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 Type: Biological Drug

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 3  Rrrms 1ste infuus gehad..geen bijwerkingen...meteen meer uithoudingsvermogen, kon weer een glas vasthouden met 1 hand, minder duizelig, minder hersenmist, links geen last gehad van sleepvoet, heftige tintelingen in handen minder. Heb ook colitus ulcerosa..nog stabiel...wel moeten stoppen met imuran..et Over 1 week 2de infuus...heb er zin in en hoop op nog verbeteringen...loop nog met rollater/rollstoel... F 38 6 weeks
1X D
 5  Newly diagnosed with aggressive RRMS Moderate headache and mild fatigue the weekend after infusion This drug made life worth living. I was very numb and weak from the neck down, half my face paralyzed, hyperacusis and tinnitus in one ear, tonic tensor tympani syndrome in the other, double vision, vertigo, and dizziness that resulted in vomiting if I moved, and an unrelenting migraine. Steroids did nothing to help. Within one month of my first infusion, most of my symptoms had almost completely resolved. F 40 5 months
300ml 1X M
 5  MS Slows Progression!!!!!! No Active / New Lesions in 7 yrs!!!1 Had migraine-like headaches for the first 3 or 4 - but they stopped. That is the only side effect I have ever had. Very easy to take (IV treatment every 28 days). Very well tolerated. F 53 7 years
300 mg 1X M
 4  Active MS The first couple infusions == Headache, aching body, very tired, not able to sleep, just physically tired. My mind was awake and I do a lot of art, and puzzles for the first few days. I stay home and relax and do nothing for the first 48 hrs. The last couple infusions side effects have been way less! Drink lots of water! No new lesions, no active lesions after 6 month MRI checkup, and I am JC Virus Negative. I was extremely afraid of JCV, but after my first clear MRI in years, I couldn't be happier right now! F 46 6 months
1X M
 4  MS Mild headache after first two infusions. Lethargic a couple of days before and a day after infusion. Very easily tolerated. Staying well hydrated has combated the lethargy, also makes it easier to find a vein. Dx 2014, started with Tecfidera (nearly cleared psoriasis, but no help to MS), switched to Tysabri and had my first stable MRI after six months of treatment. No new lesions, no enhancing lesions, one lesion increased in size. Very happy with outcome. I am JCV+ but with an exceptionally low titre, I am not worried about PML at this time. F 34 7 months
Infusion 1X M

TYSABRI  (NATALIZUMAB):  This medication is used to treat a certain type of multiple sclerosis (relapsing multiple sclerosis-MS). It is not a cure for MS, but it is thought to help by preventing your immune system from attacking the nerves in your brain and spinal cord. It helps decrease the number of episodes of worsening and may prevent or delay disability. Natalizumab is also used to treat a bowel condition called Crohn's disease (CD) when it is moderate to severe and/or keeps coming back. It is not a cure for CD, but it is thought to work by preventing your immune system from causing inflammation/swelling within your bowels. Natalizumab is a protein called a monoclonal antibody.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)