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 4  Chronic Hives You had to take this at a decreasing dose each day. It greatly helped my hives the next day. Tried to work out and see if steriods really worked, and they did. For some reason, I could not lift more weights than I was used to doing, but I did a lot more reps which surprised me and my muscles never got tired doing it. I felt a little bloated, but very noticeable and received a lot of back acne and fortunately, they're disappearing. The pharmacist told me that this could be used for arthritis, hives, asthma, and other things M 20 7 days

 3  Optic Neuritis Lyme Disease Taken 1000 MG IV for 3 days.. had bad taste in mouth and felt like on speed for hours. Raised my blood sugars to outrageously high levels and not diabetic.. yet anyway. helped the eye problem but now not sure if will have other health issues becuase of this. Find out from doctor before you try this medication and if you are diabetic. have insulin ready. F 35 3 days

 3  muscle tear fatigue, weakness F 43 5 days

 3  root canal nerve damage No adverse effects but a slight raise in energy level The nerve was beginning to come back to life prior to taking this medication so it is hard to evaluate exactly how helpful it was. F 60 6 days

 2  rash After taking 2nd dose of this med. for rash that no Dr. or specialist could pinpoint cause of, had severe foot & lower leg cramps which after continuing meds turned into severe joint pain in a few days, and normally I don't have any joint pain. Could hardly walk to the bathroom from bed & back the joint pain was so bad, & couldn't sleep from the pain in my joints for almost 3 nights straight, also had mouth ulcers around this same time. After stopping drug, joint pain, & ulcers went completely away after it got out of my system, which took between 5 & 6 days & I drank lots of water to help flush it out. Helped rash a little, but rash came back. And finally after 8 months of the rash coming & going, it went away as mysteriously as it came, w/no meds. Family Dr., Dermatoligist, & Allergy specialist & all their tests, couldn't really tell me what caused the rash, only what they thought caused it. All tests came up negative. ???? Would never take any 1st dose given for rash was 4mg. taken as directed. Rash came back so after 2-3 weeks was given 10mg to take as directed & during the 8th day had the severe joint pain where I could hardly walk. (A year later no rash, & I have no joint pains, etc. I still would NOT take Prednisone again unless I was dying!! F 51

 3  neck spasms stomack crampn slite headache is this medicine sopouse to help my numnise in my hands F 23 6 days
 5  acute tendonistis in right shoulder None. This is a miracle drug. I was afraid to take it at first because I have allergic reactions to most drugs, but this one did not bother me at all. Just helped me. Took decreasing dosage for 6 days (6 day 1, 5 day 2, 4 day 3,....) I could not move my right arm at all before staring this drug and was in extreme pain. Within 2 hours of first dose, pain was not as bad and I was able to start moving my arm a little again. By the third day I could even get my arm over my head again. F 54 6 days
4mg 6X D

 5  severe joint pain in hips and knees irritable dosage lowers dayly... starting with 24mg.'s down 4mg.'s a day for 6 days. pain bad enough that i was ready to cut my legs off-within hrs. i felt better. it worked very well for me. M 28 6 days
24mg.'s 1X D
 3  bronchial inflammation **THIS MEDICATION HAS ME WIRED IVE BEEN WOKE FOR ALMOST 48 HOURS** THEY SAY SLEEPLESSNESS IS A SIDE EFFECT AND ITS REALLY EFFECTING ME. As far as it working for me, not so much Im still wheezing. Day 1: 6 pills Day 2: 5 pills Day 3: 4 pills Day 4: 3 pills Day 5: 2 pills Day 6: 1 pill F 25 6 days
4 mg 1X D

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