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 1  back pain My mother was Clammy, sweaty hard to catch her breath immediately after injection in hospital. Died of a silent heartattack coroner said. F 64 1 days
 1  Lower back pain Within seconds of getting a shot of this medication I started to feel very groggy and light headed. Within minutes I started to have severe trouble breathing and by the time the ambulance got to me I stopped breathing all together. I had to be in the ICU intubated for almost a week before I woke up out of a coma and could breathe on my own again. This was doctor error as my doctor knew what medications I was taking and gave me the shot anyway. Please always remind your doctor as to what medications you are taking and not to assume they know. It was almost fatal for me. F 36 1 days
 2  Cluster Headache Burning at injection site that started in my hip and spread down to my thigh, nauseated, light headed, clammy, hot and cold chills, head spinning, hard time talking and walking, very hard to focus in on anything (everything I looked at jumped around), very agitated. I have never ever been as sick as I was after getting this shot! One of the worst experiences of my life, and definitely the worst experience to a medication. I got this shot for a cluster headache. It was supposed to knock out my pain for about six hours, I was told. I will NEVER get this again. I got the shot, checked out, and about the time I got in the car it was like a wave hitting me. Immediate sickness, head spinning, and I just broke down crying from feeling so sick and absolutely out of it. F 28 1 days
20 1X D
 5  Migrain Sleepy Cured my headache in 1 minute M 16 1 days
 5  migraines None The best thing for my migraines and I have tried everything. I dont know why its so hard to keep it at the Dr.s office or why you can get a prescription for it when it helps so much and you dont have to take anything else.. F 51 16 years
10 1X W
 5  chronic pain and other serious ills none caution with injection sites and sterilize Nubian has been good substitute for patients with allergies to morphine based medications M 73 60 days
20mg 2X D
 1  yes once I experienced extreme nausea and fatigue after 30 minutes of taking Nubain. I had severe back pain before attending the doctor and when i left i didnt feel a thing, but i was sick for three days. M 39 1 days
 1  migraine Was given injection in dr office within min had weird sensations in arms and legs started hearing the taking in dr office getting faster and farther way, I was able to message my son when he called I could barely speak , managed to get to door nurse saw me was able to barley say something wrong hand phone to her my son was screaming at her, I started shaking and then went to muscle jerks. They gave me benadryl and valium after 3 hours my son demanded to take me home. The dr told him it just needs to run its course then asks me if I took anything before I came in...duh!! He prescribeds me morphine and hydrcodone for my RA and summatriptane for my migraines he says well this drug reacts with them..why did u give it to me Dont ever take this drug...scariest time of my life F 44 1 days
20mg 1X D
 5  migraine Migraine had me vomiting, diarrhea, the most intense pressure in my head,floaters, nausea &one IV injection of NUBAIN & LITERALLY with in less than a minute and a half ALL symptoms gone! F 48 1 times
 5  Over 15 migraines a month Headache gone in 5 minutes Life saver F 36 1 years
 5  migraines Irritability and drowsiness it burns when injected. And sometimes I have a little anxiety with it I have had migraines my whole life and this with a shot of 50mg benadryl works great for my mirgraines.I have had all the other stuff that doesn't help.but you have to have the benadryl or it has a burning itch. F 31 1 days
 1  Kidney stone Never, Ever, ever, ever again!! Put me in full withdrawal in urgent care. Was taken to hospital. I felt as if I was going to die. Amazing how the same dr at urgent care gives you a shot of this crap and 30mg oxycodone. You would think he would known better, but nope. Please don't take this drug for any reason, it's iust not worth it. F 26 1 days
 5  Migraine for over a week Sleepy Knocked out migraine that several other drugs hadn't helped at all. F 12 1 days
 1  for migraine headache I was given a Nubain & Phegran Inj. At dr office for migraine. My dr knows I take 200 mg of morphine a day, an Oxycodone for chronic back pain. Less than an hour later I was in full blown withdrawals, thought I was gonna die.I didnt know it reacted that way if you were On other narcotics until the next day when I started doing some research. My dr should have known better than to give me Nubain. I will NEVER take it again! Do not take Nubain if you are taking other reacts against them. F 40 1 times
20 mg
 1  itching Burning all over, very painful. I thought was to die!! F 30 1 times
 1  to stop itching I was given Nubain through an IV at a hospital. I had severe itching, an expected side effect of an epidural and was told Nubain or benadryl would be suitable drugs to stop the itching. When the nurse admisinistered this drug in my IV, i immediately felt burning that started in my stomach and spread all over my body. She barely got out of the room and i began shaking uncontrollable and i thought i was going to die. Luckily my boyfriend was there to call for help because I don't think i could have reached the emergency button on my bed. The nurse came back and flushed my IV with saline. She lied to me though and said my experience was not an allergic reaction, but i was just cold due to the IV flushing my system. What a liar!! I spent 3 days at the hospital and the only time my IV was flushed was AFTER she gave me Nubain. I have to now tell physicians about my experience and that i'm allergic to this drug. I have never had such a scary experience....this drug should be illegal. I F 30 1 days
1X D
 5  Migraines None When my medication won't work an injection of Nubain and Phenergan will. F 4 days
20mg 1X AN
 1  accidentally given Within minutes of injection I started vomiting, shaking, and had trouble breathing! It was the scariest episode in my life. I really thought I was going to die! F 47 1 days
 1  Husband was given and Died!!! Do not take this medicine ! It can kill you if you aren't careful M 48 1 days
 5  migraines!!! havent been 1 days