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 1  Diarrhea Severe abdominal cramps, loss of vision, extreme nausea, worse diarrhea all within 5 hours of taking it. Please don't take this. F 15 1 days
15MG 1X D
 1  Diarrhea I took this two days ago and forgot what it does to my intestines, so now I'm suffering again. Diarrhea stopped, but I've had nothing but severe cramping and the feeling I have to go, but nothing comes out. Two days of hell and pain. M 59 1 days
Two tablet 1X D
 1   constipation M 25 1 days
 1  Had diarrhea for 24 hours I took 2 pills around 10pm at night and it kept me up the entire night. Had major jitters and felt like I had taken adderall. Cannot sleep at all and major restlessness. F 35 1 days
2 pills
 4  occasional diarrhea No adverse side effects Works really well for occasional diarrhea, bur I have to take more tablets than indicated on the label (and more often). My only grievance is that it is not stocked on the shelf any more. I have to wait in a pharmacy line and solicit the pharmacist to please let me buy Loperamide. And now the bottles contain much fewer tablets. Is this just in my state or is the whole country restricting sales? M 64 11 years
4 Mg 2X D
 2  spastic colon ibs constipation, anxiety, drowsiness, fatigue, unable to have a bowel movement (colonic inertia), depressed central nervous systemic effects, diahrrea when discontinuing Very disappointed. Don't believe that it won't cause constipation. For me, I took it for spastic colon / I did not have diahrrea from the start so maybe it was just my poor choice of drugs...just wanted the spasms to stop and it is an anticholinergenic.../ worked for that no more spasticity wow great, but had terrible consequences (see list). Wouldn't do it again. I believe if you have ibs-d this might be a tremendous help but for me it wasn't the help I wanted. F 53 1 months
1mg 1X D
 3  Just to delay defecation I am a pharmacist and an anxiety patient also. I have been using escitalopram since last 3 years. Today i used imodium first time in my life. There was a big anxiety attack i never had before. Even condition led to moderate respiratory depression and palpating heart with very much pressure feeling in brain. My hands starts trembling and i felt some involuntary movements in some muscles randomly. Was Feeling vertigo. I was thinking about my death. But fortunately i always have escitalopram tablet in my vault. I used the double dose and slowly conditions come back to normal. It was a weird experience. So anyone who has anxiety problem should not take this medication. M 29 1 days
2 mg
 5  I have IBS No side effects. Has been a life saver. I can't hardly eat anything without having to run to restroom 1-6 plus times a day. Helps SO much. I have only had to take 2 pills, never another dose after first episode. Recommend F 40 10 days
 5  Whenever diarrhoea No side effects Relief as soon as I take the capsule, no side effects at all. Not sure why others have side effects. My family all use it on holiday for fast diarrhoea relief. In fact, I think it works too well, definitely recommend to others F 20 1 days
1 capsule
 5  Traveler's Diarrhea I took Imodium during a severe bout of TD in Indonesia after eating some home-cooked food and unwashed fruit (getting sick was my own fault). I usually opt for natural remedies, but after 48 hours of constant bathroom trips, I needed to try something else. I figured my body had flushed out quite a good amount of stuff in 48 hours, and towards the end I had extreme gas discomfort as well as occasional liquid stool. The combination was explosive -- not pretty. My entire digestive tract felt like it was quivering when I tried to eat so that even eating plain white rice was painful and I couldn't finish a small bowl. When it got to the point that I couldn't sleep because I had to get up every 5-10 minutes, I tried just one Imodium pill (I am a petite female so often start with a half dose and find it's often enough). Symptoms subsided within 15 minutes and I was able to fall into a much needed deep sleep. The body best repairs itself while sleeping, and the immune system doe I should mention that during this time I also took large amounts of probiotics to replenish good bacteria that was lost during the 48 hours of TD. This likely also helped speed up recovery. IMPORTANT WARNING: Never take Imodium if there is blood or mucus in your stool. This could mean your TD is caused by a parasite rather than bacteria or virus, and trapping a parasite in your system could literally kill you. So be very careful and self-aware when self-medicating. Imodium is like a light sedative for your digestive muscles. Instead of treating what's inside the gut (like Pepto Bismol and others), it slows down the muscles of your digestive tract so they move much more slowly and (in my case) stop spasming. This is why taking too much can be risky -- the toxins inside your gut aren't addressed and just sit there a while until your muscles calm down enough can push them out in one solid piece. Probiotics can help fight bad bacteria. Again, just be careful to assess there's no blood in your TD before considering Imodium. Good luck and feel better soon! F 33 1 days
One tablet 1X D
 1  Diarrhoea Would never have Imodium again, had one tablet on Monday after getting home from holiday with bali belly, it's now Wednesday and ever since have had really really bad tummy pains! F 23 1 days
 1  Stomach flu Diarrhea,severe cramps,nausea,stomach pain Really REALLY bad!!! Took a pill so I could go out with friends. Ended up with severe tummy pain & even worse diarrhea. Never using again. F 35 1 days
30 mg
 5  I had Stomach Virus I was struggling with a severe case of stomach flu, virus whatever you want to call it.Nothing worked until mywife gave me imodium.Took it and an hr later went to work.Awesome IDN what the first posttalkin bout.This stuffsaved me from serious pain and doctor bill M 36 1 days
1 dose
 1  Diarrhea following change in meds Severe stomach cramps and bloating because I'm now so constipated. Would rather have let the diarrhea work itself out. Do NOT recommend this drug. F 61 1 days
2 tablets
 4  ibs d I take imodium almost every day.I have to take 8 pills to make my ibs d stop.after that I dont go to the rest room for a day.but then the 2nd day i go normal most of the time.start at 1 pill and work your way up.its good stuff just be careful with it .its good for people with ibs ,dont have to worry about where the rest rooms are and we all know public rest rooms are gross. M 45
8X D
 4  Ibs Helps stomach gas bloating and etc. F 26 4 days
 1  Diarrhea from taking the prevpac There is nothing worse than constipated diarrhea. Smh! My dr told me to take modicum for diarrhea and now I still have diarrhea it just isn't coming out!! Worst feeling ever!!! It's rolling around my tummy like a thunder storm and nothing I can do about it!!! F 35 1 days
2X O
 3  Ibs Fatigue and malaise, constipation I take imodium regularly for my ibs symptoms, but sometimes it isn't strong enough. My main issue is the fatigue and malaise I feel while on it. It is an opiod, but does not have the analgesic effects. F 25 1 days
1 2X D
 5  IBS no side effects. Works perfectly for me. I still go about twice a day but it is normal. I tried prescription drugs for IBS but they didn't work for me. F 66 3 years
100 mg 1X D
 1  Intestinal virus/diarrhea I was sick with an intestinal virus that caused fever and diarrhea. An NP recommended Imodium which I took on Sunday afternoon. I've been exhausted, increasingly nauseous, have a low constant abdominal pain, and I am unable to have a bowel movement since then (now Tuesday morning). I would have rather dealt with the diarrhea and now my discomfort has been prolong thanks to this drug. Avoid at all costs IMHO... F 28 1 days
2 1X D