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 ANTIANXIETY    DEA Schedule IV   

 Type: Rx Drug

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 5  Anxiety None Calming , stops my depression F 82 51 days
3.75 mg 2X D
 5  chronic anxiety None. Why are they going to stop the manufacturing of a drug that has proven itself over time with NO adverse social effects and it works. Doctors speak up and listen to your patients. M 78 30 years
 5  anxiety none have taken this drug for 35 years with no problems F 76 38 days
 1  Anxiety This pill was prescribed for me, as a possible replacement for Xanax. First off, I took this pill after eating food, to avoid possible stomach upset. However, immediately after I took it I began to experience stomach pains, so I called up the doctor who prescribed it to me to tell her about such side effects that I had gotten after only taking one pill. She ended up prescribing something else for me that was of no help to me either. This stuff, while it was in my system did absolutely nothing to help with anxiety. If you are someone that is suffering with severe, recurring anxiety, please don't let the doctor prescribe this stuff to you, as it does nothing! F 39 1 days
2X D
 1  anxiety F 38 1 days
15mg 1X D

 5  Gad anxiety None unlike Xanax xr or klonopin, this med works so well and a lot easier to get off then others,boggles my mind why more docs wont use it M 23 2 years
 5  Anxiety - BUT PLEASE READ RATE OLDER DRUG A FIVE THE NEW ONE THAT IS SUPPOSE TO BE THE SAME 0!!!!!!!!!!! I have taken tranxene for years. Last Friday my pharmacist told me the people they normally get it from quit making it and there is another company that makes it and it is supposed to be the same med. BE WARNED IT IS NOT!!!!! I have had harsh drug withdrawals. Last night it ended me up in the ER. EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW THIS. I AM HAVING SERIOUS DRUG WITHDRAWALS LIKE WORSE PANIC ATTACKS EVER, SWEATING, SHAKING, MY EMOTIONS INSIDE MY HEART HURT...SUICIDAL?? MAYBE IF I DIDN'T HAVE GOOD SUPPORT AROUND ME. BEWARE THIS IS NOT THE TRANXENE AND THAT COMPANY HAS QUIT MAKING OUR ORIGINAL. THE NEW ONE DOES NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE BEWARE!!!!!!!!!! F 31 5 years
2X D
 4  high anxiety Mentally out of it a bit. I feel unmotivated and just not all there It absolutely is helping. I am taking it temporarily while hopefully we find a better way to deal with the problems. But still, I am very thankful to have this available to me M 52 90 days
7.5,7.5,15 1X D
 5  gad drowsy why don't doctors still prescribe this miracle drug? M 38 30 days
15 1X D
 2  anxiety became quite sedate, and felt hung over the next day... F 60
7.5 1X D
 4  panic attacks None I originally posted my experience on 3/17/07 so you can see my comments there....and I wanted to add this. In April of 07, I went off of Prozac, by June, I had weaned myself off Tranxene very slowly over a 2-3 month period. I was FINE! I started having panic attacks again in Dec of 07/Jan of 08, so I went back on a VERY low dose of tranxene (7.5 mg every other night), and I can function. In retrospect, it wasn't the lack of tranxene that caused the panic was all the sweet tea from McDonald's! (NO JOKE!), I found out I can't tolerate caffeine *AT ALL*. I have recently been prescribed generic xanax for travel anxiety since tranxene doesn't really work for me in that way (not fast acting), but I haven't taken it yet so don't know how it compares. NOTE-- I do not drink alcohol and have never taken recreational drugs. F 39 15 years
7.5 1X D
 2  Anxiety Almost so side effects, some mild sedation but nothing too bad Unfortunately the benefit was about as strong as the side effects, almost nothing. This is really the only benzo that just did not work for me. M 21 1 weeks
30 mg 3X D
 5  anxiety None I take the generic,clorazepate, 3.75mg 2x's day as a result of the anxiety inflicted upon me by the statin drug, Crestor. I had previously taken Xanax & Serax but find that this older drug works much better with no side effects. It is a shame that Dr's do not prescribe it vs the other anxiety medicines as it really works well. My guess it that the drug sales people push the newer drugs harder to the Dr's who should listen more to their patients than the salesmen. F 64 3 months
 5  Anxiety Attacks/Free Floating Anxie None other than a mildly relaxed feeling or calmness. I take the generic 7.5 The generic tablets are scored. I normally take one half tablet a day. This drug controls my anxiety attacks. I do not feel drugged or disoriented. Only calm. After antidepressents (can't stand them), Valium (too strong for me), and other "trial" remedies, this drug was the magic bullet for me. My quality of life is greatly improved with Tranxene. F 59 15 years
 5  anxiety no side effects like i use to get with xanax (too many ups and downs) kolonopin made me depressed this is the best medicine I have ever taken and I've tried alot of them including xanax, klonopin, serax, neurontin, and vistaril and alot of ssri's. I also take a small dose of remerom and elavil. I developed anxiety after losing alot of hair from low iron. I have tried for 2 years to find the right medicine and tranxene is hands down the best so far. F 44 1 months
 5  Anxiety Only have drowsiness if I take it less than 5 hours before time to wake up. Started taking this drug right before my periods when I was in my thirties, so I could sleep. Continue to take it from time to time if I'm anxious, before bed. Better than any sleep aid, including Lunesta. It really works. I recommend it. No drowsiness if you take it before 7-8 hours of sleep. F 61 25 years
 5  Epilepsy (night time seizures) Really none When I first started some anti-seizure meds for nighttime seizures, my neurologist put me on this. It was only temporary though, as she increased my anti-seizure meds, she discontinued this after my anti-seizure meds were high enough. Until my bottle ran out, though, I occasionally took it when I needed to get to sleep early, and it knocked me out right away, and I would wake up feeling great the next morning, not too drowsy or anything. F 20 2 months
 5  Anxiety, panic None I'm not sure what the SD stands for; I'm taking the regular tablets. Years ago, I only took it as needed. I didn't realize till I saw a different psychiatrist that I was experiencing rebound anxiety. He had me take a small amount daily, regardless of my anxiety level and it's so much better! This medication allows me to function! I have tried Xanax (hated it) and Proxac (made my anxiety way worse) and Klonipin (made me depressed). Tranxene is the magic bullet for me. F 54 30 years
 5  panic attacks, GAD, agoraphobia none at all-- no noticable "calming" or "high" as you experience with valium.....just a lack of panic attacks, which is great! I'm not sure what Tranxene SD is, but I take the generic tranxene, clorazipate dipotassium (may have butchered the spelling)....I Have been taking it for almost 12 years now. I would probably be dead if it weren't for this drug. I was unable to leave my house, I had panic attacks constantly, I couldn't eat, I was wasting away to nothing.....after I started taking tranxene, I was able to finally start eating a little bit, then I was able to actually go to the grocery store, then I was able to go to social events, then I got married and now I have 2 children. The tranxene, combined with Prozac, has turned my life around. I certainly worry about taking these drugs long term, but I don't know what I would do without them. I have been off the prozac before, but I have never went off the tranxene....even though I have been on it for over a decade, I still only take 15 mg/day. I have increased and decreased my dosage over the years (especially when I was pregnant), but I've been at the same d F 35 12 years

TRANXENE SD  (CLORAZEPATE DIPOTASSIUM):  Clorazepate is used to treat anxiety, acute alcohol withdrawal, and seizures. This medication belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines which act on the brain and nerves (central nervous system) to produce a calming effect. It works by enhancing the effects of a certain natural chemical in the body (GABA).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)