill is the first one that hasn't given me severe mood swings or depression. Wayyy better than Alesse that way. PS: If you're just starting this pill, give it some time!! The first 2 or 3 months can be rough until your body adjusts. F 25 1.5 years
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 1  Birth control Severe depression, incressed acne, heavy breakthrough periods, mood swings. This pill was recommnded to my doctor because i am plus size and could not take have the patch. She said it would help my acne and lighten my periods. Although it did indead lighten my period, the side effects were so harsh over time I had to switch. Over time i became severly depressed during random parts of my day. I cried for no reason, and could not seem to lighten my moods. My acne was twice as bad as it had been, especially around the time of my period. I had stopped taking this pill for two months when i was very stressed over work and having 2-3 periods a month, and within a week of not taking Demulen my face seemed much cleaner and my moods better. I did go back on this pill, and the side effects came back just as bad. I have now switched and feel much better. F 19 8 months
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 1  Regulate persiods Gained 13lbs, swollen breasts, acne, mood swings, cramping and heavy flow periods F 30 3 months
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 2  Acne More acne, tender/enlarged breasts, emotional, fatigue I started taking demulen for my chest/back acne, and it has not gone away in 3 weeks. It has progressively gotten worse. I don't know if this is because it's flaring and THEN will go away but I am unhappy. F 20 3 weeks
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 4  To regulate flow, and Birth Control Have experienced breakthrough bleeding, especially in the week before my period. My breasts have became larger. Had to go up a full cup size. F 27 6 months
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 2  Birth Control I was on Demulen 1/35 when I was 21 and I didn't even notice it. No side effects and I could time my periods by the second. They were super light and only lasted 3 days with no cramps. I am now 43 and only Zovia is available. I've been on it two weeks and am bleeding like I'm having a period and having horrible cramps. I hope this doesn't last long. I tried the ortho nova patch before this and it was an absolute nightmare. Nausea, enlarged tender breasts and bad depression. This bleeding and cramping isn't much better. I was fine for the first two weeks until this. I wish the real Demulen was still available instead of this generic stuff. F 43 14 days
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 5  PCOS I am taking the generic, Zovia 1/35. Initially had mild nausea, abdominal cramps, and spotting. All went away by the second month. No weight gain, breast tenderness, acne, etc. Unfortunately, low sex drive, which is my only complaint. F 29 4 months
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 5  birth control No side effects ever in 6 years!! This was great for 6 years. It did take me about a year and a half to get pregnant after stopping this pill. I took the name brand, not the generic. Then after the birth of my son, I tried this again, however they had stopped making the name brand so I had to take the generic, zovia the second time around. It was horrible. It was not the same. I had to stop taking it after 2 weeks. F 32 6 years
 4  heavy flow, cramps, moods I was on alese for 5 months and felt very sick and it didnt really help me with my moods around the time of the month. So I was switched to demulen and straight away I had no more moods but I have missed completly quite alot of my periods out of this year I think ive missed about 8 periods out of 12 and the others have been nothing but light spottting for less than 24 hours. Overall it has helped me alot but can also be quite confusing. F 18 14 months
 2  Heavy Periods/ Cramps I have been on Zovia 35 for 2 months now. The first month was ok no period, which I loved. On the second pack/month I started bleeding. The bleeding has not stopped its been a little over a month now and I'm still bleeding. It has gone from spotting on and off to a flow like a regular period. My breats are constantly sore and have become extremely enlarged. My sex drive is almost completely diminished. Can't really tell if I've gained weight simply because I'm always a little heavier when I'm bleeding/blotted. Blotting,Enlarged and sore Breasts, mood swing, no sex drive. F 26 2.5 months
 5  contraceptive, acne, cramps weight loss(+), lighter periods(+) I was on this pill for 2 years and it was great, i lost weight, had little appetite, short 3-day light periods, was happy (took tri-cyclen and it made me so emotional), no more cramps, and my skin looked beautiful. I've been off for almost 2 years and am going back on it again - I seemed to have gained a bit of weight since being off of it. F 21 2 years
 1  sister taking it for birth control She died (age 35) of multiple pulmunary embolism in 1989 after taking this for many years. Only possible cause of death found by the coroner was long term use of birth control pills. She had a healthy married life. I just found the brand she used while sorting through some old boxes of stuff & thought I would look it up on the web. Perhaps this will help others not take this RX. F 15 years
 5  Pregnancy prevention moodiness around time of period, reduced sex drive, sore breasts around time of period, some nauseousness at the beginning of a new pack...on the positive side: no children, the ability to predict my period to the day and time, little to no cramps, clear skin I have been on bc for 8 years and was put on Zovia after a pill I was taking put me (and everyone I was around) on an emotional roller coaster. My moods leveled out, and out of all the pills I've been on throughout the years this one had the least amount of side effects. F 26 3 years
 4  BC - Demulin 30 Lack of sex drive, sore boobs about 1 week before Made it so my periods were extremly light and short and sometimes nothing at all had horrible times before where I couldn't get out of bed. Sex drive in kinda lacking but still good. F 28 11 years
 5  birth control, acne, lighter period Some breast tenderness a week or two before period. I tried 6-7 other pills and had a lot of side effects before my Dr. prescribed Zovia. It works the best for me - I lost weight, lighter periods, better mood, less acne! I went off the pill after my husband had a vasectomy 6 mths. ago, but I'm getting back on it b/c I've been miserable since I stopped taking it. F 41 10 years