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 1  Supposed nausea after pain meds I went to hospital for right flank stomach pain from pelvis to ribs. They gave me zofran in the ambulance and when I got to er they gave me morphine and inapsine. I felt anxious and they gave me Ativan but it didn't help and I was still in pain. They gave me dilaudid with valume and it worked fairly well I felt more calm. 2 hrs later they gave me toradol when my pain came back and then inapsine again by iv and I had the worst panic attack. I told them I didn't feel OK and they didn't do anything about it. They continued tests on me for my stomach and found nothing but an ovarian cyst that wasn't abnormal. I said again that I don't feel okay mentally. They discharged me anyways. It has been a month and I'm still not okay. Being in the dark under a weighted blanket helps and taking Ativan but my agoraphobia is really getting worse from it. I don't think I'll ever be the same again. Don't take it! It's not worth the nightmare side effects! Use zofran, or promethazine, or meclazine anything else is better. F 36 1 days
Unsure 2X D
 1  Accidental tylenol overdose Psychosis It was hell. I would not wish this drug on anyone. I felt like I couldn't escape the overwhelming sense of dread. I wanted to die. My body became like a prison, and I was terrified. Years later I still would rather go through childbirth again. F 19 1 days
1X D
 1  Kidney Pain Panic attack, anxiety, uneasiness, eye problems I went into the ER for severe kidney pain, but I couldn't take any narcotics considering I am 18 weeks pregnant so the Doctor gave me 10 mg of the Droperidol. She never told me what the potential side effects were. 2 minutes later I went into a FULL ON PANIC ATTACK. I wanted to crawl out of my skin!! Luckily it only lasted a few minutes, but still even after it passed, I was still incredibly anxious, had agitation (but retained from showing it so I didn't get the cops involved), and HORRIBLE eye fixation. My eyes could only look up and they were basically glued looking up! I could hardly look at anything else!! I had to take a Xanax and Ambien to make me fall asleep to take the side effects away or else it would have lasted who knows how long. This medication needs to be taken off the market!! I wouldn't wish this medication upon my worst enemy! F 21 1 days
10MG IV 1X D
 1  Kidney stone lithotripsy Panic attacks This was in 1998. I tracked it down a long time ago. I never had panic attacks before then but I have had kidney stones before and after. Inapsine or drioperal I don't think I spelled the generic correct. I was a active commercial pilot with a Flight instructor rating. I lost my livelihood over this drug and nobody else has filed a lawsuit. Please contact me. Their has to be a attorney to take this case M 53 1 days
 1  Nauseous Paralysis, hallucinations, difficulty breathing , feeling unreal, dizziness, blurred vision, suicidal thoughts. I was given inapsine to help with nausea after an appendectomy at about 10 am. After about 10 minutes I felt like I needed to tilt my head back and then all of the major muscle groups began to flex and freeze up. I was paralyzed with my head and neck bent at such an extreme angle that was arched in the hospital bed. My mom called the nurse and while they were taking blood and working around me the rest of my muscles started freezing up. I couldn’t move my jaw or my eyes in my head a my vision went blurry. It was hard to breathe. My sides hurt and my ribs didn’t feel like they were moving with my breaths. Lots of weird hallucinations and out of body experiences right about then. The Doctor gave me a Benadryl shot. (Later on the nurse said it was probably a bit big for a 75 lb kid. But I was able to move and breathe again so I was happy about that.) Then I couldn’t stop moving. Was agitated and hyper. Destroyed some furniture. Exhausted and wanted to sleep but couldn’t stop moving. I finally started feeling a bit more normal and calmed down. Went to sleep around 7:30 the next morning. Have had suicidal thoughts ever since. F 10 1 days
 1  Migraine This medicine caused me to have severe frightening hallucinations. I was extremely hot and then shivering cold. I was agitated and shaking with anxiety and could not stop moving. Crawling around on my bed, jerking muscles. Disorientation. I threw up so much and so violently that I tore my esophagus and was vomiting blood that looked like coffee grounds. I was so hot with severe restlessness that I opened the car door to get out on the HIGHWAY @70 mph. My husband literally saved my life grabbing me while driving....this was the single most terrifying, painful,long lasting, horrific experience. I spent 8 YES, EIGHT days in the hospital. I lost 9 lbs in 8 days. My kidney test came back abnormal. I had tachycardia and I thought I would die. Literally. DIE. The pain from the acids in my stomach burned my esophagus. The pain was excruciating. I'd have done anything to stop the hallucinations and pain. I mean even death seemed preferable. God, please stop this med from being used so flippantly. How can the money be worth it? NEVER.AGAIN. This should NEVER be used for a simple migraine. I'd rather jump off a bridge then experience what I went through again. F 56 1 days
 1  Migraine I went to the ER for severe migraine. Was given an IV with Inapsine and my heart began to pound so fast I thought I was going to die. I started panicking and was in a panicked state for so long. I felt like I didnt know where I was and could barely move. I tried calling for a nurse bur nobody came ( I may have only waited a minute but felt like very long in the state I was in). When someone finally came I told them my heart is pounding and they took my BP and said it was only slightly elevated. I've never done drugs but I imagine this is how a ' bad trip' would feel. I was so paranoid and panicked that I pulled the IV out, left the hospital and drove in the snow barely making it home. It lasted for hours after that until I finally went to sleep. do not let them give you this. It did much more harm than good. F 25 1 days
 1  Anti-nausea after surgery I was first given Inapsine after having a fibroid tumor removed in the hospital. I was 19 years old. I had a big scar across my belly and was experiencing nausea and vomiting which pulled on the scar. The doctors gave me injections of Inapsine into my thigh to stop the nausea. I remember as clear as day the reaction I had after the third injection. I was watching the TV when suddenly I felt very agitated and all the muscles in my body started convulsing. I was told to calm down by the nurses to not stress out. My friend was there and told the nurse she's not stressing out she's having a reaction. they came and noticed that my job was clenching my head was turning all the muscles in my stomach or convulsing it was extremely painful and I was frightened. The doctors didn't know what was wrong. It took them three or four hours to understand I was having a dystonic reaction. I remember being absolutely terrified. They gave me Valium which did nothing. They gave me other drugs which did nothing. They finally gave me Benadryl when they brought up the pharmacist to look at what I've been administered. The Benadryl helped with the dystonia. But unfortunately from that day forward I developed extreme panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder related to the extreme anxiety I experience every day. It all started after I was administered Inapsine. I am amazed to see so many people who have suffered like I have. It's now 20+ years later and I still have anxiety. I was permanently F 44 1 days
 1  Kidney Stone treatment I was treated back in 1996 at a suburban Atlanta ER for a kidney stone attack. I was given Dilaudid and Inapsine. After being administered the Inapsine I became very edgy, agitated, and jumpy, for lack of a better term. I was released about 6 hours later and was amazed at how I could not shake off the effects of the drug. I could not sit down, focus, and truly felt like I was losing my mind. I paced, was riddled with anxiety, and felt like I was being driven by a motor. I called the charge nurse and was instructed to return to the hospital. I was given an IV of Benadryl which I expected to slow me down, but it only partially worked. I was again released, went home, and felt the effects of it for about a week. Two years later I began exhibiting odd symptoms: my head would involuntarily pull to the left, and within 6 weeks was completely locked. I was in excruciating pain and was bedridden (I was 35 and had two young children). Two neurologists later I was diagnosed with a type of dyston The FDA needs to look into the severe and adverse effects of this insidious drug. F 54 1 days
 1  Ongoing chronic migraines I was in and out of the ER almost weekly for my migraines for about two months and they finally said they wanted to try something different and this was a med they give three doses spaced out, well after about 2 min of having the dose through IV my whole body started going numb and I went into a horrible panic attack - I also couldn't move any of my body because I eventually went into a full paralyzed state - and if was the most terrifying experience I've ever had. I kept nodding in and out and every time I came To I was having a HORRIBLE panic attack and right before everything went numb I told the nurse why is my tongue numb? She said it's an effect of the meds and didn't even care when I told her I was panicking - they left me in the room alone for hours til my next dose - I was left unable to move or scream for help, and each time they would come give the next dose I wanted to scream no stop let me leave!!! And I couldn't.. before the third dose I was finally able to tell them to stop as it had worn off a little and I was able to talk some and move barely.. NONE of the drs did anything about the reaction, no one cared at all. This happened at the parkland hospital in Derry, NEVER go there. And NEVER take this medicine!! It should be banned forever! Literally the most terrifying experience I've EVER had. And now I have severe panic attacks daily - it's been 4 years since. DONT TAKE IT F 26 1 days
 1  Kidney stone surgery I had just received my Commercial Pilot license and Certified Flight Instructor Rating 25 years old. I had kidney stone lithotripsy surgery inapsine was used I am now 50 years old and still have Panic Attacks. Panic Disorder. Pretty much ruined my life! Should be taken off of the market M 1 days
 1  Nausea There should be a negative rating for this drug. I went to urgent care at my Clinic/Hospital for what I thought was food poisoning. I was given this medication for nausea along with toridol. Within 5 mins, maybe less, my face went hot and I started the worst panic attack (if that's even what to call it...I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks already, this was beyond anything I've ever experienced) ever. I remember an alarm going off on the monitor I was hooked up to. The eat had come I not even a minute after, silenced it and unhooked me to take me to xray. I told her how I felt. The nurse, who gave me the med, came in slightly afterwards and the emt told her. She said it didn't sound normal and the emt told her she had a similar experience and they gave her benadryl to calm her. I proceeded to xray. Before they started, my nurse came back with a shot of benadryl. After the xray, they brought me to the ER area now and monitored me. They ended up having to give me another shot of benadryl as I still felt like ripping my iv out and just running away. I felt crazy! I've joked about being crazy before, and this was a wake up call. I didn't know crazy until this horrific experience. I took my 1mg ativan after the second benadryl shot, because that didn't fully calm me down. I went home and the next morning the nifhtmare was over. I feel this drug should be discontinued, as this clearly is not an isolated incident. Discontinue and remove this drug from the market immediately! F 31 1 days
 4  Yes My son also felt Sam reactions but he never got better I have gone back and forth at the same hospital where he got the injection in the first place was told that his symptoms are not related anymore to the injection my son tells me that ever since the injection he has been feeling these new symptoms I was told is a reaction that only lasts for a couple minutes after days it's no longer a reaction towards the injection but my son also feels anxious almost all the time he has hard time sleeping Does anybody know if there's a suing case for this inapsine M 32 1 days
 1  ER visit, possible gallbladder atta Inapsine was injected into my IV along with Benadryl by an ER nurse. I have been told only a M.D. or Anasthesiologist, not a nurse, is permitted to inject this. It is to be given in an operating room or OR recovery room only. I was given this because of a sudden onset of nausea, projectile vomiting, and loss of bowel control. I immediately went crazy, having a horrible panic attack. The nurses would not respond to me pressing the call button. I blacked out and then came to, still having a panic attack. I felt an incredible need to run out of the hospital. I could not be still. A family member drove me home and I could hardly stand to sit for the ride home. I have never felt anything like this in my life. I paced the floors for 4 days, unable to sleep or be still. I tried walking it off in a mall but when I entered the elevator to go down, I panicked and ran out. I have never been able to ride downward on an elevator without having a panic attack ever since. This has been over 4 years ago now. I have permanent neurological damage and have reported this to the FDA. A neurologist wants to do an MRI to look at brain damage caused by this injection, as well as nerve conduction studies, and a test blowing air in my ears. I can't afford this and think the drug manufacturer should take care of these studies for me. This medication ruined my life. I will have to avoid going in buildings with elevators the rest of my life, including hospitals. Right now, I am able to use stairs but if I need surgery at a hospital, they won't discharge me to walk down stairs. One day, I won't be able to use stairs anymore. F 34 1 times
 1  Migraine Was given inapsine and benedryl in ER for migraine since the shot I got for a migraine the day prior provided no relief. In 5 seconds, my life changed. I went from training for triathlon to not being able to walk but a few steps at a time. Extreme panic, couldn't breath. Thought I was dying. 10 months later and still having issues. It caused inflammation to the lining of my ribs. Every day I wish I had just waited out the migraine versus this nightmare. F 43 1 days
1X D
 1  Kidney stone Within minutes of receiving the drug, I went into the worst panic attack I could ever imagine, violent shaking, hallucinations, and uncontrollable fear. If I there had been a gun within my reach, I would have shot myself in the head to escape the reaction. I was given Benadryl and Valium which somewhat lessened the effects. I went home and was in a state of confusion and couldn't sleep for about 18hours. 3 days later, I developed chronic panic attacks. This was probably 15 years ago and I still need to take anti anxiety medication every day. Doctors have told me that this drug could not have caused my long term panic disorder, but I didn't have it before being given Inapsine. F 61 1 days
1X D
 1  Nausea, vomiting After the first IV injection, I had a panic attack severe enough they moved the terminal cancer patient in my room to another room. They gave it to me again with the same panic attack. I protested but received a third dose. I suffered severe panic attacks for the next two years and have had anxiety of varying degrees for the last 18 years. Never did I have a problem with panic or anxiety before. Also, it did nothing for the vomiting. Why is there not a class action suit for this drug??!! F 43 2 days
 1  Nausea, vomiting I didn't get any symptom relief and I wound up feeling like my skin was crawling, I was disoriented and suicidal. I wound up in the emergency room three days after getting it in urgent care, suicidal and terribly uncomfortabke. I had to take double doses of benadryl for three weeks before I was back to normal. Women should not take this medicine, as studies show that women in childbearing years are likely to have a bad reaction to it. Horrible to be stop sick from out. F 34 1 days
 1  Extreme Nausea I was sick with Gastroenteritis and I had to make a trip to the ER for relentless vomiting. I had already had some pain relievers for the stomach pain when the nurse brought in this medicine for nausea. I began to dose off, 10 minuets later I was jolted out of my sleep with a severe panic attack. I felt the need to pull my IV and run out of the ER. I told the nurse to unhook me so I could leave, as soon as I made it home I felt like my legs were moving and needed to be moved and I was very tachycardic (133 bpm). 4 hours later and it was still going on and made another trip to the ER where I had an EKG and the doctor checked my cardiac enzymes. After concluding I wasn't having an MI, I was given 2mg Ativan and 50mg Benadryl and started to feel a little more comfortable. It took a few days to feel like my normal self again. This was the scariest situation I have even been in!!! M 27 1 days
 1  Level #9 Migraine Sever psychosis/anxiety. This is the second time I have received this medication and both times it has caused me horrible side effects. I believe this med should be absolutely banned and they should warn you about the side effects of this medicine! It has been over 24 hours and I am still feeling the effects. The first time I received the medicine I ripped out my IV and ran out of the ER, second time it was given through a shot and I had to leave. F 29 1 days