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 1  High Cholesterol While I was taking Zetia I had severe left sided pain. I could hardly walk the pain hurt so bad. Since I've been off Zetia I feel much better but not healed. Still having the left sided pain. F 51 2 weeks

 1  cholesterol shortness of breath and chest stomache fullness when when brisk walking. M 57 2 years

 1  cholesterol Just took it three days and am experiencing severe pain behind my right knee, numbness in right foot and some numbness in left fingers. Also twitching in right eye. I am grateful that I immediately decided to check this out before I took it again tonight. Three times and no more. Thank God for all of those who wrote their comments Saved me from misery I do not need. I had enough misery with Toprol XL. I will keep eating oatmeal as it was working and did bring my numbers down to 235 from 270. Don't know why the doctor did not just say ' keep eating oatmeal'. No side effects with oatmeal! Do they get kickbacks from pxs. 79

 1  High cholesterol Had this drug for three weeks and felt like I was dying. Weird feelings in the head, dizzy, eyes won't focus, terrible fatigue, left hand shaking and some numbing in the arms, anxiety, bed ridden for two weeks, viral infection in throat, and more. For me, this drug was pure poision. M 56 3 weeks

 1  Cholestorol Dizzyness, trouble concentrating, severe abdominal pain, severe pain in right elbow, loss of sex drive, elevated liver enzines, legs feel like lead weights, anxious. Most of the time I feel total confusion. Vision has been affected. Sinuses clogged, runny nose sometimes I have been taking this drug for about 8 months. I am 45 and I feel like I am 100. I have been thinking I was going to die. Constantly tired, lack of concentration, liver problems, just the constant feeling of illness. I am stoping this drug IMMEDIATLY M 45 8 months
 5  High Cholesterol - Total At 293 I experience sharp pain in the area where you would normally feel heartburn. I have only experienced it twice so far. I am fatigued but I don't exercise at this moment in time. I am eating healthy. I will start exercising soon to see if that will boost my energy levels. I recently took a non fasted Cholesterol check and my total cholesterol was 189. so 293 to 189 is a very nice drop in points. The first check was fasted and i will go in Feb to do another fasted cholesterol check. This site scares me a little but every person is different and will react differently. M 31 2 weeks
 2  High

 1  High Cholesterol I'm 37 yrs old and have a history of high cholesterol in the family and cannot take statins which also run in the family. Have severe muscle pain and soreness throughout my whole body. The doctor then prescribed Zetia, after taking it for about a month I started having severe leg and ankle pain, carpul tunnel symptoms and pain in my left arm. I'm thinking the same sort of side effects are happening to me with Zetia. It almost feels like I'm a 96 yr. old lady. I hurt walking across the room. I'm going to stop taking the medication and see if the symptoms go away. Thanks for all your advice on the website. F 37 30 days

 1  Hypercholesterolemia I had body pain with Crestor and Lipitor so the Dr. put me on Xetia. Today is my last pill. GET OFF THIS DRUG NOW! I have been dizzy and I get weird feelings in my head like I'm going to faint or have a stroke. I've been blessed with a happy disposition but now and am blue and sad and very depressed. After reading this site I now understand that it is the Zetia causing it. The only good thing about the Zetia is that it causes a loss of appetite. I am also experiencing neck pain especially while sleeping. I thought it was arthritis but now I know it's the Zetia. There needs to be more research done on this drug. I wish I was warned of it's side effects. They are terrible. F 58 3 months
 3   Anxiety, Fatigue & Loss of concentration. Also felt like my throat was swollen all the time which added to the anxiety. I tried other Satins and experiences muscle pain. My Dr. put me on Zeitia and told me that this was our last option as far as statins go. My cholesterol dropped from 225 to around 180 with no change in diet. I recently lost 14 lbs and eating better. My cholesterol is now around 145 but my good cholesterol is still a little low at 39. With the above noted side effects, I going to stop taking Zeitia and see if this improves without increasing my overall cholesterol to much. I expect some increase but since I changed my diet I should be able to maintain under 200. I left my email address so if anyone has any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. M 47 3 years
 1  Protect Kidneys Eight months ago I started taking Vytorin (zocor+zetia). I am 62.I have type 2 diabetes, but well under control. Otherwise good health. One day I woke up and both of my calf's were sore and weak and my whole legs were feeling very heavy, like cinder blocks were attached. I did not have pain though. My legs got weaker, and I can hardly walk, even with a cane,but there has not been any pain. I cannot stand up from a sitting position without help. . In looking back though, I have had significant fatigue, deteriorated golf game, some brain fog and other personality changes (my wife finally brought that up). After discussing my symptoms and time line, a neurologist gave me a diagnosis of statin induced myopathy. There was no treatment but to stop the vytorin and stay off my legs as much as possible . From my reading most people recover within 6 months, but some do not. M 62 18 months
 3  high cholestrol After taking this medication for 2 months, my overall cholestrol had dropped 60 points and my LDL was down 55 points. The medication did it's job, however, it's not without side effects for me, and I'm not sure whether I think it's worth continuing to take it. After taking it for 2 1/2 months, the corners of my mouth were dry and cracked and my lips got so chapped that I had to put bag balm on them 24 hrs a day. Also, my tongue began to burn whenever I brushed my teeth. I could not gargle with mouthwash for more than a second or two. I also was experiencing a feeling of a lump in my throat. I have not seen anyone on this site who complained of a burning tongue but I did read someone's side effect of the lump in the throat. I stopped taking the medication 10 days ago. My lips are considerably better and the toothpaste no longer burns my tongue. The other person said it took 5 weeks for the feeling in his throat to disappear so it's a waiting game, however, it does seem to be som F 61 3 months
 1   Had been taking Zetia since 2001 because Zocor caused me sever and morbid depression. Then in 2006, Zetia was prescribed in combination with Fenofibrate 145 to improve my numbers further. However, in April 2008, my doctor reversed her decision about the combination because of concern that Zetia is not recommended to be taken with other drugs. However, she reversed herself again in October 2008 when my overall numbers increased over 200. Throughout the time I was taking Zetia I started taking massive cortizone injections in my knee to take care of what I thought was the onset of severe arthritis. Then my shoulders caved and I thought I had severe bursitis. Never did I suspect that Zetia might be at the root cause of these pains. By the time I was taken off Zetia in April, I had sever pain in neck, shoulders, knees, hips, and feet. Then, the miracle. Throughout the summer of 2008 I started feeling better, exercising more rigorously, and found myself pain free by autumn. Woohooo! I remember just before my father died that I had intense arguments with his several specialists, none of whom could track what the other one was prescribing. They just aimed from the hip and fired at whatever symptom my father was presenting. Frankly, some of the symptoms were caused by reactions to other drugs. It was then, watching my father weaken every day until his eventual death that I determined to be the master of my own destiny. In the case of Zetia (and Zocor and other statins for that matter) I have all the information I need. They are not for me. Despite their marginal effect on reducing cholesterol, they have to be viewed in the context of one's own life...and if the quality of life is lacking, then the "clinical" yippee that we get out of lower cholesterol numbers has to be confronted. I have made up my mind. The pain and lack of life quality is not worth it. Finally, I continue to be outraged by the pharmaceuticals' resistance to full disclosure about M 60 7 years

 1  to lower cholesterol dizziness, higher blood sugar numbers My husband has a bad heart. He was put on zetia because his numers were not bad but they were not low enough . Tried Vytorin, lipitor, zocor and now zetia. He is a type 2 diabetic. In 2 days on this he became very dizzy and his morning fasting blood sugar was up 30 points. I told him to throw this drug in the trash. I believe that physians are following a manual that says eveyone should be a specific number. What may be good for one person may not be good for eveyone. M 67 2 days


 2  High Cholesterol & Triglycerides Hair Loss, pain in right upper abdomen radiating to back It did a wonderful job of controlling my cholesterol, and interestingly enough it reduced facial swelling I had going on at the time, and improved my rosacea. However, my hair (which is extremely thick) started getting brittle, then began falling out. This continued for over a year. The pain in my right abdoment began about 8 months after taking Zetia and felt like someone poking me where my gallbladder used to be, with pain radiating out my back. Had several tests done by the gastroenterologist, they could not discover anything. Went off the Zetia, pain went away and hair stopped falling out. It also made me severely constipated. F 41 1 years

 1  To lower cholesterol Severe pain in shoulder, arm and neck. Couldn't turn head. Hand trembled and shook when I lifted a glass or fork to eat. Began to have bladder muscle problems,incontinence etc.(I never thought it was the Zetia) I would advise you NOT to take this medicine! I have been off of it for 9 monthe now and feel much better. After 2-3 weeks of being off of it the aches and pains lessened and the urinary issues stopped completely.I never thought the urine leakage was related to Zetia until about 3 weeks after I stopped taking it and the problem stopped! If Zetia has this effect on arm, leg, neck and bladder muscles, I can only imagine what it does to your heart muscle! Muscles etc. are now better with no issues. If you are on it, get off. Dr. basically told me I was nuts and that no one has these side effects.I told him to take it & see how he feels. I stopped it myself-cold turkey with no other side effects except that I felt better!! F 55

 1  High Cholestrol Dizziness, muscle pain, chest pain, stomach pain, lower back pain. At times breathing problems. Extremely tired and fatigued much of the time. My wife and I could not understand why, but then we remembered the doctor put me on this drug a week ago. Had problems with other statins with muscle pain, but nothing like this. I stopped taking the drug today! M 62 10 days

 1  High Cholesterol Elevated liver enzymes F 56 1 years

 1  high cholesterol Depression, panic attacks, anxiety, paranoia, hostility, personality change,EXTREME FATIGUE AND WEAKNESS, chest pain, COMPLETE LOSS OF APPETITE, Couldn't take statins due to arm and leg pain. Lipitor caused zombie-like state. Zetia even worse. Two trips to ER for chest pain -thought I was going to die. All tests including stress test negative. Then came psychological disaster-I wished I was dead. Felt so awful, but couldn't really describe what was wrong in my mind, and had no appetite and felt like food wouldn't go down. Stopped Zetia and after first missed dose, my mind felt normal although I still had short periods of depression and paranoia for several days. Off it for 11 days now, and no longer have psychological problems. Although appetite is better, still can't eat much. I am still very fatigued, but I am getting out of bed more. It is very discouraging because I want to do so much, but when the weakness and fatigue hit me, I just have to go back to bed again and rest. Hope to have more energy with each passing day off this HORRIBLE DRUG. I will never take these drugs again! F 82 4 months

 4  high colesterol Neck pain, elbow pain, extreme knee, calf and foot pain. Can barely get out of bed or a chair. Thank you for this site I'm getting off of zetia right now. F 55 2 years

 1  High cholesterol Diarrhea after only 24 hours, eyes bothering me, head itches, feel strange. This was prescribed because I had adverse reaction to Lipitor. After reading all the comments on this site, I am discontinuing this immediately and will look into other healthier alternatives instead of statins. My body is speaking loud and clear that this does not work for me. This site was very helpful. It is a drug and people can heed these warnings - F 65 1 days

 1  had heart attack and high cholestra Very gradually and insidiously my body started to break down, first with a stiff neck making it hard for me to turn my head. Next came a sever shoulder pain - so bad that I had to quit working out in the gym. Next I developed what I thought was carpol tunnel syndrome so bad I had to wear a wrist brace. Next came "tennis elbow" that got to the point where I couldn't even bend my elbow to brush my teeth. During all of this I would wake up with horrible soreness in my back which I just learned to live with and accepted as a result of "growing older". It never occured to me that I was much too young to be feeling this out of sorts day and night (I'm 53). I've always been in excellent physical shape - working out at the gym 5 days a week, treadmill every morning and tennis weekends. I never had any of these problems until I started statins Advcor and Zetia. I was fine at first but after about a year they built up a toxicity and began poisoning my body. It wasn't until I It's so easy for a doctor to just prescribe a pill and then move on to the next patient that's waiting in an adjacent room. You know your body better than anyone else. Be proactive. If you want to lower your cholestal do it the old fashioned way - change your diet and preferably go vegetarian as there is NO cholestral in plant products. Take charge. M 53 2 days

 1  high colest actually it's my mother 82 who has the high colesterol and she just had a stroke this morning, not that that is related to the zetia, but she did experience extreme tiredness, hip pain, leg pain (shooting) and back pain symptoms read by most sounds like ebv F 0 days

 1  Trying to lower the LDL Cholesterol It is incidious. I took it for a little over 1 year. The first few months were no side effects, then I noticed aches & pains in arm, hands,shoulders, leg muscles, all joints, loss of strength in my hands and arms. The pain got so bad that I could barely walk-only shuffle. The Dr. said "he had never heard of these side effects". I told him-"Now you have and I'm quitting this junk". This drug is terrible. I quit taking it and it took about two months to really feel better. I hadn't realized how much of a "brain dull" it was until I quit. It was like a light bulb turned back on in my brain, I could think, focus on things, remember and was no longer absent-minded. F 61 1 years

 5  Lower Cholestero No side affects from Zetia at all. All the statins gave me leg pains and memory problems. Zetia reduced my total cholesterol from 270 to 230. Did not improve HDL though. Slo-Niacin and Flax oil bumped HLD from 30 to 50. There is a genetic test called APO-E. It was well worth the ~$80 to find that my genetics predict statins are not a good choice. Zetia is still working well for me after three years. M 57 3 years
 2  high cholesterol Minimal side effects Lowered cholesterol very little so dr. said to stop taking. zetia is expensive with very little benefit F 67 1 years

 1  substitute for statin So many awful side effects that I cannot remember them. Scariest was an interference with thought process-ex.I was vacuuming and when I was done I found myself staring at the vacuum with no knowledge of how to turn it off. Depression, sadness,"out of this world" feeling, severe sharp pain down one arm that was incapacitating, joint aches, muscle soreness.Didn't want to see anyone or talk to anyone. Horrible drug. This is a dangerous mind altering drug that should be pulled and further investigated. F 68 5 days

 2  lower bad cholestrol weight gain, extreme fatigue mild muscle pain foggy thining, forgetfulness feeling generally bad all over F 65 60 days

 1  Dr. ordered because high LDLs Corneal rejection, muscle pain & joint inflamation. April 9th started Zetia. Had immediate fogging and pain in my eyes, knees & muscles. I have Fuch's disease in both eyes and had the nerve servering corneal transplant that takes 3 years to heal & requires a donor 10 years ago. No problem with rejection. I took Zetia for a week and had an eye doctor appointment at the U of I. I am rejecting both eyes at the same time so I know that it was the Zetia. I have to put pred 1% drops every hour in both eyes for 17 days in hopes of saving them. The pain from the drops are almost unbearable. I hope they put some warning on the label. I will never take a pill again without looking on the internet. Many others that never even had eye problems have developed serious eye disease. F 62 6 days
 1  lower cholesterol Severe muscle pain and weakness, elevated liver enzymes, tiredness, palpitations I had success with the cholesterol lowering properties of Zetia. However after 2+ years my liver enzymes were elevated and the doctor recommended ultrasound. Dx: fatty liver. Then wanted a CT scan which I refused. Discontinued Zetia. My severe muscle pain and weakness slowly began to lessen. My tiredness improved almost immediately. At 1, 2 & 3 months my liver enzymes were still elevated. At 5 months they are nearly normal. I test negative for hepatitis. At this point I can lay on my right side--not possible before because of severe pain and my right arm is now stronger. I still have a bit of lower back/side pain but it is much improved. I have moved to a holistic M.D. for care as I would like to work on the cholesterol elevation through more natural means. I am hoping for success with that as I do not think I will take Zetia again or any other statin. F 55 2 years

 3  High Cholesteral, High Triglyceride I have been experiencing chronic fatique within hours of waking, each day, irritability most days, severe upper back and right arm pain, hip pain, and inability to move without pain upon getting up from sitting or lying down. My D.O. had also prescribed Tricor along with this drug and the symptoms together were unbearable and I stopped the Tricor immediately, thinking the Zetia was more important. As of late, the upper back and shoulder to right arm pain has almost become debilitating, so much so I have spent a lot of money on massages and constant doctor visits for which I am told the muscles are very hard. They wonder if I am under tremendous stress. Another easy answer. I understand stress plays a part in physical health problems, but I have always been able to handle it in the past. There is nothing to explain this kind of pain but to go back to the medications. Unfortunately, I just renewed the Zetia and may have to decide the money is better thrown away than continue with this pain. F 48 1 years

 2  high cholesterol Insomnia, diverticulitis, acid reflux, anemia, extreme stiffness, joint/muscle pain, pain in finger joints and wrist up through arm and into back and shoulder, unbelievable fatigue and loss of sexual desire, sudden unexplained weight gain after 2 years of taking the drug, swelling of hands, arms, legs and feet, irregular heart beats, some difficulty focusing at times, dizziness, etc. Originally was taking Crestor, with immediate side effects of joint and muscle pain and a severe allergic reaction. Switched to Zetia, and side effects were more gradual but have reached unacceptable limits after 2+ years. Internal Med. Dr. and Allergy Dr. both insist it is NOT the cholesterol drug, and would rather give me 8 additional drugs to treat the allergic reaction instead. It was not until I talked to my pharmacist that anyone told me others had ever complained about the same side effects. The Dr.'s don't want to admit there are side effects associated with these drugs. Yet everyone I know who takes them says the same things. Why are the Dr.'s trying to deny it? I stopped Crestor and almost immediately felt better. I stopped Zetia 3 days ago and have seen some improvement but it has been more gradual. F 50 3 years

 1  cholesterol primarily abdominal pain, loose stools Abdominal pain, gas, and loose stools began within days of starting this medication. I never thought it could have been the drug. I went to two gastroenterologists who ran all sorts of tests on me to see what was wrong. One of the many tests involved drinking a chalky substance containing an agent that would be visible in an x-ray. The substance passed bthrough my system in 1/4 the slowest normal time surprising and shocking the radiologist. But, like all the other tests, they found nothing wrong and I was ultimately diagnosed with IBS--only because they could find nothing else wrong with me. But, in light of particularly the x-ray test I described, I am certain that this drug has permanently damaged me. I have been off the drug for more than two years now, and my abdominal problems persist. The normal steps recommended for IBS patients have not alleviated my condition. If anyone else has had this or a similar experience, please contact me. M 37 9 months
 1  Lower Cholesterol 220 -190 For the past 2 years I have been on several different statins: Pravachol, Zocor, Vytorin, Zetia, and others. My Cholesterol has been as high as 225; LDL 133 to 164; and HDL 40 - 42. When I went on the statins, they lowered the LDL and raised the HDL to 47. I am a General Contractor, age 57, and was in excellent shape: ran mile 3x/week and did Judo, Karate, Weights, golf, swimming with NO cramping or muscles UNTIL I began using statins. Side effects I developed with ALL the statins include: severe cramps in muscles of hands, calves, feet, shoulders, and back; occassionally: spastic colon like pains in my right, lower abdomen; severe joint pain in my knees, shoulders, and hips; and incredible flu-like symptoms and general malaise...I only wanted to sleep. The pain in my hips was diagnosed as tendinitis....I NEVER had this until I began taking statins. I have had to have steroid injections into my hip ligaments to stop the pain. The symptoms manifest themselves after abo Yes, it will lower LDL and slightly raise HDL...however, it seems to have negative side effects that I find intolerable. M 57 3 months

 1  Colesteral Muscle weakness, pain in liver M 73 1 years
 1  could,nt take statins Read ratings and can say DITTO to most every one . Was on Zetia for four years, and finally said NO to Doctor. I,m better but wonder how long muscle spasms will continue. Have heard of someone off three years and they continue. I,ve been off four months. Now having trouble finding blood pressure meds. which don't effect muscles. Doctors have NO idea of the dire sideeffects of drugs such as Zetia. They should all be required to read reports on this web site. Just remember we have the right to stop any drug we feel has such bad effects on us.Of course , check the web to see how to get off. Some drugs have to be quit gradually. But not Zetia !! F 79 4 years

 2  zSomewhat high cholesterol After about 2 years of taking Zetia, I am experiencing the same side effects of taking Zocor and Lipitor...but now some symptoms are worse. Common to all three were my leg pains, knee pains, back pains, shoulder pains, etc. After stopping talking Zorcor and Lipitor, all side effects disappeared within one week. With Zetia, I have intense fatigue and lack of sex drive. I feel so tired all the time, that I can hardly function. This has never happened before in my life and there is no logical other reason for it to happen to me now. Will stop taking Zetia today. It just seems that my body repels the statins or Zetia around the 2nd year of taking the drugs. Every time I quit taking a statin, I returned to normal in less than a week and I hope the same is true after quiting taking Zetia. M 74 2 days

 1  colesterol after heart stint Constant ringing(crickets)in my ears.My skin itches and I sometimes break out in hives or rash. My feet burn and sometimes my feet and crotch burns. I have lost almost all the hair on my legs.I sometimes have hot flashes during sex and lately I have been experiencing a problem reaching climax during sex. No erection problem.I have alot of pain in my hips sometimes to the point I can't sit. After reading this site I stopped Zetia yesterday all together. I was blambing some of my symptoms on my age now I am unshure. M 55 4 years

 1  couldn't take statins Loose bowels, gas, severe cramping, sudden urge and not feeling empty on completion, burning anus, lasting over four weeks I had taken Zetia for some time then had stopped taking it while my husband was hospitalized(approx 9 months) - started again after his death at the doctor's insistence. Recently developed all of these symptoms and I thought it may be irritable bowel as the Zetia had not bothered me before. Found this site and started to wonder. I've been off of it for a week and all of the side effects have disappeared along with ones that I had not associated with it - insomnia, bloating, lactose intolerance, tiredness, weakness in legs. It did do a good job in lowering my cholesterol but it wasn't that high to begin with and I was miserable. Unfortunately all prescriptions effect your whole body not just the thing they were prescribed for. I'm sticking with garlic and Omega 3 fish oil. I feel much better about taking herbs than all this stuff the doctors are pushing. F 57 4 years

 2  High cholesterol level, 257 Fatigue and lack of motivation. Stiffness and pain in knees & lower back. Bloated feeling and weight gain. Initially, Zocor was suggested but caused extreme muscle fatigue and only lowered total cholesterol to 231 from 250 , Pravachal was next, but same result. Now I'm on Zetia for 9 months and total cholesterol is at 164, with LDL at 104. However, under each med whether it was a statin or Zetia, fatigue was/is a key side effect. Joint pain in knees and back are evident with Zetia along with stiffness. I was far more active a year ago than I am now. I still exercise regularly, but it is not something I readily want to do, it's something I force myself to do - motivation and energy have been greatly reduced. M 50 9 months

 1  to lower cholesterol I was on this medication for approximately 8 months. Didn't realize for almost another 10 months that the symptoms I was experiencing was related to the zetia. Lower right abdominal pain, small intestine pain and swelling. Pain in my back right side and back in the liver area and upwards. Pain and swelling in the back generating to the left abdominal side. Pain and weakness in the arms, could hardly lift a glass of water. Fatigue, lethargy, general overall feeling of not being well. Swelling, Swelling, Swelling. Started in May after 8 months with micrscopic blood in the urine. Went to a urologist. He did many tests, including scope. Could find no accounting for the blood. It finally dawned on me to start researching this medication. All the symptoms, including the blood in the urine, were on the severe symptom list. I stopped taking this medication. I still have to see if the hematuria has stopped. at the next doctors visit. Most of the symptoms have subsided. However, I am I read through the other comments. I found it interesting that common sense does not prevail where doctors are concerned. If this medication kills you at least you will die with low cholesterol. How special!! Medication from HELL. F 56 18 months

 2  Couldn't tolerate statins Join pain in shoulders (left is the worse). Muscle weakness, tiredness. I'm gonna stop using this stuff today. Guess I'll try some red yeast rice and CQ10. I just tired of feeling likr Sh*t every day! M 57 1000 days

 1  lower cholesterol Fatigue, sore muscles, nausea, extreme malase! I have had other side effects mentioned below, but I'm still not sure if Zetia is the cause (swollen fingers, insomnia). The side effects crept up on my slowly over a one year period. Zetia did lower my cholesterol, but it's not worth the side effects for me. I'm going to look for natural solutions to my cholesterol problem. I was thinking that I was just getting older, but by stopping the medication for 3 days, I'm convinced that the side effects of Zetia is the cause of my problems. I am very thankful for this website because it gave me the confirmation that I needed to determine that Zetia side effects can be devastating. I wanted to do my part and share my experience to help others. M 50 1 years

 1  cholesterol I posted a comment on November 17,2007. In addition to it. Since my doctor at Mayo clinic agreed to take me off Zetia on November 12, all symptoms including the diaahrea went away within days. I have now seen a liver specialist and have potentially serious liver problems. (not related to alcohol) He said it was a good thing I got off Zetia as soon as I did. The incompetent gastroenterologist who blew me off with his "cop out" diagnosis of IBS could have saved me four additional months of liver damage if he had been informed about Zetia. F 72 2 years
 1  to lower cholesterol Do not take this medication. I took only 2 tablets and immediately had severe symptoms. I was hospitalized for 5 days and I am still seriously ill. I had bloody urine, white stools and was diagnosed with drug induced hepatitis. I was told by my doctor that these symptoms were so rare and complicated that they are obligated to inform the FDA. That is scary. I truly feel the med has killed me. My liver is shot and hopefully with treatment it will get better, but I have my doubts since 5 doctors have told me they have never seen anything like this nor have they seen anything like it in the published materials regarding this drug. DO NOT TAKE ZETIA M 56 2 days
 1  hypertriglyceridemia Severely itchy rash all over for the whole time I took Zetia. More joint aches than usual. Did not suspect Zetia caused my rash. My doc and two dermatologists and a biopsy could not diagnose it. When I could not afford to refill it in December, the rash went away. Hmmmmm. F 55 8 months

 3  High hereditary cholesterol Gradual worsening of insomnia, premature heart contractions, increase in overall body pain (I have FMS). At first I thought these symptoms were due to my taking Vytorin, since a recent study on WebMD showed that the statin in this drug caused sleep problems. However, they still continued after I switched to Zetia only. I have to admit that Vytorin (10/20) lowered my cholesterol levels 100 points in three months; however, I'm going to have to try the natural cures such as fish oils and red yeast rice. I just can't take the side-effects of statins or Zetia any longer. The insomnia is the worst... I have to drug myself into Zombieland every night in order to sleep! F 56 4 months

 2  to lower cholesteral I took Zetia for almost two years. It reduced my cholesteral from 305 to 225. I felt fine for about six months, but gradually experienced severe leg cramping, then persistent back ache, then general aches and pains EVERYWHERE in both muscles and joints. The last three months on Zetia I became EXTREMELY weak in my legs, stomach muscles and back muscles. I was all bent over and couldn't stand up straight. I struggled to stay awake, struggled to go up and down stairs and sometimes even take a walk. I also had major heartburn and heart palpitations. Why did I not stop taking it? I asked my provider to do a CPK test to see if there was a problem and she said they do that only when you're in the hospital. Duh? I had taken 10 mg. of Lipitor and got the same symptoms in a very short timeframe (13 days), so my provider switched me to Zetia, saying this would not cause the same symptoms. The symptoms were more insidious than on Lipitor. I took Zetia close to two years, struggling with weakness and pain the last three or four months. Because of the nature of the symptoms, I simply thought I was getting old and had arthritis or something. In fact, I injured my knee while I was taking Zetia, had surgery, had great difficulty recovering full strength or full use of my knee, and now realize some of these problems were probably due to Zetia. Now that I have stopped taking it, my knees don't hurt at all and my back does not ache! P.S. I'm a physician's wife, so my experiences were a real eye-opener to him. F 61 2 years
 1  High Triglicerides and Cholesterol Im a 28 yo former USAF P.A. In otherwise excellent health. Diagnosed 03-07 w/Elevated Trig./ Cholesterol.Tried 4 statins over 9 mos. Intolerable all.(Serious fatigue, sore,aching muscles, etc. My MD.(internist/cardiologist)Suggested ZETIA 10mg/day Jan 08. BIG MISTAKE. In just FIVE DAYS, this "drug" reduced a strapping, 6ft 4in body-builder into a nearly LIFELESS mound of achy, quivering JELLO. I was so WEAK I could hardly get out of bed. I also experienced rapid and irregular heartbeat, severe abdominal pain/gas,bizarre and INTENSE pain in my upper/lower back and really WEIRD feelings of anxiety and paranoia. NEVER experienced ANY of these HORRIBLE symptoms before. OH, I almost forgot- after 3 days on this POISON I began having pain in my right arm/hand so INTENSE I couldn't hold my toothbrush long enough to brush my teeth. Called my Doc on day six-told him I wanted to stop the Zetia. He reluctantly agreed. In 3 days ALL the symptoms TOTALLY disappeared. NEVER AGAIN M 28 5 days

 3  Can not tolerate statins After about 6 months I have developed surface numbness and deeper pain in all of my fingertip and toes. I gave it a three, because it lowered my LDL, so it did work. BUT I experienced these side effects. It started with an extreme burning in the tip of my left index finger when using computer mouse. Switched to mousing with right hand and felt same thing on that hand. It quickly developed into pain in all fingertips when touching things, for example moving hangers on the rack at a clothing store was very painful. There is discomfort even typing on a keyboard. I stopped taking Zetia a week ago and the pain is starting to subside. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will be back to normal. As an aside, I was on Zocor for almost two years. The doctor had told me to be on the lookout for muscle pain, but side effects crept up on me over such a long time that I didn't realize it. I was feeling aches and pains after about a year, and they got progressively worse. I thought it was just that I was getting old. I was only 47, but I was groaning when I bent over to tie my shoes or when I g M 180 days

 1  to lower bad cholesterol fatigue, coughing, increased mucus production, vomiting, muscle aches & weakness, lower back pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, constipation (or diarrhea), crankiness, fever, occasional sharp pain at joint of middle finger near hand and wrist, feeling of dread, total personality change (from positive and high energy to hostile, intolerant & worn out), indigestion/heart attack-type symptoms, stomache pains, blurry vision - pretty much everything EXCEPT headache My doctor switched my blood pressure med from Dyazide to Lisino-hctz at the same time I started Zetia. The first few weeks, I couldn't keep my eyes open, my legs felt so heavy I could barely climb stairs, I developed a hacking cough that started low on my sternum and usually brought up foamy white mucus and sometimes led to vomiting and shooting pains in my pwer back. I started taking the Zetia about an hour before I went to bed, which led to feeling somewhat more awake during the day and slightly lessened the other symptoms. Even scarier was what it did to my personality. On the first day after I stopped taking Zetia, I had only 6 coughing spasms (compared to 1-2 an hour before) and I got my energy back. On the second day, I had only 2 coughing spasms and I felt like my old self again. I kept trying to pass off my problems as the flu, but since they're gone within 2 days of stopping the Zetia, I know the cuplrit. F 44 47 days

 2  high lcd severe joint pain was also taking nexium. it has the same side effects. decided to stop taking both meds. F 60 2 months

 1  high total clorestoral I had cramps in my calves, stiff neck with tendon pain. BUT the worse was the panic attacks. I felt like I was sufficating and there was an elephant sitting on my chest. It took about 4 days of NOT taking this med for the symtoms to subside. F 54 24 days
 1  heart attack in 2003 Constant extreme fatigue and getting worse and worse as time passed. Also aches and pains throughout my body and made my arthritis much worse - a lot of pain in my arithitic hip. I know this is from Zetia because once I stopped taking it last month, all of these side effects either cleared up or greatly reduced within one week, still a little tired, but not like before. I can now get out of a chair without having to push myself up by using the chair arms. Interesting point for me, the doc put me on it 5 yrs ago because I could not tolerate 40mg of Zocor so I was on 20 mg zocor plus zetia. When I stopped the zetia, I am now able to tolerate the 40 mg of zocor without any side effects whatsoever. Don't know the reason, but it seems to me being on 20mg of zocor for so long built up my tolerance for it. Have blood work done to check on the zocor increase and so far everything is as it should be. M 63 5 years

 3   just started M 70 5 days

 1  Cholesterol I was on Whelchol, it brought down my cholesterol from 280 to 157. But the pills were hard to swallow. My doc switched me to Zetia to maintain that huge drop. After 10 MONTHS ON ZETIA, I HAD LABS ON 1/28/8 AND MY CHOLESTEROL LEVEL IS NOW 244!!! I AM SO DISAPPOINTED!! I HAVE NEVER MISSED I DOSAGE OF ZETIA AND IT DID NOTHING BUT TAKE MY MONEY 10 MONTHS OF THIS DRUG AND MY CHOLESTROL WENT FROM 157 TO 244! F 53 10 months
 4  high cholestral F 49 5 years

 1  Heart Disease /Cholesterol Excessive fatigue. Muscle aches and pains. Irritablility. Took this because other heart medications caused a rise in an otherwise completely normal cholesterol level. Doctor took me off Lipitor and put me on this. Big bad mistake. M 74 1 years

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