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 3  manic depression with insomnia It caused constant tachycardia that required treatment. It took several months to determine this was what was causing it and we found out by accident when I had to go off and then back on. F 39 1 years
1X D
 1  bladder control Couldnt understand why i was feeling suicidal but found out it was one of the side effects. It didnt work for me. M 57 10 months
75mgs 1X D
 3  imipramine dry mouth,sweats,increased libido,memory loss. this drug has enabled me to get a job and generally be a little more outgoing. the down side is a busted memory and a dulling of emotions. F 40 5 years
1X D
 1  was prescibed as antidepressent I lost my virginity against my will, quaint, but I could not pee, was rape victim, side effect that my urinary track was out of my control because of rape. Was prescribed this w/o warning of side effects 1974.I would not talk to anyone about it for years I got this drug as an antidepressant and am aghast that no one else seems to have complained of this side effect, but it hurt me a [email protected] You gave it to me for depression and it fucked me up. The Dr just literally threw it at me, said he had something for me, I almost ran out the door, he threw the drug at me. Think he knew but wanted to please school district. I got school phobia yeah. you failed me. I had to see this Dr but I wasn't talking, already had bleed thought I am not ok, it was my fault very repressed remember my Dad restained, asking 4 me 2 talk cause Dr said I wouldn't talk they thought it would help so how come you use for urine!!! help. You had Dr give a rape victim who could 't pee but had to always cause that why they though they bleed, thinking that part is blanked and and its all my fault. You messed me up, just cause I didn't tell,side effect n all, but you hurt me more F 50 90 days
 5  Yes Dry Mouth Urinating Irritation (Mild) Morning Drowsiness Lobito Decrease (Mild) The morning drowsiness lasted maybe 10 days. I adjusted the time back 4 hours before I go to sleep. I had two migraines in 4 months, that is a miracle. I did have 4 a week on some weeks. I have lost 30 pounds. I have been trying and the medicine helps keep me focused on my goals. My Lobito is still kind of low. It was overly high before the medication. I stopped smoking before starting the medication and I think it has helped with that as well. I have never smoked again after I stopped. The depression is 98% gone. Overall I would say it is a miracle medication with very mild side effects. My social anxiety is 99% gone. Thoughts of suicide 100% gone. I take Tofranil-PM in combination with Benzodiazepines for anxiety disorders & panic attacks 95& gone. I would Highly recommend Tofranil-PM! F 36 4 months
 1  Fibromyalgia Flu-like symptoms, flushing, dizzy spells, memory loss, high blood preasure, irritable, shakey, nausea, dry mouth, and headaches. I took this medicine for 10 days and went off of it on my own. My doctor had advised that I should stay on it, but the side effects were worse than the disorder. If you have a sensitive system, this medication is definitely NOT for you. F 54 10 days
 5  severe depression+anxiety Constipation,trouble remembering words,dry mouth,low sex drive,daytime sleepiness.Also if I exceed 150mg i have heart palipatations.I take 150mg at bedtime. taken tofrinil for 30 years starting at age 17.Have tried many other antidepressants because of side effects but i always come back to tofranil.It allows me to live a fairly normal life.It really did save my life. F 46 30 years
 5  for chronic hives I am questioning if blood sugars can run high while taking this drug? I have never had elevated blood sugars before. Is this a side effect or where can I find out? I have had the dry mouth, weight gain and etc but all those symptons are better than chronic hives!!!!! I won't complain about a few minor annoyances which is all they are for me..nothing severe. I was on this drug for several years and it helped my hives, which is an allergy, tremendously. The only thing that gave me any relief. I believe it is not only an anti depressant but is also an H2 blocker. I just had blood work done and my blood sugars are 128 and have averaged 140 over the last 3 months. I am questioning the relation with this drug and the blood sugar problems if any. F 49 5 months
 3  Insomnia, mild depression Dry mouth, dizziness, heart palpitations all diminished after 1-2 weeks. Shakieness remained. The tofranil-pm did improve my mood, but did not make me sleepy as it is supposed to. Also, the shakieness never went away so I switched to Celexa. Quitting the tofranil-pm was not hard, no withdrawal symptoms. I was taking 75 mg/day 1-2 hours before bedtime. F 38 7 weeks
 5  depression with migraine/back pain sleepiness (which was good, actually) I was given this about 4 weeks ago. Was very afraid of potential side effects, but so far, I am doing fine. I was on several other meds such as Lexapro, Zoloft, etc. but I was not happy with either of them, not was I feeling less pain. The Tofranil-PM has helped with both and I am pleasantly surprised. F 44 4 weeks
 1  nerves and to help sleep Seizures, flushing, muscle aches, dizzy spells, memory loss, rapid weight gain, insomnia and high blood preasure. would not recomend anyone who has had past problems with seizures, M 32 8 days
 3  chronic migraine/tension headaches Rapid weight gain, memory loss and muscle spasms at higher doses, nightmares, flushing I really don't think there is anything wrong with this medicine, it just isn't the right one for me. It did decrease my migraine frequency somewhat, but I am hoping to find something that works a little better for me. F 28 3 months

TOFRANIL-PM  (IMIPRAMINE PAMOATE):  This medication is used to treat depression. Using this medication may improve your mood, sleep, appetite, and energy level and may help restore your interest in daily life. Imipramine pamoate belongs to a class of medications called tricyclic antidepressants. It works by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)