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 5  Migraines Only two or three pills are needed to wipe out a horrible migraine; however, one should wait three days before taking another pill. Otherwise, a rebound migraine will occur! Many doctors seem to not know this and donít prescribe it for migraines. This is a pity as fiorinal is magic if used this way! Fiorinal has been like magic! My neurologist prescribed one pill when I first sense a migraine coming on, one pill a half hour later, and a third pill, only if needed (rarely), a half hour later. The migraine is wiped out! But one must wait three days before taking another pill to avoid a rebound migraine! That is critical to know! F 43 0 years
 4  Very bad migraines I only take when needed.But I hace c1/4 pills. Not as strong as other fiorinal but still effective. One perspiration does me awhile as my headaches are coming farther apart. Sometimes I can go a month without a migraine and that means a month without fiorinal.Never got in any sort of way. F 55 12 years
15 mg
 5  Migraines No Side-effects Fortunately my neurologist knew how to prescribe Fiorinal - one pill immediately when I feel it coming on, and another one half hr later. Usually I didnít need a third pill. He emphasized not to take more than three pills over a three day period of time and then to wait after the third pill for three days before taking another! Taking one pill before the three days is up will lead to a rebound migraine. Itís magic, like a miracle. It stops all symptoms for me if taken in the manner stated above. F 75 3 days
50 mg
 5  migraine headache The caffeine is strong--I don't drink coffee or other stimulants-- and so it balances the effect of the butalbital, which might otherwise make me sleepy. The butalbital relaxes my neck, where the pain originates. The overall combination completely rids me of pain, without compromising me in any way, that I can tell. It allows me to work as a photographer and artist, which requires concentration, and prevents my headache from returning. I find this medication has practically NO side effects, in comparison to so many other migraine or pain medications. Ten years ago, I used Fiorinal almost every day, and I got rebound headaches. I was taken off the medication by my HMO through the chronic pain program. However, I continued to have migraines, and I was given Triptans, which worked, but which ultimately caused problems. I tried antidepressants, and all sorts of other meds at the behest of my doctors. Nothing worked. Every new medication had objectionable side effects. I researched migraines and changed my diet. This was so helpful that I was almost able to get by with plain aspirin. However, I requested a return to Fiorinal in smaller amounts, because of the occasional really bad headache. Fiorinal allows me to get rid of a terrible headache and within an hour, I can continue working. I can think clearly and resume my normal life. I understand why doctors are reluctant to prescribe a medication that might cause rebound headaches, but I'm happy my doctor was willing to compromise, as I had in good faith tried everything else, with worse results. F 68 3 months
50 mg 3X W
 5  migraines JUST blessed relief ! First prescribed at Age 35 after some 20 years of un-diagnosed migraines which made me sick for 24 hours. Now, at the first sign of visual symptom, one pill aborts the attack within a half hour. For me, it's a miracle ! F 89 55 years
? 1X AN
 3  Migraine Clarity, good mood, and then later angry or touchy I took 2 for several yrs, maybe 15 and then they stopped working. Then I started taking imitrex, which worked every time, but is expensive. My friend brought me excedrin from the states, which seemed to work sometimes. I realized this over the counter stuff had aspirin and acetaminphen so I now take 2 fiornal with 1 acetaminophen, which seems to work most of the time. Eventually if the migraine returns I take the imitrex. My doctor says this is ok. She doesn't want me taking more than 6 doses per month, as this will cause addiction. I am sure I am already😕 F 46 30 years
2 2X AN
 5  migraine Sleepy, I only take this as needed. I used to have migraines 6x a year and I would take one or 2 and then go to sleep. I started to do gym exercise and tai chi about 10 years ago and noticed the migraines stopped. Now the migraines occur once a year, F 68 20 years
 5  migraine headaches This medication works like magic if one pill is taken when the first signs of a migraine occur and another pill is taken one half hour later. All symptoms are gone! I can only take up to three pills during a three day period or a rebound headache will occur. Then it's necessary to wait three days before taking another Fiorinal or a rebound headache will occur. I'm surprised that some doctors direct to take one pill and then another pill every 4 to 5 hours later, as needed. THAT WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY LEAD TO A REBOUND HEADACHE IF NOT TAKEN AS I HAVE STATED ABOVE. F 73 44 years
2X D
 1  Migraines Was switched from Norco to this. Been trying to manage my pain, but my migraines have increased. My preventative medications have been altered, and even have had one added. I strongly feel that this medication causes worse migraine pain & rebound migraines for me. Convincing my neurologist to switch me to another pain medication is difficult. Maybe only use for mild migraines that are infrequent. I have them nearly every day of the week. F 31 9 months
30 mg
 5  Migraine No side effects. It worked like magic but could only take up to 3 pills , if needed, and then would need to wait 3 days before taking another or would get a rebound headache. Usual dose was one pill as soon as I got first symptoms and then another pill a half hour later. F 35 1 days
 4  Migraine A little sleepy F 30 1 years
 4  Cluster headaches Light dizzy spells, nothing to debilitating. Rawness in chest, due from the aspirin F 26 3 years
 5  Brain herniation/tension headaches This has saved my life!!! I didn't realize how bad I was till feeling Head normal, besides my regular pain, till I tried these. I can't thank my doctor enough! I litterally owe him my life!!! F 26 3 days
 4  Migraines None F 52 10 years
1-2 tabs
 5  Migraine None. [Ignore dosage per day with this...It's taken every 4-6 hrs as needed] This works for me.. It's been around forever so I am not afraid to use it. Some days it does not work until I take the second dose. That is not very often, though. You need to take it as soon as you know you are starting with a migraine. I can only get it from my neurologist. Family doctors are nervous about it. It's been a life saver for me. F 20 years
2X D
 5  migraines no significant bad effects, some hangover issues. It works, not much else to say. The only other drug combo that has ever worked for me in over 40 years is inderal 60mg and valium 20mg together. The doc got nervous about prescribing valium even though it was most effective and put me on this instead. M 55 4 years
2 caps 8X D
 5  Migraines/Tension Headaches It works wonderfully. When i feel a headache coming i take 2 and within an hour it is either completely gone or almost gone. Love it. Can do normal everyday things while taking them. F 24 6 months
 5  migraines None-I only take this for migraines so I might go several months without it, or maybe I need it several times during one month. I battled migraines for a long time and this medication was the key for me. It is a combination of aspirin, butalbital (a barbituate) and caffeine, so you should not drink alcohol if you are using this medication. It does not make me sleepy but it will stop the headache if I take it early enough. I usually take two if I'm taking it. F 50 10 years
325/50/40 1X D
 5  chronic insomnia, phobia, depressio Gained a tolerance- increasing dose only increases side FX Good for moderate pain/insomnia, as needed- Careful- dont get dependent on these things- They have a dual whammy of codine and a small dose of barbital, which is esp. viscious stuff to actually have to kick. Kicks like a mule M 63 2 years
#3 3X D
 5  Headaches F 24 3 years

FIORINAL  (ASPIRIN; BUTALBITAL; CAFFEINE):  This combination medication is used to treat tension headaches. Aspirin helps to decrease the pain from the headache. Caffeine helps increase the effects of aspirin. Butalbital is a sedative that helps to decrease anxiety and cause sleepiness and relaxation.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)