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 4  Ms I've had solu medrol 9 times three days each The last infusion Drove me crazy I couldn't sleep It's getting better I do feel a bit better than I did before getting the infusions My walking and standing/balance is better I'm still pretty tired but it's better than the alternative F 55 3 days
1 gram 9X H
 3  Suspected Autoimmune encephalitis Abdominal pressure and bloating, nausea, anxiety, fever, exhaustion, headache Following the last infusion I experienced pain and swelling in the back of my neck radiating into my head. Excruciatingly painful. Very agitated and weepy. Don't know I would ever put myself through this again although it may well have relieved the symptoms I experienced as a result of the autoimmune problems. I'm starting to think that getting off all meds and living as healthily as possible will do more good than any drugs. F 58 5 days
 3  Flare up optic neuritis in eyes. Very intense feeling....weak, unsteady, eyes seem More blurry. Jittery. But hopefully it just needs to keep working in my system to calm inflammation Took a lower dose this time but it's still very strong, & hard on the body. Worth the misery if it helps the pain & the eyesight. F 55 3 days
 4  MS Flare 1) Extreme weakness and imbalance (R side). 2) Burning of skin (L face). 3) No appetite. 4) Extremely tired! 5) Confusion. Thank God there is a solution for exacerbations! I've had this label for 10 years, and the inability to see or walk is not acceptable... I want to live my life. Sometimes, this is the route I take. ✌😁 Jesus, it's all on You! 👍 F 46 3 days
1000 mg
 4  Autoimmune neurological condition 1 days
 4  M.S. Exacerbation Loss of appetite, Metal taste in mouth, dehydration, frequent need to use bathroom, fatigue, severe body pain for about two days. F 40 2 days
 1  Lupus Weight gain, moon face, stretch marks, metal taste,dizziness,weak,mood swings,acne,redness,heartburn,depression,sweating and much more... This drug ruined my life F 15 7 months
 2  Crohn's disease Constant throbbing knee pain. Tylenol does not relieve the pain. Insomnia: Could barely sleep last night. Do not want to take this again. F 40 1 days
IV infus 1X O
 5  Psoriatic Arthritis, polymyositis Side effects small- worth the infusion!! Decreased taste of food, slight insomnia, did notice slight difference in heart rate. I was out if my medication called ACTHar for 4 weeks and my body felt as if it were shutting down (extreme fatigue, extreme joint pain and ability to use joints, muscle pain, bone pain). I use this medication for both my psoriatic arthritis and polymyositis but it also replaces a hormone I am lacking called ACTH due to me having pituitary deficiency from a pituitary microadenoma and empty sella syndrome. Anyways, after being without this medication for so long, I requested to have a solumedrol infusion 1000 mg X3 doses. Within 1 day I was able to bounce back from my adrenal crisis (normally I am down for at least 4 days), I could walk again, had energy, and WAS ACTUALLY ABLE TO FUNCTION AGAIN!! U have no clue how much of a difference it made and I think the slight side effects are worth being able to actually be a mom and wife again by being able to do more than 2 ADL's a day (before my infusion). F 32 1 days
1000 mg
 3  trouble breathing..bronchitis The worse headache I've ever had. In the bathroom every 15minutes urinating. I can deal with bathroom but not the headache. F 53 1 days
125mg by i
 3  ms vertigo flare up nausea,dry mouth, metallic taste in mouth, smelly urine, fast heartbeat at times, dizziness,insomnia, anxiety. I have done the 3 day infusion quite a few times and pretty much felt better by day 3. this last time this flare up was one of my worst and still having issues. going back to neuro for follow up asap. F 45 3 days
1 gm
 1  MS Terrible heart burn, pee every 15 minutes, mood change, no energy. I hate the side effects! F 45 3 days
 1  MS VERY tight chest... feels like I can't breathe. Horrible insomnia. Awful dry mouth. I wish I never would have allowed this drug into my body! Be careful and really study all possible side effects. F 44 3 days
500 ml IV
 4  Active MS Lesion Metal taste, weakening, loss of appetite, sweating, was able to sleep with no problems, sore in legs and arms, tired, no swelling of body parts, and no weight gain. Just the opposite, not interested in eating anything. I was prescribed this medicine because of an active MS lesion that was causing weakening on the left side of my body, after 2 days of taking the meds, I was able to carry my purse again, walk better, however I did get tired easy, went too fast the first few days, day 4 had to rest. You just feel loopy for a bit. Looking forward to ending my last day tomorrow. Happy I took it though. Well worth it to me! F 45 5 days
1X D
 1  Back pain Headache, tightness in chest that makes breathing feel difficult, tightness in jaws, pressure in ears, full filling in abdomen, lightheaded, fatigue, rattling/crackling noise while breathing. I wish I was never given this medication. It has been 11 days since I was given the IM and I am still having these symptoms. F 34 1 days
125 mg
 5  CIDP Bloating, frequent urination for a few days.Gassy for about a week after.Moonface. Within 2 weeks it worked its magic. I have regained 90% of my physical functions. Also has allowed me to taper from 60mg to 20mg of oral prednisone in one month. After infusion.would definitely do again in a heartbeat. F 55 3 days
 3  Heart rejection (post transplant) Metallic taste, headache, dry eyes, insomnia, sadness, moon face. Having hard candy/gum present. Meds to prevent headache and water taste horrible after treatment. F 36 3 days
50 mL
 3   Ive had this treatment 5 times since my ms diagnosis.This is the first time that i experienced terrible side effects.side effects are:Mood swings,Body Pains,headaches,muscle weakness,insomnia,dizziness,loss of coordination,Frequent urination.8 Days after the last treatment,Side effects are still kicking my butt and im a tough cookie.The first 3-5 days i swore i was Dying Slowly.This has been miserable and i highly doubt that i will use the treatment Again. M 35 3 days
 5  Rheumatiod Arthritis I have hard time sleeping. I now use Alprazolam for the times when I can't sleep. Some fluid retention. Also when I have received these infusions in the winter time I have gotten ill and had a hard time getting better. Bronchitis, pneumonia after getting a cold after an infusion of this medication. Also the bad metallic taste in mouth during the infusion. Some fluid retention. I have also had muscle cramps, I think due to low potassium. I now take supplements and eat lots of bananas after a treatment. This medication has help me immensely. I have used it in the times when my other medications have failed and a new medication has not started working yet. When I have taken this I have been in such bad shape that I cannot walk or move much before the treatment. Within a few days after, I am much better. It only seems to hold me for 3-4 weeks, but is a huge relief. Nothing else even helps. Pain meds, nothing. It is a difficult treatment, but can be a huge blessing. F 50 5 years
1000 mg 1X D
 5  MS transitioning into progressive Swelling Headache I've used solumedrol several times over the 12 yrs I've had RRMS and now that I'm transitioning into secondary progressive MS, my neuro is trying to get me out of a progressive worsening of my symptoms so she took a BIG swing at it with a high dose of IV solumedrol. I normally receive a much lower dose but ironically, I had LESS side effects than the 8 times I had to have an infusion the 2 yrs after I had my son in 2007. My MS was so active and I had a newborn so I was trying everything I could to stay mobile. I did thank God & I still am mobile, but it's been 5 yrs since my previous infusion bc my body just could not tolerate it anymore. Moral of my story - IT WORKS! My experience with it is you experience more side effects your 1st infusion and if you do them too often. With all the IV solumedrol I received just 2 weeks ago, i had a little swelling in my chest of all places and a small headache, both of which were gone 3 days after treatment. If you have MS, until they find a cure, it's a necessary evil. F 45 3 days
1 gram