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 4  Major depression Rapid weight gain. Also had an episode of serotonin syndrome when I first started, and ended up in the ER then hospitalized for 5 days. Taken with gabapentin, it finally brought me out of a depressive episode that 9 months of ECT couldn't. It's worked very well so far but I've only been on it a few months and I've had A LOT of other medications work well, then just stop. We'll see if this does the same. F 37 3 months
20 mg 2X D
 5  DEPRESSION SEXUAL SIDE EFFECTS This is the ONLY drug that helps me F 57 40 years
10MG 2X D
 5  Severe Depression; r/o bipolar Weight gain and drymouth are main side effects for me. Tired of medicine being available; then unavailable how many times over. Each time I am reintroduced to it, it doesn't work as well. For 10 years, it was amazing. Patients have no problem adhering to compliance; drug manufacturers make it impossible. M 58 35 years
40 mg
 5  bipolar but mainly depression initial tiredness in late afternoon started nicotine patch 8 month ago and almost instant loss of desire to smoke. still on patch wonder if anyone else had this experience with patch plus MAOI F 72 1 years
30 1X D
 5  Depression Increased appetite, strong constipation, maybe dry mouth (could also come from other drugs I take, noritren and lithium) After 3 depressions in 6 years and trying Mirtazapin, Lexapro, Noritren, Valdoxan, Abilify and others, it finally feels like I have found the right drug. As others have stated: You have not tried a real antidepressant before you have tried a MAOi like Marplan, Parnate or Nardil. And for Marplan I can say, dont trust all the hype about SE, they are not stronger or more troublesome than for the newer SSRI and SNRI drugs, at least not for me. And the food-ban list is not necessary to follow that strict if you just dont overdo it. I drink 3 glasses of red wine, eat lots of grapes, pizza - also with peperoni on it, I use normal nosedrops. The real concern is really old things like old cheese, old redwine and again a little will propably not harm, it is the amount as I understand and experience it. Give this drug a try - and maybe not as choice number 6 as I did - there is really nothing to be afraid about despite all the hype about the "dangerous" MAOi's. Too many people are trying too many - almost similar - drugs with no or little result before going this way IMHO. M 42 12 months
40 mg 1X D
 1  bipolar depression gained 80 lbs didn't work for 2 months became manic big time then just went into a very bad depression 3 months of depression,anxiety headcheadaches insomnia confusion getting off am doing much better. this drug is either really bad or really good F 50 9 months
25mg 2X D
 5  Depression (bipolar) Loss of Appetite (some weight loss due to that), spaciness when the dose was too high. This has been a great drug for me. I've been every class of AD during the last five years and finally decided to give the MAOis a try after not finding relief with the others (or finding the side effects intolerable IE SSRIs). I went with Parnate first which kinda worked but caused me to have blood pressure spikes after each 10mg dose. I didn't want to switch to Nardil despite lots of people saying it's the best. Mainly because from what I've read (a lot of anecdotes) it almost always causes weight gain and anorgasmia neither of which I'd tolerate. So I've been on Marplan 25mg for ~2 months and it's helped a lot. My mood is better, I'm better in social situations, and the only real side effect is food not tasting good. I don't think that's common and sometimes it's annoying but losing 10lbs so far is amazing - definitely love that :) Hope it continues to help and also that they continue to make it (it was pulled from the market once before)..... M 32 2.5 months
25mg 1X D
 1  Depression Terrible Drug caused me to become even more depressed than I was, awful too get off took 8 weeks of anxiety,deep depression and confusion F 50 10 days
25mg 2X D
 5  dysthymia/chronic depression No significant ones. Dry mouth, occasional constipation, ejaculatory delay. Have tried 25 or more antidepressants over 25 years, alone or in combination. This is the only agent that has produced a clear positive response. Other MAOIs, including parnate and Nardil, produced little or no response. M 48
 4  severe depression loss of libido, difficulty in ejaculating, somewhat "driven" feeling I had good results with Marplan, which I took for about 8 weeks (when it stopped working for me, which does happen). While it worked, I went from a bedridden mess to a guy who was having fun with life. MAOIs (Marplan, Parnate, Nardil and EMSAM) are the most powerful antidepressants. Period. M 57 2 months

MARPLAN  (ISOCARBOXAZID):  Isocarboxazid is an antidepressant (monoamine oxidase inhibitor). This medication treats depression by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain. Isocarboxazid can improve your mood and feelings of well-being. Usually, this medication is used in persons who have not responded to treatment with other drugs.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)