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 5  Immune Deficiency-Chronic Sinusitis Yes, metallic taste goes with this drug! I alternate it with Bactrim, 2 weeks on each. I have never had any side effects except for the taste. Most antibiotics will no longer work for me. Biaxin has dramatically improved the quality of my life. Before alternating this drug with Bactrim, I had severe sinus infections constantly! F 54

 4  Pneumonia Severe fatigue. Sleeplessness. Wierd Dreams This is my 3rd day taking this drug. I had severe chest congestion for 12 days while on a business trip in China. Immedietly after coming back to US, my doctor put me on this medicine and it does seem to help. However, I am not sure if I can continue the course as my jet-lag doesn't seem to get over due to this medicine. I am sleeping in the evening and waking up in the night. Have severe back-pain and feel so weak. I had never felt this week before in my life. M 37 3 days

 1  sinus infection Forgeting to breath while sleeping, racing heart while resting, metallic taste in mouth, Dieing of thirst, confusion, dizzy, stomach cramps, extream hunger, nightmares,sweats when finally falling asleep. I was given Biaxin for a sinus infection. After about an hour after taking the 1st dose the metallic taste in my mouth had started. It was if was chewing on tinfoil. Now I am on day 4 of this med. I am waking up in my sleep gasping for air because I am not breathing, as if I was forgetting to take breaths as I sleep. Now I am in a cloud of confusion and spaced out as if I was in a trance. It did klck ass on my infection so far, as that feels alot better ,but with these side effects I'm not sure if this is worth it... I will not be taking this drug after I am done with this. I am going to stick it out only because of what I read in this Blog, everyone seems to have alot of the same side effects, but most people are still alive to right about it... I am just going to try to enjoy the trancelike state as if its a sedative and keep my fingers crossed that my brain will remember to breath as I sleep.... M 35 4 days
 1  ear infections My 6 month old was prescribed this for 10 days. At first he cringed with stomach cramps, lot of gas, could not sleep, ate like he was starving to death, fussy. But towards the 7th day he hardly ate, feverish, was lethargic, whining, no energy, glassy eyed, still cringing, sleeping most of the day, scream-crying off and on when he was asleep, vomiting everything up. DO NOT TAKE!! I happened to find this site and so thankful i did. after the 8th day and reading the comments, we did not give him anymore doses. after 24 hours, we had our smiling, energetic, playful baby back! he was also eating and keeping it all down, and was back in his regular nap routine and sleeping through the night. this is some strong medicine with horrible side effects. may get rid of the bacteria, but was not worth my poor baby's agony. if it was not for this site, we were thinking he had a serious illness.... M 1 8 days

 1  Pneumonia awful taste in mouth, jittery, vision disturbances (seeing things out of the corner of my eyes), headache, diarrhea, dizziness, feeling dazed, tired, nightmares. WORST DRUG I HAVE EVER TAKEN!! And this is coming from someone who takes A LOT of drugs (I have crohn's, anemia, psoriasis, osteoporosis...and a bunch more) I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS DRUG BE TAKEN BY ANYONE EVER!!!! M 27 2 days

 1  sore throat I have only been prescribed Biaxin for 4 days now. I had a prescription for 10 days twice daily with food. I took it as prescribed, one with lunch and one with dinner. On the second day the side of my face along my jawline started itching and hives broke out. I stopped taking it on the third day and still continue to have itchiness all over. The worst is my head and around my face/neck. I have never had an allergic reaction to any medicine until now. F 23 4 days
 4  Sinus Infection Worst Bitter Taste in the back of your throat. I think the doctor prescribes this so that you forget about whatever illness you have and you just concerned about this awful awful bitter taste. M 20 1 days

 1  bronchitis metallic taste, insomnia, DEPRESSION I have the same metallic taste in my mouth. It's manageable enough during the day. But it makes it difficult to fall asleep and wakes me up in the middle of the night. This is the fifth day I've been on it, and I'm currently experiencing insomnia though I've had no previous history of it. I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety several months ago, didn't go on antidepressants, but have been completely symptom-free for three months. Today I had a unexplained relapse: what you might describe as a depression attack. Completely debilitating emotional pain, quick breathing and racing pulse like a panic attack. I would say, if you have a history of depression, STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRUG. F 20 5 days

 1  bacterial infection First time I took this antibiotic I suffered from nightmares, which then progressed to paranoia. I thought I was going to forget how to breath, so I was too scared to sleep. When I did want to go to sleep, I couldn't as I stayed wide awake for hours. Left pinky finger felt numb after the 3rd day of treatment (I'm currently on my 6th day and still feeling numbness but it comes and goes). Also developped hives & rashes, and hallucinated that my teeth were going to fall out. I had to look in the mirror to see if my teeth were still there. Also experienced loss of appetite most of the time, but when I got hungry, I had to eat something ASAP like my life depended on it. Experienced extreme dry mouth as well, it would wake me up. Ask your doctor to prescribe something else, unless you enjoy living a nightmare. F 27 7 days
 1  Sinuses I have only been on Biaxin for 1.5 days. My doctor has prescribed Biaxin with Bactrim. I have never really had any side effects from any antibiotics until now. I feel very disoriented, light headed, dizzy, and nauseous. This is just the beginning. I haven't been able to sleep and I feel as though I have weights on my arms. The taste in my mouth is an awful metallic taste. I called my doctor to change my medication and he would not change it. I then called the pharmacist to see if there is anything I could do to get rid of the side effects, she said I just have to wait it out. She did say that chocolate would help with the metallic taste in my mouth. She did say that the side effects should start to go away after a day. Lets hope she is right. A lot of the people that have posted some of these crazy blogs about Biaxin are not crazy. This antibiotic is enough to make someone insane. I thought I was going crazy because I feel so wierd. My boss looked up the side effects of I do not recommend Biaxin to anyone. I don't thnk anyone should feel the way Biaxin makes you feel. F 26 1.5 days

 1  Sinus Infection Horrible taste in the mouth. Muscle twitches, paranoia, lightheadedness, and shaking. I would never take this again. My doctor told me to stop after 4 days because of the side effects. I work on computers and I can barely type because my fingers feel like they are constantly moving. I have found that any amount of caffeine intensifies the side effects for me. M 28 4 days

 1  Bronchitis Insomnia, Horrible taste in mouth (especially when lying down), hallucinations, vivid dreams when I could sleep, yeast infection, extremely agitated. Fortunately I did not experience the rash, vomiting, diarrhea that many others have. I would probably have been better off taking the home remedies which abound on the internet and getting proper rest than taking this medication, which I am now AFRAID to continue taking for what might develop next. F 32 5 days

 2  bronchitis I'm STARVING!!!!!!!! I googled Biaxin, no mention of starvation!! Came across this site when I googled "Biaxin hunger". I feel sick I've eaten so much to the point of constant heartburn, but I'm starving!!!! The metallic taste, I've had sooo many meds - that side effect is moot to me. Sleepless, mouth CONSTANTLY watering to distraction. I'm at a new job - not great to be a little out of it. Only a little so far, though. My tummy is cramping up big time, too, to the point where I don't want to stand fully straight. F 30 2 days

 3  Respiratory infection Started taking it at night, woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible bitter taste in my mouth. I keep a glass of water next to my bed now and drinking water really helps. But it happens several times a night. So bad that it wakes me up. Tried taking it earlier - right at the beginning of my supper. Still happened. I've been taking Biaxin for years every time I get a respiratory infection. It usually works very well and I experience no side effects. This time, the horribly bitter tongue started the first night. Makes me wonder...Did something change in the drug, or did I change the way I take it? I may try taking it in the morning to see if that helps... Will let you know. F 39 3 days

 2  Respiratory Infection Metallic taste in mouth, can only sleep for a few hours at a time (difficult to get better when you can't sleep!), my arms and hands feel odd (heavy and sort of an electrical, burning feeling - same feeling I had when I took Imatrex a few times), and mild but persistent headache. I am a college professor and it is the first week of class and I am just out of it - for lack of a better phrase. It is creating problems for me worse than how I felt before taking it. The dreams are the oddest thing and I am relieved to see others have this experience. I had this one the other night about a family in a red car that cut us off, my old best friend from high school (who I am no longer in touch with) was driving a Red Mustang and I was a passenger in the front. Then these creatures, sort of like little turtles, came flying at us (I had just moved a little turtle from the roadway that day to try to save it, since I live in FL and these critters are all over - so I guess it was in my brain fro The doc I was able to see this time around (of course not being able to see my regular doc b/c it is impossible to get an appointment) seemed dismissive. She must have said 3 times that I did not have rattling in my chest - so pneumonia was unlikely - but I stressed that my pneumonia a year ago was only discovered (on a 3rd visit no less) w/ a chest x-ray that was an afterthought (It was way low in my lung). She said it was likely bronchitis and the antibiotics were likely to do the trick. If they did not work I was to come back in. I told her several times that I had VIRAL pneumonia the last time. I understand the logic of trying antibiotics first to see if that wipes things out and then going from there - but not with this medication! I was only told that I would have a very strong metallic taste. That is the least of it. I read the info given by the pharmacy and it seemed extreme. I would liked to have had the opportunity to know about this drug more, while I was in the doctor's F 40 3 days

 2  Skin problem/Acne horrible, metal like taste. itchyness. dizziness. zombie like state, just like 90% of the people have already addressed. confusion. depression. horrible anxiety. and weirdest dreams i have ever had in my entire life. some of these symptoms may or may not be related to the medication, but i have one day left and i sure as hell hope i feel better after a couple weeks. In terms of helping my skin, i would not recommend anyone to go on this, if your doctor has suggested it. there are very few antibiotics that can help, and if they do, the side effects tend to way out the skin improvements. F 17 2 months

 1  Strep Throat My whole body started itching, then the second day my throat started to swollen and the rash became even more powerful, I started to have difficulty with my breathing I had to rush to the emergency room, they gave me other medication to stop my allergical reaction I WILL NEVER TAKE THAT THING AGAIN, and I will make sure that no one I know take this medication F 26 2 days

 1  infection Horrible panic attack. It seemed like everything was moving extremely quick. Every step I took felt like I was running. I tried breathing deeply and slowly, but it didn't help. I was insanely paranoid for about 30 minutes. I am not taking this medication again. M 25 1 days

 2  Laryngitis & Sinusitis HORRID metallic taste in my mouth. It feel like I have freaking QUARTERS all up in my mouth and pennies, too. Hate it. I was prescribed this for TWO weeks and am only on day 4. I wake up with horrible QUARTER MOUTH as I've been calling it. Icky. This hasn't done jack. I can at least talk now, but the major itch in my throat has yet to subside and my dry cough has gone NOWHERE. F 26 4 days

 5  Sinus Infection I have terrible sinus infections, after sinus surgery, only twice/year instead of previous 10 per year. Biaxin is the only drug that cures it-I would likely be dead by now if it wasn't for Biaxin. Yes, it tastes bad in the middle of the night but I've grown to appreciate it. It works, it is a miracle drug to me. One recommendation that might help with some of the symptoms listed on your website-take it during a meal. When they say "take with food" they mean it. M 55 14 days
 5  Strep throat Rumbling in my tummy, gas, possibly decreased appetite. Cleared it up quickly with minimal side-effects. I felt fine when taking this medication. M 27 10 days

 3  Bacterial infection of the sinuses Extreme insomnia, irregular heartbeat, disgusting taste in the mouth, paranoia, delusions I was prescribed biaxin for 10 days, right now im on my 7th day or so. Honestly, It worked great for the actual infection, but... Right now its 5AM, as I haven't gotten ANY SLEEP AT ALL for the last two nights. No joke. It feels like ive been doing meth or coke all day or something (minus the "good" effects). Anyway..I may just tough it out for the next three days but Im considering asking my doctor to switch. M 19 7 days

 1  Lung infection Right of the bat the same day i started taking, later that night bad! diarrhea,really bad taste in my mouth,strange dreams,and really weak im on the third day of it today,and i cant deal with it anymore my stomach is really messed up from it,i called my doctor and im waiting for them to call in something else. i dont think i could ever take it again no matter what. M 31 3 days

 1  Bronchitis Extreme paranoia, sweats, insomnia, hallucinations of grandiose proportions, delusional, and had suicidal thoughts. I thought my best friend was poisoning me with these pills, so "Thank god" I stopped taking them. Four days later I was fine after the medicine came out of my system. I also had liver disease at the time which may have been why i reacted the way i did. IF YOU HAVE ANY LIVER DISEASE, DO NOT TAKE BIAXIN. F 45 4 days
 4  Sinus infection Horribly bitter metallic taste, and intense hunger 100 mg for 10 days F 37 10 days

 3  ear infection Initially, bad taste in mouth, restlessness, bad dreams, sleeplessness. Fourth day, shortness of breath, dreaming of suffocation, heart pounding, dizziness, panic attacks. Now, bad case of acne and lingering bad taste. Side effects up until the fourth day were bearable but over the weekend, I took a dose and within an hour, I thought I was having a heart attack. Absolute panic. Couldn't catch breath, heart was pounding. I knew I shouldn't have, but I quite med right then. I could not bear to take another pill! Doc said he'd never heard of such s.e. but said my infection had cleared up and that he wouldn't give it to me again. Helped with infection but side effects were awful. I would request another drug in the future. F 37 4 days

 4  Broncitis and sinus infection Luckily the only noticable side effects I experienced was the bad taste in my mouth, as well as some problems sleeping. I am still coughing after taking it for 10 days. F 10 days

 3  Strep Throat Terrible, bitter taste in mouth all day & night. It gets worse later in the day and especially overnight to the point where the foul taste in my throat wakes me up and I need to chew gum just to temporarily get rid of it. I have been chewing endless gum and sucking on hard candy at all hours to deal with the bad taste. Also severe stomach cramps at times (to the point where I can't get up), some nausea & diarrhea. Dizziness and a "spaced out" feeling at times as well. My throat was swollen and painful from the strep infection, and after only 2 doses, the pain and swelling had disappeared. I find that the side effects are less severe if I take it earlier in the day with a lot of food before and after taking the pills. Also eating crackers throughout the day helps. Using mouthwash to get rid of the bitter taste also works for me. F 30 7 days

 4  Sinusitis About an hour after taking the 500mg twice a day I get a bitter, metallic taste in back of mouth that lasts a couple of hours. I also temporarily get a very dry throat, even though I drink three-24oz bottles of water per day. It feels like my throat could crack open and bleed. Also, the first few days I had a little more gas than normal, having to let out very long, loud & foul smelling farts (my poor husband). I am only 7 days into the 14 day prescription, but feel cured. Can't stop taking it though until all the pills are gone. This is the first time I've ever been prescribed Biaxin (Clarithromycin). I rarely take antibiotics and am allergic to Penicillin, so I have only been prescribed three other antibiotics at those rare moments that I needed them (Robimycin, Erythromycin, Azythromycin). I was very scared to take the Biaxin at first, as the other 3 mycins caused me to have severe, stabbing stomach pains and worse gas than the Biaxin. I think I can live with the mild side effects of the Biaxin. F 42 7 days

 3  respiratory infection light headed, lack of concentration, stomach pains, hunger, fatigue, diarrhea I've taken 2 1000mg doses. I can't focus on my work, my stomach hurts and the taste is horrible. I will take 500mg tomorrow, then stop. M 40 2 days

 2  UTI ......Urinary tract infection I've been on this medicine for 2 days & I've experience fatigue & I'm itching all over & dizziness & I urinate all night. I have 8 more days of this I don't think I can do this. F 36 2 days
 2  Tonsillitis I am on Biaxin XL, 1000 mg/day. I didn't notice any side effects at first, but after a few days, I had the following: nasty, bile-like taste in the mouth; extremely restless sleep; GI upset (cramps & loose stools, despite eating yogurt); near-paranoia at times. Also felt sort of out-of-it at times, but that may have been from the lack of sleep more than anything else. It worked fast to clear up my infection, but the side effects are really unpleasant and completely unexpected (I wasn't warned about ANYTHING except the possible GI upset). I would have preferred to take something else, even if it might have taken longer to resolve my illness--I think I'm going to have my doctor add this on my "allergies" list. F 35 10 days

 1  Sinus Infection Rancid taste & smell. Complete & total insomnia. Major hallusinations (ie, pigs flying in living room). Did not cure the infection. I was on Biaxin for about 5 days (out of 7) and just couldn't take it anymore. I never experienced such a rancid taste and smell in my life. Total insomnia. I did not sleep even one wink for all 5 days plus 2 more nights because it was still in my system. On the 5th day I experienced horrible hallusinations of pigs & a piano flying into the living room. All the curtains flew around. My husband had to convince me the house wasn't haunted. I tell everyone including the dentist that I cannot take Biaxin. F 36 5 days

 3  Helicobacter pylori revolting taste in mouth, esp. on belching/hiccuping, abdominal pain, nausea, flushed and feverish, constant slight headache, extreme lower back pain esp. at night, sleep disturbance/tiredness, frequent urination, hives/acne, distressing nightmares, overwhelming feeling of disinterest/apathy in usual activities= depressed, heart palpitations Have had the drug under another name for pneumonia 4 years ago, but noted none of these side effects apart from extreme tiredness. It's hard to know if it's doing me good as I have 9 days to go, and another 2 weeks before testing- the GI disturbances are almost as bad as the H. pylori and undiagnosed coeliac. Am so glad to be on holidays as I doubt I'd function at work in this state. F 37 3 days

 1  sinus infection & bronchitis Abdonimal pain, gas, bloating, depression (really severe), dizziness, "spaced out," disconnected feeling, fatigue, unable to concentrate. This drug has really messed up my week--I can't get anything done, just walk around in a daze. And my sinuses & cough aren't all that much better. This is a horrible drug! Don't take it! I'm sick of these new "wonder" drugs (like Levaquin, even worse than Bioxin) that just make you worse than your illness, and I'm sick of doctors who prescribe them and then don't believe you when you have unbearable side effects. It should be taken off the market. F 54 4 days

 1  pneumonia As mentioned two posts ago: Bad taste in mouth, weird dreams, near hallucinations, cold sweats at night, waking up 4-5 times each night soaking wet with sweat, diarrhea, general malaise, some depression, nothing suicidal but just very down. Maybe it's hard to separate out the sickness from the possible side effects, but after 4-5 days on Biaxin the only time I would feel decent was when I was 10-12 hours post dose. Has Abbott possibly changed formulation or manufacturing process on Biaxin in recent years? This stuff has been around since 1991 and should be proven and stable, but the quantity and nature of comments here are scary. The drug sheet talks of the typical few percent having side effects, this site suggests a possibly much higher incidence. I know this "ain't statistics" but look at say Doxycycline and the number of patient comments vs the comments on Biaxin, relative to the official reported incidence of side effects. I've been off Biaxin for two weeks now and this may be coincidence. But for about a week I have had a weird numbness, feels odd to the touch, on the skin of my left arm above the wrist. At times it feels exactly as if water drops are rolling down my arm in that area. Very weird. I'm not M 52 10 days

 3  Chest pain and tightness I have a horrible taste in mouth, nearly to the point of vomiting. I'm always hungry and thirsty, my eyes burnt so bad I couldn't see to work, I couldn't hear well out of one or both ears for hours at a time, constantly bloated and have gas. I feel uneasy and I can't get sleep, but I feel wide awake.I urinate every hour, and what scares me the most is the pressure I feel on my heart and chest. Never taking this drug again I have three more days and I'm done. I feel like I'm on some kind of illegal drug and people think I'm not listening to them because I am so zoned out. F 18 7 days

 1  bronchitis and sinusitis I have taken this twice now. The first time I finished all of the medication but the last couple of days of it I felt slightly off. But not enough to stop. This time has been very different. I was on a 7 day course I stopped with 1 1/2 days left to take. Everything started after the third day. All symptoms have gotten progressively more severe with each dose. Symptoms have been a lot like other peoples. Sever lack of appetite, I have lost 10 pounds in a week (not a diet I would recommend), decrease saliva, metallic taste, chest tightness, shortness of breath, night sweats, abdominal pains (I have IBS so I can not be sure which one is causing that), upper back pain and lower back pain, strange itching/burning sensations on skin, sleeplessness, increase in depression and anxiety. I think this is one very nasty drug. I have stopped taking it. Plus it did not seem to help some of the things I was taking it for in the first place. M 38 5 days

 1  diagnosed with Pneumonia Bad mouth taste (not terrible), mouth feels "yucky" now, gum bleeding, weird dreams bordering on hallucinations, after 9 days of the stuff I feel best when I'm the most hours since taking a pill, just don't feel right while on this stuff. Some diarrhea. It worries me that I've been taking this toxic stuff for 9 days now. Pneumonia needed treatment, the ER doc chose this, hard to change once you start. If you look up many drugs here (Askapatient) you'll often see patient (user) posts that number 0-10, a few up to 200. The Biaxins have about 500 posts from people like us who are worried about side effects. I could not find any other drug with close to 500 posts!! The dreams, how about this one: I wake up a couple mornings ago, I'm clearly seeing my room. Except there are three wild boars with large tusks all bearing down on me, ready to attack. I blinked a few times and the boars went away (just as I had hoped). Also just a couple dreams where I saw patterns painting onto the ceiling, also seemed to vanish with a waking blink. I'm someone who seldom dreams, uses no drugs, gotta admit the boars were kinda cool. If this stuff has actually worked on my pneumonia I can live with these side effects. But was there a better or equally good c M 52 9 days

 1  sinus infection nausea , rash , profuse sweating , weakness in limbs , severe lower back ache , diarrhea , fatigue , stomach cramps , confusion , dizzy , loss of appetite , metallic taste I am Diabetic so to have side effects like loss of appetite is actually quite dangerous . On my 4th day of treatment now , 1000mg per day , 3 days left and feeling worse than when i first went to the doctor . I will report back after completing the course M 44 4 days
 5  Tooth Infection None. Use Bismuth when you have problems M 43 6 days

 1  Cellulitis from spider bite First night, nausea, light headed, feeling very weak. Now have extreme body aches, skin very sore/sensitive - like having a sunburn over every inch of body, redness/flushing of face, neck and chest. I have puffed up and gained 5 lbs. in 5 days. There is definitely something not right about this drug. I am not going to finish the treatment, I am almost to the point of not being able to function and the muscle weakness is scary. F 40 5 days

 1  False positive pertussis test This medication ruined the first month of my summer when I got home from freshman year of college. I came home feeling not like myself, sinus headaches at night, swollen glands. For some reason my doctor tested for pertussis aka whooping cough and when it came back positive freaked out and placed me on this satan drug! (to this day the experience still haunts me a year later) AFter research we found out the type of test used was not accurate for whooping cough so I went on Biaxin and after two pills broke out in a full body rash that despite steroid injections in my butt and ungodly amounts of predinose lasted three weeks and messed up my skin even longer, it was thin from all the steroids. It took into the fall for my face and body swelling from the predinose to go back to normal. In pictures my face made me look like I weighed approx. 190 lbs instead of 145. It was horrible they did not know what was wrong and I felt like a chronically ill patient. I am in healthcare and it was DO NOT TAKE THIS! metallic taste awful too.... that really made me feel chronic because my mom always spoke of the metallic taste when she was going through chemo F 19 1 days
 3  Ear Infection Took pill one (500mg) last night at midnight. Woke up with bitter taste in mouth. On 2 tabs dose a day. Now 10.37am. Feeling very light headed and very out of it. Eating bio yoghurt as per pharmacists recommendations. Will update as I go along. M 33 1 days

 3  Pneumonia I have been on Biaxin for 10 days (to treat Pneumonia) during the 10 days I had that nasty mouth taste, loose stool, slight headache, day/night sweats, cramps, fatigue, stomach pains and lack of appetite. but now after 10 days of stoping Biaxin XL I still feel some symptoms: mild stomach pains, fatigue, mild cramps and lack of appetite. If anyone had the same please let me know M 33 10 days
 1  sinusitis just want to amend my entry below and add that I had only been on the drug for one day when I began to experience the negative side effects. Also, I did experience some mild palpitations too. Altogether, a bad experience. M 38 10 days

 1  sinusitis mild stomach cramps; nausea; lightheadedness; headache; pain in hip joints; extreme fatigue; blurry vision (scary while driving my kids around). Paradoxically, an increased appetite. The medicine made me feel like I had a moderate case of the flu, plus a floaty, lost-in-space feeling. I would avoid this drug in the future. If your doctor recommends this drug, I would ask him or her for something else. F 38 10 days
 1  H Poli I am on day 7 and have had very intense mood swings (depression-like), weak legs, can't sleep, dirreah, stomach cramps and heartburn. The doctor prescibed Prevpac for my H. Poli. I am scared to stop because I don't want my symptoms to return however after reading this blog i am so concerned. What should I do????? I will never ever take this drug again. I will finish the rest of my medication M 25 7 days
 1  bronchitis It felt like my mind was not sharp...like it was missing synapses. I would forget to breath. Irritable, taste like I was eating metal shavings, like I had an axe in my head, soar neck, stomache pain, ate alot, nervous, anxious, panic attacks, loose bowel movements, major headache like I had a migraine my eyes wouldnt open all the way due to the pain. I was prescribed 500mg's twice a day by a asst nurse at Bristol Park Medical. On day 1 I took two, woke up irritable, but took the medicine in the AM with food. Then I started feeling weird. So I called the nurse and told them I refuse to take the medicine to prescribe Keflex. So they did. This medicine is very scary and after reading everyones input, should be removed from the market. I plan to print this and send it to the medical center. So they STOP prescribing it, seems the percentage of bad reactions are higher than the good reactions. This is not good considering there are many other anti-biotics. I wonder if any doctors or nurses read into medicines???? F 45 1.5 days

 2  Sinus Infection Guess I spoke too soon. I thought the only problem was the bitter taste in your mouth from the biaxin, but now I'm having ridiculous palpitations! I'm actually quite concerned because my resting heart rate is far above what it would be if I were exercising! Do not take this drug! If you are prescribed it and do begin to experience even the slightest problem, call your PCP/doc immediately and get switched to something else. F 27 7 days

 3  Sinus Infection Thank goodness for this site, I thought I was going crazy. I've been on this med for 4 days and I experienced the bitter mouth thing on the second night. I had no idea what it was and even after brushing in the morning the taste is still there, it actually persists until late morning/early afternoon. I'm not too happy with the results so far because it doesn't seem to be clearing my issue up the way Bactrim or another antibiotic would. Fortunately, I haven't had any other wierd side effects besides the bitter mouth thing. If you're prescribed this I'd recommend insisting on something else from your doc/PCP. The bitter tongue/mouth thing is by far one of the most disgusting things I've ever experienced. F 27 7 days

 1  bronchitis I just spent the worst night of my life. I never experience side-effects from any medication an this has been the scariest experience I have had. The first two days were ok, but on the third day, I starting having chest pain, difficulty breathing, metallic taste in my mouth and tongue felt like it was on fire. I was shaky and weak, could not eat and experienced severe diahrrea. The worst effect, because afterall one is not feeling well to begin with, is the insomnia. Even when you finally "fall asleep" you are not really sleeping as you can still feel your surroundings. I'm not sure if I had hallucinations or not, but I was sensitive to light, which seemed to emanate from under my blinds as if an aircraft had just flown close to my window. I know it all sounds strange, but this drug gives off strange effects. I spent most of the night with the phone on the bed in case I had to call 911. I don't know how much longer I will have to cope with this situation. I've stopped the d I would never, ever take this drug and recommend to others to please, please ask questions first, have a back-up plan. F 54 3 days

 2  Strep-Throat I didn't really have any side effects, though I never really do when I take meds. The only side effect I have had is diahrrea.. which hasn't been all that fun, but could be worse. I am now 6 days into the 7 day treatment, and I'm still somewhat sick (having been sick for a total of 10 days). I don't feel that this drug 'did the job'. So either - a, it didn't work, or b, most likely, it was prescribed incorrectly to me. Which is just another reason I generally don't go to the Dr. F 21 7 days

 2  abcessed tooth and sinus infection I've taken this drug several times before and had only the rotten taste in my mouth. But this time (500mg twice a day) I had panic/weird images at bedtime and couldn't sleep until early morning. That was the first night. Also became weak, tired, shaky, weepy, anxious and depressed. Next night still anxious and had creepy thoughts that didn't seem mine, almost demonic. Tried to take a benadryl to get to sleep, (I also have to take muscle relaxants (Zanaflex) for pain) and the benadryl and Zanaflex together with oxycontin that I also take, couldn't over-ride the insomnia. I've had three hellish nights and didn't think it was the Biaxin until last night, because I never had any trouble with it before. So don't assume that because you've had luck with it in the past, that you won't have some horrible side effects (similar to Levaquin) with it. The happy camper who posted and said the badness of the weird dreams has more to do with the individual than the drug has just been lucky, and has n Biaxin seems to kill the bacteria, but there are alternatives, so if you get the weird thoughts/anxiety/panic/awful dreams/insomnia don't take it. I have 7 days worth to take and I'm going to phone my doctor and ask him for another drug. F 52 3 days

 4  bronchial infection and sore throat Yeast Infection / Nightmares Save an extremely "light" yeast infection -- and strange dreams! -- I had no side effects and this drug did what it was supposed to do. I never had an odd, dry or metallic taste in my mouth whatsoever, and also did not experience any nausea. F 42 2 weeks

 2  Sinus Infection Upset stomach, headaches, metallic taste in mouth. I could live with the side effects but in the last couple of days the tip of my tongue feels like it is on fire. F 44 7 days

 1  sinus infection I was prescribed biaxin xl 500mg 2/day for a sinus infection.The first day taking it I felt lifeless.I was in bed barely able to move to the point I almost went to the ER.My heart rate was racing,wheezing,BP went way up,diahrea,metallic taste in mouth that would not go away.After 4 doses of this medicine I checked the website feeling no better wondering why.After reading the reviews I have had enough.NEVER AGAIN!!!!! It almost made me wonder if when I go to an urgent care if I want a P.A. to prescribe meds for me again.Sorry no offense to P.A.'s out there please do not prescribe this drug it is the worst. DON'T waste your money on this drug,now I need to call for a new medication.BIAXIN XL is on my list of allergies now.NEVER AGAIN. F 53 2 days
 1  Ear infection Hod terrible taste in the night in mouth, very bad stomach. Twice almost vomited... I took the drug, completet the duration, but the last 3 days were horrific. Was very ill, nausia, cramps, and a taste in my mouth all the time. As it turned out the ear infection reappeared 2 days after the pills ran out. I am now on another medication ...... F 60 10 days

 1  Chest infection Was okay until day three, then collapsed with thready pulse in my dining room. Husband dragged me into bathroom. Husband is a doctor. Heart rate was all over the place. Then blitzed out, extreme chest pains and then started small tremors that turned violent. Managed to walk to the car but then violent tremors continued until the emergency room. Incoherent at that point. ER techs raced to the car, carried me in and stripped off my clothes. After a million test I regained some composure again and uttered "biaxin". At the end of it all had no idea what was wrong. This went on for the next week. Three more emergency room visits. One by ambulance. At the end of it all they finally determined it was the biaxin. Went from 132 lbs to 117. Extreme diahrrea, burning, painful stomach like fire. Heart arrythmia and palpitations. I had a nervous breakdown, extreme anxiety attacks, weird, scary racing thoughts, extreme fear and panic. Thought I was going crazy. Many, man Please, please, don't take it. I will never be able to put into words the kind of hell this drug put my body through. Physically and mentally. F 32 3 days
 1  Chest infection Was okay until day three, then collapsed with thready pulse in my dining room. Husband dragged me into bathroom. Husband is a doctor. Heart rate was all over the place. Then blitzed out, extreme chest pains and then started small tremors that turned violent. Managed to walk to the car but then violent tremors continued until the emergency room. Incoherent at that point. ER techs raced to the car, carried me in and stripped off my clothes. After a million test I regained some composure again and uttered "biaxin". At the end of it all had no idea what was wrong. This went on for the next week. Three more emergency room visits. One by ambulance. At the end of it all they finally determined it was the biaxin. Went from 132 lbs to 117. Extreme diahrrea, burning, painful stomach like fire. Heart arrythmia and palpitations. I had a nervous breakdown, extreme anxiety attacks, weird, scary racing thoughts, extreme fear and panic. Thought I was going crazy. Many, man Please, please, don't take it. I will never be able to put into words the kind of hell this drug put my body through. Physically and mentally.crazy. Many, many medical bills. Took a YEAR to get my mental stability back. I have suffered EXTREMELY. It took MONTHS for the mental effects to go away. My husband had to leave his practice and we had to move cross country to be near family for me to recover physically and mentally. Lost EVERYTHING. Had to start all over. The MOST traumatic, horrific year of my life. Only time, and much prayer has brought me to where I am today. All this because of THREE Biaxin pills. This almost killed me. F 32 3 days
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