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 5  Arthritis Neck, Back, Ankle The only side effect is ulcers, however quickly remedy with anti ulcer mediation Very pleased with drug. I have been on a variety of medications to stop the pain from arthritis from surgeries in Back and internal fixation still in Ankle. Before Feldene I would still have pain no matter what and I was on narcotics - Terrible feeling. I stopped the narcotics about 1-2 weeks after starting feldene. I do have to take an ulcer preventer but having the mobility back again in my body is well worth a little extra pill. I am able to bike, walk, exercise, hike (still cant run because of the devices in my ankle) but very pleased with my mobility. F 50 15 years
20 1X D
 5  arthritis in knees none I have a hard time taking medications. Most drugs of any type make me feel bad. It is hard to describe, just how bad. I always request the brand Feldene because the generic just didn't work for me. Feldene has been a lifesaver for me. F 72 15 years
20 mg 1X W
 5   None F 59 1 days
 5  Osteoarthritis No side effects for me. I don't take it every day. I can get good relief after taking for a couple of days and then I feel much better for some time. I might take two a week and sometimes less. F 70
20 1X D
 1  Hip pain Rash on back side of arms, legs, entire back. Horrible stomach pains took it for 19 days and stopped after developing itchy rash. it has now been three weeks since my last dose and the rash gets worse every day. Doctore put me on this even though I told him I was allergic to Aleve. I feel like suing him for pain and suffering. F 44 19 days
20 1X D
 5  I have arthritis. I've never had a side effect. My mother took Feldene for years - beginning the year it came on the market, and she never had a problem either. Everyone in my family has an iron stomach. I had severe neck pain, as well as wrist, finger, shoulder, knee, and ankle pain. I was miserable all day, and I couldn't sleep at night. I tried cortisone & other treatments, but they didn't do much for me. My mother told me about Feldene. Boy, did it work for me! As long as I take it, I have very little pain. I stop taking it now and then - just to see what will happen. It takes about a day... and the pain starts again. I know most people can't take it, but it saved my life (and my mother's too). F 64 8 years
20 1X D
 1  Gluteal tendon rupture Weird suppurating lesions on my face. Stomach ache. Doctor switched me onto this from Relafen to try to decrease inflammation in my hip due to a tendon rupture (Relafen wasn't adequately resolving the inflammantion). This week I have a couple of weird lesions on my face that ooze. Checked the side effect profile for piroxicam, and sure enough skin rashes and lesions are mentioned as a side effect. I'm stopping this drug today. Also, I have had a persistent stomach ache on this drug. And, if anything, the pain and swelling in my hip is worse on piroxicam than it was on relafen. F 42 2 weeks
 5  OA in neck and knees elevated BP I took 20mg of Feldene daily (generic is Piroxicam) for 10 years, starting when I was about 57. It worked great, was even helping arthritis in my lower back that I didn't know I had until I stopped taking the Feldene. But eventually my BP starting rising due only to the Feldene. Since then I've tried Sulindac which didn't help my arthritis and irritated my stomach but BP was great. I've tried Celebrex which didn't help my arthritis and made me feel so tired but BP was great. So now I'm going back to Feldene and hope I don't have a stroke. My BP is in the low 130s on Feldene with added BP meds (HCTZ and Diovan)and my dr. thinks this is too high. I am in good health, not overweight, and have no other health problems. F 67 10 years
 4  Reactive Arthritis None. I've been using this drug (Piroxicam) for the past 14 years (every other day usually) and in conjunction with sulfasalazine and prevacid. Its given me the relief i need and has helped control the disease somewhat. My pain is currently increasing and spreading to my knee, so it might be time for me to try something else now. This medicine needs to be taken with food, and I take it after eating. I also use prevacid to help prevent any stomach problems. M 47 14 years
 5  For swelling veins inside joints For me there is no side effects. After you feel the comfort stop the medication. My story is I tried several kinds of pain killer and other things ointment, liniment anti biotic but the effect was nothing. Everytime I felt the swelling and hotness inside the joint part especially on my foot where the vein is I used it right away and it's gone. I only take 4 pieces or less of 20MG Feldene once a day if it occurs on myself and after it's fine I stopped taking it.But I make it a habit to have this medicine in my bag wherever I go and this is my partner. Because without this I will crawl on the floor when it occurs. For me this medicine is a great relief for me because I have gouty athritis due to a sprain on my foot when I was young and it always agravate when it is cold or even a slight sprain. Thanks to the doctors or scientist who made this medicine and everytime it happens to me I called all the saints in heaven especially at night time. Again, Feldene works great for me ! M 42
 1  wrist injury, tendonitis CRAMPING PAINS!!! Will never take this again! F 22 1 days
 2  Shoulder pain - inflammation Stopped urinating :( Feldene worked great for my shoulder pain - BUT - after taking it for a couple of days, I gradually stopped urinating. After going a few days without being able to produce urine, my hands and arms started tingling. I stopped taking the capsules. 8 days after stopping, my kidneys were finally back to normal function. I believe that what happened was that the medication interfered with normal blood flow to the kidneys. I'm not going anywhere near this medication ever again - Aleve works for me! F 50 5 days
 1  lower back pain I only took Feldene for a few days. It did not help with the severe pain I was experiencing. Morevoer, it caused hemorrhoids (an ailment I had never had before) and problems with my veins. This is a very dangerous drug. Try something else instead. F 33 5 days
 1  chronic arthritis/bursitis pain My stomache pain intensified until I stopped taking the med after 4 weeks. I felt better within 2 days of discontinuing the drug. For anyone with a gastric reaction to NSAIDS this is a drug to avoid. F 55 4 weeks
 1  osteoarthritis After taking 20mg for 7 days, I developed severe blistering rash on face, neck, chest and hands. Have been taking prednisone and zantac for the rash as well as benadryl, claritan, and cortisone cream for the intense itching for 4 days. Rash is worse each day. In this case, the cure is worse than the disease! F 55 7 days
 2  hip pain none I've had hip pain for over 10 years, I can't lay on that side. First doctor diagnosed bursitis; I had 3 cortisone shots that didn't help. Second doctor diagnosed tendonitis and prescribed Feldene. It doesn't phase the pain at all. I'm beginning to wonder if I was given a placebo! F 60 9 days
 1  fibromyalgia On day one, I injested one capsule and developed large red hives on my upper chest and neck. Contacted the prescribing physician, a top rheumatologist in Los Angeles, and told him that I thought I was allergic to the Feldene. He said allergy could not develop in a day, only in weeks, and to continue taking the Feldene. Took the second and final capsule on day two. Developed Stevens Johnson Syndrome. New MD told me people die from it! Along with extremely painful burn like lesions on my face, hands, neck and torso,I also lost senses of taste and smell. Took three months to get back to work and about one year to recover as fully as possible. This drug can kill you. You know your body best of all. F 40 2 days
 1   Feldene Linked to Stevens Johnson Syndrome
 3  Lower back pain Constant ringing in my ears (aspirin does the same thing, however). I use the generic piroxicam and it's somewhat more effective than aspirin for me. Doesn't eliminate my pain but does knock it down one or two numbers on the 1-10 pain scale. I take a Celebrex every 4th or 5th day to get at least one night's fairly decent sleep but use that sparingly due to its known heart complications. You absolutely must take Feldene with food or you will get a bleeding ulcer but then the same is true of aspirin. M 66 10 years
 1  Back pain RASH all over face, neck and hands - stomach pain and bleeding. Rash still not gone one week later - small blister type dots filled with water and painful. Am now on steroids to try and get rid of rash. DON'T TAKE THIS! F 41 6 days

FELDENE  (PIROXICAM):  Piroxicam is used to reduce pain, swelling, and joint stiffness from arthritis. Reducing these symptoms helps you do more of your normal daily activities. This medication is known as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It works by blocking your body's production of certain natural substances that cause inflammation. If you are treating a chronic condition such as arthritis, ask your doctor about non-drug treatments and/or using other medications to treat your pain. See also Warning section.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)