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 2  Lupus (SLE) I'm sleepy after I take it, it makes me feel sick, and I have anxiety so bad now I have to self medicate with sleeping pills just to calm myself down. I'm not going to be taking it again. It did help my joint and muscle pain, but the side effects make it not worth it. F 32 2 months
200mg 1X W
 4  SLE Migraine several days after injection, right upper groin ache, Benlysta auto injections have helped with joint pain in fingers on both sides of hands. Benlysta has helped me gain walking back without my legs hurting, and having to sit down or come home and lay down. F 40 1 weeks
1X D
 1  Lupus & arthritis Pain upper body 2nd or 3rd day from taking this injection. Especially, my breasts and under my arms areas. I feel tired without even doing anything. I extremely believed that this medicine was NOT made for minorities. They should have tested and followed up on the results more on minorities especially, Black people. Because the percentage of lupus and RA is higher in Black people. F 48 5 months
1 1X W
 3  Lupus neutropenia Trouble sleeping the night of my injection and the next but the rest of the week I sleep fine. It has significantly helped my white count, which has been terribly low through the year. Has not solved painful joint issues. The Dr. is making sure I don't have a missed diagnosis of gout as she says it should be helping the joint pain by now. Highly recommend that you drink TONS of water 5 hours prior to injection and a pre med dose of Benadryl. I learned after the first dose that these things help the lightheaded and wheezy feelings. It also helps lessen the "sting"Ě effect if you leave the auto injection out of the fridge one hour prior to use. F 47 2 months
Auto injec 1X W
 3  Lupus After the first dose, I felt tired after the infusion. The next day I started to feel better, my hands had no pain. However, I was itchy and my underarms hurt for 3 days. I couldn't wear a bra due to soreness. The first week I felt great, no fatigue, no brain fog, no pain. The second week all symptoms were back. My second appt, only 10 mins into the infusion I got an allergic reaction of throat closing, itchy, heart palpitations. I was given two shots of steroids and one shot of Benadryl. I will not be able to continue this treatment. F 39 2 weeks
60mg 2X M
 2  Lupus Extreme fatigue and joint pain seems worse 25 2 weeks
800 1X M
 5  SLE joint pain is better. Very tired the next day after infusion. But that outweighs what I was going threw before I started with benlysta!! Grateful for it. Don't give up!! F 64 8 months
10mg 1X M
 1  SLE Itchy lips & arms...stomach pain. Fatigue and headache. Will take next 2 does & hope it works F 45 1 weeks
2X M
 2  Lupus and joint pain Very strange headaches; under arms and side aches even my breasts are aching now. Joints still hurt I don't think this drug is working for me F 47 2 months
1X W
 5  Clinic it F 47 1 months
800mg 2X M
 4  Lupus I don't have any noticable side effects from Benlysta. I still get flares, but I do not require hospitalization like I did before I started this medication. F 38 2 years
200mg week
 1  Lupus joint pain Every bad side effect from iv infusion and it's been a year and I'm still suffering. I was completely crippled and could not talk F 44 6 weeks
 1  Lupus Anxiety depresion ocd. Cant sleep scyophenia. Moods taking it for r years got worse I wont take it again ever F 23 4 weeks
 2  SLE Horrible side effects: extreme lethargy, depression (I donít normally suffer), tired (sleeping 12+ hours a day), brain fog. I was better off without this medication. This drug is very strange. The side effects have certainly out weighs the benefits/ at least in my situation. My brain feels broken!!! I think this medication is evil. I hope I return to a normal state of mind once itís out of my system. F 52 3 months
 5  Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Sometimes I feel tired afterwards, but usually, I have no side effects at all. Benlysta has taken away all usual symptoms of Lupus; even my ANA Titer is under 40, showing negative for Lupus (it was 680 before I began the treatments). F 50 2 years
10 MG 1X M
 4  Lupus,Stag V membranous nephritis Have had the first 3 loading doses in 6 weeks followed by one dose per month for 4 months. Have tolerated it very well with no major side effects. I do get a little tired after my infusion. Has imporved my kidney function significantly. The big downside is the cost, but there are programs available for assistance. Everyone is different but I highly recommend this treatment! F 48 7 months
420 1X M
 2  lupus Severe depression, stomach pain, and vomiting. I've been having the infusions now for 6 months and have not noticed a change. I don't recommend benlysta. The side effects are worst than the benefits F 31 1 days
 2  Lupus Nausea, headaches, lethargy, diarrhea, depression It wasn't improving my situation and with the side effects I was having, it was not worth it to me. My quality of life went way down....that's not living! F 50 4 months
infusion 1X M

BENLYSTA  (BELIMUMAB):  This medication is used with other medications to treat certain types of systemic lupus erythematosus-SLE. Belimumab belongs to a class of drugs known as monoclonal antibodies. It works by decreasing the effect of a certain protein that is increased in people with active lupus. This may help decrease some of the symptoms of SLE.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)