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 3  Adhd Side effects keep changing as time pass, after almost a month it's very high Sex drive dry mouth but getting better sometimes dizziness and increased anxiety I'm still not sure what are the good effects, but I think I can focus more F 37 24 days
10 3X D
 3  Adult ADD No sides the first year. After a year it started to destroy my libido. Situations, smells and other stimulus that used to make me sexually and emotionally aroused disappeared. Weak or non existing erection. A numbness in penis and testicular atrophy. Drastically reduced ability to feel orgasm and ejaculate. Hormones checked and fine, whether through endogenous or exogenous periods. Tadalafil does help with erection, but an erection without real arousal is quite useless. I believe it destroys libido centrally from the brain as well as inhibit peripherally due to vasoconstriction. Do not give this to your kid. It may impair the secondary sexual characteristics if a boy. The pluses, it makes me do things, out of bed faster. More focused in sedentary situations. In active situations, such as physical exercise or being confronted with rapid changes on the move, I don't need it. Do not give it to your kid. M 42 4 years
30-40 4X D
 5  Daytime sleepiness I am 56 and have a problem with sleepiness and concentration. I take 10mg in the morning and 10mg 4 hours later. It has made a world of difference. Finally I feel like my self again. Also I have low T and it has made me horny again. This has been a miracle for me. M 56 0 months
10+ 10
 1  The mythical "ADHD" condition Migraine, lethargy, brain damage, depression, nausea, anxieity, paranoia, shortness of breath, painful breathing, fatigue, weakness, suicideal thoughts. I was forced to take it between ages 7-13. I was labeled "ADHD" and "Autistic" all because I was trying to get expelled in order to transfer to my original school. I didn't care that it meant living with my violently abusive mother again, I was a great deal worse off in the school I was in at the time. There were days when I wasn't made to take it, but nowhere near enough. I never recovered from what the ritalin did to me and I can never hope to live a full life anymore. M 30 6 years
1 pill 1X D
 1  Adhd It didnít work at all. Looking at some of the past reviews I have noticed that some people have been put on ridiculously high dosages...its no wonder theyíve had bad side effects. M 17 5 days
10 1X D
 4  Major depression/fatigue Doc prescribed this as a booster for my anti-depressant when Iím in a severe depressive episode. It gets me out of bed and keeps the dark thoughts at bay. Can be a real help for serious depression. Did not make me feel jittery. Occasional headache but not serious. F 41 3 years
 2  ADD/ ADHD Increased heart rate; anxiety Ritalin (Methylphenidate) didnít do anything to improve my ADD/ADHD. 30 minutes after taking it I felt my heart racing, and my anxiety started skyrocketing. Maybe I would have tolerated that if the medication wouldíve helped me functioning; alas, I found it to be completely useless. Adderall XR all the way..! F 38 1 months
30 mg
 2  anxiety made anxiety worse amphetamine. why, anyone! would need amphetamine is a mystery to me. i had to take a sedative after taking it, to calm myself back down. any! drug that amps you up is bad for the cns. and imo adderal, ritalin etc.. should not be used, by anyone, and should not be prescribed. bad. bad... bad! M 48 1 days
1X D
 2  ADD Ritalin has changed my personality I feel like im completely zoned out. My family says im a zombie and i sure feel like it. My feet are always cold even with socks on. Also my motivation has gone down. I really wanted this to help me. I feel like I'm not myself. F 26 14 days
 5  ADD dry mouth (even after 4 years); affects sleep if I take it late in the day; headaches (sometimes); slightly elevated blood pressure in the beginning but it settled down pretty quickly. I don't know how I survived without it. It's not perfect but it helps me sooooo much! I can focus; my mind doesn't wander all over the place like it used to; I can participate in meetings at work instead of just trying to hide the fact that I'm not really paying attention - not because I'm not interested but because my mind wanders. It just does. I don't hear everything that happens around me any more - even if I hear stuff that is not relevant to me I can ignore it - was never able to do this in the past. My son takes it too. Don't expect the meds to do all the work though - there is a lot people with ADD can do to make life easier - get a good book or 2 on the topic, or see a psychologist with experience in this field. And for me getting enough sleep is even more important than Ritalin. F 56 4 years
25 mg 3X D
 2  Traumatic brain injury Heart Pain, wild heartbeats, mood swings, anxiety, extreme urge to fall asleep I have been stuck on this drug for 4 years now... at first it was very effective but only higher dosages work for me now. However the higher dosage I receive the worse the side effects have been. I've never ever had problems with anxiety before but when I take this I become terrified and incredibly nervous. To the point where I'm constantly terrified of everything and feel like I'm going to be sick. Please do not continue to put your child on this if they don't want to continue taking it. My parents, mainly my mother, has kept me on this drug because it has helped me focus. Before it improved my focus but now my focus is the same as it was before I took the drug. When I don't take it I can barely get any thoughts across my head. Reading is incredibly hard and doing much of anything that day is unlikely. (However my heart will feel FANTASITC!). This drug has really messed me up in the long run. My parents only can see what's going on on the outside, me working hard, always focused, and quiet and obident. However on the inside its been horrible... I'm not even the same person anymore, it feels weird to say it but the old me is dead. I'm no longer happy and confident. I constantly have the shakes, heart Pain, anxiety, moodswings, etc. If I could go back and fight as hard as I can to not allow my parents to take this drug I would. I certainly can't stop now... :( M 20 4 years
 1  ADD I have to get off this stuff. I'm so mean and angry. I can't live like this, I swear I'm going to get a divorce if I don't stop acting this way. Not worth it. I would rather be a scatter brain. F 30 7 days
20 mg
 5   Jitters, loss of appetite, no motivation Overall I'm really happy with this drug. I don't have racing thoughts anymore which makes it easier to sleep and I'm able to concentrate more. However I'm taking 10mg twice a day and I think I would benefit more on a higher dose. F 28 3 weeks
 5  Diagnosed with adult add in 1991 Lost appetite & lack of sleep for a few months, but soon subsided Helps me stay focused, motivated to go to work, and have a positive attitude. I have tried Concerta, Dexedrine, fish oils, magnesium. Ritalin is the only one that works. It took me awhile to find the right dosage, but I'm glad I worked it out. M 25 days
20&10mg 2X D
 2  ADHD/Bipolar2 Feel like crap actually. Flat, irritable and can't be arsed. Face feels like it looks miserable too I know it is early days but I think I felt better not on it. I feel tired and pissed off. Just had a coffee to see if that helped wake me up a bit. I have so much to do today and I totally can't be bothered, don't even want to go for a walk (think i should force myself though) I am supposed to meeting friends but I don't want to now as feel scattered and can't be bothered talking (which is not normal for me at all)... feeling of being in no mans land. I also take Lamactil but I hate this feeling of being on drugs...this is the feeling I used to have when I took crap party drugs years ago and hated that then too...due to take my second one for the day in about an hour so see how I go... fkn over it to be honest. Feel like getting off everything and going back to my crazy self. Rant over... thank you F 44 2 days
10mg 2X D
 1  ADHD Depression, headaches, nauseas, sweat, irritable, sore. F*ING HATE THIS SHTYY ASS MED! MAKES ME FEEL F*ING AWFUL!! Piece of sh*t! M 19 7 days
54 MG 1X D
 3  Have ADD While on Ritalin I become obsessive about my school work. Idle conversation in class angers me as I feel like I'm wasting my time. I also get a crippling sickness/pain in my stomach whenever I think about something that worries or troubles me I.e. An assignment that I turned in that wasn't up to scratch or a problem I'm having with a mate. Once thinking about head things, it then becomes very difficult to forget about them and I often get trapped in a cycle of anxiety and worried thoughts. I also don't interact with my friends at lunch anymore. I prefer to sit by myself. Finally, at the end of the day or even simply between dosages, I often get feelings of emptiness. I am however writing this while not on the drug. An hour after taking my 20mg dose I would instead be writing about how amazing the focus and motivation that Ritalin gives me is. While on Ritalin, work is probably the most appealing thing in the world. I could sit down with headphones on, working away, for hours on end and be ecstatic in doing so. Everything is interesting and every piece of work feels advantageous to complete. Maths feels particularly rewarding - something about the structure and repetitiveness of the subject is simply captivating while on the drug. There are still bad moments though as mentioned before. , I may for example feel rritated I am that my French teacher spoke to the class all lesson rather than letting me work monotonously with pen and paper. Ritalin has been both a blessing and a cu M 16 3 months
20mg 4x
 5  Adhd M 58 4 years
 1  ADHA High uncontrollable blood pressure. My son took ritalin in the mid 80's into the mid 90's. He is now 36 and has uncontrollable high blood pressure. They have tried everything to control it and nothing has worked. He took it for 9 years. If I had known this was a forever side effect I would have never let him take it. Shame on the doctors and makers of ritalin and shame on me for giving it to him. I cut his life short. Is it worth it? NO!! M 36
? 2X D
 2  ADHD I was taking this to treat ADHD, but I found Adderall to be much better. I was taking this to treat ADHD, but I found Adderall to be much better. This drug, in my opinion, is inferior to Adderall, which I currently take, and has helped me profoundly. F 43 6 months
20MG 1X D

RITALIN  (METHYLPHENIDATE HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - ADHD. It works by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the brain. Methylphenidate belongs to a class of drugs known as stimulants. It can help increase your ability to pay attention, stay focused on an activity, and control behavior problems. It may also help you to organize your tasks and improve listening skills. This medication is also used to treat a certain sleep disorder (narcolepsy).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)