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 2  Vestibular Migraine - mainly vertig Insatiable hunger. Gained weight immediatly due to not feeling full after eating thus eating way more than my usual. It just did not work for my vestibular issues at all. At the 8 week mark I discontinued use. F 39 8 weeks
 1  Epilepsy Increased seizure activity,1 year regression, lost of ability to walk, communicate,and rash around neck/chest F 2 15 days
15 2X D
 3  epilepsy weight gain, general slow metabolism. This was added to my phenobarbitol and took my seizures down from once a month to complete control. But nobody told me about the interaction between these two drugs. Evidently the dep potentiates the pheno increasing its blood level so if you try to step back your dose on the dep or the two together it's like a crash cold turkey on the pheno levels. F 53 9 years
1000mg 1X D
 1  Epilepsy One of the most miserable experiences in my life was taking this medication. To me Depekene never really felt right from the start with it giving me feelings of mild fogginess and never really controlling the seizures to well. But the real problems didn't really start occurring until I had a breakthrough seizure at 14.5 years old and the neurologist increased the dose to 1750mg causing me to become extremely sleepy and sleep for 12-14 hours every day and even when I wasn't in bed I would still fall asleep at school to a point where the teacher even had to call my parents. It wasn't until last year when the medication actually started triggering more seizures than if I wasn't taking it that the neurologist requested a blood test and discovered toxic levels of Depakote in my blood and told me to come off it asap and I immediately started to feel better about a week after totally coming off it, but to be honest I've never really felt the same as before. But stopping all my complaining about all the bad stuff I've gone through with this medication my bottom line is that I highly suggest not giving this to anyone under the age of 16, this medication is dangerous to children and should be a last result for there is a much higher chance of OD'ing at a young age that could possibly cause permanent brain damage. So if you notice being extremely tired on this medication call your doctor asap and insist on a blood test. M 16 2 years
 3  Bi-Polar II 10+ lbs weight gain from 155 lbs to 168 lbs. Border line raised liver enzymes (blood tested). Other than that, tolerable. There is a BIG different between Depakene (capsules) and Depakene ER (Extended Release) tablets. Depakene ER did not produce as much weight gain. M 43 2.5 years
750 mg 1X D
 5   none F 53 5 times
1000 mg 2X D
 3  Anti-manic EXTREME weight gain (60lbs), foggy headedness This medication worked well to control my mania, but maybe a little too doctor is now taking me off of it because I can never seem to have a clear head. I sincerely hope that by going off the medication I can loose the unhealthy amount of weight that I have gained. F 25 1.5 years
1000mg 1X D
 5  epileptic seizures When first taking this medication at the dosage prescribed I was very tired until my body got used to it. M 5 times
 5  Anxiety and Mood Some heartburn on occasion. Nothing major. I am not on a high dose but this is much cheaper than Depakote ER and it works. Not as good as ER but it helps. M 36 1 years
 2  chronic migraine hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, severe depression My daughter's migraine became worse on this medicine by day 3. I would now hesitate to put a child on such a powerful drug unless other drugs have been tried first. F 8 3 days
 2  Epilepsy My 5 year old daughter that has Epilepsy will be taking this drug starting Sunday.... any one can tell me what she may feel??? F 5
 1  bipolar I weight gain (30 lbs) not worth it F 27 6 months
 2  bipolar increased appetitie, weight gain, confusion, tiredness, blurred vision, decreased sex drive, hair loss F 32 6 months
 5  epilepsy dizzyness in the first month some mild behavioural changes My son had managed with Depakene to be seizurefree 6 weeks until he caught a virus M 4 2 months
 3  grand mal, absence, nigh time szs weight gain, severe hunger at all times, dizzyness, upset stomach, headache, lethargic i took it since i was 13 yrs old and it has gotten worse around 18 yrs old. Now I take this and lamictal and phenobarbitol and feel much better F 21 8 years
 1  epilepsy the usual problems thinking etc... also a syndrome that looks like polycistic ovaries (without the ovarian cysts). so weight gain, abnormal hair growth, very irregular menstrual cycles. F 24 4 years
 5  siezures M 46 26 years
 1  Bipolar Extreme weight gain, extreme appetite increase. Helpped a little with mood fluctionations but did not hold my bipolar. M 30 6 months

DEPAKENE  (VALPROIC ACID):  This medication is used to treat seizure disorders, mental/mood conditions (such as manic phase of bipolar disorder), and to prevent migraine headaches. It works by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)