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 5  Poor appetite Joint pain but greatly increased my appetite. Increase my appetite. M 33 0 months
1 1X D
 5  Poor appetite. Joint pain. It's has increased my appetite. Finished my food is a good. I'm getting back my lost weight. I love this peristome . 33 0 days
1 1X D
 4  Weight gain Dry nose Frequently urinating Hungry Sleep well Heavy breathing F 43 0 weeks
4 mg 1X D
 5  Lack of sleep and poor appetite I love the side effects cause I only take one tablet after 3 days before bed time, doctor told me I would feel sleepy so I don't take risks only when am home that's when I take , effectiveness lasts for days I don't recommend daily use. Am happy to eat like a normal person and how I sleep now days is amazing I highly recommend it but only once a day especially before bedtime , it's not necessarily on a daily basis F 31 1 weeks
1X D
 1  headaches from sinus infections. No energy very tired still get headaches and cranky. I won't be taking this medication again going for natural products. F 69 0 weeks
30mg 3X D
 1  Gastritis WEIGHT GAIN!!! I would rather have some stomach pains every now and then than the extra 15-20 lbs I've gained that I worked hard to keep off for so many years. F 49 60 days
30 mg 1X D
 4  Weight gain Diarrhea, sleep deprivation, drowsiness, increased appetite F 22 20 days
1X D
 2  Hayfever Allergy Fatigue for near 20hrs, lethargy and moody (cranky), dry throat with slight soreness, even 1/2 a tab knocks me out. Yet to determine if antihistime suits my body type. Tried this medication almist 15 years ago and had the same effect. F 54 2 days
4MG 1X D
 5  Weight gain Drowiness but after period of time it went away Love it F 43 30 days
 5  Increase in appetite Hunger, sleepiness I started taking this medication to help gain weight and it definitely did the job... 10 lbs in 2wks. F 35 3 weeks
 4  for weight gain M 19 1 days
 5  Migraines Wonderful! I have not had a migraine all month and as some one who had 4-5 a week I am thrilled!!! F 31 4 weeks
4mg at nig
 2  Eczema related itching Increased appetite and it seems as if my son's itching sometimes intensified and it caused horrible sleep interruptions M 3 1 years
5 ml
 2  sleep & appetite problems agitation, insomnia, dizziness My 13yo was rx'd Periactin for possible abdominal migraine symptoms, and to increase his appetite and help with sleep. It did nothing for headache, nausea, stomach pain, appetite. Regardless of when he took the med, he would be agitated and awake until past midnight. Also experienced night terrors. M 13 3 weeks
8mg 1X D
 5  prevent migraines drowsiness, weight gain M 53 6 months
2 mg 2X D
 5  Decrease appetite due to Adderal At first some tiredness but this went away after a week This has really helped my appetite. I am now eating normally. I would not be able to continue with the Adderall (for ADD) if not for Periactin. M 18 3 months
 5  brachiradial prurits, hives None that I can tell. I had this itching withOUT a rash for 2.5 years on my arms that suddenly developed into a rash 2 months ago, and my allergist recommended Xyzal, which did NOTHING. She then prescribed cyproheptadine, which in combination with Buspar has nearly knocked out the itch and the rash. For anyone out there with a mysterious itching on their arms without any sign of a rash (brachiradial pruritis), I highly recommend this drug, with a possible combo of it and Buspar. My itching is 98% relieved (only slight itching when a cold front comes through or the mold and pollen count is very high). F 41 2 months
 5  Increase Appetite and Weight Gain Great Appetite, Weight Gain I finally eat like a normal human should! I eat three meals a day at least and snacks. I could barely eat twice a day before, and bc of that I kept loosing weight on top of my fast metabolism. I can fit my jeans nicely again and it's only been a week. I also suffer w/migranes and it has occured to me that I don't get them anymore bc of F 19 7 days
 2  food allergies difficulty urinating, stomach cramps, tremors was a wonderful help for about 1 day. Then I reacted to it, it stopped helping and just got me sick. Oh well, at least I got to dream for a day of getting my life back. My immune system has become very sensitive, so my immune reaction is kinda my problem as much as it is a problem of the drug. M 1 days
 5   This medicine caused a lot of fatigue in the beginning. However the fatigue subsided with time. I also have to be sure to get a full nights sleep while on this medicine. My doctor prescribed this medicine to help with my appetitie. I used to never eat dinner and my others meals were usually small. Within a week, this medicine greatly increased my desire for food. I also suffer from migraines induced by stress and poor appetite and since starting this medicine, I eat more regularly and have far less migraines. I would recommend this medicine. F 5 2 months