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 2  B a m F 69 0 weeks
12 mg 4X D
 1  Diarrhea after gallbladder surgery This gave me ringing in the ears, muscle pain and weakness, severe sodium and potassium depletion requiring 8 trips to the ER, and lethargy After 11 months since discontinuing, still have muscle pain/ weakness F 48 67 days
1 sachet 1X D
 5  Gall bladder removal, Diarrhea Constipation. More recently I have very much mouth irritation. Also leg pain and weakness. Am going off of it for awhile to see if symptoms are from the medication. I know diarrhea will return. Great to stop frequent bms and diarrhea. F 67 3 years
2 pkg a da 2X D
 3  Bam Extreme fatigue, aching muscles and some constipation. F 49 60 days
4g 1X D
 5  Hyperlipidemia and IBS None I needed to lower my cholesterol and I have chronic IBS. I tried diet and exercise for about a year, which reduced the lipids somewhat. Instead of a Statin drug, I asked for the Questran and within a month my cholesterol went from 250 to 186 and bad cholesterol went from 139 to 76. My stools have bulked up and I have somewhat formed bms. F 62 60 days
4grams 3X D
 5  Diarrhoea after gallbladder removal No side effects. Anyone with post cholesysectomy diarrhoea should talk to a gastroenterologist about Questran Light.It's worth trying. F 40 7 months
 5  Bile acid malabsorption This medication worked instantly! I suffered from so called "IBS-D" for 22 years with no relief from any medications. Luckily I looked into my symptoms on my own in case studies from the U.K. So happy that I did and I have a doctor who was willing to allow me to try this medication. Changed my life! I haven't felt this good since I was a teenager. My life is back and I will never look back... Unfortunately this medical problem is overlooked very often and many people go on in misery while a very simple solution is just waiting for them out there. My life has changed dramatically for the better because if this medication. I am so very grateful 🙏 Saved my sanity and my life in many ways! ♥️💊 F 41 3 months
1 scoop 2/
 1  Bile salt malabsorption Could not take even one sachet the chalky mixture caused me to keep reaching very disappointed not sure what to do there I'd new drug but dr won't prescribe on nhs as more expensive so feeling very depressed F 58 0 days
1 sachet
 2  Bile salt malabsorbtion after scans None as yet I am confused on when to take this as im on other medication throight the day and the doctor says not to 2 hour before other meds or not 4 hours after 37 1 days
8 up to 16
 2  Bile absorption malfunction One sachet wasn't enough. Still getting loose stools. 2 sachets were giving me constipation I thought everything would go away but nothing has changed b F 56 4 months
 5  BAM prev. diagn.IBS postfundoplicat Have followed a strict FODMAP diet which helped but actually only masked real problem . Fearsome aches and nausea and D say 2 x a week. Since Questran have been fine. Had it made into capsules which I experiment with all at once or over day . Couldn't swallow sachet in liquid, so chemist made up capsules. 8 =sachet. Get a bit of flatulence. Feel stronger and more cheerful not having chronic D. Have eaten ordinary bread and forbidden FODMAP veggies and NO PROBLEMS. Annoyed re wrong diagnosis, glad to have found Questran. Praise GI dr. Worry re possible vitamin deficit though. F 63 20 days
4g sachet 1X D
 5  Bile acid malabsorption Indigestion When I was diagnosed a year ago, a 4mg sachet of questran light daily worked immediately. After two months I was getting constipation so I reduced gradually to one sachet every three days, then stopped altogether. However when the diarrhoea returned two months ago, I had to rack the dosage up to five sachets a day to control it. This is tricky to know when to take the questran, as I am on other drugs which are affected by it. After a month I have been able to cut down gradually to one sachet a day. So I am hoping to be off it completely soon. As we al know this is not a pleasant medicine to swallow....but it works. F 74 2 months
4 to 20 mg
 5  bile salt malabsorption Money gritty None To gritty I rinse immediately after wait one hour before brushing to prevent black teeth.Dont hold it in your mouth for any length of time. F 65 10 days
4gm 3 time
 5  Bile Reflux, Bile Diarrhea A little flatulence, but otherwise good. Can be constipating. I take 1/4 packet in the evening when I have an active flare of symptoms. It seems to reduce the severity and firms the stool so that I am not running to the bathroom. F 49 30 days
1/4 pkt 1X D
 5  gallbladder removal constipation, bloating and gas at first but immediately relieved the D. Once correct dosage was attained no more constipation and gas and bloating dissipated as well. recently had to up my dose to 1 scoop 2x a day and i am experienceing bloating and gas again. not sure why and will be seeing my gastro doc soon about it. possibly my increase in eating unhealthy, fatty foods increased my bile dumping? not sure. I have noticed i get short dizzy spells occasionally after taking the medicine. Also i get cramping if i don't eat something when i take the medicine. after prolonged use i have vitamin deficiencies and muscle cramps from lack of vitamin D. i have found a juice that makes this medicine easy to take! it's Old Orchard berry blend 100% juice! i have searched far and wide to find something to make this tolerable. I love this medicine and have been living a normal life for over a year and a half before i recently had issues again and had to up my dose(which may have been eating habits i don't know yet). But if i miss a dose, i will have D. This is a miracle for me. the only down fall of this medicine is the fact it reduces your absorption of fat soluble vitamins like A, K, E, D. So now i am on a RX strength vitamin D supplement and have my other vitamins tested. if you start having body aches and your legs feel like RLS it MAY be vitD deficiency! F 27 18 months
1 scoop 2X D
 5  IBS-D Body aches, and most recently I believe it is the cause of bad muscle cramping in arms and legs due possibly to low Potassium I have to say that I dont like the muscle cramping. Its just like you have been physically exerting yourself all day and not drinking any water and then getting the cramps. But I have to say, I have had very bad IBS D since I was about 19 years old. My Gastro immediately had me start Questran and without it, I would not be able to function. Literally, I would not be able to hold down a job or have a life. Its a great drug that works for IBS D. I have tried many others and none compare. M 48 26 years
3 packets 3X D
 2  High Cholesterol Tired a lot. legs feeling weak. Because I have only taken it for a few wekks it is unknown to me if it even works enough for my Cholesterol levels to be lowered. M 58 4 weeks
3X D
 5  *D* from bile salts Has STOPPED the *D* but I do get bloating, gas and heatburn BUT now I dont have to live knowing where the next toilet stop is. Had GB out 14 yrs ago. Over say the last 7 yrs lived with uncontrolable *D*, had no idea why. Did all possible tests, and had both ends looked into. By accident I read about bile salts, asked Dr for Questran. Problem cured within days with only taking 30gm. F 58 2 months
30mg 1X D
 1  Extreme diarrhea I had taken two days of Questran---but only 1/4 of the amount prescribed. I had horrible nose bleeds, but thought there was no way they could be related so continued taking Questran. I was unable to eat any citrus fruit any fruit juices without vomiting while taking Questran. Three weeks later, I took 3/4 of a dosage as I was still having diarrhea. Within four hours, I was bleeding from my nose, my tongue, my genitals (as bad as a period!). I scheduled a doctor's appointment and decided not to take anymore Questran. I took two doses of Pepto-Bismol 13 hours later hoping that I would be over the diarrhea enough to make it to the doctor the next day. Instructions said to wait approx. two to four hours before taken other drugs and it had been thirteen. Within an hour, I had a drug interaction of vomiting for six hours along with diarrhea all night. It took me two hours online to discover that Pepto-Bismol and Imodium can cause "moderate" side effects if having had Questran---but nothing about 13 hours later! I ended up in the hospital. Questran initially seemed to work for me, but it gradually stopped working and I have been advised to never take it again. F 59 30 days
1 scoop 2X D
 5  gall bladder removed wind and constipated slightly I had my gall bladder removed 5 years ago ..This has changed my life completely, i lived for many years with tummy cramps, and could not tolerate dairy and was bloated all the time and weight crept on.. so i avoided food and avoided going out incase couldnt find a loo. after a year of going to doctors they refered me to a consultant and after many uncomfortable tests the consultant recomended Questran this is my second month and am now in habit of making it morning and nite and letting it soak and even went on holiday :) F 51 30 days
30mg 2X D

QUESTRAN  (CHOLESTYRAMINE):  Cholestyramine is used along with a proper diet to lower cholesterol in the blood. Lowering cholesterol helps decrease the risk for strokes and heart attacks. In addition to a proper diet (such as a low-cholesterol/low-fat diet), other lifestyle changes that may help this medication work better include exercising, losing weight if overweight, and stopping smoking. Consult your doctor for more details. Cholestyramine may also be used to treat itching in people with too much bile acid caused by a certain type of liver/bile duct disease (partial biliary obstruction). This medication is known as a bile acid-binding resin. It works by removing bile acid from the body. In people with high cholesterol, this causes the liver to make more bile acid by using cholesterol in the blood. This helps to lower the cholesterol levels.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)