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 5  Excessive sweating Dry mouth Itís a life saver. Unless youíve lived with excessive sweating you have no idea how miserable and isolating it can make you. Side effects are worth it if it means no more excessive sweating. I have actually been taking this for several years now. F 63 100 days
 3  Excessive sweating Excessive dry mouth, excessive dry blurry eyes If I would have known my eyes would be this bad, I would not have taken it. I am in nursing school and I cannot study or read for an extended period of time. F 46 1 years
2 mg
 5  Hyperhidrosis ( face and scalp) Dry mouth and throat Robinul it is the name of a miracle that changed my hell life to heaven I can now act like normal being. It really works for me and really helped me cure hyperhidrosis temporarily I am bit worried whether it will stop working although I know many who are taking for many years Whatever this drug is amazing M 22 3 days
 5  Hyperhydrosis Eye blindness,Urinating problem,Dry mouth and throat,Heatstroke,Thirsty I can't explain you how hyperhydrosis has ruined my life it would be a list if I start with People like me who have hyperhydrosis will surely understand.I would sweat all over my body forehead was the main problem.These tablet has been Life changing for me.And one thing To avoid those side effects I would like to give you some suggestion Remember pills don't work if you have it just before or after dinner 1.Take it with empty stomach otherwise it won't work (1-2 hour before meal) 2. While taking tablet make sure they don't touch your tongue this will help dry mouth 3.Drink as much water as you can, soon as you take the tablet to prevent dry mouth and headache 4.Always carry a water bottle with you as you can feel thirsty many times M 23 7 months
 3  Severe total body hyperhidrosis Dry throat, dry eyes, dry nasal passages I tried Avert at 2 mg. on an empty stomach, which is the original dosage that was recommended to me by the specialist I saw. I had high hopes as I was left incredibly disheartened by the fact that my case was deemed ineligible for ETS due to the likelihood of compensatory sweating and a ruined life. On Day 1, I felt 2 mg. somewhat helped although my condition still 'broke through.' On Day 2, I increased the dosage to 3 mg. and wow, never again! My mucous membranes felt incredibly dry - my nasal passages were so parched, as though I was battling a viral illness! I knew I'd hit my upper limit. Unfortunately, I tried 2 mg. again on two other occasions and felt that it possibly did not work at all; I still had a day of copious sweating. I'm still in hopeless search for a solution... F 33 3 days
2 mg
 5  excessive sweating dry mouth.. Robinul changed my life. I used to sweat 24/7 no matter if the weather is hot or cold. since taking this medication I can tell that I sweat normal just like any person... give it a try it's so worth it. M 23 2 months
4-6 MG 3X D
 5  Craniofacial Hyperhidrosis Dry eyes & mouth I have dealt with craniofacial hyperhidrosis for years now. The worst has always been the back of my hair would be drenched even if I was just at a social event, shopping at a store or at work. It's always been so embarrassing & it interferes with every aspect of my life. It's hard to feel feminine & enjoy date night with my hubby when my hair is literally soaked from sweating. I was taking oxybutynin on & off for the last few years because despite feeling drugged & totally spaced out on it, it helped a little for a couple hours. Today I started glycopyrrolate (Robinul) & I haven't stayed this dry in a loooong time! I'm used to the dry mouth from taking the other med, but I felt alert all day & could function! I took 2 mg this morning on an empty stomach (I don't usually eat breakfast anyway) & my head/face has been dry all day. Amazing! I totally recommend this for hyperhidrosis! F 37 1 days
2 mg
 5  Excessive salivating I have multiple sclerosis....have suffered excessive salivating for past 5 years....neurologist recommended Robinul which I have been taking 1mg in am and another in pm....I also take injection 3x weekly of Copaxone for MS....I am no longer needing to spit every 2 minutes since I started Robinul...this has been a blessing... M 46 1 months
3mg daily
 5  Hyperhidrosis Slight headache, dry mouth I have experienced extreme sweating since I can remember. My doctor suggested this medication for me and it works. I started with 1mg which didn't really work. I take 3mg when needed but you have to make sure you drink PLENTY OF WATER!!! Also, when you take the pills, make sure they don't touch your tongue. This will help combat dry mouth. Place them as far back on your tongue as you can and wash them down with water. I dink at least 20oz of water immediately after taking them and sip on water all day. This prevents the dry mouth ad headach. The pills last all day. I may need to take another 3 the next day. In the winter, 2 mg will suffice, but summertime will require 3mg. Good luck, hope this helps. F 41 4 years
 5  Hyperhidriosis (hands, feet, etc.) Dry Mouth, dry eyes, dizziness Robinul changed my life. I suffered from having sweating hands and feet my whole life. My friends and family used to always make fun of me. I was embarrassed to hold hands with girls I've dated. But ever since I started taking ROBINUL, the sweating immediately stop. It boast my confidence and made me feel good about myself. Yeah I get dry mouth and dry eyes from side effects but hey it's better than waking around dripping sweat and being afraid to shake your homeboys hands. I recommend Robinul to anyone who has Hyperhidriosis. I only take 2 MGs in the morning an hour before I eat and it covers me the entire day. M 20 7 days
 4  Hyperhidrosis Headaches, blurred vision Robinul is great for my hyperhidrosis but I get extreme headaches. F 39 5 years
2 1X D
 5  axillary hyperhidrosis occasional dry mouth I was initially prescribed Robinul as a teen when my hyperhidrosis was at its worst ever! Seriously it was awful, and my regular doctors kept saying it was because of my clothing or some BS. Finally saw a different family doctor and she wrote me a Rx for Robinul without hesitation - life changing! The sweating calmed down in my mid 20s, and without insurance for a long time I ended up discontinuing Robinul for a few years. Unfortunately when I hit 31 it kinda started back up again, but since I (luckily) have health insurance again I now have a dermatologist who helps me keep the hyperhidrosis in check. F 32 9 years
1mg 2X D
 5  Hyperhydrosis Dry Mouth, Sore Throat I would recommend this to anyone who struggles with sweating. I mainly just sweat on my face, which is super annoying. From what I can remember, I was always a sweater, runs in my family, so I was definitely looking for something to help with it. At first, I took only 1mg a day, just to see how it did, and it wasn't enough for me. So now, I take 3mg once a day, and it works great! It leaves me nice and dry, but leaves you with some serious dry mouth, which I would take any day over sweating. Its definitely better to take it on an empty stomach, it would work faster. This is a great pill and it works! F 24 2 weeks
3Mg 1X D
 5  Sweating problem Robinul aka Glycopyrrolate is a wonderful medication to be used if you have an over excessive sweating problem. I sweat a lot (my arm pits, my back, face, forehead, palms of hands, feet......basically all over). I tried everything from different deodorants, to powder on my armpits, rubbing alcohol under my arm pits to dry them out. I even got Botox injections in both of my armpits to stop the sweating ( Botox is only temporary and you have to get injections every 6 months and it's very expensive...$1,400 for the Botox injections). The Botox helped my sweating but 6 months later I began to sweat even worse than before. My dermatologist than suggested Robinul and prescribed me a Rx for 1 pill a day. Within 4 days my sweating was GONE!! No more sweaty armpit stains, I wasn't embarrassed to shake someone's hand, my forehead and face no longer dripped when I was hot. It has really done wonders for my awful sweating problem. The medication is a bit expensive without insurance but with insurance it's about $1 per pill (depending on the pharmacy...Walmart is the cheapest) and I only need one daily. The only real side effect I experienced was dry mouth and dry skin but it's well worth it considering how bad I would sweat previously. I would highly recommend this medication to anyone who has has a sweating problem. - PLA KEEP CALM AND STOP SWEATING #Non-Sweating It worked for me! F 27 3 years
 5  hyperhydrosis Dry mouth,blurred vision, eyes feel strained, painful urination, headaches, flushed face,sensitivity to sun, swollen fingers and feet ocasionally, and dizziness. I have been on Robinul 13 yrs. It's been an awesome drug. I will Sweat in the air conditioning, when I was first put on it I had extreme dry mouth, and some blurred vision. I have fainted from being dizzy. I had a constant headache on and off (more on) for over a year. I experienced hard time urinatin. Within last 9mths I've have painful urination. The side effects can be rather annoying. But it's worth it to me, rather than running sweat 24/7 F 26 10 years
 1  Hyperhydrosis headache, dry mouth, difficulty urinating, constipation My doctor prescribed this for me when I clearly wasn't supposed to be using it, because I have several of the "don't take this if you have this...", he prescribed the other stuff so why give this to me as well? Doctors are not safe!! I've been trying to get off of this drug, but I am having severe withdrawal symptoms. It's a very addictive drug, but you don't realize it until you miss a dose or try to get off of it. I noticed it at first when I missed a dose. If you can avoid this medicine, by all means, do so! F 43 1 years
1mg 2X D
 5  Excessive hand/feet sweating Headaches, dizziness, dry mouth I love Robinul because it seriously has changed my life. I used to sit in school and sweat so bad that I couldn't hold a pencil. In summer I couldn't wear flip flops because my feet sweat so bad they would slide right out of my shoes. The only complaints I have are listed above. I find it very hard to go to the gym because I get extremely dizzy there from dehydration I'm assuming which is worrying, so I don't do my best. I also have been getting very cold lately, to the point where I'm almost always in pants/sweatshirt even in summer. Has anyone else had these issues? F 22 1 years
1 mg
 5  hyperhydrosis Dry Mouth, sore throat This drug cured my excessive sweating within hours of starting it. I've only been taking the generic glycopyrrolate for 5 days but it's helped so much. Dry as can be. The side effects are annoying. Dry mouth happens sometimes and the sore throat too but other than that it's so worth it to get rid of excessive sweating problems. M 24 5 days
4mg 2X D
 4  Only for underarm sweating Depends on the dosage. Very dry mouth,throat,nose and eyes. Bloating. Dizzyness headaches and confusion Although this has worked very well, especially when I take 3 or 4 1mg tablets daily. The side effects are quite worrying as my body must be so dehydrated. As soon as I drink water my mouth is instantly dry and I worry about getting heatstroke and being unwell while in the gym. But 3mg seems to be the best dosage atm so I am very happy with the results F 22 3 years
 5  excessive sweating Dry mouth, dry throat Has been a life safer. About 6 or so years ago, I started sweating profusly. I have had medical issues and take many medications. The sweating was annoying to me. Then started generic Robinal and the sweating has stopped. I take 1 -2 per day depending on my daily activity or appointments. It has been worth taking for me. M 62 5 years
2 mg 2X D

ROBINUL  (GLYCOPYRROLATE):  Glycopyrrolate is a long term medication used to treat ongoing lung disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It must be used regularly to reduce and prevent symptoms such as shortness of breath and wheezing. This may lead to a decrease in time lost from work due to COPD. This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as anticholinergics. It works by relaxing the muscles around the airways so that they can open wider to make breathing easier. Glycopyrrolate does not work right away and should not be used to relieve sudden breathing problems. If wheezing or sudden shortness of breath occurs, use your quick-relief inhaler as prescribed.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)