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 5  TMJ None! They work great! I have been taking Soma for many years and they definitely help. Unlike other reviewers, I've had no addiction issues with Soma. I periodically stop taking it for periods of time and use an alternate muscle relaxer, then resume use later. Have never had to increase my dose of 1 tablet per night. F 60 14 years
 5  Cervical Sponylosis, Lumbar sponyl shakes, sleep, somewhat euphoric,hunger. If opiates were taken simultaneously respectively and RESPECTFULLY, the shaking subsides at least for me.. I didn't like Soma at first but they are the only effective muscle relaxer. When I had my Total Knee Replacement Surgery, they had cut me off of Soma.. I was having pain not only in my knee, but just as much in my back. Had to take Norfllex because it was the only MSR effective but was trash.Tried them all. Valium would have worked better. Handled Soma much better. Hope I don't have to do knee surgery again unless Soma is available or I'll wear a leg brace. My back pain was as bad as replacement knee. 10 months of both agony. M 62 30 years
350 3X D
 2  Can't take them for people like YOU 0 days
1X D
 5  bulging discs, muscle spasms As long as I only took 1 at a time I had no side effects. I would take 1 at bed & if I didn't fall asleep within an hour hour-and-a-half after laying down I would go ahead and take another and then I'd be asleep in about 30 minutes. It's drug addicts and the people who abused this medication that make it impossible for us that really needs them. I have been taken off the Somas now and I have had a headache, comprable to a migraine, for three and a half weeks. I call them neck headaches because they start in the back of my neck and work around the front of my head both sides. Don't know what I'm going to do I've been on three different muscle relaxers the last 3 months and none of them help at all. It just really sucks that the bad apples ruin it for those who really need it. F 40 4 years
350mg 3tim
 1   my wife was like a zombie always falling it ruined my marriage and scarred my kids for life horrible drug interactions wanna sue them M 48 1 days
 4  Muscle spasms tendonitis Amazing feeling like a qualude, but very addictive :( You want to feel the feeling so much that it's very easy to abuse, and dangerous. 61 3 years
 4  Sciatica and muscle spasms A little drowsy ive worked at a detox people sneak in soma and take a handful its scary convulsions and cant talk if taking 1 every 4 to 6 hrs itís a very great working MUSCLE RELAXER DONíT Ö. Just like anything with addiction but people really can stop breathing but thats if abused dont throw ur life away FYI it will if u abuse this its sad scary what ive seen YOUR HEART IS A MUSCLE AND IF PEOPLE WANT THEIR HEART TO STOP ,,,Think or contact me if u have a question ,,it was never a controlled substance until so many people od'd 🔫📰 M 36 7 days
 4  Muscoskeletal Soma is highly addictive. You don't realize until you TRY to stop taking it. Terrible, long withdrawal. I'd rather deal with pain than withdrawal. Heart palpitations, sweating, extreme anxiety,insomnia tremors, feel like I have the flu. Others have had seizures. Please do not take this. It is NOT worth it. F 60 9 months
350 mg
 1  Lumbar fusions 2x My wife is addicted to this drug. She takes Percocet with the Soma . She takes upwards of 25-30 of these a day for 3-5 days until she runs out. She cannot function while taking this drug and has been taken by ambulance to the ER twice due to OD in the last 24 months. I found her unconscious and barely breathing. She was cold and gray with blue lips. This drug is so dangerous and addictive. Anyone recovering of fighting addiction should stay away from Soma. F 37 8 years
10mg 3x
 5  Fibromylagia I've been taking it for about 10 days now, and maybe a little drowsy here & there it has been just fine & out of all the muscle relaxers Soma has worked the best. Even though its only been about 10 days that I've been taking Soma, as long as long as you follow the doctors orders, you should have know problem with addiction or dependence to it. M 34 10 days
350mg 4X D
 4  Muscles spasms memory lapses and slight dizziness Medication works as intended, however, it can, at times, produce undesired/questionable effects if taken in excess. As well, the absorption or the way the medication dissolves seems somewhat inconsistent. F 35 2 years
 4  Back Spasams Sleepy, shakiness, forgetful, withdrawals, blurred vision, not a care in the world If been taking somas for 10 years after a car accident. Started out fine taking 1 to 2 pills as needed then it became recreational and I built up a tolerance then I loved the feeling made me feel drunk then I started to drink alchohol with them when I couldn't feel the feeling. Ended up in the hospital numerous times got in trouble with the law. I got 2 DUIs. Needless to say I'm addicted to them. Lost jobs lost friends. I would not recommend them if you have a addicted perssonality. Best sleep I've ever had. P M 40 10 years
350 MG
 5  Fibromyalga None It stopped my fibro pain. I would not stop taking it for no mans money. F 48 1 years
 1   Incoherent couldn't hold herself up her head fell right into her food bowl fell broke her ribs Got it online F 45 10 years
too much
 5  Severe neck back spasms Fatigue, definitely wouldn't drive anywhere after having taken one. It basically helped if I put some mineral ice on laid on the heating pad and then took one. This is one of the best working relaxers that I have taken, and taking numerous ones that have not helped at all. I've had two fingers that were numb on my left hand for 2 months I took this muscle relaxer for 3 Days made me and my feeling came back and my two fingers. It really works. Another time I had a spasm in my shoulder blade at 3 a.m. , I was crying and in excruciating pain, I took one put some mineral ice on, and laid on a heating pad and after two cycles of that it was completely gone and I felt better. F 45 1 years
350 mg 2X D
 2  6 herniated discs, arthritis, fibro Anxiety; agitation; scared feeling; shortness of breath and hard heart rate Did little for pain. Making me feel crazy. Never taking this again F 38 5 days
 5  Fibromyalgia,Lyme,shingles,EBV,CFS relaxed & able to have free attention & energy to function without pain!! The only drug that has ever relieved my muscle & nerve pain without mental confusion or inability to function!!! Plus, no side effects & no withdrawal symptoms . . . other than going back to the constant pain,muscles contractions, nerve pain, etc. that I had before ever taking Soma! F 71 16 years
4X D
 5  muscle I take soma at bed time for my muscles I love it no side effects no with draws M 37 6 months
350 mg
 4  Herniated Discs and spasms Blurred vision, Drunk feeling, sleepy I've taken Soma 350 for almost 3 Yeats now for my back pain, I take 4 only at bedtime as I have 5 young children and I obviously don't wanna be in a stuper while taking care if them. So I only take then when I crawl into bed. I fall asleep in about 45 minutes and get a great nights sleep. I wake up feeling great and take my tramadol in the morning to help with my pain. I don't see how anyone could operate on this medication. Best used at bedtime. Also I stopped this for 9 months why I was pregnant, no withdraw.... Really Helps Me!!! F 32 3 years

SOMA  (CARISOPRODOL):  Carisoprodol is used short-term to treat muscle pain and discomfort. It is usually used along with rest, physical therapy, and other treatments. It works by helping to relax the muscles.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)