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 5  Headache /depression/anxiety When I abruptly stopped I went threw hell after being on it for 29 years limbitrol /amiptryline F 58 2 days
10 10X O
 5  anxiety, depression, sleeplesness, none...a little drowseyness during the day! I think it has kept me from being a nutcase. It has helped most of my symptoms a lot. Helps me sleep! F 70 20 years
10/25 1X D
 5  Emotional Break Down I really didn't have ANY side effects from this medication. All I can say is that this medication saved my life! It's an older medication but it's one that works very, very, well! I actually didn't have any side effects from taking this medication. As a matter of fact, Limbitrol saved my life! Due to a bad marriage and other factors, my doctor ran out of medication options, because we tried so many different medications which I could not tolerate. He said, "I'm going to try you on one more medication," and if this doesn't work, I'm going to admit you into the hospital. At this point I was too depressed to care. I took my first pill, nothing! Then the next day, I took another dose. By the third day, I could actually feel something happening which was a good thing. By the second week, I was feeling very hopeful! I could actually get dressed in the mornings, and things just got better and better each day. I would recommend this medication to anyone who has severe depression and panic attacks. I can't say anything bad about it, only good things! F 61 8 years
5-12.5 1X D
 5  chronic tension headache/migraine Aggravated reflux/weight gain This medication helped so much with my headaches. Now only if I can take it without gaining weight!! F 36 3 months
12.5/5mg 1X D
 2  IBS, Insomnia Sexual dysfunction. Slow at first, but got worse as I kept taking it, and continued on for a long time after I stopped. It helped me sleep and relaxed my stomach, but the doctor of course didn't tell me about the sexual side effects. They didn't happen right away, but continued long after I stopped. Inability to sustain an erection for a long time, hard time ejaculating, decreased sensitivity, etc.. M 32 3 years
 5  anxiety This drug has helped me to be calmer and very seldom get panic attacks now. I take one every day and if I get especially nutsy, I may take one more. Really no side effect except possibly making me a little sleepy after lunch. F 72 12 years
 4  Headache Preventative Makes me drousy, but I take it at night. No problems. As a headache preventive measure, this has helped me. I've tried Verapamil and a few others, only this has worked. M 41 2 months