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 1  Severe menstrual cramps Heinous diarrhea, my stomach has never been the same since. Doctor did not know the side effects, told me I was "stressed" and to keep taking Ponstel. If I had stopped sooner, my stomach might not be so messed up. I became dairy and soy intolerant and have symptoms of Irritable Bowel syndrome that started at the same time I was taking Ponstel. F 27 6 months
250mg 2X D
 5  menstrual pain and vomiting none About 16 years ago I began having severe vomiting and some abdominal pain with my period. My syptoms were debilitating monthly for 3-5 days and greatly limited my daily activites. I tried OTC remedies such as Advil, Tylenol, Naproxen, and Pamprin none of which did anything to aleviate my symptoms. Then I tried Ponstel. My mother had been taking Ponstel for years for the same problems so we thought it was worth a try. What a difference it made! It took the edge off the pain and totally relieved the vomiting. To be the most effective, it does have to be taken at the onset or just before the onset of syptoms. The only down side to it is that insurance companies don't want to cover it, and it isn't cheap. F 34 16 years
250 mg 1X AN
 5  Menstrual Cramps I get more tired but that happens to me with any pain reliever. I am very sensitive. I really like ponstel. I had the worst cramps and the withdrawel feeling in my legs. I would always miss school and work. I would lay in bed with a heating pad. I started taking ponstel at least 20 years ago and nothing works as good for me. If I take other medicines like tylenol, it doesn't take away all the cramps and I get constipated. Advil makes me feel shaky and also constipation. I just tried Alieve and it did nothing. I would recommend it. Also it diffently works better if taken before your cramps get bad. F 40 4 days
250mg 3X D
 5  yes none I was experiencing extreme bleeding from my period which 3 months ago landed me in the ER for dehydration. Ponstel has been very effective in reducing blood flow and minimizing the clotting I was experiencing during my period. I would recommend this medication for excess bleeding especially if you can not tolerate any excess estrogen containing products like birth control tablets. F 49 3 days
250mg caps 3X D
 2  Severe menstrual cramps Mild dizziness, Indigestion, very sleepy Side effects were not horrible and would be tolerable had this med worked. It seemed to do the same thing Ibuprofen does for me. I still missed work because my cramps were so severe at one point. I followed directions exactly by taking 2 at first hint of cramps and one then every six hours. For the insane price, I expected a lot more. F 35 2 days
250 mg 4X D
 3  menorrhagia periods were lighter on the days that I took this medication, but the effects did not last When I first started this, it felt like a miracle. I developed heavy periods after the birth of my third child. This medication did help significantly at first, but after a while its effectiveness wore off. I was told to take it for the first three days of menstruation, these now appear 'normal' for me, but day 5 is a killer and my periods are now 10 days long. Menopause is starting to look good. Doctor has recommended 'tricycling' - three months of the contraceptive pill without breaks - to give my body a rest (and then review at the first break) F 42 6 months
500mg 3X D
 4  Debilitating period cramps Stomach upset, bloating, gas, diarrhea After having to take the pill for years to help reduce debilitating period cramps (no cysts, fibroids, endo etc), I stopped as my hubby and I starting to try and have a baby. My first OB/GYN to prescribe this for pain. So far, in third month, doing best job in 20 years, even better than heavy Advil dose. However, now developing bad stomach upset after couple days of use at end of period, including diarrhea, bloating etc. Will check with doc on that aspect to ensure its not too much for my stomach to take. F 40 3 months
3X D
 1  pain from fibroids I have had no side effects. This medication has done nothing for relief of my pain. When I take it I don't feel that it is doing anything. My pain is still the same. The medication is worthless for the purpose I am taking it for. F 38 6 months
 5  headaches,cramps pain, back pain... none After 6 year, this medication is wonderfull I hope stay like this for ever F 36 1 months
 3  Severe debilitating menstrual pain constipation, along with headaches I was really disapointed with this product. This product ONLY worked if I took it three days before my period started, when I first start getting the cramps. If I missed that dose than it did nothing at all. And it worked for a few months in a row then every three months like clockwork it had no effect. After over eight years of fighting to be able to do anyhting while I had my period other than staying in bed with a heating pad and dying from agony and turning over and over in bed because it hurts so bad and nothing did anything and wishing the doctors would just take the stupid organ out, I was just aggrivated of things not living up to what I was told they would do. I took this product for eight months out of those eight years and after the first five months it followed in line with all the other drugs I had been perscribed and stopped working. If you have that problem of medication loosing its effectiveness just skip over this one it really didnt help me. Now I am taking BLACK COHOSH and CRAMP BARK and I have absolutly NO PAIN. F 18 8 months
 2  fibroid tumors, excessive bleeding dizziness, terrible stomach upset helped decrease the bleeding by about 20%, but didn't help with the pain of fibroids which is nerve pain. I took it 4 times a day (sometimes on an empty stomach and with other meds), and was fine the first month, but now it seems to upset my stomach, and react with other meds. I am on prescription iron too, so that REALLY upsets my stomach, don't take this pill with iron.! I am not convinced this drug does anything worthwhile, but am taking it for one more cycle and started a few days before my period - will see if that helps. F 44 2 months
 1  excessive bleeding and pain After being told I had no fibroids causing my bleeding and pain, I took this drug one year and fibroids grew to the point that I had to have surgery. M 45 1 years
 5  nerve pain after labor epidural None I had an IUD before I was pregnant. Bad cramps & heavy flow, but manageable with OTC NSAIDS. Had an epidural during labor. Got another IUD after baby's birth. I now get severe nerve pain, NOT cramps, down my left hip and front of leg 10 days before my period every month since my baby was born. Ponstel is the only thing that alleviates the nerve pain. Also substantially lessened the heavier period flow due to the IUD. Cramps are still manageable with NSAIDS during my period. The nerve pain is gone within 10 minutes of taking the Ponstel. F 41 2 years
 1  dysmenorrhea horrible GI upset couldnt eat for days. didnt help cramps @ all. expensive and NOT WORTH IT!!!!! would rather just deal w/ cramps. F 35 6 months
 1  ovarian cyst lighter periods. I was perscribes Ponstel for my ovarian cyst and alot of bleeding during my cycles. Ponstel did relieve alot of the bleeding but other than that my pain remained the same. It never did anything other than stop some of the bleeding during my cycles. F 20
 1  endometriosis/menstrual cramps microalbuminuria would not recommend to diabetics. not only did this drug not alleviate my pain, i am now spilling protein. not worth the risk for me. F 33 1 months
 5  menstrual pain none i love this drug. It has been the only thing that has helped the cramps. F 27 4 years
 5  cramps ponstel is an excellent pain reliever---but, it must be taken before cramps begin. Take the first dose at the very beginning of your period. F 47 5 years
 5  Severe debilitating menstrual pain Dry mouth, dry face My obgyn prescribed this when I told her I had debilitating pain during my period regularly, that caused me to miss work and/or school. I used to keel over from the pain, have bloating, diarreah, and dizziness. I actually smoked marijuana which helped with the pain, but still was not able to work or function during that time. She told me to start taking Ponstel 3 days prior to my expected period, and continue three days into my period. Starting early is key. No other review has mentioned it, and if you take it only when you have pain, it won't be as effective, you need to preempt the pain. DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL while using Ponstel because it will increase the risk of stomach bleeding which is a rare side effect. This is the only thing that works, I've tried high dose ibuprofen or other mentrual meds in the past. This is so great that I'm always surprised when I get my period because I never feel it coming. As a lawyer, I cannot afford to be put out for my period every month. I a F 25 4 months
 3  Extreme Menstrual pain/Endo Abdominal cramping (NOT menstrual) followed immediately by intense bowel movement. During the first month i took this, it was wonderful. No pain and light flow. Second and third month following, it was not as effective. Still better than nothing but i could easily switch back to Tylenol 3 which was previously prescribed. F 39 3 months

PONSTEL  (MEFENAMIC ACID):  Mefenamic acid is used for the short-term treatment of mild to moderate pain from various conditions. It is also used to decrease pain and blood loss from menstrual periods. Mefenamic acid is known as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)