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 1  post-op pain ( I took naprosyn with food both times that I took it but still have SEVERE upper abdominal pain, gastritis, & reflux that so far has lasted 48 hrs.& is unrelieved by Zantac or antacids. F 40 1 days
300 2X D
 1  Anti-inflammatory for joints Severe stomach cramping, diarrhea, muscle and joint aches, dull ache and occasional sharp pain in upper abdomen. The doctor, aka Pharmaceutical drug whore, pushed this drug on me to help resolve some mild inflammation issues. I almost immediately experienced all of the problems listed. I stopped taking it after 2 weeks and never returned to the doctor again. I went to a new doc because this did soo much damage to my stomach in 2 weeks that it gave me an ulcer. The new doc said it was an "allergic reaction". lol. This was a wake up call for me. I am now only using Eastern, natural medicines for my body. Since going all natural, I fixed my stomach and lost 16 lbs in 1 month. Be aware most Family Doctors are nothing more than the Pharmaceutical companies's drug whores. Pushing this stuff on their patients just because a pharm sales rep wears a short skirt and brings them bagels. M 30 14 days
Not sure 1X D
 4  R.A no side effects to date only take medication when have bad flare ups which is prob bout every 2-3mths,take 500mg twice daily for about 3 days then. F 43 4 years
500mg 2X D
 1  chest muscle pains This blurred my vision for a day, made me feel very weak and gave me severe stomach pains lasting over 48 hrs. Some relief while food was in my stomach. F 24 1 days
500 mg 1X D
 1  arthiritis-fibromyalga nightmares&stomach cramps F 37
500mg 2X D
 1  back ache Insomnia, anxiety, shortness of breath, muscle spasms, stomach ace, gas, loose bowel movements, loss of appetite. F 38 4 days
500 mg 2X D
 3  RA none (if taken with milk or food) but it wears off and is not sufficient alone; also elevates blood pressure. It is well known that these non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ('NSAIDs'] like naproxen (with the generic familty of names) are not sufficient to deal with RA and must be used with disease modifying anti-arthritis drugs (DMARD's) like methotrexate, if drugs are to be used. However I have recently discovered natural remedies are superier even if you doctors do not want you to know; such as honey and vinegar and vitamen B complexes. I now consider myself effectively cured at the cost of about $10 per month with nature's solutions and no side effects instead of hundreds for drugs that are promised to eventually wear off. I was also disappointed to discover that this drug is available much cheaper over-the-counter with the name Aleve. If you have complete confidence in the medical profession try reading about Michael Douglas, Bill Clinton (both whom were misdiagnosed until it was nearly too late) or Dennis Quaid and the service waiting for you at the hospital in high priced America) etc. Aberrations? I think not! Check out Michael Moore's documentaries. Why the skyrocketing autism? Try government 'acceptable' air and water pollution; and cancers, ADD etc. We are not being told the truth; it's sorta like being told 'everything is fine and go back to the 2nd tower on 9-11; somebody misdirected a plane at tower 1' I make these comments so that hopefully it might save a life like mine! M 55 18 months
500 mg 2X D
 2  Back pain Gastrointestinal problems. Left a weird, burning feeling in my throat every time I took a pill. Naprosyn is crap for pain. Doctors say it works for moderate to severe pain - that is a BUNCH of horse pucky. Doctors are just too scared to prescribe pain medication that actually works. F 32 3 years
500mg 2X D
 3  pain in lower back moderate nauseau and drowsiness so far helps with the pain though F 49 2 days
500MG 2X D
 5  for getting rid of menstrual pain. I used to feel such a severe pain since my periods started.I tried many pain killers but all in vein.Then my doc suggested me to have naprosyn and you won't believe it was like a boon for me because my life was almost like hell in periods.Now after having 1 tablet i can spend the whole day.Thanks to naprosyn. F 25
500mg 1X D
 5  Cramps None Naproxen helped improve the quality of life during my daughters cycle. She can now stay at school all day without having to come home for extreme nausea and pain. F 13 4 months
 5  Knee pain I began taking it for occasional knee pain due to a surgery years ago. I love it! It works so well with no side effects at all! I can't take narcotics as they are just too much for me to handle so this was a great fix! Would recomend to anyone! F 25 3 months
 2  Prostatitis Agitation, insomnia, skin discomfort I was prescribed twice daily 500 MG tablets along with CIPRO for Prostatitis. After a day or so, I started feeling extremely agitated and could not sleep for three nights. I also experienced periodic involuntary movements/muscle spasms in my shoulder while trying to sleep. My doctor suggested eliminating the naproxen and giving it about three days to clear my system. Sure enough, the symptoms subsided. I have since read that some NSAIDs are contraindicated with CIPRO and other Fluoroquinolones due to risk of central nervous system reactions. I'm not sure if this is what I experienced, but am just passing along. M 45 4 days
 1  arthritis foot & ankle nausea, diarrhoea, lethargy, loss of appetite, indigestion, stomach pain.some of these lasted 12 days. it did help the pain a lot, but i would rather not have taken it. side effects worse than pain. F 71 3 days
 3  JRA stomach pain, reflux It didn't get rid of my pain. It just turned it to a dull ache. The stomach pain is worth being able to function instead of being in constant joint pain. F 17
 3  Muscle pain in shoulder and neck Diarhea I was at work and I leaned over to have a little toot I thought was gas from the pill and o my gosh it was diarhea! It was a good thing I was only 5 min to get home, I had to get another pair of shoes. If you take this and feel a toot coming you are going to be in big trouble!! Don't forget to take a newspaper for the car seat! F 45 2 times
 3  Shoulder tendonitis Woke up most mornings with hangover like symptoms. Groggy, dry mouth, dullness - it eventually improved Takes a few weeks to start working, but then started to feel benefits. M 6 weeks
 1  low back pain unbearable stomache pain, felt like I had been stabed under ribs. Extream sweating. Do I throw up or have a bm? finally pain passed 45 mins later then was chilled to the bone. Very scared, thought I'd need hospital, 6 hrs. later still feel drained F 49 1 days
 3  unexplained midback pain Terrible stomach pains, diarrhea This did help reduce frequency of pain flare ups in my mid back. However, the excruciating stomach pains (even when taken with a meal!) were so terrible I stopped taking this medication. i was taking 500mg twice daily. F 27 4 months
 1  Elbow to hand Nerve Inflamation After taking two Naproxen 500, one Thursday night and one Friday night, I still feel like I've been kicked by a horse in the stomach ~ and it is now Tuesday. Totally incapacitating. The pharmacist recommended Mylanta as a cure for the "cure" ~ finally getting some stomach relief. F 60 2 days