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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  allergy insomnia very bad vertigo after one year. stopped it and no more vertigo F 70 1 years
 1  Dr pushed it on me Nightmares scarier than you would imagine! I can see how this drug can help you, the side effects are so bad you will be thankful just getting off it. I wonder how much money was in the briefcase when the fda approved this drug?! Just who's side is the fda on anyways?! Definitely not looking out for the consumer's best interest. This might help you or it might not, definitely an individual thing. M 40 2 weeks
 5  Major depression Dry mouth Newer medications do not agree with me. Sinequan works for me. F 57 10 years
 1  Dr thought meds fixed everything Nightmares like you wouldn't believe! Poor sleep and profound depression. First of all, this is the best website for reading about medications bar none. That being said, any negative reviews that you have read about this drug are so true it hurts. I wish I had stopped it after the second day because it led me down a path of virtual he'll you would never believe, of course if you have taKen this med you know what I mean. Be careful, this drug is very dangerous and if you find out the hard way it's most likely too late. Do whatever it takes to fix your problem besides taking meds..meds are not going to fix your problems one bit. Try to think of a med that cures anything...pretty much almost none. I can't believe this drug is still on the market since it says on the side effects that it can cause schizophrenia!!! And this drug actually got approved?! M 41 2 weeks
 1  Insomnia This drug turned me into a zombie. I know everybody has their own threshold, and I tried all the lower doses for insomnia like 3 mg, 6 mg, 10 mg. Sometimes 10 mg would work but I was always feeling hung over. I eventually settled on 20 mg and I basically slept my life away. I slept at night and I slept in the day and I cried and I fought with people and I became another person. This drug did not work at all for me. I also have chronic headaches and the Mayo Clinic told me that this is a good chronic daily headache preventive. Did nothing for me. Not 1 ounce of help. Same for fibromyalgia. Zero. If you need a night's sleep here and there, and you don't have to get anywhere with a crystal-clear mind, this drug is fine. Otherwise, forget it. I am so much happier off it. F 53 18 months
20 1X D
 1  migraines exhaustion, weight gain, depression, dry mouth and the rest of my body, nightmares unless I added a seroquel I am reducing 10 milligrams every 2 weeks, and it's a nightmare. anxiety and stress and short temper! I cannot wait to get off it totally F 59 10 years
320 1X D
 4  Chronic Pain Extreme tiredness! Struggled to get up in morning and would fall asleep often on the couch early in the evening. WEIGHT GAIN was crazy! 15kg in 5 months. Managed to stabilise my weight with strict diet and exercise, but couldn't shake more than 5kg. Have just stopped a few days ago and am bright as a button (not at all tired!) and not craving food at all. YAY! So far, so good!!! Hopefully my pain doesn't return :) F 41 2 years
 2  Insomnia Increase in appetite and 15 lbs weight gain in one month....This medication made me want to EAT all the time. I had great hopes for this med, because I have tried just about everything to help me sleep more than a few hours....But, it did not help much for my insomnia, and increased my appetite, followed by the weight gain......If you are weight conscious, you should probably avoid this medication. F 51 4 weeks
25-100mg 1X D
 3  Parasethesia & associated insomnia EXTREME sleepiness!! Can't get out of bed. I take other meds, so this is probably the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Will give it two more days, and if my body doesn't get used to it, I'm done! F 50 3 days
25 mg 1x d
 5  Trouble staying asleep Dry mouth, tired next day. F 50 10 days
 4  Panic attacks At first I had extreme drowsiness and blurred vision. But it saved my life 5 time over. The first time for panic attacks. Then later on in life I had radiation to my chest and random nerve pain. Then I had a crushed LisFranc fracture and nerve pain and again, small doses did the trick. Us low dose and give it time. When I restart it , its like I never left off. Works right away.I do not have to wait weeks for it to kick back in. F 58 20 years
25mg 2X D
 4  severe hives hair loss and mood swings. Some weight gain despite exercising daily and paying attention to what I eat. Only drug besides prednisone that has eliminated the hives. Thankful, but now wish the hair loss will stop. Seeing a dermatologist next week. F 55 4 months
40 2X D
 5  Insomnia causing anxiety and depres Some dry mouth, but tolerable. Chew gum. Some weight gain, about 25 pounds in one year but I ate like a pig, Now eating less and it's coming off. I tried every drug out there for horrible insomnia over a six year period. It just got worse.. The insomnia turned into depression, then horrible anxiety and panic. Folks, this drug is a Godsend. I take 25mg of Seroquel (the generic) and 150mg of Doxepin at night. For 7 years now, I have slept 8hrs a night, and have zero anxiety. Please give these medications a chance, MUCH better than addicting benzodiazapines like Xanax and Klonopin, etc! and yes, Lunesta and Ambien are benzo derivatives! The doctors hand them out like candy, they are a dead end road. Stay away from them. M 57 7 years
150 mg 1X D
 3  mood/anxiety/sleep I had to come off seroquel because it was making me so tired all day. This drug makes me tired at night, but doesn't knock me out like seroquel. It also doesn't make me tired all day like seroquel. I'm probably used to extreme sedation so I'm sure that plays into why it doesn't knock me out like others. EXTREME appetite increase. I can't stop eating. I've been on it a few days, I can't go 10 minutes without putting food in my mouth. Scared I'll gain weight. Only time will tell if it works for my moods/anxiety. Coming off seroquel, so I'm not experience any anger or anxiety so it very well may be working since I'm not experiencing mood problems from coming off of the other anxiety/mood stabilizer. F 25 5 days
60 1X D
 2  to get to sleep and stay asleep 9hr Didn't experience bad dreams as have so many others writing here, but i slept forever on this drug, though i still need additional drugs like zopiclone (Canadian "lunestsa", i.e., imovane or benadryl to put me to sleep. i always slept over 12 hours on it, i just couldn't get up, and then when i finally did i felt depressed and groggy still for several hours, incapable of doing anything. I have in desperation to find a good sleep med taken this drug off and on. i notice that it is seriously impairing my memory, e.g, i can never even remember the day of the week. so i go off. then weeks later i try it again. same story. i also take xanax but though it relaxes me during the day it doesn't seems to put me to sleep at night, and it wears off after about 5 hrs. so i wake and take some more. M 65
12 1X D
 5  For sleep and depression Does make me a great deal more hungry- scary huge appetite. It does get me to sleep- I use it as needed which was several months ago for 2 Sunday evenings and the night before last due to the insomnia from increasing Lamictal from 25 to 50 mg. it is very sedating and it can be very hard to wake up the next morning. I have to have plenty of coffee on hand and I feel hungover and could sleep the day away the next day. It will get the job done in treating insomnia though and if you aren't sleeping if you are like me you grin and bear it through the side effects to get that precious sleep. There may be weight gain- but nothing like I hear you can get from Seroquel. F 39 3 years
 2  Insomnia, Adjunct Antidepressant Extreme (Remeron level) sedation the next day lasting all the way into late afternoon the next. Second evening, took it again, and BAM was back in insomnia-ville. Brain fog severe. Hangover effect. Rapid reduction in efficacy when taken for more than 3 consecutive nights (tolerance forms, luckily not dependence). Unsure if related to Doxepin, but severe rash appeared the morning after I took my first ever dose. See details re rash in add'l comments. For me, the rapid reduction in efficacy for insomnia happens with all TCAs, Trazadone, Remeron, and other old-gen anti-depressants. Had hoped Doxepin would be different, but of course, my luck, it's not. Doxepin s/e - nausea, vomiting, severe random vertigo, GI issues, diarrhea, sedation, daytime fatigue, hangover effect (POSSIBLE, not positively related: severe rash described below). Was prescribed 25mg dosage, but after 3 nights got my pill cutter out and split the capsule (it's filled with very fine white powder), grabbed the most "upright" half of the cap, then just took that part and discarded the rest. Less hangover effect (at a ~10-12.5mg dose), less brain fog, less fatigue, fewer headaches. Also no nausea, vomiting, or vertigo. doctor told me to stop due to my severe rash. It looked like inflammation + insect bites + swaths of severe sunburn + water blistering; at night my feet would become bluish and bruised. F 28 8 days
25mg 1X D
 5  anxiety sleepiness and cravings excellent anxiety medication M 41 7 years
75 1X D
 4  insomnia I had dry mouth when I first started. That lasted for several months. I don't have any side effects now. F 64 10 years
100 MG 1X D
20MG 1X D