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 1  nose congestion due to 'allergies' 2 sprays per nostril daily.. First started waking up in middle of the night with crazy anxiety for the first time in a few years. Started having trouble getting to sleep. Didn't feell like myself anymore clouded mind. Now extreme shoulder pain for last couple days cannot move shoulder have stopped taking it today. M 22 10 days

 1  Sinusitus Raising blood pressure, hormones affected and worsening of the condition I believe this drug is dangerous. My family were all prescribed this at the same time. My wife has had a blood pressure drug increase, my daughter 25 has also had an increase in BP drugs, my daughter 21 has angina and chest pains and I have had additional medicines for overactive adrenal gland. All at the same time and 60 days later we are still suffering. M 62 30 days
1X D
 1  Allergies Persistent Canker Sores.... Although I didn't realize there was a connection until I stopped taking veramyst. I have been off veramyst for two months and have not had a canker sore since as opposed to having 3 to 4 at a time while on veramyst. It worked well for my allergies but the side effects were so sever I would not recommend the product. Also the mental stress that came with the canker sores did not help either. Throughout the experience I thought my immune system had been compromised, it was a bit terrifying. M 37 3 years
2X D

 1  Ear congestion After taking it for 3 weeks, i started having neck and shoulder pain..i thought i had a bad posture or something and left it there..then i started having extreme dizziness and felt fatigued all the time..i thought there might be something wrong with my diet..then when all of dis got unbearable i searched the internet for side effects of this drug and came to this page..turned out that people were having the same side effects...nd the worst part is doctor will never admit its because of the medicines..in my case he said its coz of work pressure and some sort of tension..all BS..nd then u think u r going crazy.. even after leaving dis drug i had vertigo and shoulder pain..seems like after leaving the medicine it takes to time to come back to normal..i had some nightmares too which is also a side effect of leaving dis drug..bt after 1 week of stopping it i am feeling so much better ..its good to feel alive gain..and i m sure in d coming week i vil b fully fit..nd THANK U ALL FOR SHARING UR STORIES..i wud b gald if i can b of ne help to ne1.. M 27 1 months
27.5 2X D
 1  Chronic Nasal Congestion Pretty severe pain at spinal disc in upper back, neck pain at base of skull, muscle pain in upper back, headache, difficulty thinking, weepy eye, blurred vision, loss of some hearing, bleeding sore in nostril, burning red puffiness nose and cheeks. Almost all symptoms affected my left side; back, neck, head, eye, ear, only my right nostril was on that side and spinal disc pain was, well, central. These symptoms came on very slow, it did not occur to me I was having a reaction the the medication. They became pretty severe. Finally got to a point where I thought I might be having a stroke or worse. Almost stopped at the Emergency room. Set up an appt. with MD, and it was only afterwards I thought these started after taking the Veramyst. 1 week after stopping it the symptoms started to subside. 3 weeks later they are almost completely gone. The pain in my upper spine is still there but is getting better, it was also the first symptom I noticed. I'm 48 and in good health. This scared the crap out of me. Thought my life had changed for the worse for the rest of my life. Just so happy it was the med's and not something permanent. Please just be very aware of symptoms if you do take this. I will grant I was breathing through my nose, smelling the world, and tasting my food like I haven't in years. I will miss that. M 48 2 months
1 Spray 2X D
 1  nasal sinuses Used it once, two sprays per nostril and it hardly help with sinuses. Had my congested worse tomorrow, never agian will i used this poison. Just a money scam,and i know i work at a pharmacy. People get this stuff everyday, kids, adults, and seniors. And the other side effects ar even more worse!!!! luckily i had minimal side effects. But dont use this stuff its poison from our friends the Pharm. Industry. M 100 3 days
30 1X AN

 5  Chronic nasal congestion, itchy eye None I have suffered from allergies all my life and this is the most effective drug I have ever used. After just one dose it eased my symptoms and it has literally changed my life. I can sleep, I can breathe, my eyes are no longer irritated all the time. Best drug ever. F 47 4 days
27.5 1X D
 1  allergies Dizziness, headaches, neck, back and nasal pain. Feeling awkward and clumsy and not able to concentrate. F 39 2 months
once a day

 1  allergy to mold, dust, mites, grass Terrible headache within a few hours of using, irritability, trouble falling and staying asleep, not feeling like "myself." Works very well for allergy but at a high cost, too high for me to continue. Felt normal again in about 24 hours after discontinuing. By the way, the adverse effects snuck up on me slowly over the month I used it, did not happen right away. F 54 30 days
1 puff 1X D
 1  Seasonal allergy/nasal congestion Anxiety, insomnia, sore throat, canker sores (6 at once), puffy cheeks, puffy lower eyelid, pressure in eye socket, poor vision, brain fog, depression, joint and muscle pain, flu symptoms, metal taste in mouth, irritable and "on edge". I thought I was going crazy until I started researching the side effects associated with these types of nasal sprays. Yes it does clear up my sinuses somewhat, but not worth endless list of awful side effects. What a HORRID DRUG - I stopped today. F 29 10 days
1X D
 1  unknown allergies Nothing at first, helped a lot, stopped my sinus probs and stopped my ear buzzing, that was for a month then suddenly the sinus probs and ear buzzing came back, I carried on taking it but now I have a constant horrible headache, blurred vision, depression, weight gain, water retention, and I just dont feel myself anymore. I had no idea why I have been feeling so bad but after a process of elimination and reading this page I have realised its the medication. I am going to stop immediately as I can no longer even read a book, my eyes are just not working properly. F 41 4 months
2X D
 1   I did not realize that Veramyst had the same active incredient as Flonase (inhaled steroid ) Which cause me to be susceptible to enhaled viruses. My profession puts me inconstant contact with airborne oral particulates. The drug lowers my resistance to viral infections, thus I become severely ill with pneumonia loosing weeks from work. For me there is a direct link between these medicines and my recurrent illnesses! My allergist did not warn me. My two pulmonolgists are clue less. The medical system is too fragmented and the doctors are too distracted trying to conform to new government regulations to listen to the patient. It will get worse. protect yourself ! The system is breaking!!!! Isn't it woriesome that you see and TV AD for a prescription medicine on the evening news and when you go to the doctor the next day you are prescribed that medicine? and several others! Have you ever noticed that an attractive woman dressed in a black skirt, black hose and blackhigh M 68 2 days
27.5 2X D

 4  Allergic Rhinnitis -Post Nasal Drip Headaches, dizziness, extreme exhaustion despite sleeping 10 hours a night, Muscle Pain, twitching in my lower eye, weight gain, increased appettite, lethargy, confusion I had originally been prescribed Veramyst in conjunction with Claritan. The side effects caused me to stop taking the medication, which was terrible as it helped my allergies tremendously. F 39 2 months
1X D

 2  sinus allergy Very itchy eyes and pressure around tear ducts. F 42 10 days
1X D

 5  Perennial vasomotor rhinitis Slight and very occasional headaches. Very slight and occasional lower-back pain. First dose made me jittery and anxious, but the symptoms subsided. In combination with Allegra, Veramyst (tradename Avamys in Latam) has completely changed my lifestyle. I am extremely satisfied with the results. It takes about 3 or 4 days for Veramyst to have a full effect. The anxiety and insomnia I experienced the first day went away and now I can actually sleep and rest, which the rhinitis did not let me accomplish before. F 22 6 months
27,5 MG 1X D

 1  Allergies - Sinus Infections Major side effects have been irratibility and depression. My iron and cortisol levels are now high as of my last bloodwork. Just found out that Veramyst can cause liver and adrenal gland problems. My doctor gave me a year long prescription and did not give me any warnings of taking it for so long. I have been feeling more ill the last few months and sought out additional help. Bottom line is that I now have liver and adrenal gland problems. I am stopping this medication as soon as possible. F 38 5 months
27.5 mcg 2X O
 2  Fullness Tin Can Effect in Ears After the first day I experienced a strange fluttering sensation in one ear that would only go away if I put an ear plug in. I would describe this a fluttering or buzzing behind the ear drum that was not painful but very disturbing. Cannot concentrate or sleep with the fluttering. Tried generic Flonase and did not experience this. I decided to stop taking Veramyst to see if the buzzing either goes away or gets worse. M 46 5 days
1 1X D

 5  Allergies None I was prescribed this after months of taking Nasonex with little relief. I am totally thrilled to report that my 2 year long battle with Vertigo is completely gone!!! I had no idea this could be a result. I am free from constant dizziness. Yay!! F 44 2 months
2 sprays 1X D

 1  sinus and seasonal allergies severe joint and muscle pain; red,dry and painful eyes; dark and swollen under eyes with dry patches on skin I have stopped using Veramyst and hope that the side effects go away. F 52 3 weeks
27.5 mcg 1X D

 2  ear congestion I have been taking this medication for a little over a week and have developed bad headaches. I still have ear fullness and congestion. I had ear surgery 9 months ago and complained to my dr that I have been having trouble with ear fullness and numbness. He prescribed Veramyst to clear up the congestion, which I still have. But I don't know if the headaches are worth it. I see him next week as he told me it will take around 2 weeks to see the full benefit of the medication. I don't know what to do. F 54 9 days
1X D
 2  allergies Bad headaches. Although this med worked great for allergies, over a month I developed bad headaches that became constant. I have not used Veramyst for 48 hours and the headache has decreased significantly, although still there slightly. I also realize now that I was starting to feel vaguely agitated, or just not myself, while on it. It's really too bad because it worked very, very well for allergies. This all makes me wonder if it is much stronger than other steroid nasal sprays??? F 53 30 days
110 mcg 1X D

 5  allergic sinus congestion and pain a little post nasal drip after spraying miracle drug! it does take about a week to start to work so give it enough time. I had nasal congestion and headaches for 9 years, on sudafed all the time and started to get heart racing from it. I don't need any other medication with veramyst, I feel like I don't have allergies at all! F 52 4 months
2 sprays 1X D

 2  Severe Seasonal Allergies I too belive that major depression and axniety or jitters were inhanced by this drug. It only began when I stopped taking the drug. I was told by family members my mood swings were constantly up and down. I also has some dizziness or foggy vision. F 33 2 months
1X D

 1  Seasonal allergies Ended up in three different emergency rooms in 24 hours with a severe nosebleed that wouldn't stop. Was gagging on blood clots. Wasn't even using spray on a daily basis, just off and on over a few weeks. Unfortunately, the "Rhino Rocket" the 3rd ER used slipped back too far and caused horrific hemorrhaging. Ended up getting nasal passage packed with gauze and getting admitted for overnight observation. Still having some nosebleeding five days after this started. Will never touch this stuff again. F 65 2 weeks
27.5 mcg 1X D

 1  allergies Blurred vision, felt like I had the flu for days, dizzy. F 30 1 months
1X D

 1  Nasal Inflamation Horrible sore throat, fever, achy joints, headache, dizzy, weak. I would NEVER recommend this to anyone. I feel like I'm dying. The side affects are so awful. I will report this to my ENT, FDA and everyone else that wants and needs to know. I will take my unpleasant allergies over these awful side affects any day. F 39 3 weeks
27.5 MG 1X D

 4  nasal stuffiness Since I have just started this medication I am experiencing some sneezing. Not bad. Opened up my nose after 2 months of not being able to breathe freely. My nose bleeds easily, but am using the NeilMed Sinus Rinse before spraying and this has cut the bleeding down. Nose bleeds every now and then. Hope the sneezing goes away. In my case I have a horrible allergy to Cedar/Juniper since it was bad this year and to Live Oak pollen. I will probably use this until these seasons are over and then take a break. If I need to, I will probably use NasalCrom if I have something bother me in between. F 50 2 days
27.5 2X D

 2  inflamation of nasal passages After taking Veramyst and Claritin D per recomendation by ENT dr, i was hit with deep bouts of depression and a weird type of phychosis. After three weeks, while at work, i became violently ill, throwing up all over teh restroom stall. I was freaking out, thinking every little problem in my life was far worse than it actually was. I was suicidal, actually. I was terrified and felt hopless. I was taken to ER and ER dr diagnosed me with vertigo. I disagreed and went home. I was never nauseas, only getting so 10 seconds before puking. I puked 15 minutes after taking a Claritin D so figured itwas all due to the ephedrine in the Cl D. I stopped taking it and, over the next week, started feeling better, but was still hit with bouts of depression. Two weeks later, again while at work, i was overcome with another bout of deep depression and an ill feeling. Hard to describe, kind of like a weakness of the body and a deep feeling of hopelesness. I thought, after talking it over with a friend, M 41 6 weeks
 1  nasal/sinus inflamation I first tried this med when being treated for a sinus infection that followed a bout of the flu. After the first dosage of two sprays per nostril, I developed a very severe headache (very rare for me). Wondering if it could be the veramyst, I discontinued it and the headached vanished. The sinus infection cleared with antibiotics and Mucinex. About two months later, I came down with a mild head cold and felt as if some sinus thing was developing. I decided to give the veramyst a try again. This time, I used only one spray each nostril. The first day, only some mild headache..thought it could be the sinus infection...so, I used it the second day too. Wound up with a TERRIBLE headache...throbbing at the top of the nasal area...took THREE days to feel better with constant pain meds. Will NEVER use this spray again!!!!!!! F 50 2 days

 1  Nasal congestion Heart arrhythmias and insomnia. I would go to bed at 10pm and always wake up at 3am. This drug can cause insomnia and heart arrhythmias. I also got this same effect from Rhinocort, which is another steroid nasal spray. It seems all steroid nasal sprays have this effect on me. I will avoid them. I know that steroids can cause heart arrhythmias in pill form, but, for ME, they cause them in nasal sprays as well. I KNOW this to be true. Veramyst DID work well at clearing the nasal congestion. The benefit was not worth the risk. Heart arrhythmias are too dangerous to risk. Note: I did 2 rounds to be SURE it was VERAMYST causing it and both times after about 10 days, it occured. M 39 10 days

 2  major allergys back pain between shoulder blades. that moved to chest About 2 days after taking veramyst, I had major back pain between my shoulder blades. That slowly moved to my side and then my chest. I had no idea what was causing this until I forgot to take the spray one day and the pain lessened. I decided to not take it the next day just to see what would happen. for the first time in weeks I was able to move with out tiers in my eyes from the pain. It took weeks for the pain to dissipate. A month later after I thought I was better, I got sick again and decide to take veramyst once more but in much smaller amounts. It has been 3 days and the exact pain is back. DO NOT TAKE THIS SPRAY. I went from two sprays in each nostril in the morning and at night. To one spray in each nostril in the morning and I got to say, the pain is the same. Oh and it didn't clear me up at all. (this spray sucks) F 23

 5  Seasonal allergies and stuffy nose None. Actually has a nice scent. I took various types of oral medications for my seasonal allergies from OTC to prescription. Most of them made me foggy headed and very tired all day. This nasal spray is a miracle! I take one metered spray in each nostril every morning and at bedtime. No more stuffiness and clear and open breathing. I'm not afraid to go outdoors anymore during peak allergy season. I now enjoy summer. M 60 2 weeks

 1  Allergies I began using Veramyst (2 sprays in each nostril daily) in April 2008 for allergies. I stopped using the medication in April 2009 because it was causing my nose to bleed. Since I have stopped taking Veramyst in April 2009, I have had 3 sinus infections, spaced about 3 weeks apart. I believe the sinus infections are due to the fact I stopped taking Veramyst. I have had one or two sinus infections in the past, but never three in one year spaced so close together. I am now taking Allergra-D for my allergies and have started to use a nasal irrigation system. F 26 1 years

 1  Eustachian tube dysfunction Worsening of symptoms, back pain I tried using Veramyst in the morning versus evening and still felt like I was getting worse. Didn't associate the back pain until I read other's comments. When I quit using Veramyst, my ears cleared up and the back pain went away. I was also taking Clarinex and still am. I happened to have an appt with my eye Dr. within 5 days a quitting Veramyst. My eye pressure was up from my previous exam but still within an acceptable range. Would not recommend F 56 3 weeks

 5  Non-allergic Vasomotor Rhinitis Inital sneezing that subsided within a week. Nasty taste in mouth that I was able to control by tipping my head down slightly. This is the only medication that truely helped my severe nasal congestion. Happily, it also helped with my chest congestion. I continue to have plenty of post-nasal drip however. I couldn't sleep without this nasal spray! F 38 2 years

 4  nasal allergies gradual onset of muscle and bone pain in arm/shoulder, neck, back, hips & legs. Helped immensly with my sinus/eye problems. I would keep taking it if not for the continued body aches and pains that are getting worse as I go along. After reading other posts, I am going to stop taking it immediately and hope that helps! F 35 4 weeks

 1  nasal inflammation Insomnia. Jittery. It worked well at relieving my nasal pressure but the side effects were awful. My doctor took my off it ASAP. F 36 3 weeks

 4  allergy rhinitis no I have other corticosteroid nasal spray but this one finally stop the itchiness on the second day after I use it. Be sure to use NeilMed hypotonic nasal rinse first before using Veramyst. This will avoid nose bleeding. F 43 2 weeks

 1  Fullness in ears/allergy Almost fainted, backache, constant headache, ulcers on lower eyelid, blurry vision, felt edgy I thought I had a sinus infection and felt generally lousy after four days on Veramyst. After quitting this med the headache was gone in one day, back ache eased each day and itchy eyes took one week to go back to normal. I reported my adverse effects to the company (for a refund) and to the FDA F 69 16 days

 2  pain in eustachian tubes get bloody noses every time I blow my nose (after about a month of use) I was prescribed this for problems with my eustachian tubes (crackling and popping when I yawn or blow my nose or swallow). I've seen little improvement with the condition, and the bloody noses just make me even less satisfied. F 44 5 weeks
 4  stop rebound congestion Increased nosebleeds/nasal sores I've been using OTC nasal decongestant for a year (up to 1 dose per/3 hours each day.) After about a month and a half on Veramyst I noticed that the frequency that I needed to administer the decongestant dropped to twice a day, then once, and finally none at all. There is still a little stuffyness when laying down/sleeping but it's still easy enough to breathe through that without a issues M 19 4 months

 4  chronic sinus infections My only concern is potentially linked chronic headaches. I have experienced decreased infections F 38 1 days

 5  Major nasal allergies Some achy joints. Started on this about 2 months ago...GREAT medicine. I no longer need to use other nasal sprays, and my sinuses have been so much better on this drug!!! F 38 60 days

 2  seasonal Allergies High pressure in eyes, dry nose, achy joints After an eye exam my doctor said the pressure on my optic nerve was high and it may be the medication. I stopped for a week and the pressure returned to normal. i decided to stop this med as high pressure can lead to gloacoma and blindness. not good esp since the drug didnt really help my allergies all that much. F 42 2 months

 1  sinus problems second day swollen, puffy eyes, third day back pain and vision problems. I will most likely stop this medication. F 65 4 days

 1   i wi was taking veramyst for seasonal allergies. i didn't see any improvements but i experienced sudden edginess, almost like an over dose of caffiene. it is also affecting my vision. i wouldn't recommend this drug. M 70 2 days
 2  seasonal allergies lower back pain About 5 days after I started taking the med, I started having lower back pain. I went off it for about 2-3 days and the pain went away. I started it again and after another couple of days the pain came back and became excruciating. It's taken about 10 days for the pain to go away. I haven't taken it since. Back pain is listed as a possible side effect - I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and what it is about this drug that may be causing this side effect? Does it somehow cause muscle tension? F 38 7 days

 2  allergic rhinitis Insomnia, dark circles, headaches, body aches. I have been taking this drug for about a week for chronic rhinitis. I am on a very low dose - 1 spray in each nostril once a day. I was very reluctant to use any steroid nasal spray as I am VERY sensitive to all medications but agreed to give this one a try. After one week, I notice little change in my symptoms and in fact think they may be worse. The dark circles under my eyes are much darker and I am waking up in the middle of the night and unable to get back to sleep. I am also experiencing dull headaches and muscles aches. I am probably going to stop taking it because it is not helping at this low dosage and since I am already experiencing side effects, I am not willing to up the dosage. F 61 8 days

 5  Allergic rhinitis, cat and weeds ocassional nosebleed Veramyst is a steroid that takes about a week of prescribed usage before it starts working and you see a difference. 44 2 months

 4  Sinus Problems I haven't experienced any side effects after one week of use. I am a little worried that the medication contains cortisteroids and about the contraindictions of Glaucoma etc. F 40 7 days

 5  Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis None. Within 4 days, my allergies have improved greatly. I haven't had to use OTC medicine. My eyes are also not gummy like they usually are. I'm happy with it so far. F 36 4 days

 1   "roid rage" type symptoms the steroids in veramyst are called corticosteroids, and they can cause "roid rage" type side effects, such as aggression, depression, mania, violent reactions, and even psychosis. Do a google search on "steroid psychosis" or sidefxdrugs and you will see the side effects corticosteroids can cause.

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