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 5  Acute Alcohol withdrawal symptoms Drowsiness 1st day 100mg 2nd Day 75 mg 3rd Day 50 mg M 41 3 days
25 mg 4X D
 2  alcohol outpatient detox Feeling clumsy and dizzy. I don't think this is due to alcohol dependence because I was the the once a month binger type. I have to stop b/c my gallbladder was removed due to stones and drinking puts way too much stress on my liver. After an allnighter, I got really sick, so they assumed my BAL was so high because I had tolerance. My liver siimply couldn't get rid of the toxin. It doesn't seem to do anything for me but as I said dizziness and feeling clumsy on my feet. I also got a mild hand tremor. After all the issues of getting sick, being undressed by male nurses in an ER, not being secured in bed so I rolled off-I don't think I will be swinging by a bar anytime soon. I do know it is the usual course (that or Klonopin or Ativan) so I hope it helps people. F 55 4 days
25 mg 4X D
 5  Detox and Anxiety Too deep of sleep so it took me longer to wake up and feel alert. Increased dreaming. No other side affects. I have anxiety, physical symptoms only (sweating dangerous spikes in BP, flushing) for no reason. No SSRI/other benzo helped me so I drank and it helped me a lot to feel calm, but then I became addicted to alcohol. My dr gave me this med for a week and it saved me from the scary withdrawals, it was during when the pandemic started so beds were limited and she said I should really be doing in hospital detox due to the severity of my symptoms, but we did it at home with close monitoring and it removed the symptoms and fear I was going to die. It helped me so much we continued to use it as an anxiety med on lower doses since the detox dose is much higher. I take it twice a day, sometimes only once. The only medication to remove these random physiological episodes of anxiety. Lowered my bp which is high even on a cblocker and being active and a healthy weight. This medication has been a gift to me. I don’t get some sense of feeling medicated or any euphoria, I just finally feel normal. I don’t like the feeling of being medicated. F 38 10 months
25 2X D
 5  Anxiety None. Helps tremendously with anxiety. I sleep better and it also seems to help to lower my bp a bit (I also take medication for hypertension). At this low dose, I am not feeling any side effects. Sometimes take only one per day on weekends. F 61 5 years
5 2X D
 1  anxiety It seemed to work for a couple of hours after taking then back to stress. Plus gives me headaches that wont go away. I have had two panic attacks which I only had once in a while on ativan. Its only been a few days but this drug sucks! F 47 3 days
25 1X D
 4  Alcohol withdrawal Feeling pretty fatigued. Seems to help the anxiety I hope the anxiety and withdrawal effects go away by the time Im done with them 33 2 days
 4  Alcohol Withdrawal No shakes anxiety or pounding heart. But makes me very sleepy and wooly headed. (My dose will be dropped slowly after day 4) M 27 4 days
 5  Anxiety and depression The worst side effect is it makes me a bit sleepy, which really isn't all that bad. For me librium helps with anxiety depression and it even helps a bit with pain. M 39 3 months
25 mg four
 5  Going through depression A little bit sleepy I ordered librium 10 mg from yourmeds247 and get discounts since I paid through echeck. It helps in relieving anxiety. I would recommend everyone to go for Librium 10 mg M 24 15 days
10mg 1X D
 5  Alcohol windrawal Makes me feel sleepy at time but real relax i know i sleep better at night without have withdrawels from alcohol M 23 3 days
25 mg
 5  severe alcohol withdrawal Drowsy, very sleepy. Foggy head. I found eating before I take it helps me not become so tired after dosing. It saved My life from dt's. I tried to taper from booze, didn't work. Had a seizure. Don't try and do it alone. This is a life saver. M 30 2 days
25-50 mg
 5  alcohol withdrawals / alcoholism kinda like an weak antidepressant to people who dont take those, loss of imagination, no dreams or just very simple ones.. nothing major at this lowest dosage i tried to taper down alcohol addiction for 6 months with no notable result, i got myself down from 1liter of vodka a day to 3 beers but that only worked if i drink a half a beer every 3-4 hours all day and night long , for a life of me i could not get lower, after the last half beer waited 4 hours tupe 1 single pill , in 30 minutes all symptoms were gone , went to sleep and the 1st time in months i had a full night sleep of 10 hours, waking up still zero withdrawal symptoms nor cravings.. it was a life like magic for me M 48 1 days
10 1X D
 5  Generalized Anxiety D/o Mild Constipation at higher doses especially when taken on empty stomach. Higher doses will also deplete serotonin with prolonged administration so you might encounter 'the blues' if not on serotonergic AD. After ten years of alprazolam therapy for Panic Disorder c Agoraphobia, GAD, and PTSD (2-2.5mg QID -- 8 to 10mg daily for ten years), it was proposed that I might no longer have Panic D/o, and a titration was begun - In about one year, I had made it down to 4mg alprazolam, and there was no problem. Below the 1.5mg [div TID] mark, I experienced instability with anxiety, but found alprazolam to be complicated in terms of onset time and duration and sleep alteration now that I no longer had panic d/o. I had also started a high dose of fluvoxamine CR and clomipramine, which caused GI upset and diarrhea [nothing serious, but extremely uncomfortable]. I found myself in Mexico and unable to find a practitioner who would prescribe alprazolam. Instead I received mega doses of bromazepam and diazepam way above the mark - alprazolam was not popular save for occasional use (i.e., a blister of ten tablets intended for one year), and strong panic was brought to clonazepam but any dose above 4mg a day was, in this part of Mexico at any rate, a case no one wanted to deal with and the norm in the region, the clinics and hospitals of which I had turned to on too many occasions merely for medication, was, frankly treatment with phenobarbital for those with low/er income, accompanied by amitriptyline and phenothiazines to cover all bases -- those with dispensable income or insured privately, could afford complex therapies crafted by expensive psychiatrists or psychopharmacologists. I called my M 30 3 months
25-50 4X D
 5  anxiety Not many side effects at all. Only med I've taken that reduced the "pit" in my stomach without making me feel out of it. I use it as needed during anxiety provoking situations or anxiety attacks. F 39 1 years
10 mg
 4  Anxiety, racing thoughts, hot flash Racing thoughts and anxiety are gone. Hot flashes are gone. My tight muscles are more relaxed. I'm sleeping much better. I think I' make the mistake of taking in an empty stomach in the am, so I tend to feel like I'm walking on jello. But I'm alert and I have good energy but not crazy energy. I feel I must be sure to eat before taking in the mornings. This is changing my life for the better but I know as with all meds like this, the day will come when I will have to taper off. So this scares me. I don't want to have to withdraw from anything again. I wish I could control my own emotions. F 58 2 days
10 mg
 5  anxiety none works great on chest area ,and shaking,also does not metabolize in liver comes out of urine,was on before for 5 yrs 50mg..a day..stoped working . M 51 8 months
10 4X D
 4  Esophageal spasms No bad side-effects to mention. My newly diagnosed GERD showed its initial obvious symptoms as breathlessness which turned out to be spasms in my lower esophagus. After an endoscopy to do biopsies and stretch my esophagus, I needed a stronger medicine and Librium ( as well as a simple diet) has worked beautifully! My spasms have decreased 80%. I only take 1 pill before dinner...also use Gaviscon after smaller meals. F 42 60 days
5 mg 1X D
 4  Detox off Klonopin Unholy vertigo/dizzyness if taken on empty stomach, otherwise nothing else really. No sedation at all I was on Klonopin for over a year and a half at 4 0.5mg tabs/day. My new psychiatrist wanted to get me off Klonopin to see how I functioned without it for awhile. So to minimize the excruciating withdrawal effects, he prescribed a 10-day diminishing regimen of Librium (4/day x2 days, 3/day x2 days, etc). After two days of SEVERE Klonopin withdrawal, within an hour of taking the first Librium dose (with two bowls of soup) I felt amazing because the withdrawal vanished and I felt human again. The next few days were hell because I have NEVER experienced vertigo/dizzyness/nausea on such a massive scale that would last literally all day, and I couldnt leave the house bc I wasnt comfortable driving. I'd turn my head and the entire room went with it I was so dizzy. In order to just walk around my apartment, if I didn't have both hands firmly on something and taking baby steps VERY slowly, I'd fall over and lose my balance. So I quickly learned to eat something bland like some crackers or just one piece of bread 5 minutes before taking it, and strangely when I did this I was completely fine. Never had anything make me so sick in my entire life. It did fortunately take the edge off the coming-off of Klonopin, and severely eased the withdrawal symptoms; it didn't fully erase them, but instead of being catastrophic (I literally couldn't leave the house before this) the Librium really eased the process to the point where I could still mildly feel withdrawal symptoms but they wer M 29 10 days
Diminishng 3X D
 1  Anxiety Emotional blunting, lack of libido, apathy, sensitivity to light, cognitive issues This medication, along with all other Benzodiazepines are absolute Hell to withdraw from, if i knew half of what i know about these so-called "medicines" i would never have gone near it, my GP said this was mild, now i know better, i am taking 18 months to discontinue this drug, withdrawal symptoms are horrific and cause anxiety that is far worse. Avoid these drugs, they are not worth it. M 41
30 1X D
 4  Anxiety Sedation and diziness I have been in my local hospital for detox 3 times in the last 3 years for a somewhat unique issue. I suffer cycles of severe anxiety/depression and when I do, I use a bit too much of oxycodone to try and quell it. It never works and causes me more anxiety. So I go to detox so I can go off it and get rest and relaxtion. This time, the doctor used librium for me at night. This is what he gives to the alcoholics and it seems to help them so much. I have to say, it is the only drug that finally worked and knocked my anxiety right out and allowed me to sleep. I suffer from chronic insomnia and this cycle caused me complete terror to go to bed. I finally slept like a baby and had no middle of the night waking up in a panic with confusion and depersonaliztion. It is way to sedating for me to take regularly as I feel it all day the next day. But it may be something I can use for emergency usage when I do not have to do anything the next day. Cant tell you how glad I am to not suffer from nonstop anxiiety for 10 hours a day that I let go for 80 days straight, M 42 7 days
25mgs 1X D