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 4  Adhd Very tired when it wears off which is usually bed time anyway ..if i time it right, it helps with my insomnia. I feel much better than I did my whole life before taking it..my family and friends notice the change and I'm doing a lot better The only thing that happens to me is sometimes I forget and drink a soda after taking it and my chest and arm gets a little discomfort. I felt horrible after drinking coffee once so I recommend extreme caution with caffeinated drinks or sugar in general ... M 30 2 months
20 mg 3x
 4  Adult ADHD Increased appetite, mild stomach cramping when first starting, cannot drink any caffiene now. Have to drink more water ever day. F 33 6 weeks
10 MG 2X D
 3  adhd loss of appetite,infrequent meltdowns when drug wears off at end of day. M 9 9 months
20 1X D
 1  For having no function/drive Felt as if bugs were crawling all over my body. Major 'head and spinal' zaps throughout the day. Out of control anxiety.I felt emotionless, zombie like, could not cry, could not laugh, life was MISERABLE! In fact it was sheer hell! Lots of eye, mouth and jaw tiks too. Was encouraged to try this med to give me that 'get up and go' motivation.Within 24 hours I was constantly suicidal with the darkest, most horrific thoughts going through my brain. Decided that rather than jump out my 5th floor window, I would stop taking the Med's.Within days I started to feel more like a human being. A am absolutely *horrified* that this particular POISON is already given to very young children who's brains do not stop growing until they are in their early twenties! Seems criminal to me! I actually thought that the Psych Dr's somehow knew better. Now I realize the MONUMENTAL mistake I made as my anxiety levels are now totally out of control 24/7. The insomnia is still chronic, two years after going off the med. I have become reclusive, anti-social and when in a crowd of friends, make an incredible fool of myself as I say the most inappropriate things out of the blue. Something which NEVER happened to me before the Methylfenadate. Yes,lost weight but swopped that for major gastric and balance problems. Take very expensive life long P.P.I drugs now.(Apparently just another one of many possible side effects of this drug.) I CRY for the person I used to be before Methylphenidate. It's a devil drug & needs to disappear off the earth! F 53 16 months
10mg 1X D
 3  Trouble concentrating at work (Good) First day I felt sharper, more sociable and talkative. I was able to pay far more attention to details or anything I saw or heard. (Bad) After a while I felt like I couldnt stop focusing on everything around me, Felt paranoid that people were looking at me which was weird, sometimes when I breath I feel like my chest is not expanding fully, a bit of anxiety at certain times that I need to remind myself it is the drug... Eating and drinking is big (Feel very messed up if I'm low on energy due to hunger and all symptoms are intensified. I'm testing this stuff out for what I feel is inattentive add. The second day I'm on it today, I really didnt notice any of the positive side-effects from the day before, but I still got the chest breathing thing and the insomnia. If I don't sleep tonight that will be 3 nights without proper sleep and I think I need to get off of it. Its too bad, because I feel like it is helping me concentrate at work and talk with people better. M 27 2 days
20 mg 1X D
 4  ADHD BAD: dry mouth. Stomach pains, go away once I've eaten but come back later on that night. No appetite but still have my usual cravings. Calmed my down alot and made me concentrate on one thing at a time. Calmed my depression down and stress level isnt as high. I have tried many differents drugs for all the problems I have. This time I hit two problems with one stone. I am happy with the drug. F 21 3 months
10 1X D
 3  Add Upset stomach and hemmorids - makes it painful to think about eating, but I cannot take this med without eating or I fall asleep right away. I have to drink more water when on this medication. Also I take a break from it on weekends, as I find the build up makes me cry. All in all, I am very, very, calm, and the hyper-vigilance is gone and I am able to direct my attention properly without excessive displays of anxiety. Wow, I have to wonder why nobody has never given me this drug before. It makes me wonder if I would never have lost a job, or walked away from a job due to boredom. I had a head injury in 1993, and from there everything changed and I became depressed, a changed person, inattentive, quick to anger, and unable to focus- debilitating anxiety. Now I am 40 and and things are going very well, and I am entering a third career and I feel very settled for the first time ever. F 41 30 days
3-4 3X D
 4  ADHD(subtype innattentive, aka ADD) I get depressed unless I take a drug holiday. I am probably going to have to take a couple consecutive days off a week and let it clear, otherwise the symptoms will persist. (according to my doctor) I started taken this in the 7th and 8th grade and then stopped and did not start up again until I was about 31 years old. My brother also took this as a kid and he hated it and finally refused it. I think if a kid does not want to take it they should not have to. It very much helped me with school as a kid. I did not feel any jitters. I felt very normal on it and like one normally should. My brother did not. Parents use common sense and ask the question "is he more happy with it"! M 35 6 years
 4  ADD Shaky hands and blurred vision @ times. (Rare: Deeper than normal hyper-focus) Behavior modification contributed a great deal to my progress and was made possible with the use of Ritalin. Initially started on Ritalin short acting but it was very difficult to dose and schedule without high points and resulting crashes throughout the day. Switched to Ritalin SR, again had to experiment with timing and doses but was worth the effort. Excellent effects on focus and ability to follow a schedule. Impulsiveness has improved but not resolved. Additionally, new ability to cope with major change without going into a month long anxiety. F 43 6 months
 4  ADHD So strange - it works great, sometimes I crave cigarettes sometimes I don't, I am surely more focused and get my work done, I sometimes hyper focus on projects which causes a lack of sleep... lately I have been getting delayed side effects. Like 3 hours after my last dose I get shaky, VERY dizzy and sometimes my hands tingle and I get a headache... any thoughts why this would be happening so late in the game? I have taken the medicine for over a year now. I make sure I am hydrated and have eaten a large meal also, yet I have been stil having these effects lately. F 26 1.5 years
 5   Dry mouth mostly now I have been taking this drug since 1993. In the beginning it was a bit of a nightmare; insomnia, manic behavior, irritability, aggression and really horrific dry mouth. After we got my dosage correct it has been heaven. I went from failing out of college 3 times – yes 3 times, to graduation with honors and am now getting an MBA. In my experience the best thing you can do with this drug is to take it on a very consistent schedule. Taking it on an erratic schedule really is a recipe for disaster. This drug has saved me from spending my life in frustrating loop of unfinished thoughts and incomplete hopes and dreams… M 36 16 years
 5  ADD Insomnia, mild mood swings, no hunger or thirst. For me, studying for a bachelors degree in engineering, Ritalin is a lifesaver. My first semster I got very close to be kicked out cause of low grades, next semster I got mediocre grades but at the expense of cancelling all that you can call social interaction. This was before I was diagnosed. Now I can really focus on my school, I learn faster, better and managed to cram 4 weeks of work into 1 week. Ultimately, giving me an edge on my fellow classmates. Because I can get my papers done faster, I got time to be social again, and Ritalin actually makes me wanna socialize with people. I've gotten my energy levels up to the roof, and I'm started lifting weights and martial arts. Two of my hobbies I had to cancel to get by school. I dont want to make Ritalin the Wünderwaffe who will turn your life around, but for me,personally, I doing very good atm. M 27 1 weeks
 4  ADHD change in personality, made me more of a boring person much better at concentrating and produced much better work F 21 6 months
 4  Adult ADD Dry mouth, spaciness, weird body heat inconsistency (hot/cold), insomnia, stomach cramps This was fourth ADD drug I tried and so far it is the best. I am on low dose (20mg) as I'm sensitive to everything. First week was best, felt totally like myself but calmer, more focused, less emotionally reactive. Now after 10 days I am having a little trouble sleeping, have dry mouth, sometimes stomach cramps, and feel spacey. However it is hard to remember to eat/drink on this drug, it suspends all those urges, and the side effects are better when I do remember. Just try to stay ahead of the drug and eat/drink anyway. If I take it 10am or after I can't sleep until around 2am. Half-life is long in me. Still, this is saving my job and relationships, so HOORAY. I worry about creativity but couldn't finish stuff before anyway...would be nice to follow through. F 35 15 days
 2  Concentration problems (1975) Virtually everything associated with a common day Methamphetimine addict: Picking skin off fingers, horrific stomach cramps, instant switches from being outgoing and lively to a strong withdrawl and oftentimes depression. Eating also affected in a dangerous manner caused rapid weight changes, usually in negative fluctuations. I was given this drug back in 1975 and kept on it until 1983, when I finally refused to take it. The ensuing result was my life actually improving. While there is a need for this drug in limited cases (which I also have seen after working 13 years in the juvenile probation department and seen very acute hyperactivity in some probationers), oftentimes it seems to be misprescribed as a quick fix by a number (certainly not all) of parents and some doctors that obviously wish to please their clients. In many ways, this drug stole a great deal of my youth away due to not medically following up on the side effects coupled with a desire for a child that paid more attention. I would get three concurring opinions from three different doctors before I would ever consider putting my child on this, or a similar medication. M 41 8 years
 1  add i was given this drug very young, i forced to take it for about 8 years 3 times a day at max strength, i stop taking them when i wzas about 12 or 13 maybe a little older hard to remember, i now i have to what i believe to be a long term side effect, some mentel problems, sucj as memeroy loss, forget words, i get shakey, there is alot that is druf did. i beleive this drug should be banned, how can you give it to a kid because they are hyper or can't focus???? THERE KIDS!!! M 24 8 years
 5  SPD with Autisitc Traits Loss of specific food cravings!!! Weight Loss!!! Rating for my 8yr old son... He was recently diagnosed as Global Developemental Delay and SPD which is Sensory Processing Disorder with Autisitc Traits. He has always had a very hard time with the SPD as it's hard for them to function. Its like trying to keep a dying car working properly on the road. Anyway, he was prescribed Ritalin SR for the first time 2 months ago. Immediately we noticed an improvement. There were no tantrums that day, he did not scream when his siblings touched him. Then after a week I asked him why he liked his medication and he said it helps him think. I was against medicating him for so long as I worked in pharmacy 15 years and heard all the horror stories! Well, he has lost about 10lbs THANKFULLY! He's 4'10" and was 126lbs with a 34" waist and is now down to 116lb and 32"! For him the loss is great but we make sure he gets plenty of nutrition. We have talked with his teachers and they say he is doing very well. He has been increa M 8 60 days
 1   M
 4  Adult ADHD Insomnia I like the product, it helps with focus and feel better overall. The only problem is laying in bed from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM before falling to sleep. M 18 5 months
 5  Adult ADD None I tried the Ritalin SR but preferred the 'punch' from the regular Ritalin. I would prefer to take the generic for cost reasons but found that the brand was more effective. I take 20mg in the morning and another 20 in the afternoon if I have something in particular to do. The Ritalin helps me organize, prioritize and read and respond better to social cues. I began Ritalin in September, 2004. I'd lost my job and had a child to support; while I wasn't depressed, I was overcome with anxiety and couldn't concentrate on the very thing I needed to do, that is, to get a job. The difference was dramatic. Within the same day I calmed down and could focus. My psychotherapist had been encouraging me to investigate Adult ADD. I finally did, when I couldn't figure out what else to do; I was desparate. Together with my psychotherapist, the Ritalin changed my life. For me, these are the essential partners. I couldn't have done it without the combination. F 62 3 years