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 1  Bi-polar I Always fatigued, feel full, slight nausea Forced to take this med. Would stop right away if I could. Still dealing with invega sustenna traces in my body. Lithium side-effects more tolerable than invega sustenna side-effects (panic attacks, restlessness) M 34 10 days
600mg 1X D
 2  Bipolar Makes me feel extremely numb have no happiness can't laugh Been on it for years don't wanna take it no more I want my happiness back 52 0 days
600 2X D
 3  Bipolar I possibly and major depression I was on Prozac, Ativan, and myrtazapin when I first was prescribed so it's hard to tell. Now I mainly just take gabapentin and lithium. There seems to be consensus about lithium causing thirst for many and that includes me. I started to notice this when I started getting healthier and bought a Fitbit. I was drinking over 85 oz of water some days doing moderate yoga and studying. It made me tired initially but also helped quiet my mind. I gained some weight initially but was on myrtazapine which has the same effect. I needed to eat more regularly also. Now I feel like the long term effects I need to think about, I do not take ibuprophen unless necessary (2-5 times before root canal or other procedure). This is hard sometimes. It's comforting that it's more natural than other drugs. I really think this has helped after a psychotic breakdown to help and combined the positive effects of several medications (Prozac, Ativan, and myrtazapine). I did take myself off of those other meds but will work to taper Better. The lithium lek checks has had different results indicating I needed a higher dose last time but I want to work off of it as meditation and yoga have helped. F 32 4 years
600 mg
 4  Cyclothymia Frequent urination, thirst, sleepy Works as a mood stabilizer. For insomnia when manic I take Thorazine.(25-100mg) M 62 3 years
900 1X D
 5  Bipolar Diarrhea. Gain weight. Heavy urination F 60 2 years
600 mg
 5   M 58 33 years
900mg 1X D
 4  Severe recurring depression Occasional hand tremor, muscle pain, constipation, change in texture of hair, weight gain, increased thirst. It stopped my suicidal thoughts. F 74 11 months
 1  Bipolar, severe depression Daily nausea/vomiting, SEVERE derealization, weight gain, acne, loss taste, nightmares, SUICIDAL The 6 weeks I endured this were torture. I wouldn't go thru it again for anything. I'd rather die. And can you imagine, I told the Dr and nurse and they insisted I increase from 300mg cuz I wasn't yet at therapeutic dose??? For me it was like literally taking poison every day. F 53 6 weeks
 2  diagnosed bipolar during crisis At first this drug felt like a miracle. YEAR ONE: - hypothyroidism - weight gain - flat affect - constant diarrhea - water gain - thirst YEAR TWO to TEN (approx.) Following years (2-10) - same as above - low libido - more sleep - beginning of memory problems - frequent urination - panic attacks - phobias - vertigo - skin insensitivity YEAR TEN TO THIRTY-FIVE - all of the above increased - GFR kidney begins to decrease - despair - antisocial - fatigue - dyspnea - chest pain - seizures LAST 3 MONTHS - interaction with antihypertensives led to lithium toxicity (1.9) due to kidneys unable to filter the lithium - inability to remember words, or to speak, or to walk for a week - GFR decrease - cardiac problems - tremor - very sick, one month prior to mother's death and bad flu My dr. asked my husband to watch out for relapse, e.g. mania. He never saw me manic, just depressed prior treatment. Presently, my GFR has climbed from 40 to I think that hospitals should hire more IT professionals for databases on drug interactions. I also believe that lithium should be monitored more often and the dose should be regulated at minimum therapeutic index. I was monitored once a year. Dr. Mogens Schou, suggested a "lithium holiday" to ease the kidney progessive failure, and give the body a chance to recover once in a while. He was a pioneer in lithium treatment. I am afraid that all pharmaceutical treatment has declined in intelligent monitoring in the past three decades or so. In general, I believe that pharmaceutical representatives and ad CEO's who advertise their drugs by saying "speak to your doctor about his wonderful drug" (well, FDA may have to give the dirty details) should not act as middle men to physicians but do the direct monitoring of the patients themselves, and that should include all meds, not just lithium. Lithium in particular has a narrow therapeutic index. F 67 35 years
900mg 3X D
 2   Ive gained 42 pounds in 4 months. F 35 4 months
 1  Bipolar II Disorder extreme thirst and bloating, weakness in hands, poor memory, dry mouth, weight gain, headaches, extreme anger, worsening anxiety and depression Lithium made me thirsty to the point where I would retain so much water that I had to change clothing sizes. While taking it, especially during the first two weeks, I felt like I had an unexplainable rage inside of me and also had violent urges. Even after the anger subsided, my anxiety skyrocketed and I felt more depressed than I did before taking the drug. My hands became so weak that I couldn't even write the way I normally do. I stopped being able to focus in class. Immediately after lowering my dose and tapering off of the medication, these occurrences started to dampen and go away. I will never try this medication again. F 20 1 months
300mg 2X D
 5  Bipolar I, extreme mania Dry mouth,slight weight gain, hormonal acne, brain fog Life saving medication, as long as I take it faithfully. Prevents manic episodes. Side effects very minor F 40 20 years
600mg dail
 5  Bipolar 1 Disorder Fatigue, skin problems, change in appetite. It saved my life. It's an older drug but works wonders. F 34 4 years
 2  Bipolar I / OCD and pmdd Vomiting, constant nausea, not hungry, dehydration, unable to cool body down- constantly hot and sweating, fingers and hands numb, part of face numb, shaking It helped with my mania big time but the side effects outweigh the benefit. I am switching medications. I am also super sensitive to medication & am on a low salt diet due to acid reflux. I was given ER to start but was switched to instant release to decrease sweating but did not help. F 30 3 weeks
 1  Depression-Dr was messed up Suffered serotonin syndrome, neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Basically your life is finished when this happens. My Dr was absolutely a fool. No other words can describe him more perfectly. He prescribed this with a old school tricyclic and two weeks in I suffered brain, muscle, nerve and kidney damage. Safe*** pharmacy admitted not checking for interactions and the hospital I was taken to during the reaction left me in a wheelchair and ignored me for over four hours. They made a fake triage report and tried to cover this up and my fiance threatened breakup if I sued. After taking this two days I told her it was making me sick and wanted to stop but she got violent and demanded I keep taking it. My life is finished. Do you think Dr's would give this junk to their sons or daughters? Absolutely not. People talking about how this saved their lives but their thyroid or kidneys are finished are out to lunch think destroying your body in order to exist is worth it? They have bigger problems than what this stuff supposedly helps. Ask your Dr what meds their son or daughter takes...the answer won't be this stuff. There has to be something else to take besides this organ destroyer. After I nearly died and the Dr admitted it was his fault he tried to change his notes to fend off any repurcussions. When I caught him he dropped me as a patient...thanks Dr Sloan. This was the absolute worst experience of my life. M 42 2 weeks
 5  bipolar disorder severe depression saved my life. side effects after 1 year: severe all over body itching from top of head up till ankles, some hair loss , acne on face an back. had to discontinue lithium due to severe all over body itching. a shame. because lithium helped me tremendously. F 2 years
1200 mg.
 1   Serotonin syndrome/neuroleptic malignant syndrome...I think that should say enough right there! Yep, Dr Sloan was a fool and just pushed a combo of meds on me and never asked a single question like, how are your current meds helping? A combination of this and another med made me feel very sick and I had told my Dr that I was on natural supplements and wa's about to start another one and he said it was absolutely okay to take with this garbage. I was taking the combo for two days and started feeling very sick and I mean sick. I was on vacation with(my ex)and after mentioning that the pills were making me sick and I wanted to stop taking them...she demanded I continue taking them. Not wanting to deal with anymore silent treatment or anger I kept taking them because I had made a terrible decision to be involved with this person. Two weeks later was rushed to the hospital but the hospital never took it seriously and left me in a wheel chair for over four hours and at that point I suffered brain, kidney, muscle and nerve damage. A Dr finally saw me and said to go home it's a panic attack and wouldn't believe me that I was having a severe reaction. I ended up walking home at 3am and I could've taken a cab but I honestly didn't think I would work anymore so walking was good. I woke up in the morning urinating blood and my muscles had melted and atrophied and my nervous system was destroyed. The hospital later tried to cover up their malpractice and I had proof, my Dr admitted that he gave me bad advice and later changed his notes but I caught him red handed. My life was ruined, I stopped all of the meds in the morning and didn't realize I was going to go through massive withdrawals and did I ever! Ruined my l M 41 2 weeks
 2  Bypolar disorder Very hungry , more hyper, and more aggressive F 14 7 days
 1  Bipolar 2 Vomiting, nausea, heat sensitivity, weight gain, frequent urination, memory loss and excessive hair loss. Despite it being such a low dosage I felt the effects pretty quickly. It stabilized my mood but the side effects were too much to handle. I was losing my hair in huge tufts anytime I showered or brushed it and I couldn't handle my job anymore because I kept vomiting every time I felt hot which was always cause I work in a really hot place. The weight gain didn't help either. It happened rather quickly and didn't really cause a change in appetite. F 23 2 weeks
2X 150mg
 5  Bipolar type 1 excessive thirst and hunger at start of treatment. Lithium Li-liquid has been the most effective mood stabiliser for me. I am much calmer, less agitated and less irritable. I haven't had any crying episodes and am generally more pleasant to be around. I feel stable for the first time in 3 years. F 48 3 months

LITHIUM CARBONATE  (LITHIUM CARBONATE):  This medication is used to treat manic-depressive disorder (bipolar disorder). It works to stabilize the mood and reduce extremes in behavior by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain. Some of the benefits of continued use of this medication include decreasing how often manic episodes occur and decreasing the symptoms of manic episodes, such as exaggerated feelings of well-being, feelings that others wish to harm you, irritability, anxiousness, rapid/loud speech, and aggressive/hostile behaviors.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)