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 1  Auto immune disease- SLE Took this from 1997-2008 with no break. Almost every side effect. Amounts varied during those years. Ruined my life more than disease. Off of it for 6 years but too much damage done. Had to take again in 2014. Tried not to but disease symptoms made it difficult. Can prevent death from disease but may not be worth it due to the short and long term side effects. Self-tapering after 2 months, want off of it ASAP. Will choose death next time. It's horrible and will ruin your life on high amounts or over long periods of time. Try to avoid. I am prepared to die than take this drug anymore. F 33 10 years

 2  Rheumathoid Arthritis Flare up I started taking prednisone pack for 10 days, at the ER,then given. A shot through. My IV fluid, then after a month. I WAS admitted to the ER. Once again. And given prednisone 10MG,then they raised it to 15 mg. For about a month, and now I stopped it with Dr's instructions to go from 15mg to 10mg for 1 week then 5 mg for one week then 2.5 for 3 days. During the course I was feeling very angry, my period was early and only lasted 2 days,I was nauseated, my stomach was burning and I had lots of stomach pains, I couldn't sleep I was getting heartburn and I was vomiting stomach acid! But I stopped that over 15 days ago and I am extremely hungry, and I feel Very emotional, and very tired,And I am very frustrated because. I'm scared to gain weight after I struggled to loose over 100lbs over the course of 4 years. Does anyone know how long would I experience this type of side effect, also I will never ever take steroids again!! Now I'm on Humira and Methotrexate and sulfazine and Plaquenil and clorocolonile! F 36 1 months

 5  nephrotic syndrome and minimal chan My 3 yr old son not only gets chipmunk cheeks but also gets dark circles under his eyes.. he is always hungry but is on a 2000mg low sodium diet which makes it extremely hard... however this medication has really helped him even with his relapses M 3 3 months
 5  Multiple Sclerosis Progressive Not a fan of steroids since a bad reaction in 2008 to Solu Medrol IV but so far only thing I notice is not being able to sleep ( but that's not a bad thing since I suffer from MS Fatigue) and I do see some puffiness from the meds in my face and stomach but I'm offsetting that with diet/tea and it's helping some. I'm going to see this to day 12. I wish I had done his sooner. I was never going to touch any steroids again but glad I did this time. I'm on a 12 day treatment of starting out with a certain amount then downsizing to a few. I stayed away from this drug since a horrible reaction from Solu Medrol in 2008 when I was first diagnosed. I have suffered years from pain and inflammation. Pain meds only did so much and I'm very careful with narcotic pain meds I'm given. I caved in and agreed to a 12 day course. I'm on day 7 and I feel wonderful beyond words. I can't believe I allowed myself to go so long in such agony. I hope it lasts awhile. I don't want to do this again but right now the leg pain, nerve pain hip pain..are gone. I'm walking better not like a duck or with a cane. It's so great to feel a bit better. F 35 12 days
1X D

 1  shrink tumors 40mg..urination..extreme agitation..mood change. Didn't feel like myself. Extreme depression. Didn't want to leave room. 3rd week..I kept looking in mirror. I didn't recognize myself. Hallucinations. One day i missed pill at bedtime and took it in the a.m. I felt dizzy. .blurred vision.anxiety.i couldn't drive. I tried to get off it myself..and whole body pain.sore throat..fever..I almost went to ER..then I Google side effects and realized all I've been through is medication. Went back on 20mg. 14 days tapering..weight gain so far 15lbs. Moonface..missed period. I'm at 5mg. day #3 for 7 days and scared. 1st day tired body aches ..eye infection..fingers and toes burning sensation..2nd day not hungry extreme fatigue..slept most of day..fever..headache. 3rd day..I bent over heard a pop lower back..and can't move since 9am. It's 1:30pm. Not sure of this is a side effect too. Extreme pain. 4 days left and off..so scared of anymore side effects. Doctors should explain side effects. Give patients options. This is horrible drug. I would of said NO!! I had no idea what was happening to me. Until I started 20mg..and wanted to go to ER .and i googled side effects. Doctors need to be educated on this drug. Patients should be observed and should where big sign that they are on this drug. Doctors should stress how important it is to not stop drug on your own and needs to be tapered..extremely important not to miss or go.off of schedule...I HATE WHAT THIS DRUG HAS DONE TO MY LIFE. I'm still not done. THANK YOU DOC for not explaining side effects that you knew of and thanks for options. Bobbie F 46 3 weeks

 4  Autoimmune Hepatitis Hairloss, insomnia, extreme fatigue, irritability, mood swings, depression, moonface, irregular menstural cycles, easily being bruised, shrinking waistline due to a change in fat distribution. Helped a lot, but also messes up your hormone balance, even long after you stop taking it. Note that the side effects comes with time (not immediately) and increases/decreases with the dosage. When the dosage is below 10 mg/per day most side effects should disappear. F 18 2 years
10 MG 1X D

 1  Enlarged thyroid Appetite went INSANE. ALWAYS hungry! PROS: most of my skin symptoms went away. CONS: Massive weight gain, EXTREMELY HARD to lose! moon face! my stomach is HUUUUGE but the rest of me is somewhat normal And I have no clue if my thyroid is better because he (DR.)didn't check after course of Prednisone F 30 30 days
? 1X D

 5  Colitis This medication has been a godsend for me. After struggling to get out of bed and make it thru a day of work with excruciating pain and a ton of blood loss I am very thankful for what it has done for me. To avoid weight gain while taking prednisone I have always gone on the paleo diet which is very beneficial in reducing inflammation. Dandelion Tea helps to rid the body of the water retention that comes along with taking it as well. The paleo diet helps because you can eat quite a lot while on it and it will not affect the number on the scale. F 29 4 weeks
40mg - 0 m
 3  pneumonia Vision loss(peripheral) happened once and scared the heck out of me, the worst smelling gas I have ever had!!! soreness, joint pain, extreme lower back pain, weight gain, insomnia, hunger, bloating, constipation I gained 15lbs on this medication in the first 6 days....it has been 2 weeks now and still haven't lost the water weight yet. This drug has given me some serious side effects, very scary. I was in the hospital for 6 days getting prednisone through an IV every 8 hours... when I was sent home I was prescribed 20mg 3x a day then 2x a day then 1x a day but I ended up having to stay on 3x a day for over a week because the side effects got worse when trying to slow down. F 24 2 weeks
20MG 3X D

 5  kidney transplant initially on high doses hunger, weight gain; moon face; fat on belly and chin; skin very dry and thin; insulin resistant (prednisone contributed to this I am told); damage to cartilege in knees (pain) this stuff has some nasty side effects but has kept me alive for almost 33 years after my kidney transplant. and still going strong! I am now on a very low dosage which minimises side effects. Best thing that ecer happened to me. F 54 32 years
5 mg 1X D
 2  Rheumatoid arthritis This drug made me gain weight, have moon face, made me angry, had muscle spasms, panic attacks, insomnia, my legs would give out on me, I couldn't function, had to miss alot of school. I stopped because another month or so on it I would have gotten diabetes, luckily I got my blood tested regularly, and the doctor informed me I should start to taper off This drug barely worked, didn't help with swelling at all. I went from 130lbs to 146lbs in 2months. My blood pressure rose and pule as well to dangerous levels. I was very happy to get off this drug and since then I have lost all the weight I gained. F 18 3 months
25-30mg 1X D

 1  back pain Swelling of face after 2 days of taking this medicine, stopped taking it now extreme body aches, my teeth hurt, my head hurts and my back pain is worse F 30 6 days

 4  minimal change disease Impaired driving, shaking hands and arms, total loss of appetite, increased cataaracts and reduced vision, cognitive problems (loss of memory, loss of executive functioning skills. Lost my job, unable to fully care for self for months until...? If nephrologists or other specialists do not provide written material and instructions as well as communicating clear information about potential side effects, they should not be able to prescribe it without supervision. F 64 90 days
60mg 1X D
 5  Sinusitus I urinate a lot,Fart more and I take a poop about 4 times a day M 17 1 weeks
10 mg

 1  gout Mood swings moonface feel like shit cant sleep just sht 57 1 months

 4  Poison Oak During the time I took the prednisone I could not sleep. Full of energy. After being off of it I have had heartburn and the burning with urination but do not have a UTI. Plus my skin feels dry and itchy. I will never take this medication again. F 54 14 days
10 MG 1X D

 4  dyshidrotic Eczema Pain. Severe pain in random places at random times. Almost don't want to take it. F 31 5 days
 4  PMR. RA thin skin, bruising, tinnitus, moon face, 50lb weight gain, insomnia, dry mouth, swelling, hair thinning, burning feet, tingling hands and feet. Still taking. only thing that works on PMR. F 67 3 days
 1  Auto Immune Disease LPP Tinnitus, high blood pressure, cramping, bloating, suppressed appetite, fatigue, restlessness, depression, anxiety, moon face, stomach ache, tingling in feet, burning sensation on face and especially lips, rapid heart rate, psychotic episodes. This drug should be banned! Worst experience of my life and I wish I never took it. I will refuse to EVER be on this horrible drug again. F 53 3 weeks

 4  bronchitis - cough Slight upset stomach, extreme hunger, high blood sugar, extreme tiredness F 43 5 days
50 MG 1X D
 3  allergy At first day, it was effective but during mornings I feel the urge to rub all my blisters. Is it my allergies were much stronger than my dosage? M 29 4 days
5mg 3/day

 3  bronchits Hunger, insomnia, mild mood swings. For 5 days on this drug. After I stopped this drug. For next 3 days I had no appetite, sleepy, and was feeling mild depression. All side effects were gone after 3 days off of this drug. And I was feeling great. I had bronchitis before a few years ago. And took antibiotics for it. For me antibiotics knocked the bronchits out faster. But long term side effects of antibiotics are not good. Predisone did help me get over bronchits symptoms. And I have no long term side effects. So all in all Predisone does work I just did not like the short term side effects. M 33 5 days
20 2X D
 4  allergic reaction insomnia, heartburn Had an allergic reaction to an unknown substance (mold or dust most likely), which resulted in huge, itchy welts all over my face and body. Benedryl did absolutely nothing, but prednisone really helped stop the inflammation. Insomnia was the worst side effect: I only slept 3-4 hours/night the entire time I was on this med. Glad I didn't need it for more than a week. F 42 7 days
40MG taper 1X D

 5  shrinking nasal polyps all side effects were beneficial-tinnitus gone,memory improved, alertness,abilility to think clearly,appetite and tasting better I know this drug can have bad side effects but in my case[78 yrs old-not a good candidate for nasal polyp surg.My breathing is fine But after the drug wears off in 2-3 wks my tinnitus is back memory not as good as when on I asked my ENT if he would give me a rx for a small dose[1 10mg every other day but he declined citing poss side effects I'm reminded of the time when Pfizer took the drug that became Viagra of the market the test subjects did.nt want to give back the pills-they had found the side effect that the drug is now famous for M 78 12 days
10 mg 1X D

 5  asthma Was better within 48 hrs but ran out before taperin the dose felt very ill and pain from hips and down legs unbearable I forgot it wasearly closing at surgery have had slight aches before as I reduced dose but nothing like this and panicks feelin heart is stopping F 62 7 days

 4  polymyalgia rheumatica The main side effect at this point is thinning skin . The need for cataract surgery was accelerated. It's an effective drug but I have been trying to find a way to get off of it. I have been down to 5 mg. But had to increase due to spasms/pain in the back of my head and neck. It seems like this drug is the best choice for PMR. Would like to hear from others with this diagnosis. F 70 2 years
 1  Wegeners granulomatosis Besides all the other horrible side effects, over a period of one and a half years I was admitted to emergency by ambulance approximately 60 times. What was happening was that any unpredictable day I would feel severe fatigue and throughout the day progressively became more and more aggressive. By the evening, I would start preparing my evening meal and would have a beer while waiting to eat. Suddenly my appetite would disappear. This I noticed was a warning sign. After a number of previous admissions, I would take a sleeping pill and intend sleeping through it. I would then wake up and find myself in A&E on a drip and totally confused. The doctors would blame me for drinking and popping sleepers. Not once did they try to figure out what was really happening. After stopping the meds the hospital visits stopped. After some research I found it was physcosis caused by predisolone. The doctors still think it was me!!!!!! A very dangerous drug. My description of my experience was a very short version. Many more problems were experienced. The most horrific experience in my life. M 60
20mg 1X D
 3  Allergy Prednisone really helped get rid of sores I was getting all over my body for a not-yet-tested allergy I have. I have an IgE of 134. Now that I'm off prednisone I always feel depressed, my eyes hurt, my body hurts, and the sores are coming back. Why is that happening? Does that mean my allergy is resistant to prednisone? If that's the case, howcome the meds worked when I was on them? Maybe two weeks wasn't enough of a course. F 20 2 weeks
Just 2 tabs a day (D
 1  crohns colitis Uncontrollable hugely Increased appetite, weight gain, moon-face, buffalo hump, bloated stretched stomach, breathless, insomnia, burning stomach, aching joints, crying for nothing, confidence destroyed, lethargic, bed wetting, shaking hands, inability to do slightest work i.e. hoover up or put washing out without feeling I was going to have a heart attack through breathlessness. Heavy feelings in arms and legs. Starting to taper off and now on 25mg and symptoms of cc all coming back. As your body is forced to stop producing adrenalin then expected to start reproducing once dosage of pred dropped this is a dangerous drug and I don't know where the benefits have come into it? Felt fantastic for first 2 weeks but now going backwards. I feel like I am buried alive, witnessing my body being taken over by this drug. I just want to get off it and stay off it. I would sooner be dead than live like this as I feel hideous, a burden and have no life. F 49 9 weeks

 1  Persistent chronic severe asthma Weight gain, severe joint pain, hip pain, depression, chest pains, blood clots, insomnia, anxiety, low immune system, temp. Diabetes, thyroid lump, right leg numbness. F 39 10 years

 3  nephrotic syndrome Got diabetes from it along with moon face,loss taste buds,hair got straighter. legs felt very heavy,feeling off balance and very shaky, and thats when i was on 60mg.right now on 40mg feeling better then before but still sick.This is a very dangerous drug that i would not recoment to anyone unles they really need it.I have nehrotic syndrome. F 61 10 months
 1  Unknown skin breakout on incision 30 lb weight gain. Extreme moon face swelling and weight gain under chin and everywhere. Extreme heartburn and bad sinus burning all the time . Milk is the I Only thing that helps the heartburn . Extreme depression I do not want to leave the house because of how I look and depression. Hard to walk because of joints and feel like my legs don't want to do what I want them to. Can't sleep, can't think, suicidal , all of other side effects Everyone is mentioning..a rash blew up all along my surgery incision still cannot diagnose . Prednisone has ruined my life. I am not the same person inside and out. I will never take it again even if my life depends on it . Because even alive on it, I am dead to he world. Please let me know If you know of another drug that would work F 46 2 months
60 MG
 4  Skin issues Awful water retention that caused trouble breathing. Bp soared and had palpitations and stomach burn. Hate the stuff but have a terrible rash that keeps coming back and no one can figure out why F 37 10 days
40 m

 1  low cortisol I was in a permanent rage. My head was foggy, I lost half a stone. In the end my head fealt like it was bursting. Took me weeks to recover. I was scared to drive any where, half of me was saying 'I don't know how to get there, the other half was saying you drive that route every day'. All steroids make me very ill F 58 3 weeks
 1  Ulcerative colitis Dry mouth, blurry/double vision, insomnia, shaky hands, nose bleeds, stomach ulcers, dry nasal passageway, water retention, black circles under eye, pale skin, blushing, moon face, weight gain, increased appetite F 27 7 weeks

 3  Crohns. Anti-inflammatory I was starting to have mood swings. it would enhance my mood, for example i would get very mad easily and i normally have a great temper. Also it made my cry for stupid things and sometimes uncontrolllably M 16 3 months

 5  Rhinitis I suffer the most horrible sinus problems. Allergies to everything - the most horrible sinus congestion - and I got addicted to over-the-counter sinus spray - it got so bad it went on for 3 years plus then I couldn't even breathe at all through my nose, it was obstructing my eating, my sleeping, my hearing, my ears were plugging up, it was a nightmare. I couldn't even talk and breathe at the same time, or eat comfortably and the migraines started coming. 2 years ago I had to go on Topamax for the migraines not knowing it was caused by the head congestion. The Topamax wrecked my life. I managed to wean myself off the Hideous Topamax. - Way worse than Prednisone!!!.. it was a horrible vicious cycle. I went to a specialist ENT who put me on Prednisone while I wean off the addiction to nasal spray. (Severe Congestion Afrin) the first few days it gave me terrible period-like cramps similarly to contractions. Then the hurt burn kicked in. Insatiable appetite. Swelling of face wasn't too bad because my face was already puffy from the head congestion - particularly mornings.. I just started the 2nd week tapering off from 30x2 day to 20mg x2. Prednisone. I have used 1/3 less Afrin + prescribed Nasonex and hope to beat it by final 3rd week of tapering off. I have good energy and have started walking everyday. It feels wonderful to get a good nights sleep and actually breathe deep breaths the entire night without waking up gagging for nasal spray. I can read my son story books without F 42 3 weeks
 3  Crohn's Disease Stunted growth, acne, early arthritis, Jewfro, spider veins on face and legs, INSATIABLE APPETITE, weight gain, abdominal bloat, moonface, suppressed immunity, high sex drive, insomnia/sleep delay, 'roid rage, probably osteoporosis I got Crohn's at the age of 10, which itself stunted my growth and left me malnourished because I couldn't absorb nutrients. The abdominal pain was escrutiating! Words cannot describe how bad it hurt! The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because, in spite of all the shitty side effects, it masked all of my severe pain. It worked within 2 hours of a flareup or discontinuation. So for my severe pain and malnutrition, the benefits outweighed the risks. I was nothing without this drug. Too bad the treatment itself also stunted my growth in addition to the disease itself doing just that. It also won't make you pretty. At all. And that was really rough, being female, and in adolescense, with cruel schoolmates constantly telling me how "ugly" I was, as if I could help it. It made my formerly straight, smooth manageable hair into a frizzy puffy unmanageable mess, and that was permanent to this day, long after being off of it. My first GI tried cold-turkeying me off when I was 14, and I only lasted 8 days. It hurt like hell to eat, to even look at food, and I had an awful fever. After calling the GI, he got me back at 20 mg, and I felt great within 2 hours. As an adult, I got an even better GI who tapered my dose gradually over the years. Thank god I've been in remission for over a decade so far and haven't needed that crap for a while. F 42 18 years
up to 25mg 1X D

 3  Viral infection upper/ astma Taken prednisone 6 mths ago when admitted to ER for pleurisy worked straight away, on them for a month 40mg aday for a week then reduced by one tablet until one aday, bloating in face, now taken prednisone for chest infection caused my astma to set off, 30 mg for 5 days only on my 3rd day of taken them don't feel any better, aches & pains in hips knees & elbows & my head feels so conjested it could explode . Taken antibiotics aswell my dosage of inhaler have been increased F 42 5 days
30 mg
 2  Plantar Fasciitis Took a 6 day course 10mgx6 first day, 10mgx5 second day, etc. Doctor warned me of side effects. I was wired and moody during the high dose days. Interestingly, my other pains (hip, IT band, etc.) as well as my ulcerative colitis seemed to flare up when I was told that they would likely incidentally benefit from the Prednisone. The first couple days off the med my hip and leg pain and UC worsened even more, and I felt like I had the flu from the waist down. This pain coming off the drug seemed to be news to the doctor. I feel much better today (third day off). Overall not terrible (it was only a few days), but I don't feel like it did much for my foot problem. F 43 6 days
60,50,40.. 6X D
 5  Colitis Crohn's disease First week bloating headaches crampy legs but week two no side effect lovely appetite loads energy felt positive stomach felt great after months pain.It working wonders for me!! 43 3 days

 4  For my poison ivy rash None I only took one dose so far F 42 5 days

 4  asthma Unfortunately the length of time in years doesn't go to 41 years. That is the length of time I've taken prednisone every day unless I, was to sick to swallow the pills. I've weigjhed from 128# to 270#. I' ve been hospitalized for trying to kill myself, when cutting down from a high dose to fast. I,m 62yo but look like I'm in my late late 70's. My buffalo hump hurts bad at times. I have a moon face. I had a total hip replacement due to avascular nicosis. I do take an antidepressant or noone could live with me from the mood swings. I eat no added salt, lots of fruits and vegetables. I'm currently on 10 mg daily. When I need to take extra doses, I puff up so much people don't recognise me. I realize the prednisone has probably saved my life, but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. For young women pregnancy isn't recommended. I had our son before taking prednisone, which was good. There is a movie from the 1950's or 60's about a man who takes prednisone (cortisone). Anyone taking prednisone and their families should watch. It's not in color but worth watching. I rated the satisfaction as 4, because it controls my asthma. I' d rate the side effects as mostly dissatisfactory. Thanx for the chance to sure my experiece. Kathleen F 62 1 years
1- 60 mg
 1  chest infection headache... fast heartbeat.. feeling so ill only after 2 days been on them felt like i was dying F 43 6 days
 4  MS flare Intense sweating, raging hunger, irritability, insomnia, crazy energy I've had to take prednisone a couple times as part of a gradually decreasing 3-week taper after IV steroids for multiple sclerosis flares. Prednisone is a catch-22: it's horrible, but it actually works. I'm on day 7 of 21 for treatment and I've gained 8 pounds already! Most of the extra weight is due to swelling and bloating and gradually goes down when the treatment is done, but I'm typically left with 3-5 more pounds after each time I take it. I do like the intense energy burst and wiredness I get while I'm taking it and I use it to clean my house and get lots of stuff done, but it's not exactly a good energy. It's more like restlessness and agitation. Yet I can count on it to knock out the flare-ups of my illness. It's not enjoyable at all, but it really does work. F 39 21 days
60 1X D
 2  Poison Ivy Rash I started experiencing my side effects after I stopped taking the medicine after the 7th day. Two days passed, then I all of a sudden began to feel dizzy, totally lost my appetite, my heart rate increased up to 140/88 (normally its 125/75 or something). I got worried, anxiety started to kick in, my temperature rose a bit, began feeling slightly weak, began to worry a great deal. Went to the ER to make sure it wasn't anything major. Doctor said its nothing major, he saw no signs of anything major going on, so he let me go. The next day I was feeling the same. I have had trouble sleeping, sometimes I would sweat a great deal in my sleep and have nightmares. The next day I went to my personal doctor. The doctor examined me, checked me out, and said he found no symptoms of anything serious happening with me. All he could conclude is that this is due to side effects of this tablet, i.e. Prednisone. Its the 3rd day now, I lost 6 pounds in total (water weight possibly? I dont know..) feeling M 28 7 days
20mg 1X D
 1  BOOP Headaches, dry eyes, weight gain, lots of weight gain (80 pounds), swelling, bloating, insomnia, confusion, forgetfulness (towards the end of taking), irritable (rage). I took Prednisone from 10/23/12 up to today 6/26/13. I started with 60 MG and tapered down and then up and then down again until a month ago I was tapered to 5 MG every other day and today I was freed. F 41 8 months
60 MG 1X D

 1  Severe head congestion I take this med every now and then to alleviate serious head congestion that eventually leads to vertigo. Side effects were even worse this time than last. A NIGHTMARE!! Prednisone made me manic, anxious, and ravenous. Because I was high as a kite, I made some bad decisions while on this drug, including sending some weird and crazy emails. I couldn't sleep. I was HUNGRY constantly, there was no "off button" on my hunger, so I ended up gaining weight. In two weeks, I gained 5 pounds!! Coming off this drug was as bad as being on it: flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea, shakiness, anxiety, mood swings, heart racing. I was in hell. Why don't some drs mention these side effects, at least you can prepare for the worst. F 48 2 weeks
 5  rheumatoid arthritis Prednisone has been the only thing keeping me functioning since my RA diagnosis 1 1/2 years ago with no noted side effects other that stomach discomfort. I combat this by taking it with prilosec otc.I do worry about the long term effects and my RA has been flaring a lot lately so I am weary about increasing my dosage even though I know it will definitely help short term. F 41 1 years
10 mg

 5  Rhumatoid arthritis Elevated blood sugars and heart rate. Arthritic pain was gone within 8 hours. Returned three days after stopping. Sorry it has so many side effects as it works for the inflamation. M 73 12 days
1X D

 3  ALLERGIC CONTACT DERMITITIS HUNGRY AND BLOATED AT TIMES. MY FACE WAS covered with blisters burned badly and i looked like a monster. The Pred was short term and healed me well along with a moderate topical steroid and antibotics with Benadryl. It took three different sessions in about 2 months to cure my skin infection. F 56 10 days
5 1X D
 4  unknown autoimmune disease All the usual side effects. Gave me a sense of normalcy back after 8 months of steady decline in my health. M 30 4 months
40 mg 1X D
 1  respiratory inflamation Started with 10 mg for 5 days and felt alright but had no relief. It was increased to 20 mg. and after 3-4 days I was not feeling well. My gut was a mess, no appetite, lost 3 lbs., bloated, had insomnia, felt like I was taking amphetamines, blood pressure went up. I'm tapering off now. I won't take this again unless I'm dying...maybe not even then. Horrible stuff. Did nothing for the problem it was prescribed for. F 60 11 days
10&20mg 1X D

 1  MS symptoms Disgusting medication. Tastes like s***. Making my heart thump like crazy. Insomnia. Lose stools. Excessively increased appetite. Puffiness... Can't wait to be off. More cons than pros... Solumedrol for short period at higher doses is way more effective than this constant medication at gradual decreasing doses. If I knew it would have been like this, would have never started taking it. F 23 7 days
60 MG >...
 1  asthmatic since childhood The ten year span has been off and on and each time it would clear my lungs but then I would experience sever acne on my chest, back, shoulders and face, headaches, weight gain, increased appetite, mood swings, panic attacks, hair loss and dark nails....I refuse to ever take this again unless I'm unconscious and its giving intravenous. F 44 10 years

 4  acute transverse myelitis Over 30lb weight gain, big moon face, headaches (while tapering down), fatigue, back acne, increased appetite..besides that it helped to improve the symptoms of my condition (limb weakness, pins and needles, back pain) F 25 9 months

 1  tendonitis in heel Horrible nausea, headache, prickly feeling in feet, shakiness, insomnia, ringing in ears, out-of-body feeling. It relieved the pain of tendonitis, but the side effects are much worse than the pain. I was supposed to take it for a week but stopped after two days, and won't take it again in the future. M 69 2 days
20 mg 1X D
 3  Ulcerative colitis all of them. It is the worst experience of my life. It saved my colon but no sleep, no brains, headaches, cant control myself, cant remember what im doing sometimes for long stretches of time, face swelled, life sucks. won't take again unless i have no other option. and once you start, you cant just stop. You have to taper your dosage down for weeks or months. Make dang sure you really need it. M 42 1 months
40 mg

 1  Pneumonia Started with 5 days worth 40MG tapered down over the course of a week, symptoms of bronchial/asthma. Went back and got a course of 12 days starting at 40MG. Went back to Urgent Care with crackle in lungs and prescribed 40 MG for 5 days. Ended up in ER that day for panic attack/anxiety/tightness in chest. I really thought I was dying. Started to consider lung cancer/COPD and that I would have to kill myself. They ran all kinds of tests including 2 chest x-rays and blood work. Absolutely nothing wrong with me. Prescribed Ativan for anxiety and sent me on my way. Never once did any Dr I see (travel so it was all Urgent Care), mention the side effects of Pred. This is a devil drug. Do not take it! I still don't feel right and from what I've read, it could take weeks for me to resume normal life. F 45 12 days
40 MG 3X D

 5  Nephortic Syndrome So many side effects, mood swings , hungry , frequent urination , difficulty sleeping, did help to clear skin, and lost 25 lbs of water weight, small price to pay for health, hopefully can decrease the dosage and come off of it in a few months . F 35 4 weeks

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