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 4  Opiate/heroin addiction Constipation, dry mouth, sweating, sweet cravings, fatigue. Saved my life, gave me the time to put my life back in order. Best I have felt since I started using/abusing opiates. F 40 4 months
90 mg 1X D
 3  Heroine/oxy addiction (smoking) Gained 80lbs+ in a year, no sex drive, poor hygiene, no motivation, naps are a ritual for me in the middle of the day now... Methadone saved my life. I went into the clinic with just enough money for a month, quit heroin and what do you know I was able to save up enough money just bein in the program to stay in it for a year , buy a car, a 3D TV, a flat screen TV, new Xbox slim with kinect, blue ray 3D player with about 20 movies, a new iPhone a new iPad .... All thouse things would have been pawned or money would have been spent on heroine if I never joined the clinic , I was able to stay in school although after a year of being on the same dosage it only lasts tell about 5am-3pm enough time for school although I would rather lay in bed high so after a year I school (collage) I'm quiting to work... Possibly get on welfare or SSI, We'll see how that goes.. Anyways it saved my life in a way where with my heroin addiction I would have been able to do all the things I've done in the last year without being flat broke, in jail, or out of school, I spent 4 grand in student loans on heroine in 3 months I literally only had enough money for 1 month worth of the clinic when I started (good choice) without it at the time I would have been broke kicked out of school, kicked out of home, and still addicted.... However I do find myself doing heroin every other week or so about 160$ worth to take the edge off (it only works about 14+ from taking your last methadone dose otherwise there is M 27 1 years
 5  bechets disease Well I believe the combination of all my meds inc steroids gave me a gambling addiction F 55 8 years

 4  used pills F 32 2 years
90 mg

 4  Severe leg pain following surgery. Lack of motivation, sweating, constipation, fatigue F 57 3 years

 4  recovering HERION addict Constipation nodding off during the day drink a lot of tea sweet tooth love to smoke i have to take 2 zimos every morning for me nerves or elce i wouldnt be able to talk to any1 witout been very dysfunctional im happy to be on metadone( aka phy aka molly) i live in ireland and in the 80s herion came into dublin and begin the 90s it was floodin into different town al true ireland nw 2013 the hole of ireland is flooded with herion theres kids as young as 11 on it if i was not on the medatone id say id be still robben or elce lockd up so tank go the metadone works grate and im planing on cuming of it sum day but not for now and i get the 80mill green liquid martindale its called. If any1 would like to talk to me my email is podjo2k9@gmail.com my name is padraig kelly (aka)=podjo. Best regards from ireland. God bless you all. M 27 7 years
 5  addiction Constipation, fatigue, sweet cravings F 47 6 months
 5  broken vertabrae, disc problems Some erectile disfunction,trouble eating, M 42 7 years
 4  opiate addiction M 37 1 days
47 mg

 5  mental phisical pain I have been taking methadone illlegaly for over 5yrs now when i started i knew nothing about it i was a bad kid i would make my money by stealing&selling my fathers pills i started taking it and it just got worse and worse i got hooked i tried geting of it multipul times i lasted three months with no methadone and no sign of the withdraw stoping i quit cold turkey first time then i tried weening myself off im now down to 20mg a day two tabs i could get by with 10mg but if i go to 10mg a day its not enough to get me by it just takes the edge off and now i found out 6yrs after taking it that it attacks yourbone marrow thats why withdraw from methadone is sooo painful i feel i cant move function i dont wanna eat i cant sleep muscle spasms and twitchy feet sweats hot cold i get diarea its horible what do i do now how do i get off im still geting them from a friend my father wants me off um but hes just as bad as me being hooked on methadone hes in the hospital now bad health im wondering if thats gonna b in a hosp M 20 6 years
2 10mg tab

 3  Opiate addiction constipation, sweats, massive weight gain like Psych drug gain. people hardy recognize me. Dental issues, sweet tooth that cannot be fought of no matter what, another demon to conquer. Roids due to weight owch, bad hygiene, diet, motivation lacking. Short term brilliant problem is yearsssssss later its my legal addiction. My body has gone to the dogs, I am tied to clinics, broke as a badger, there has to be a better solution? in 2012. If i had my time again i wouldn't have gone on it, stayed clear but in saying that where would i be today?. It really is a catch 22 situation , but i believe this medication only keeps you stuck, legally and does not excately turn lives around albeit your not in a bad mess as before, get my drift??? try stay clean imho without no drugs. I also belive this is the Gubment way of keeping tabs on you. M 44 8 years
20 1X D
 2  12 year heroin addiction Methadone is the bain of my life I carnt function without it so its as good as being on street drugs except the people who give u it wont be arrested I csuppose better than spending the full day trying to get enough money to score for me it seems the same as b4 but with out the criminal activity im not saying its no good I would just weigh up the pros and vons before you allow a doctor to start you because there are other options available okey dokey! M 34 8 years
120mg day
 4  dilaudid addiction Sweating bad!, weight gain maybe 5-10 pounds, Munchies alot, sugar cravings, nodding several times a day (kind of like a roller coster i go up then down then up then down ect.), Penis won't get hard (and if it does it's a mission to get it to stay up. and if it does stay up i won't ejaculate even after hours of intercourse), sever acne, horrible constipation!! (i can bearly ever piss or shit)(and when i do i have to push sooo hard) I started taking methadon because that was the only option left for me. I went to rehabs, programs, NA, AA, i tried everything and i came to the conclusion if i was going to get off the pills i would have to go on methadone. I've been on it for 3-4 weeks now and honestly even after all the side effects i am very glad i discovered it. It saved my life as far as im concerened. it totally stoppped my cravings (wich i am really surprised cause that's all i would think about before i started the methadone. I am just scared i will never get off it. It's like im scared to be off it. i know it too soon to think about getting off but it's like i dont want to. i like it alot. but i dont really understand it cause i nod off and on all day. it fucks me up olmost worse then the pills??? (wtf) but i find myself not stealing or robbing people to get money for pills. i am in a safe enviorment. Iam not shooting up anymore (IVing).(injecting) So overall if you cant get clean on your own and are thinking about methadone, if you are ready to take a chance on being a lifer, go for it! im glad i did!! M 19 25 days
100 1X D
 3  Opiate addiction Weight gain, loss of energy and motivation, dental problems, excessive sweating, dependence, sleepiness (I have to nap during the day.) Sugar cravings, poor hygiene, zombie-like, fuzzy thinking, poor short-term memory. Comments: with all these side effects you are probably wondering why I rated this med a 3. Due to the fact that I suffer from bipolar, ocd, GAD with panic attacks, I must say I've had to weigh out the benefits and which were the lesser evils of the two. My cravings are 100% gone for 6 years so that has been a relief. Ill be honest, if I can go back in time I would not have started methadone. I am completely dependent on it and am extremely scared of coming off. Liquid handcuffs is right. I am a 30 year old educated woman and sadly on my way to what we here in the clinics call a "lifer." It has taken the sharp edges off my depression and gives me a peaceful feeling but if I was being honest with myself the peaceful feeling is me being high. My days are in a haze. I have barely any motivation to even get my behind out of bed. I wish I was strong enough to just get off. My advice, Don't get on in the first place, the methadone withdrawals are a lot worse than anything you're scared of getting off now. F 30 6 years
40 mgs
 2  Heroin addiction Extreme sleepiness, nodding out when in any sitting position for more than a few mins (reading, smoking, etc.), body jerks when sleeping, nausea, sweating, tremendous weight gain (20+ lbs in 3 months!!!!!), crave sugars, no motivation, no sex drive, headaches, severe constipation, laziness I was on 75mg at my highest and started tapering after 2 months. i can't wait to get off this HORRIBLE drug. Another s***** thing is you HAVE to taper SLOWLY or else you'll have withdrawals 100xs worse than coming off heroin cold turkey. F 30 5 months
60mg 1X D

 1  for drug abuse i been on meathadone for 17 years now at oatc canada i went off for 3 months after coming down 5 mils a week it made my bones ach and everything smelt differnt head aches all day thats why i went back on it i hate this meds wayne newmarket canada M 50 17 years
130 1X D
 4  addiction Lack of energy, weight gain, increase in appetite, sweating, body jerks while sleeping, loss of memory F 36 2 years

 3  Severe drug addiction to opiates Severe lethargy..horrible mind blowing constipation. Sever weight gain(50lbs). Zero sex drive. At it saved my life then it tried to steal my soul! I am done to 53 mgs from 115. Not so terribly hard, but it has taken me six months to get here. Have lost 20 pounds and feel great! Continuing to come down slowly. Plan to come off in 5 months!! F 39 4 years
 3  pain/addiction I have constipation, severely tired, sleep all the time, at first couldnt eat and now eating everything with sugar, no motivation, depressed. Numbness and tingling in hands. Hard to concentrate. NO SEX DRIVE. I feel that this is a medicine created by the government to control people who have addictions with no where else to go. You will be made into a zombie after taking this for more than a month or two. I got on this in hopes to get away from taking pills. At first I was taking pills as prescribed by my DR and then I got into a relationship with a guy who was addicted to oxy and I started to take what he took and I became addicted. After we broke up, I had no connections and started to withdraw but couldn't handle it. So I ended up at the methadone clinic. I dont fit in there. I should have just beared it and quit cold turkey. I can say it has helped me get over having to take pills all day. Im starting to detox and have been even more tired but I have a feeling its going to get a lot worse. F 26 6 months
55mg 1X D

 4  heroin addiction Sometimes constipation,depending what I eat, profuse sweating like clockwork, between 2-3pm. Finger numbness, just one finger, totally turns dead! Just the end of it. Couldn't sleep at first. Took about 3 weeks to get used to being really high from it 30-40mg. Should of stayed at 30mg. But the addict mentality wants more. Been basically clean, help my life out 100%. Was jobless,no car, and about to evicted! Got on the methadone program, within a week I got a job, car,money, and caught up with rent! I did a 180 degree turn around. That's me ,all or nothing..... M 44 8 years

 5  Narcotic/Opiod Maintenance Severe constipation and severe sweating! F 39 10 years

 3  pain management excessive sleep, swelling, nausea, hiccups, itchy body Plan on calling the pdoc on Tuesday. Can't handle waking in the middle of the night due to extreme itchiness all over body and to the point of being sick. Since I started taking the meds on Aug 25th; I have hiccups at least 3-4 times a day. And the swelling of my ankles, feet, legs - I just look awful and it hurts to wear shoes. I noticed the other day I am starting to get a bit of a rash here and there too. I just can't handle this med anymore. Started taking it because the pdoc says it would be cheaper for me to take since I have no insurance currently - compared to my regular medication which would have cost way too much. F 43 10 days
5 mg 3X D
 5  Lumbosacrael Plexopathy,Polynueral, M 45 12 years
130 Mg. 2X D
 5  narcotic maitanence constipation,slight nausea on occasion, but nothing serious saved my life, i would have od'd without or just killed myself, my wife should take a lot of that credit for this too,. i know poeople hate it, but at least give it a try first and then make up your mind about it, this stuff saved my life and it is extremely cheap M 29 8 years
135 1X D
 5  iv user of opiates severe constipation, sweats, craving sweets I will say methadone has played a big part in me changing my life but i have to go to a clinic everyday b/c of the call-backs procedure. I have a fantastic job that requires me to travel some and attend very important meetings and the clinic i attend will not excuse me but 1-2 times and it's just a mess then. I am ready to detox due to this clinics rules, which i understand they do have, but when a person does right they should have a little repect and consideration for them and this clinic doesn't. If i file a greivance on them it just goes to the medical director of the clinic and nothing gets done! Very tired of the ball-n-chain with them and my take-homes!! F 36 10 years
108mgs 1X D
 5  pain management Drowsiness, sweat easily When I first started taking this stuff it really was uncomfortable. There were no nasty side effects other than feeling like I was in the fog. The best part however is that I have not had to increase my dosage and in fact am way down, only 10mg twice daily. In addition to that my pain is controlled quite nicely. It no longer makes me tired it has never made me loopy like most narcotics. All in all this stuff is much cheaper and way more reliable than the usual narcotic analgesics. I have tried, vicodin all stregths, oxycodone, morphine, dilauded and on and on. All of which worked OK but made me loopy and needed more rather quicly, like weeks. Anyone with chronic pain should at least consider this if you are to be on anything long term. The only real big pitfall is it is very addictive physically and getting off it is much more difficult than other opiate based narcotics. For me it has been a real blessing. M 50 11 years
40 2X D
 2   Makes me feel AWFUL I was prescribed this stuff to help deal with my horrific musculoskeletal injuries caused to me by the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin (look THAT drug up if you want to read nightmarish stories!) While it does help with some of my pain, I CANNOT stay conscious on this stuff and it makes me feel mentally retarded. I can't focus or concentrate my mind and I fade in and out of consciousness for up to 12 hours at a time, all the while having odd hallucinatory "dreams." Despite the fact I seem to sleep constantly on this stuff, I'm still completely exhausted once it wears off so evidently the "sleep" I get while on methadone is not of good quality. I finally started cutting my 10mg pills into EIGHTHS which seems to help reduce the mental side effects, but the painkilling effectiveness is significantly reduced as well, obviously. Often I choose to just endure my pain rather than have this stuff blast my cognitive function. Lastly, I'm very concerned with what I'm reading here about tooth decay. Not cool! Why isn't that on the warning label? M 31
1.25 1X D
 4  Opiate Addiction CONSTIPATION. Nothing would work, not even the "wet and wild" I take 4 SENA every night and after I drink my Red Bull in the morning, it's crap city. Also, It has negetively affected my ability to argue or keep from being manuplited. It's worked great, for it's intended purpose but I'll have to take it for the rest of my life. I am honest with myself and know that if I got of the m-done, I would be rite back into pills M 42 7 years
100 1X D
 4  Opiate addiction Constipation, ZERO sex drive, bad cravings for sugar, sweating, EXCESSIVE weight gain (between methadone & anti-depressants I'm having weight loss surgery in approx 6 wks), tooth problems (need top dentures since going on Methadone) Methadone does help with drug cravings a LOT!! I went to one of the best treatment programs (addiction to Oxycontin) in the country & still relapsed after 10 months. I've been clean for 3 years on Methadone. I wish the clinic had been more honest about side effects, withdrawal & how hard it is & how long it takes to wean off Methadone (2 years from my dose). F 44 3 years
120 mg 1X D

 4  Fibro, severe spinal pain, esp neck Tired, fall asleep watching tv or reading. Weight gain, despite hardly eating. Used to have great memory. Now I can't recall the name of anything. I took Oxycontin which worked great for two years, then it stopped working. Methadone works okay for pain, but I'd feel better if my doctor would increase the dosage. Not only will he not do that, but he wants to cut me down, for no reason at all. I've been compliant, take drug tests whenever he wants me to. I see him once a month, and I feel like I'm sitting in the Principal's office. I have to always defend my pain and beg him not to cut me off. I took my first narcotic four years ago. Never smoked or did drugs, and just had the occasional glass of wine. Still, he's scared of the DEA. He doesn't even deny it. I've gone to two pain clinics, and they wanted me to stop taking pain medication. I'm living a nightmare. My pain is off the charts. I collect disability for my pain. Believe me, getting SSDI is not easy. The drug addicts are making it so hard for people who have REAL chronic pain. Without my pain meds, I'd probably jump off a roof. The doctors believe that I have pain, but say that people shouldn't be on narcotics long term. I'm like, "What happens to the pain if I stop the meds?" F 53 1 years
30 mg 3X D
 5  Heroin Addiction Weight Gain, sweating more frequently, Without methadone, I dont know where I would be today. Yes, there are side affects but I would take some extra weight and sweating a bit more the usual anyday over withdrawal symptoms, being a drug addict, ect. Methadone has played a HUGE part in me getting my life back together, the MAIN reason it helped me was becuase in my drug addiction it wasnt so much about chasing the high anymore, but to feel OKAY and not be "bogue", which i would NEVER put myself through again! So when I started methadone, i was no longer putting my life in danger, had risk of getting diseases, or dying from a overdose, on heroin i couldnt fuction normally, now i can everything any normal person does.such as have my own place, car, moneyy, pay my bills, have food to eat..on herion i lived in a hotel, took the bus and was broke and severely depressed. Methadone if taking seriously, meaning your truely want to fix your life and get off drugs, can help you tremendously,and it everyone is different, but if you find yourslef there more then a year or two, you need to ask yourslef some serious questions.. F 23 1 years
75 MG 1X D
 5  opiate addiction Excessive sweating, sedation, cloudy thinking, decreased motivation, less anxiety F 45 6 years
174mg 1X D

 1  sports injury this medicine is the DEVIL himself!!!!!!!!!!! sweating,tooth decay,weight gain,no energy makes you look like your nothing but lazy!don't want to be out in public, body ticks while trying to sleep etc.etc. i was a very popular athlete,had everything going for me. blew my knee out twice and for both surgeries i was given this to deal with the pain to get back to the playing field.please believe me when i say don't do this i'm lucky to be alive and after going through detox i'm just now trying to get my life back. if you have a good life now don't go this way for pain!!!!!!! M 29 3 years
50 6X D

 3  pain management constipation is my main problem. Best laxative for me is propylene glycol. it's sold over the counter by a brand name or you can get a script from a doctor for a larger and cheaper supply don't use it! stay with other opiates if at all possible. M 62 40 years
45mg. 1X D

 5  opiate and xanax addiction some constipation and some upper gastro intestinal issues from craving sweets and thats it. I was up to 400 mg of oxycodone and 4 or 5 xanax bars per day. I was able to stop using the oxy's right away and the xanax the 3rd day. For me the key is the feeling of wellness and energy that i get from the methadone. I know that i can make it thru the day. I have been a drug abuser for over 30 yrs and have tried every treatment program there is. Methadone is by far the best one for me. I am so glad that i found the clinic that i go to. I need the professional and structured and caring assistance they give. M 59 90 days
45 MG 1X D

 5  opiate addiction On it almost six years F 44 5.5 days
190 1X D
 1  Heroin addiction Massive sweating, constipation, weight gain, extreme tiredness. I'm in the middle of my detox and wouldn't wish it on anyone. @ 18mg I ended up in the E.R.,(1st time in YEARS)from w/drawals. I hate when people say, it's all in your head. Methadone is the most individual drug out there. Some people have no problem detoxing and others would rather blow their head off. Some can go down 5mg a week and some, 1mg a month. Again, all individual. With any opiate but Methadome/Suboxone, go cold turkey. Trust me, it's the easiest. I'm lucky to get 3hrs of sleep night. Plus, I still can't go to the bathroom, and I tried everything. It's the last 30mg that are a bitch. Anyone higher than that and you don't have any idea what people like me/us are talking about. M 34 4 years
3 gram/day 1X D

 3  MMT Gained weight, sweat alot, no sex drive. I used to get high on methadone occasionally and loved the nods it gave me. So when I got into a bad oxycontin addiciton I had been through oxy withdrawal before and thought no way not again. Well since I used to love methadone and could easily get into a clinic I chose this route. Was doing 560 mg of oxycontin a day at the time and the first day they gave me 30mg of that ass nasty red cherry liquid. I went up to 170mg in 6 months and stayed there for another 2.5 years. Well last October I started a slow 5mg per week taper. I got down to 5mg by the end of April and jumped off at 5mg. It's been really rough. Very tired, depressed, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, the poops, kicking and twisting in bed, cannot adjust my temperature. It's not as intense of a withdrawal as oxy but it's so much longer that I now dispise this and any opiate. For this is the end of the opiate trail for me. Oxy 4 day withdrawal of hell. Methadone 30+ days of slow agony, Suboxone 30+ days of slower agony. They all suck arse to come off of. Please don't start this drug unless your life depends on it and if you have no tolerance and take more than 5mg you'll be sick quick. 40mg or more and you will be dead possibly. Not for the weak willed. M 42 3.5 years
170mg 1X D

 5  six large blood clots to lungs sweet tooth,six drive in the tank,can not be in the heat,sleeping not enought or too much and trouble with thoughts. Great for the pain but not for the life. After starting this med I find myself in a daz and can not do all the things I like to do. The pain from 6 clots in the lungs is great because the scaring has damaged my lungs that can not be repaired. I tried other meds but with little help for the pain. M 48 6 months
20mg 3X D
 5  pain pill addiction and pain manage sweating, sweet tooth, tiredness at first. My dose is high because of a high metabolism. It saved my life. F 35 9 months
245 mg 1X D
 4  addiction Moodyness,anxiety,muscle ache. M 29 4 months

 2   F 61 8 years

 5  Diabetic Neurorapty Not sure, very tired, no energy,constipated, the medicine took care of the pain in my legs which was aweful. Also take Bencar and Coreg for High blood pressure, Mobic for Arthritis M 70 2 days
 1  unknown DEATH My friend accidently overdosed on this drug because she drank alcohol. If you drink alcohol I don't advise you to take this medicine... this pill can be very dangerous. I know dumb people that take it for "fun" well... you will die from it. Like all medication if you are not prescribed to it you should not take it! common sense is not so common. F 22 1 days

 5  Chronic Pain and Heroin Addiction Extreme sweating is the worst, and most annoying side effect. Constipation, and in the beginning of treatment extreme drowsiness. While I began using opiates as a needed prescription for chronic pain due to a back injury and from effects of having Lupus, I quickly began abusing the drugs for the euphoric effects and for rectreational use. What started as a 10-15mg of Hydro a day habit quickly escalated to approximatly 400mg of Oxycodone, 150mg of Morphine, and as much heroin as I could get my hands on in any given day. At the end I couldn't even feel the euphoric effects anymore, I had to take the drugs just to keep myself out of withdrawl and so I could function and get out of bed. Methadone has SAVED my life. I could care less if some people think it's trading one addiction for another. Since I no longer have to spend my entire day focused on how and when I'm going to get my drugs, I don't have to do anything illegal, I don't have to lie, I'd say I'm a success, and I am so greatful to have my life back. F 34 2 years


 4  Failed back surgery L2+3..2003 as far as side effects I can Honestly say I must be one of them rare people . I dont get tired (never did even from beginning with narcs) and I never had constipation til about 2-3months ago. I feel that happened due to my diet. Methadone does make you crave extreme high doses of sugar. I take this drug after i tried kadian, morphine, Oxycontin and percocet. It was honestly the best move i ever made and wish I had done it sooner . It does effect your teeth over long term use as it has started to effect mine . And although it hasnt happened to me it can effct bone marrow also over long term use. I have been on Narcotics for almost 6 years now and find methadone has worked the ebst for me pain wise . My Husbands friend who was a pharmacist told him to tell me to ask my Dr about it . I refused to for a year. I wish I had back then. I been taking it now since 2006. I use 60mg of methadone per day with 90mg of Roxicone per day for breah through pain.ALL Narcotics are going to have some side effects so there isnt any perfect drug out there and everyone reacts different. If I could and at times I do, I recommend asking for this drug for pain. If you have been in pain for a long time and hve a real understanding Pain physician you shouldnt have any problems getting it . I know thats also easier said than done . DO NOT SUFFER!! if your dr isnt helping you .. MOVE ON!! F 39 3 years
 5  failed lower back surgery. Long story short,Lifting injury. Paramedic 25 yrs. five back surgeries, L5-S1. After surgery developed a CHF leak which required 4 more operations to stop. Also left me with an arachnoid membrane problem. This left me with Severe pain in the lumbar back and the right leg, from the hip to the knee. After trying all the other meds, I was put on Methadone 10.mg twice a day. This med works well but after 4 yrs I have the severe pain in my right leg again, I wake up unable to get out of bed without the help of my wife. M 63 4 days

 4  failed lower back surgery I have to be extremely vigilant when it comes to taking a daily stool softener and drinking enough water to be sure that it works. I have had an impacted bowel in the past due directly to my daily use of opiates and getting that problem resolved was one of the most painful, humiliating experiences of my life, so BE CAREFUL. Also, I have gained about 35 POUNDS!!! I notice a lot of people are having this problem-- I had the surgery that ruined my back in 1999 and, as I'm sure many others on this board have experienced, I hit a brick wall with regard to doctors who seemed to have ANY interest in helping me in any appreciable way with my pain. The surgeon who botched the job referred me to a pain specialist who, after seven years, had advanced in his trust and care enough to give me one percocet every 8 hours. He had me sold on medtronic and a spinal cord stimulator, until I found out from the surgeon (my pain specialist said nothing) that the procedure would require a laminotomy, similar in action but not as radical as the laminectomy that ruined me. Needless to say, I walked out of the office and never looked back. Finally, I met a pain specialist who prescribed me 20mg of methadone, 3x/day, w/2mg of dilaudid every 6-8hrs as needed for breakthrough pain. My life is my own again when I truly thought that at the age of 42 my life as an active adult was, for all intents and purposes, over. I write M 42 7 months

 3  i took methadone for heroin add. sweats, extreme sleepiness at 3 hours, nausea, its all in your mind. i went down 70 mg in 35 days and had almost no side effects. M 24 1 days

 3  Ruptured L3 disc, failed fusion My MD used the methadone as a substitute for increasing levels of Oxycontin, which did not alleviate the pain. Also on Fentanyl patch, Robaxin & Neurontin. The biggest issue I have is daytime sedation. Problems w/ sleep due to pain but helped some with Therapedic-like foam mattress, so often fall asleep when I finally sat down. Falling asleep driving also an issue when on 80mg/day. Next biggest issue is definitely word loss; always been a bright person (hi IQ, skipped 2 grades in school, Master's degree, scored in top 11% on LSAT), but now I feel like a blithering idiot....constant mental groping for words, I end up saying "you know, the THING that sweeps dirt off the floor". I always assumed it was due to the combination of narcotics on board and level of mental alertness, but now not sure... I'm better after a reduction to 60 mgs/day in terms of mental side effects, but have more breakthrough pain. Be careful where you keep it. I stupidly left it on a bathroom counter with my other meds in Boston when I went to see my daughter at college. 26 0f 28 pills were missing when we came back to the room one day and the only other person shown to have used the keycard was the maid, who adamantly denied taking my drugs. Police report filed etc. My MD sent me to local ER, but that MD would not replace them because he said he had no authority to write for chronic use drugs when , as an ER doc, he was viewed as having to deal only with acute injuries/illnesses. So, the upshot is, even though they are routine to you, they can be tempting to others. F 49 2 years
 1   dizzy itchy felt high energy felt sick i don't know how u can give this to a herione addicted when u still can feel high off this methadone unreal doctor's need to get with it there are non narcotics that work just as good for pain ask ur doctor's about them M 3 days

 5  chronic back pain none Best medication for moderate to severe chronic back pain. I have tried everything, morphine, Kadian etc. No high if you are not Niave. I take 10 mg twice a day, morning and late afternoon. It has changed my life. It works best when taken with a muscle relaxer. I take 350mg of generic soma, and after tolerance to that builds up I rotate to flexeril. Works best with the Soma. This is a great combination for people with no insurance, all three of these drugs are cheap. The problem is finding a doctor that will prescribe it. M 44 3 months

 4  Opiate addiction/pain Constipation, sweating, weight gain other minor problems. I had severe knee injury when I was 14 tore everything, broke my growth plate and lower leg in 2 places. Anyway I started out on regular old vic's, then norco for the about 2 yrs after. Then I was ok for awhile with all the extensive physical therapy I did 4 times a week 4 hrs day. Then when I hit about 20 I started having pain again, Im an avid golfer and good also but I was pretty sure the golf had caused some sort of injury, so I went in got some norco took it and it worked for about month. At that point I didnt have insurance, started with the oxycontin big mistake. It took away my pain, and my life, pretty much made into a zombie. I got up to 3 80's a day along with other drugs.I wanted off so I did my research found methadone was used treat opiate addicts. I started40mg 2yrs later was at 140mg sometimes more to get that little high. Then i started to wean myself down to 80mg, finally got insurance found a doctor to help me, im now down to 30mg, and I take a benzo, and clonid M 26 3 years
 3  addiction severe lower back pain mostly in my butt almost like my gutts were stoping up and swelling. the pain gets so bad sometimes i can't move i think i am going to die. I get severely constapated (Miralax helps a lot)but if i go to the bathroom #2 it almost takes all the pain away but if I don't take Miralax all the time the pain comes back. My penis is also desenseitized it is much harder to ejaculate sometimes not at all. need help with ejaculation problems and with back pain. please i need help with these problems. I miss alot of work because of the pain. I am fixing to loose my house if i don't get help very soon. Thank you M 26 4 days
 5  Fibrose Dyspalsia (Bone Tumors) Constipation and profuse sweating at high doses 60mg or above. I have had this bone disease since birth and have had two tumors removed. One from my leg where they removed my fibula and put it in my femur and one tumor scraped off the outside of the back of my skull. I have many other tumors located in my arms and head. I started with the painkillers at 19 when I had the 1st operation and they gave me morphine IM for 14 days then sent me home with 100 Tylox with a refill. Needless to say I was addicted by the end of the refill. I finally started hitting doctors and have taken Lortab, Percocet, Demerol, Fiorinol #3, Tylenol#3, Oxycontin 40mg x3 daily with Lortab X3 forbreakthrough pain, morphine 30mg and 60mg X3 daily with percocet for breakthrough. You name it I have been on it. In 1998 I went to a Methadone Clinic and finally found the relief I had been seeking. Methadone was the cure from the beginning! THey staRTED ME OUT AT 40MG DAILY AND i GOT UP TO 120 DAILY UNTIL i COULD NO LONGER AFFORD THE $110.00 PER WEEK FOR THE MEDICINE PLUS T F 46 10 years
 3  Lyme Disease/Chronic Pain 65 pound weight gain that is impossible to loose. Mild constipation. Tooth decay (not related to poor hygiene). I unfortunately and probably am an exception that I do not experience 24 hour pain relief. Methadone's pain relief is most effective 1-1 1/2 hour after I take it and lasts for about 3 hours. I split the dose to help distribute pain relief. F 37 6 years

 5  Opiate addiction and Fibromyalgia Its hard to tell which are side effects of methadone and which are from the Fibromyalgia so I'll do my best to list them. 1. Sweating and being hot - the summers are nightmarish. I used to be cold natured, not anymore, 80 degrees starts feeling hot. 2. Mind Fog - Caused from Fibromyalgia and made worse from the methadone? I don't know but it seems worse since I've been on Methadone and also since I hit my head in a wreck where I flipped my neighbors suv. 3. Constipation - I go regularly now, pretty much every morning BEFORE I dose but after I dose it's a rare thing to have a movement. Every time I go up on in Mg. on methadone I usually cannot have a movement for weeks or longer. Also, my poop no longer comes out all in one chunk, It kinda breaks off into little balls, weird. Sorry for the awful mental picture :( 4. Tiredness, nodding off - I nod off a lot, especially if I don't get enough sleep at night. With Fibromyalgia I notice that I do not sleep very deeply and rarely dream I got onto Methadone primarily to help with my Opiate addiction. I was having to take at least 1 pill/hr. to keep the sickness at bay.I felt so sick when I didnt have any. I suffer from Fibromyalgia which is why I started taking the pills in the 1st place. So I got onto methadone and was very amazed. I didnt have any withdrawal symptoms that night or the next day. I had found my wonder drug. I did get a rush off of the methadone for the 1st month or two but that went away and left me with a medicine that helped my pain very well & also freed me from any withdrawal symptoms. But over time I kept having to go up and up on my doses and now I just don't feel well anymore. I hate this because I really believe in methadone and know that it saved my life but its either time for me to come off of it which I dread doing because it fills that hole inside of me that NOTHING else has ever been able to fill for very long but I am starting to feel like a junkie which was why I got on M 32 4 years
 4  Ruptured c3+c5, migraine, arthritis Constipation (completely cured with Miralax), dental problems, reduced sex drive and fatigue. Compared to other chronic pain meds like Duragesic patches and extended release morphine, Methadone is the best way to go. I am taking 120mg/day due to a high tolerance to most pain meds and I don't get any euphoria from this medication. It just takes the edge off of the pain in a big way. Duragesic patches work about the same, but I get extremely sleepy with them. The patches cost about $50.00 a piece also. I also don't experience withdrawl symptoms if I stop taking methadone like most other opioids (contrary to most other people who've posted here). I have noticed that any other meds used for breakthrough pain don't work as well when I take Methadone. I will be getting 5 cervical discs fused with titanium plates soon and I will probably use Methadone for recovery. M 41 5 years

 2  Fibromyalgia Just constipation but let me tell you I was able to #2 better with this medicine than Morphine. I am right now taking the 5 mg 3x a day and vicodin 8 tabs in a day. The methadone is working very little. I am going to have her increase it. F 26 10 days
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