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 1  anxiety Miserable. Could not sleep or concentrate. Buzzing noises in my head. M 39 4 days
10mg 1X D
 3  Sleep, Anxiety No negative side effects. Good for anxiety. F 58 3 years
50 MG 1X D
 2  Anxiety and insomnia It does nothing for me. It doesn't help with my anxiety at all and makes me sleepy at first but I don't stay at sleep so it doesn't help with insomnia either. Total waste of time. F 35 0 months
50 mg
 5   M 23 5 weeks
 1  Anxiety Heavy Metal Poisoned from titanium Dioxide and Iron oxide (opadry is the company that big pharma uses Solution: -Copious amounts of vitamin C (liposomal is best) combined with MSM (2,000mg) -Drink tons of water and exercise to sweat to excrete wastes -Sauna or steam room or sweat toxins -Dr. Christopher’s blood stream formula (first school of natural medicine in the western United States) used to treat for heavy metal poisoning. -Dr. Schulze potent detox herbs -frequent Epsom salt baths in distilled water -Cilantro and Chlorella (very powerful removing heavy metal poisoning) concentrated tincture -Vitamin B12, Vitamin B1, folic acidic. Neuroprotective. Chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax oil, neuro nourishing. -Vitamin C injection if severe -Eat only organic foods, lots of vegetables, fruits. Organic blueberries are high in anti-oxidants. -Eat balance amount of fats. Fats are important for brain health Developed schizophrenia after 1 month of use M 23 35 days
75mg daily
 2  Anxiety Does not help my anxiety at all! My Dr. doesn’t seem to believe me but most of the time I don’t even take it as it’s basically pointless unless I want to feel like a zombie all day long. Not effective for my anxiety. Wake up feeling exhausted. M 33 3 years
10 mg
 2  Allergies/ Surgery None I've been prescribed this med a few times. No one seems to believe me, but it does absolutely nothing to me. It's like taking sugar pills. F 34
25mg 4X D
 2  Sleeping So so tired Took one to help me sleep - slept ok but felt utterly terrible the next day - could have slept for a week on just one tablet. No energy whatsoever. Wouldn't take it again M 49 1 days
1X D
 5  Sever allergic react.,hives,puritis Had a severe allergic reaction w/hives & rashes all over stomach & back.Took the inside itch away by day 3 but noticed lucid nightmares, shaking hands & muscle aches Dr said I had puritis once I still had itchyness once rash was gone so these pills helped tremendously but the side effects are real but the hives & inside itchyness is worse to deal with. F 28 4 days
 5  For night time itching very sleepy It has stopped my itching witch was driving me mad so 10 out 10 F 85 6 days
30 my
 5  Axiety, bad sleeping, itching. It's difficult to get out of bed in the morning, I feel very tired, lost the strenth and will for exercising. Sometimes my eyes are dry when waking up. But, it really works for the issues I'm dealing with. I wasn't getting a good sleep, waking up at 3am and not being able to fall asleep again, or intermitent sleeping during all night. Feeling anxious and stressed and moody all day long and suddenly the itching problem; first just the hands, next day both hands an feet, and as sudden as the itching appeared it suddenly stopped. The very first night I took Atarax all went to normal: sleeping 7-8 hours, feeling relaxed, and no more itching or red spots on my skin. But then I noticed it was getting really hard to get me out of bed every morning and didn't even want to think about exercising; I'm a morning person, and doing exercise is part of my nature, it feeds me and energizes me.....but now, I'm draging myself out of bed. I'm also experiencing the need for more sweet things: sugar in tea, bread and marmelade. I've tried quitting Atarax, but itching starts again at the second day after doing so. The problem behind that itching is not known in my case, my dermatologist sugests is just an urticary problem wich can stop as sudden as it began. I'm going to cut my dosage to 5mg and see if it still works helping with a good sleep, the anxiety and the itching, but without dragging me so down. F 51 2 months
10 mg 1X D
 1  For dust allergy My whole body is aching and I don't know what can I do know ?if I am not take then too much ich Can some one help me to get out this frustrating condition F 43 2 years
 5  Anxiety, OCD, allergies, + asthma. * Sedation (mild-moderate) * Dry Mouth (mild) * Increased mucous viscosity (mild-moderate) This has been an almost perfect medication for me. It works with my Allegra to knock my allergies out, it can stop panic attacks and ruminative episodes cold, it increases my peak flow meter readings, and it gives me amazing dreams. Furthermore, it reduces my chronic nocturnal asthma symptoms and boosts my mood, which is a little odd since this medicine is supposed to worsen these condition, but I'm not complaining. M 20 6 months
10 mg
 4  Anxiety I also have took myself off and I am now itching ALL OVER ..anyone know how long it takes to get out of your system?? This medicine did help me initially but I found I was getting clumsy ...angry and putting on weight .I have enough problems with hypothyroidism… gaining weight feeling as if I have dementia because my brain doesn't function !!! I read that Atarax can also exacerbate these symptoms and that it's not meant long term usage so I've weaned myself off it . F 59 3 years
 4  Chronic hives, anxiety, not sleepin It works, meaning it takes away hives and anxiety and sleeping well. But, I'm tired AlL the the time and feel nauseous for about 2 or 3 hours a day and I cano think. Sleep most of day. I cut the pill in half, but I get hives. It makes me feel nauseus more of the day too.still, it's good for anxiety- I went to the store and did not have a panic attack! F 44 2 months
10 mg
 4  Allergy So far I could no feel any side effect but I feel inconvenient when I have not sufficien sleep.If I stop again alergy will start. I am worried side effects in future. M 62 4 years
 1  anxiety Extremely sleepy fatigue weight gain sugar cravings F 28 1 years
 2  anxiety Hard to wake up headach didn't talk to anyone so I just quit talking it what can happen to me M 26 3 days
 4  anxiety Extreme gas F 55 1 weeks
 2  Insomnia I am not sure if it is the side effect of this drug or of Zoloft (I was put on both at the same time), but I am almost comatose and feel clumsy...constantly dropping things on The floor… Side effects were much less pronounced the 1st week I took this drug...and was on a half dose of 25 mg F 61 10 days