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 1  Refractory RA Severe bladder spasms, still ongoing even after stopping the medicine. Horrible. Dry scaly patches on my eye brows and scalp. Confusion and exacerbated depression. I've been on some brutal medicines but this one takes the cake. The sad part is that it helped the RA tremendously but the horrendous side effects couldn't be tolerated. F 61 3 months
200mgs 9X O
 3  Ankylosing Spondylitis Has nearly completely got rid of AS pains Depression and moods swings that worsen on the week of next injection Rash on chest and neck Been off work with sickness twice since starting the drug Iím going to the doctors on Friday to discuss whether his is all normal or whether I need to change drug. It would be perfect if it didnít give the mental side effects. Iím now weighing up whether I prefer being depressed every two weeks or if I prefer my body hurting so much that I canít move and get scared Iím paralysed for the rest of my life every two weeks. F 20 42 days
 2  psoriatic arthritis dizziness and balance problems, MGUS I have been on biologics for 11 years (Humira - 5 yrs, Simponi - 4 yrs, Enbrel - 1 yr, Cimzia - 10 months). Cimzia did not seem to help. F 69 10 months
200 mg 1X O
 2  Crohn's disease and arthritis Depression, mood swings, suicidal ideation This medicine didn't seem to do much for my arthritis symptoms (although my Crohn's disease has been stable). I had no problems with injection site issues and only a mild increase in frequency of respiratory infections. However, I experience severe periods of depression and uncontrollable mood swings for around 5-7 days post-injection which is uncharacteristic for me. I fly off the handle over little things but at the time they seem catastrophic. I am sometimes so depressed I can't get out of bed and I've felt suicidal on occasion - all this is incredibly hard for my family to deal with. Pleasure in life has been greatly reduced since commencing this drug. Rheumatologist very sceptical that Cimzia is the cause, but I know myself and my body. F 44 10 months
2X M
 1  Crohn's Colitis I began Cimzia in May 2010. That summer I developed a cough and found myself coughing all the time, except not much at my GIís office. July of 2012 I went in for colonoscopy. I had so much mucus in my lungs, the anesthesiologist wouldnít put me under. After two nebulizer treatments and 4 hr wait, I went home. I promptly quit Cimzia and got treatment for the cough. Colonoscopy in October was not good. Dr. wanted to remove my colon. She detected by odor, that I had C. Difficile and put me on Vancomycin.which cleared up the loose stools Iíd been having. Iíve been on Prednisone since (now only 10mg). I donít have any problems with it, but Dr. doesnít like Pred side effects and wants me to go on Imuran. I have mixed feelings as it has many of the same side effects as Cimzia. Also during the two years I had 5 bouts of either food poisoning or flu and was totally wiped out last summer, so I donít want anything to do with immune suppressants Will also explore alternative approaches, as drugs just seem to have too many side effects. F 68 26 months
400 mg 1X D
 3  Joint Inflammation, psoriasis frequent sinus infections, breathing difficulties, concerns about short-term memory and periods of confusion. Have previously been on Enbrel and Humira. Enbrel helped psoriasis but wasn't too effective for the inflammation. Humira made my psoriasis worse plus caused some other skin rashes and produced quite a bit of hair loss. Cimzia has helped the back pain, allowing more mobility but I do have concerns about my short-term memory and periods of confusion. Also wondering if it is affecting my vision as my last eye exam was surprisingly unsatisfactory (after just having cataract surgery and permanent lenses implanted just a year ago. I'm experiencing my third sinus infection and am bothered with a constant cough. If anyone has similar thoughts about these side effects, please share them. F 1 years
200 mg 2X M
 3  Crohn's Disease (with Psoriasis) 1. Drop in immunity immediately after injection. Try to "quarantine" and stay out of public places for 2 days after shot, very apt to getting severe bronchitis otherwise. 2. Fatigue after injection. 3. Recently began getting welts at injection site, followed by bruising. Never happened before, not sure what's up. Anyone else get this? 4. Recently started getting leg cramps (calves) that wake me up and sometimes last for days, not sure if it has anything to do with Cimzia. 5. Glands in my eyes stopped working. My eyelids are swollen like someone punched me, going on 11 months. Tried 4 treatments, still swollen. Currently 1 month into an 18 month course of restasis. So far not helping. Eyelid problem will NOT go away, eyes extremely sensitive in sunlight and at computer. Doc says its from immuno suppressive therapies. 6. Found out I have hpv after starting tnf alphas. Never had a bad pap before tnf drugs, since starting never had a good one and constantly running for the most m This drug (as part of a combination therapy w 6mp and sulfasalazine) seems to have helped control # of bowel movements. Going 4-8x per day instead of 20. Huge improvement. Sometimes I require an extra dose to keep running to bathroom in check. However, I am in pain all over my body every morning and sometimes throughout the entire day, especially in my hands. 3 doctors have said its not from the medications, but I'm suspicious as to otherwise. (Note: Since starting TNF alphas, my skin is 99.9% psoriasis-free--like a miracle. Yay, something good!) Remicade and Humira had me completely incapacitated from medication side effects, I would pick Cimzia any day. Gained weight on this drug, bc now I can hold food and I'm too sore to get up and exercise. Meh. Before Crohns I was pretty active. Before Cimzia I was down 20lbs. F 39 2 years
400mg 1X M
 3  pouchitis Fatigue for two days before and after injections M 27 1 years
2X M

CIMZIA  (CERTOLIZUMAB PEGOL):  This medication is used to reduce pain and swelling due to certain inflammatory conditions (such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis). Some brands may also be used to treat plaque psoriasis or a certain bowel condition (Crohn's disease). Certolizumab belongs to a class of drugs known as tumor necrosis factor (TNF) blockers. It works by blocking TNF, a substance made by the body that causes inflammation.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)