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 2  GERD ANXIETY, nervousness, Shaky, Feeling not myself--like I'm in a fish bowl looking out. I took this because of Zantac being discontinued. If I take this before bed, I will not sleep well and wake up feeling VERY anxious and shaky in the morning. The anxiety will last most of the day. It has even brought on a few panic attacks. Feeling very depressed about life and this really isn't me. Feeling like life is passing me by. I'm assuming that it is this medication causing all of this. Had similar side effects from Pepcid. Maybe it's just this class of H2 blockers. M 57 60 days
200 1X D
 3  Ulcer/Acid reflux Trouble swallowing, sore muslces, inflammation, sore breasts I switched from Nexium to Tagamet. I took Tagamet fine for about 2 months and then I started getting flushed skin, achy muscles, skin inflammation, trouble swallowing as if a lump was in my throat, and sore breasts. It never occured to me that Tagamet was doing all of this to me because I purchased it at Walmart so I thought that it was safe and I kept taking it for an additional 2 months. I literally thought that I had lupus. One day I decided to stop Tagamet and all of my symptoms subsided within a few days. I've been off of it for 30 days now and I still have a few residiual symptoms every now and again. I still feel like I have a lump in my throat but having an ulcer will do that to you. I hoping that goes away soon too or else I'll go and get it checked out. I'm going the natural route of Chia seeds in water everyday as well as a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 2 cups of water and I've noticed immediate results. They don't prevent my acid reflux like Tagamet and Nexium but it stops it once it arrives. Tagamet works great but I would not recommend it for long term use. F 34 4 months
2X D
 1  I was on prilosec and switched to g Sore throat which I didn't have before. Trouble swallowing a week into tagamet. Fever and headache and sweating. Also started having really dry eyes. Stopped tagamet and now all is going away. Just can't take it. Also increase of urinating. And tired all the time. Will go without meds and treat gerds with diet change and natural products. F 64 1 weeks
 5  Warts None noted Our daughter started out with one large wart on her knuckle. We sought a liquid nitrogen treatment (every two weeks) from a dermatologist. Every night we applied a 40 percent SALICYLIC ACID PASTE (waste of time and money--labor intensive with little to no results). We saw some progress after each two week visit, but at $25 dollars a co-pay it would have been a thousand dollars later before the wart would have gone away. We stopped going to the dermatologist after four visits. The wart then multiplied to 12 warts in a matter of six months--her right hand was almost completely covered by warts. On her left hand there were two warts now growing... I think the multiplication of the warts was spurred on and caused from the liquid nitrogen treatments! We were losing the battle... we felt like there was nothing that could conquer the wart battle. Then my mother came across an article that identified TAGAMET (CIMETIDINE) as having varying levels of success with wart removal. Our daughter takes an oral dose of 400mg 3-4 times per day and after 45 days the warts are 90 percent gone! We estimate another 30 days of the oral regimen and we will have rid her completely of warts. In my opinion it is nothing short of a miracle! We spoke with two pharmacists, one doctor and one dermatologist--all four said they saw no problems with a nine year old taking TAGAMET. They said the dosage was okay and if she was bothered by it she could back off the dosage. F 9 45 days
 4  stomach pain M 81
 4  ulcer none I've suffered from ulcers in the past. Recently started to get another one which caused abdominal pain and nausea along with headache and insomnia. Not wanting to go to the doctor this time, I tried Tagamet hp 200. I took 2 pills (400 mg) in the morning and 2 in the evening and my symptoms and pain were gone the first day and did not return. Saved me a trip to the doctor and from having to by an RX drug. Though I wouldn't recommend taking an OTC drug like this (against the label dose which was only take up to 2 a day) before consulting with a doctor or pharmacist. M 27 7 days
 5  common warts none M 6 75 days
 5  Ulcers None F 39 3 months