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 1  Lip flip Joint pain. Muscle wasting all over my body. Muscle weakness. Shortness of breath. Memory issues. Loss of appetite. DEPRESSION. suicidal thoughts. Difficulty crying. Please do NOT receive Botox!!! Just go ahead and google deadliest poison and you will find botulinum toxin aka Botox. I am currently lower than I have ever been. I feel like I lost my well being and health overnight for something so stupid and cosmetic. This toxin can spread past injection spot and affect your entire body. And injector will not be held liable. PLEASE AVOID! F 33 0 days
4-5 units 1X D
 1  Crows feet, frown lines, forehead lines Brow drop, hooded lid, blurred vision, bloodshot eyes, dizziness, heart palpitations, depersonalization, anxiety, severe headaches Never again. This stuff is pure poison. I now have to wait out this misery again It took nearly a year to recover last time. They said it wasn't, but I KNEW IT WAS THE BOTOX F 50 0 days
40 units 3X AN
 1  Vanity Vertigo, confusion, arm weakness, loss of voice for months, air hunger, anxiety, depersonalization , The side effects lasts for almost a year F 50 10 years
 4  Occipital Neuralgia Cronic Migrain Wondering if the Botox is related to short term memory issues and also lumps on upper arms, elbow & right breast, could they have anything to due with the Botox Injections? Started the Botox injections 4 years ago. Had injections for 1 year, then due to insurance missed 1 year. Started back up 2 years ago and have had them consistently every 3 months. I get about 32 injections from my Neurologist in head, neck & shoulders. The Botox keeps the pain from coming up over the top of my head and then they are manageable with other meds. The Botox has helped immensely. For the past 1-1/2 years I have been getting pea size lumps, and some of them within a few weeks grows to up to 1" x 3" hard mass. The mass will eventually go away but takes several months. I started seeing an infectious disease specialist about 1 year ago and she thought that these lumps/mass were staph infections and I was treated with antibiotics. Most times it would take 3 - 10 day courses on antibiotics to clear them up. This last lump, which has not gone away was treated with a total of 54 days of antibiotics. She is now thinking they may be Rheumatoid Nodules. I did test positive for RA but very low on the scale. I have had sonograms on one of the lumps on my arm, and on my breast. The results come back that they are injuries or bruises. Also, my memory has been awful for the last year. I have been writing myself reminder notes and detailed instructions at work so whenever I pick up a file, I can refer back on how to proceed where I left off. I hope these issues are not Botox related, the Botox has helped me more that anything else, and I have tried everything F 59 2 years
1X O
 1  Migraines I have been sick with flu like symptoms, nausea, anxiety, no appetite, anxiety, bedridden, dizzy, confusion for 8 months since receiving Botox. F 71 1 days
 5  Chronic Migraine Injection sting but gone after hour. None others! 44 2 months
 5  Migraines Heavy feeling forehead. My Neurologist injects the Botox. The first time I had it done, I didn't feel much relief from migraines. But the 3rd and 4th time? Oh my gosh! It's been a game changer. I do not have any side effects other than the super heavy feeling in my forehead for a couple weeks. Then I'm good! I get Botox for migraines every 90 days. There is also a website called I spent $315 out of pocket for Botox and got it ALL back! F 42 6 months
200 units 1X O
 3   50 1 days
 1  Lupus induced migraines Dry eyes, dry mouth, dry sinuses, dry vaginal, dry rectum, 3 month intense migraine, fever, swollen eyes mouth & forehead, indentation in forehead, constipation then months diarrhea, tingle feeling head and forehead worse during shower, exstream cold sensativaty, lost 7 pounds I was thin already, life altering started day after injections, many doctors, many ER by ambulance, many urgent care -heart papatations, controlled blood pressure normal to 180's/120 in hour, sweats, muscle pain arthritis pain, trouble swallowing swollen salivary glands puss filled, heavy hard to breath The markers have sold company and I'm told selling again- law suits piling up- Day after injections by Doctor my face swelled up (been having injections 2 plus years & helped migraines never side effects) I had indentation between eye brows, eyes so dry even months later put on Restasis, sinisus so dry bleed saw ENT told sever Sjgerons, mouth so dry still gums swollen red and dentist said I have meticulous dental care but I have worse case sjgerons he's seen, put on prescription mouth rinse (the 2 new Meds cost over $400 per month) total medical cost out of pocket well over $3,000 last 3 months Hosptial bill not in yet- thrush then bacterial infections due to Botox induced Sjgerons, vagina and rectum dried up and urgent care due yeast then bacterial infections doctor said sever Sjgerons causing this,I can not have sex doubt I ever can again a great loss. Months later, day after injection I had migraine for 2 3/4 months worse I ever had (many times ER to stop cycle after injection nothing works) and so long 2 3/4 months I considered dying- warm showers hurt as warm runs on head or body, moist heating pads that once brought comfort cause tingling pain, today thyroid ultra sound & blood test, doctors ALL acknowledge I'm very very sick- one doctor confirmed Botox induced based on companies warning LABLE- I have it in writing- Our CDC controls all testing for botulisium type A and will not conduct "mouse" test due to botulisium is used for WAR it's the most dea F 56 2.6 years
21 units 1X O
 1  Chronic migraines after whiplash First 24 hours reduced headache, then it started back up but different, behind eyes, dizziness, serious pain in neck and shoulders plus raging headache. One thumb went numb within 24 hours. Head is hard to hold up, muscles feel very weak or atrophied, flu like symptoms and now 10 days post injections. I ABSOLUTELY wish I hadn't done this. It feels worse than before... I cannot lean over as the neck is so weak. I can't get comfortable without lying down. I do not recommend it and wish i hadn't been talked into it. Expensive mistake. HOPE it wears off soon. Fatigue and GI upset too. F 48 1 days
150mg 1X D
 4  cosmetic Chronic coughing, nasally, asthma type symptoms. F 46 10 days
 5  Chronic daily migraines Pain at injection site. Migraine headache increased for 7 to 10 days after injection then subsided. Botox is the only thing that has helped my migraines. Doesn't completely resolve the migraine symptoms, but severely reduces the pain in about a week to ten days after injection. First couple of times didn't show big improvement. Third time on and beyond was the charm. F 45 1 years
90 units 1X O
 5  Migraines feeling of heavy forehead, slightly puffy forehead, limited movement of brows. has stopped the migraines. can still feel the warning of the migraine, aura, pressure around the eye. but it doesn't grow into a migraine. had to pay out of pocket as my insurance wouldn't cover it but it's changed my life! I went to a facial plastic surg. who has alot of Botox experience. F 51 5 days
100+ 1X O
 1  Migraines Intolerable face and head pain - migraines much worse after getting injections , Bedridden because of the pain and nausea, also had trouble swallowing food, had to wear soft neck collar a while to keep head upright ( hospitalized for 3 weeks) and hair loss I felt somewhat bullied into trying Botox, my neuro at the time gave many people Botox , I had been to urgent care several times for pain - a pain shot would usually give me relief , make me sleep , and I often would have weeks of No or manageable head pain . Before Botox I had bad migraines, but with interventions I was able to take care of my 2 special needs children, take them to ot pt and speech therapies, homeschool- etc I also began taking care of my father after he had a stroke and could not stay at his home . Since the Botox shots my unrelenting and excruciating pain made it impossible to get out of bed most days, kids had to be placed in public school, have only been able to drive a handful of days in four years. I am still having excruciating pain, My gut reaction was not to get the Botox . I let others sway my decision. That's my experience. ( Botox injections were about 23 injections head and forehead- in 2008) F 45 1 times
2 vials ? 1X D
 1  Chronic headaches Headaches for about three weeks, bruising around my eyes, then massive, continuing hair loss. I love the look of my smooth forehead, unwrinkled eyes, and no more headaches, but my hair has lost fifty percent of the volume, and I'm still losing it. I'm terrified and worried that it won't stop. I've been tested for lupus, thyroid, and many others, and they all came back normal. I've not lost a large amount of weight, changed my eating, started taking any new prescriptions, over the counter medicines, supplements, or had any stressful events happen in the last year that could have caused it, except for my getting the botox injections around and between my eyes, and in my forehead. It's been a miracle for headache relief, but a nightmare because of the hair loss. I'll probably never know if it was the Botox that caused it, but I'll never have it again to find out. F 45
25 units 1X D
 5  Migraine Headache None After YEARS of daily headaches, this has provided relief. I have had no side effects. I have tried numerous other medicines both preventative and reactive, and this is the only thing that has provided sustained relief. It is a miracle drug. F 45 1 years
30+ inject 1X O
 1  forehead lines and wrinkles I received one Botox injection in forehead from an experienced dermatologist/M.D. The next day I had weakness in my legs and felt terrible. This weakness lasted for 2 months I was lethargic and had to sleep a lot. Also had trouble concentrating on anything and due to the weakness in my arms, I couldn't lift anything heavy.. Dr. said that it couldn't possibly be from the Botox. I know otherwise!! I will never ever get this injection again. There are many alternatives to try. F 53 1 days
1X D
 5  frequent migraines pain at injection site, forehead mostly paralysed (no wrinkles!) Miracle drug. Gave me my life back. Didn't work at all the first time, slightly effective the 2nd time, the 3rd time was the charm. I started off getting Botox every 3 months, eventually got to every 4 1/2 months. My migraines are always behind the eyes so I mostly got injected in my forehead which hurt a lot but the results are more than worth the pain. Also, it's expensive but fortunately a large part is covered by my plan, and again, worth it at any cost. My migraines went to weeks, a month, up to 2 months apart instead of 3 days out of every week. And when I got them, they required less pain reliever to get rid of them and they didn't return. Botox has been my lifesaver and I've recommended it to everyone I know. Unfortunately now, after 3 years, I've apparently built up antibodies to the drug and it no longer works well for me and I have to come off it. Am so depressed. I now need to find another drug. F 51 3 years
100 cc 1X AN
 1  Treatment resistant migraines Headache, neck pain, flu symptoms, sinus pain, congestion, nausea, difficulty breathing and swallowing Six weeks ago received 100 units of Botox for treatment resistant migraines. The injections were administered in my forehead, temple, neck and the back of my head. This was done by a well known, experienced and trusted doctor who specializes in pain mgmt. My reaction to this medication has been horrible. I have had sinus pain, pressure, bronchitis, headache and flu symptoms for six weeks now. My vision has become blurry. My mind is in a fog and I can't concentrate. I'm experiencing depression and anxiety. My ears are completely stopped up and I have been having difficulty breathing. I am dizzy and nauseas. This has been going in for 6 weeks. I lost my job because of it! My suggestion to anyone considering putting this medication in your body is do your research. I failed to do so and now I must pay the consequences. The irony is, I still have migraines. If you're considering Botox for cosmetic use, I urge you to onsider. The side effects I'm experiencing do not occur in everyone, but it could happen to you! F 28 6 weeks
100 units 1X O
 5  Migraine prevention Soreness at injection site for a few days. I have nearly daily migraines and had injections 9 days ago. Have not had a migraine since. My neurologist will discontinue the several other preventive meds that I am on and I will be drug free except for periodic botox injections. I suppose I will take something if and when I do experience a migraine. M 49
? 1X O