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 3  Postop Shivering I dont know how I felt after I was given 50 mg of Demerol in post op. I was given that God awful drug Versed that causes amnesia and I cannot remember anything. They give Versed w/o ur knowledge for every colonoscopy and procedures. U may think they are side effects from the Demerol but think again. F 52 1 days
50 mg

 1  labor of birth Extreme paranoia while trying to give birth, thought my baby's heart beat stopped, major psychosis during c-section, facial expressions in people melting into dramatic frowns, dark cloud hallucinations. Minor hallucinations still occur from time to time nearly 9 weeks later, with no prior history of any mental issues. Extremely terrifying for a mother trying to give birth. I was later told that it did lower my baby's heart rate when first administered, very scary. Thank goodness baby was unharmed, but it should not be given during birth or pregnancy. Obviously dangerous! What were they thinking?! F 33 1 days
IV stand

 1  Endoscope and colonoscopy Nausea, vomiting, chills, muscle spasms,headache, anxiety, F 50 1 days

 1  liver biopsy It started with an intense burning sensation in both collar bones and then radiated throughout my entire torso and back. It hurt so bad to even take a breath. Intense burning & pain. I thought I was going to die. F 47 1 days
 1  slipped disks and migraine Kinda helped at first then the pain started to come back both shots were given in each arm. How ever now 5 days later my arm where the first shot was given is not burning as if it's on fire. Before this my muscle was very tight and pained. I have no feel at the injection site but the muscle under neat is on fire and can't be touched. My body is still burning up.... F 29 1 days
60 mg
 5  Severe Migraine Given to me on occasion for severe chronic migraines and this medicine is the only medication that works for taking the headache away pretty much immediately. Only side effect is dry mouth and I get very sleepy but that might be the vistaril they mix it with for nausea F 18 1 days
 1  I told Doctors I had itchy eyes I thought I was going to have a seizure and die. I was already on painkillers from my surgery and the Doctors should have known better . I thought they were trying to kill me . I was already on oxycodone and they knew it. I hate them whoever ordered this will get theirs someday I hope to God. Never take this drug. IV and at a high dose!!! Horrifying. Paranoia and death thoughts and aliens. I was 57 and am lucky to be alive. F 57 1 times
50 mg 1X D
 5  colonscopy woke up from the procedure, answered questions but have no memory of it, ate a burger, again no memory, got home fell into the best most wonderful sleep of my life, felt great when I woke I can't wait for my next colonscopy F 62 1 days
? 1X D
 1  Broken arm Vivid, terrifying hallucinations I was given Demerol about 30 years ago when the docs in emergency suspected I had broken my elbow. I was 6 at the time so do not recall what other side effects I experienced. I was put under but I am unsure whether that was due to the Demerol or another drug. When I awoke in the night I had hallucinations that there were aliens in my hospital room who were trying to kill me. I also saw bees and thought my skin had turned yellow and died. A horrifying experience for a six year old who was alone because the nurses told my mother I wouldn't wake up until the morning. F 36 1 times

 1  upper endoscopy As soon as this hit my veins my body ached and I felt pain travel up both sides of my head. After the procedure my feet and lower legs feel week and I have been in a constant state of feeling flu-like with a constant achy body, especially in my shoulders. Since the procedure my hands and feet feel shakey. The procedure was at the end of December and it is now nearly the end of February and I still don't feel well. Demerol is the only drug that I was told was used. I am pretty sure I had Demerol once before during a difficult childbirth. I remember it making me feel really good for a short period of time. I think that is more typical. This time I felt nothing but pain and achy body, no euphoria, nothing good, was totally awake through the procedure, felt everything. Makes me wonder if they gave me the wrong drug or if something is wrong with me that I reacted this way. I can't find where anyone else reports having a very similar reaction. The pain crawling up my head was pretty strange. It just traveled up and then stopped. Ever since, I have been left feeling just awful. F 38
1X D
 3  Back Pain Until recently I had no side effects, it was like taking water. You never knew you had taken anything other than a little relief for a little while. Now I take it and it makes me so drowsy and sleepy. Can't figure out what has changed. It is the only pain med. I can take. I allergic to everything else and even have to take benedryl with it or else i will start itching. F 50
50mg 1X D

 1  Colonoscopy I had a cough immediately as it went into my system.When got home rested all day.never felt that bad (previous)Developed bronchial spasms. Bad coughs..extreme itching internal and rash on outer body. Benadryl..was prepared to go to theER.. Dr. Called advised to to a medical default??? I hate this drug glad I didn't croak!Ask and question before yourprocedure F 70
1X D

 1  Intestine infection inflammation The nurse gave it to me through IV. I am a petite person so she only gave me half of the usual dose for an adult. About two minutes after she gave it to me it felt like a ton of bricks had landed on my body. My arms, legs, and chest were so heavy I could barely move. I felt like I couldn't breath and my heart rate shot up. My breathing got shallow because my chest felt so heavy (not tight) it was hard to take breaths. Thank goodness she was still right there in my room because I couldn't talk. She gave me oxygen right away and had some other drug on stand by to inject in my IV in case I fully stopped breathing. After a few min. my blood pressure started to come down and I was able to communicate. I thought I was going to die. They said it was some sort of histamine reaction. It was so scary. I passed out asleep after that. I will never take this stuff again. F 29 1 days
IV 25MG 1X D
 5  Acute pain due to ulcerative colitis No side effects, slept like a baby. Felt fantastic. Best drug ever. I felt like a floating head with no pain and a great calm feeling. WONDERFUL. F 43 4 days
1X D

 1  Colonoscopy Sleepiness, Nausea, vomiting, weakness, the shakes I am still feeling the affects of the drug a day after my procedure including nausea and vomiting. I would not want to take this drug again! M 65 1 days
50 MG 1X D

 1  Colonoscopy Dizziness, confusion, depression,bouts of crying, nausea, loss of appetite,general feeling of "doom" Worked very well for its intended purpose of putting me out during the procedure. Do not remember any part of it. I am very sensitive to any medication and felt the effect about 30 seconds after the IV infusion.I slept most of the day of my procedure woke up feeling okay, just a little "off" but as the day went on I felt anxious and out of control. Very confused and irrational thinking. I remembered that I had a similar reaction 21 years ago when I was given Demerol after the birth of my son. I am not sure if this is an allergic reaction or not but I will never take it again, not worth the after effect for me. F 40 1 days
75 1X D
 5  Post hemmorhoid surgery None. It gave me great pain relief from the worst pain of my life. M 59 3 days

 2  colonoscopy What side effects? I was injected with 50 mg of IV Demerol for a colonoscopy and did not even feel the drug. If you have ever taken Demerol you know that this is impossible! I believe that either the Demerol was switched with water or the doctor faked the IV injection because of the many misses of my vein. (The nurse tried 3 times and the Doctor tried 3 times times (6 times at first) to to give me an IV and they could not hit a vein). I was in pain from all the misses. The doctor then tried vigorously for at least 10 minutes to talk me into doing the procedure without anestesia and I was adamant that I wanted to be sedated or I did not want to go through with the procedure. About 1/2 hour went by while the Doctor kept trying to hit a vein. (7 to 8 times & all misses) The doctor tried again to talk me into doing the procedure without anestesia and I refused again and told him to keep trying to hit a vein or give me an IM shot and wait 15 minutes for the medication to kick in. The I have had IV Demerol several times in the past and know what Demerol feels like and tastes like. When I was injected I felt and tasted nothing and immediately informed the doctor. He said don't worry you will feel it soon. The next thing I knew he was performing the procedure and I was in extreme pain. I asked for more pain medication and the doctor said "I'll be done soon". Several minutes more of severe pain went by and I complained again and he said "I'm almost done". A few tortuous minutes later I complained again and the Doctor removed the camera from my butt within a minute or 2. I was relieved but I am not stupid. I am 100% sure the injection they gave me was nothing. I believe the Doctor faked "hitting a vein" because of all the misses and elapsed time and knowingly gave me the procedure without the medication I insisted on. To confirm my suspicions I had a drug test done the next day and guess what? No Demerol in my system. This proved me right. The doctor gave me a colonoscopy without the anestesia I insisted on against my wishes. I was very unhappy and felt humiliated because I was made a fool of and it was very unethical because it was strictly for the money and against my wishes. I was very unhappy . The only pleasant thing about a colonoscopy is the pain medication. I thought about suing for malpractice but I am not that kind of person but I can tell you this: that is the last time I will see that doctor. Has anyone else had a s M 58 1 days
50 mg 1X D
 5   None I was given Demerol as a pre-op medication before a lumpectomy. I really liked it -felt like I was floating on a cloud. After surgery I felt very invigorated and euphoric and still feel like that after two days. Also sleeping like a log. I really like this drug---- F 75 1 days
unknown 1X D

 1  Oral Surgery A disoriented, dissociative high with no ability to communicate effectively, or at least no memory of being able to communicate effectively. It did not mediate the pain and I had a full blown panic attack during the procedure. I could hear my heart monitor racing and the assistant had to strap my hands to the chair because I was trying to get them to stop cutting. I believe I blacked out of my own accord partway through the procedure, but I vividly recall the pain. I was given an IV drip in preparation for having two wisdom teeth removed. I had specifically requested that an oral surgeon perform the procedure in a hospital, and that hospital then approved anesthesia use with my healthcare provider. Then when I was in what I thought was the examination chair, they told me I would be going under "sedation" right there and that they used Demerol and did not put people under anesthesia. Because I was in pain and had waited days for the procedure without any pain meds I signed a waver to allow them to administer the demerol and do the procedure. Demerol did not take away the pain, instead I had a panic attack and remember the events of the procedure, though I was so high I couldn't focus on anything in particular or communicate. It seems that there are a number of patient stories of being able to feel pain while on this medication that medical professionals don't acknowledge. I think flailing in a dental chair and needing my hands strapped down should have been a sign that something was wrong. F 24 1 days
1X D

 4  Chemo pain, Arthritic pain Demerol works without the lasting hangover feeling; however I'm beginning to feel as if there are holes in my memory. Even though I write things down, I still lose track of appointments, I struggle with simple paperwork (paying bills, balancing checkbook, etc) and chronic fatigue & zero sex drive have become a way of life. I also struggle with words & phrases. I'm extremely articulate, but I am constantly struggling for the correct word or phrase. Even typing this entry is a struggle; I have to put so much energy into focusing and concentrating to get my feelings across. F 54 3 years
50 4X D
 5  Colonosocpy Didn't remember the procedure. No nausea for me. It was like a dream. I was walking and talking, shortly after the procedure, but was actually out of it; though people around me weren't really aware of this. The procedure was smooth; I didn't remember 99% of it. There were no adverse physical effects aside from I was like out of it on the inside; almost like blacked out, but not (speaking of after the procedure) but my family didn't realize this. I had the BEST sleep that night. I felt almost euphoric the next day; don't know if it was left over from the Demerol or from not eating for almost two days. I love that stuff!! I'm planning on fasting for a couple of days to see if I get the same euphoric feeling that I had the day following the procedure to try to determine if it was the fast or the drug. I'm thinking the effects of the drug (taken about about 4:30 p.m.) shouldn't have lasted into the next day. But I don't know. F 52 1 days
1X D
 1  Labor pains Very dizzy. Made me feel like I couldn't breath. It would make me kind of forget the pain for a second, then it would come back. I was being given pitocin while they gave me demerol. F 19 1 times
1X O

 2  Surgery - Spine Itching - deep, burning itching. Almost drove me insane! High doseage of Benadryl did not relieve the itching. I'd rather have the pain - that's how bad the itching was. M 47 2 days

 1  Knee Surgery Dyspnea-(stopped breathing) I must be allergic to this medicine, but I was sent to ICU because of this drug. F 23 1 times

 5  Spinal Injuries I have to take it with milk and a snack to avoid vomitting. Post rear-end MVA multiple cervical and lumbar disc herniations, vertabrae dislocations & intrusions, loss of spinal fluid. Was taking percocet to manage the pain but developed a reaction of severe burning and itching which grew progessively worse to the point where it was almost worse than the pain itself. Tried many of the other analgesics but almost all were ineffective. Dialaudid worked well for pain relief but it made me very sick - like severe flu symptoms. Doctor hit upon Demerol. It works very well in relieving the pain. I supplement it with presciption dosage (800mg) Ibuprofin. The only side effect I experience is "dry-heaving" or vomitting. If I take the demerol with a glass of milk and some butter or cheese with white bread I avoid that unpleasantness. M 51 4 months

 3  migraine Stomach upset, insomnia, dry mouth, constipation, rebound headache Injection provides much better pain relief than oral. Always feel horrible the next day. F 36 2 years

 4  migraine drowsy this med made me relaxed, pain free, and nausea free every time.. I don't know if something for nausea was added but that was the best thing with demerol. The ER has replaced it with dilaudid which is the opposite: scarily high, nausea and dizziness, rebound migraine - all of which never happened with demerol. Its a crime that they replaced it. F 51 5 times

 1  migraine Brief period of pain relief. BUT. Then SEVERE nausea that continued for many hours, along with agitation, and a swift return of the migraine pain. I don't vomit, but anyone else would have. Absolutely dreadful. F 25 1 days

 4  Colonoscopy They said they used very little. I was able to enjoy the video of my colon, ask questions and remember the answers. I felt some pushing discomfort - I think due to blowing air in, enough to make me grunt, but not what I would call pain. I was happy when it was all over - whether that was the drug or just relief at good news would be hard to tell. the procedure took about 1/2 hour F 60 1 days

 4  hemi toe implant eased the pain, severe dry mouth, wide awake wih little to NO SLEEP ( I think all pain meds keep me up) F 40 2 weeks

 5  bowel resection I am allergic to morphine and dilaudid so was tried on demerol and found very good pain relief but did not last long so required repeat dosages to maintain relief. Stomach upset did occur with the demerol but used phenergan along with and took care of the problem. I would recommend this combination for very effective pain relief. M 38 6 days

 5  Colonoscopy A little "drunk" in the recovery room and on the ride home (as a passenger). By the time I got home I was lightheaded and nauseous, but that could also be a result of not eating the previous day and not sleeping much the night before, due to the procedure prep. Had the best 3 hour nap of my life after getting home, and felt absolutely fine after waking up. Don't remember anything at all about the procedure, which is probably good. M 41 1 days

 5  c-section excellent drug by far the best drug i have ever taken. took my pain away during surgery and after surgery. wow this drug is a wonder drug!! F 31 7 days

 5  Colonoscopy I felt like I had a few cocktails and a little drunk. But there was no hangover! For me it was a marvelous feeling while the procedure was taking place. Afterwards, I realized my headache was gone and I felt quite great the rest of the day. It was like a got a good 10 hours of sleep! If I was an addict...this would be my drug of choice!!!! M 59 1 times

 5  ruptured ovarian cysts and post op a happy lightheaded feeling i have a high tolerence to pain medication so this is one of the only things i can take. it works wonderfully for me. F 25 4 months

 5  Kidney Stone Had a shot of Demerol (in my butt cheek) roughly 3 hours into a stone while the pain was intense... within minutes I felt better after the fist shot wore off (5 hours later) i was in agony until my next shot which i could then time at 4.5 hours till i needed another shot. and I kept this up till i passed the stone. M 26 2 days

 1  Post-op pain control Extreme nausea, vomiting, dizziness, little to no relief of pain. I had this after a myomectomy and after gall bladder removal. When the surgeon doing the myo saw it wasn't helping and just made me sick, he immediately changed over to another analgesic (Fentanyl and then Toradol), and I felt much better--was able to walk around in a few hours and leave in just over a day. However, the gall bladder surgery was a nightmare (my liver got nicked), and I was in agony in recovery--what actually woke me was vomiting. More Demerol created more vomiting, and the surgeon left no orders for anything else (and the nurse refused to contact him). I threw up most of the way home and for the better part of the day. I realize some of the effect might not have been Demerol, but the fact remains that a second dose post-op made me even sicker. I know it works well for some people, but PLEASE ask your doctor to have a backup analgesic order if this makes you sick. NO ONE should have to throw up after any s F 41 2 days

 4  crohns disease mild drowsiness works quickly and does wonders for severe pain due to crohns disease and partial bowel obstruction. I get no relief from morphine or dilaudid. Pain relief does not last very long requires frequent doses and loses effectiveness if taken for extended periods. M 37 6 days

 4  kidney stone Slept for 6 hours straight (in the middle of the day!), extreme dry mouth, mild headache upon awakening I had been using Percocet when acute pain from the kidney stone would come on, but it hasn't been doing the trick. My MD gave me an injection of Demerol today, and it pretty much eliminated the pain and knocked me the heck out, which is fine by me. Make sure it's coupled with an anti-emetic so that you don't vomit. M 36 1 days

 1  Appendectomy Intense Nausea, Dizziness, Sweating (associated with the feeling of intense heat), Vomiting, Some Hallucinations The story: I had a surgery late in the day, so I was staying overnight at the hospital. I wake up and I'm offered a painkiller shot, which they inform me has to be in the behind. At first, I resist, but the morphine from the surgery had worn off so the pain is getting pretty bad. The nurse comes back and gives me a shot of Demerol in the behind. After a few minutes, a crazy rush of heat hits me. It's like someone turned up the temperature to 130 degrees in the room. Immediately thereafter, a wave of nausea overcomes me and I pass out. Though I suppose it sounds "interesting" in retrospect, the next couple hours were a confusing and dizzying mix of reality and what I can only describe as insanity. I had very strange (bad) dreams that were indistinguishable from reality, and occasionally I would be awake, only to SEE things that weren't actually there. For example, the nurse came in and got really close to my face and then all of a sudden she was back at the doorway com M 21 1 days
 1  Appendectimy They gave it to me right before surgery in my IV. Right after I took it I started freaking out and trying to pull out my IV. I would fall asleep every few seconds and then suddenly wake up and forget where I was. The whole time I had the worst drymouth. Didn't help that all they could do me was let me have a few licks of an ice cube since it was before surgery and I couldn't have liquids. I don't remember most of it or how long it lasted but it was definitely scary. M 15

 1  Appendicitis I went into the hospital with a severe appendicitis attack and was given Demoral immediately. I experienced vivid and frightening hallucinations, hightened awareness of pain, and severe nausea (throwing up every 1-2 minutes). As soon as I was switched to morphine, all symptoms vanished very quickly. F 26 1 days

 5  Gall Bladder Euphoria,slight nausea which was easily control with anti-nausea meds, and extreme tiredness. I had to have surgery several times to correct the botched gall bladder removal surgery I had. I was on demerol both times for the pain and it worked EXCELLENT! I would fall asleep nearly the minute it was injected in my IV but I didn't feel any pain. I did have nausea but as long as I was given some anti-nausea meds it was fine. I found demerol to be much better on my mental state that Morphine or other pain meds. F 23 7 days

 5  crohns decease dizzyness, big time dry mouth when i woke up! When i got taken to the ER they gave me demerol and fenagyn(sp?) to help with the pain. It burns when they give it to you, but it works GREAT! Very soon after I got it I felt very tired, dizzy,helped the pain a LOT and i slept pretty much the whole time! M 19 2 times

 1  post surgery Nightmares and night sweats, panicky feeling I was given liquid demerol through an IV when I was in the hospital and woke up 2 nights in a row to extremely frightening nightmares that caused me to sweat profusely. I was told by the doctor that this is a common side effect and was taken off it immediately. F 34 2 days

 2  major gall bladder surgery I felt high as a kite. I couldn't urinate and had to be catherized after taking this. I saw Popeye the Sailor walking in my hospital room. This drug gives you some wicked hallucinations. It does help with pain, but the side effects are not worth taking it. The cure is worse than the ailment F 49 1 weeks
 5  Double C4 fracture, post MVA Euphoria, drowsiness I was sent home with oral demerol after a broked neck and major surgery following a car accident. I had been on IV push morphine in the hospital. The demerol was excellent at taking away my pain. It actually enduced a feeling of euphoria that was much welcomed considering all the pain I was in. It did make me a little sleepy, but this was probably related to the fact that I was so happy to have my pain level decreased and feel like I could finally sleep. Im told long term use can result in the acumulation of a toxic metabolite that can result in seizures. This is why you dont see it used often for chronic (i.e. cancer) pain unless there is a specific need such as allergies to other drugs. But I would say it is great for short term pain management! F 22 30 days

 5  Colonoscopy Side-effects: lightheadedness, naseau; but demerol in combination with versed worked for me. I didn't want to remember procedure. I didn't want pain and wanted to sleep. I am thankful for demerol and versed. Yes, I am still having side-effects a day later, but I am thankful for how the drugs helped me get through the procedure. I was scared going in, but don't remember it and woke up in the recovery room not remembering a thing. I am thankful it worked for me. F 53 1 times

 1  oral surgery Vomiting. Did not alleviate pain at all. I could not eat anything and could hardly drink water, so I stopped taking it. F 32 2 days

 2  Colonoscopy naseua, vomiting, chills -- lasted about 15 hours after procedure -- was very surprised the post procedure was worse than the pre-colonoscopy procedure! next time would request anti-naseua medication as well F 51 1 days

 1  Surgery Hallucinations, inability to communicate, extreme pain. I had this drug twice for major surgery and it did not work. I was in excruciating pain, but reality was so distorted that I could not tell them about it. I refused the drug on my third surgery and was very satisfied with Morphine. F 52 4 days

 4  Two broken bones in lower leg/ankle Not really hallucinations, but more of an inability to tell reality from dreams. It was very hard to urinate, although this may have been more about having to pee in that stupid jug than a side effect of the demerol. I wouldn't say it really took the pain away as much as it made me forget about the pain. As stated before, I broke the bones in my ankle and required surgery to place plates and screws around the break. I was on a demerol PCA through the entire process. The demerol helped get me through the night, but did not really help much of the pain immediately after surgery. M 23 3 days

 5  migraine slept 10 hrs, mild euphoria This is the only medication that complete wipes out my pain level 10 migraines in 5 minutes flat. I would have killed myself by now to escape the pain if it weren't for Demerol. I have to go to the ER around once a month for an injection after all other methods of relief have failed. F 24 1 days

 3  lower rhytidectomy (lower necklift) dry mouth, constipation, severe pain in hips, thigh muscles, and lower back, loss of balance medicine did work, I guess, but had to take two every 3-1/2 to 4 hours since the surgery. After a day and a half switched to tylenol as I could not sleep due to the pain in my lower body when lying down in bed. F 56 2 days
 1  Administered by hospital in Miami Administered by nurse following operation while in recovery room at hospital in Miami. Went into cardiac arrest, heart stopped & stopped breathing for 7 minutes before staff brought me back. Never had Demerol previously & didn't know was alergic to it. Look up in Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) here on web what some side effects can be. M 62 1 days

 2  acute neck pain none did nothing for the pain at all. I ended up taking two 400mg ibuprofen and that was the only thing that finally dulled the pain enough so I could sleep. F 46 1 times

 4  Pain in my lower back Must take it with food or it will come back up / stomach will ache. Doctor tried many drugs to help me sleep/Only demerol would stop the pain and allow me to sleep 5-6 hrs. M 57 16 years

 1  Appendectomy Convulsions, hallucinations and inability to concentrate; I was totally unable to communicate. Side effects (finally) stopped when I was switched to morphine. Demerol for me was the worst nightmare of my life. The hospital staff claimed no knowlege of similar cases, seems unlikely; I've talked to others! They assumed I was suffering D.T.'s but I don't drink... M 17 2 days
 5  Emerg Pain Med for Ruptured Cyst Warm tingling sensation all over my body (actually felt good). A feeling of floating and happiness. This was the ONLY thing that worked on me in the ER when I came in for a rupterd ovarian cyst (9cm!!!) I was in the ER for 12 hours before they were able to come up with the correct diagnosis and they tried EVERYTHING and this was the only thing that workedto alleviate the pain. Only use this for EXTREME pain.. seems like it could be addictive. F 27 3 times

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