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 3  Peripheral neuropathy Excessive weight gain, foggy head in morning, dizzy. Although Cymbalta helped with my pain, I had the Dr wean me off because of the side effects. It gets depressing going to the gym and eating less while you gain weight. I hope the weight goes off as quick as it went on. M 61 3 years
60 1X D

 3  Depression/anxiety Very foggy, unable to think straight, no motivation (no matter what the motivator), panic attacks, unable to respond to emotions of others, thinning hair, sweating (especially around head), suicidal thoughts daily with some planning, no sex drive...period, emotions feel close to surface and as if they are competing to get out, helped depression at first, but not now, very poor memory, hard to follow a task from start to finish, hard to walk straight at times, VERY short temper, hostile, aggressive behavior, easily startled by loud noise, have to tell myself to show emotions...feel totally dead inside. When this drug initially helped my depression, I was thrilled. It seemed like a Godsend. One year after taking it, I experienced an episode of ITP (immuno-thrombocytopenia purpura) and nearly died. I had 1,000 platelets when checked into the hospital and required two transfusions. Took 6 months to recover. They later discovered that this was from a medication interaction between Cymbalta and the 800mg ibuprofen I was taking for pain from a car accident. Doctor did not take me off Cymbalta, but did take me off pain medication...not especially helpful. When effectiveness tapered off, my dose was doubled to 120mg/day. I began having terrible bruises, and my fingers would get painful bruises from blood testing for diabetes. I have become more and more suicidal and am moving toward the planning stages. I can barely make it through a full day of work, and usually have a panic attack at around 2pm each day. I'm searching for an answer, but in the meantime...I'm scared. F 53 8 years
60 1X D
 5  Depression & Anxiety Only initial side effects: Insomnia Really great medication for depression and anxiety. Stick with the drug and ride out the initial insomnia. It will pass. Don't let your MD talk you into Trazodone for sleep. You won't need it. After 2 weeks you will be sleeping just fine. M 45 6 weeks
60mg 1X D

 5  nueropathy none Works very well off label for nueropathy! M 61 3 years
60mg 1X D

 3  Fibromyalgia & associated symptoms Jittery, speedy, heart palpitations, accompanied with exhaustion, diarrhea & no appetite. No driving for 1 1/2 weeks. 10 pound weight loss in 2 months. 2 weeks resulted in more energy and a better attitude, reduction in IBS. Speediness subsided along with fatigue and diarrhea. No pain reduction. F 57 2 months
30 MG

 1  depression and anxiety My Doctor First Started Me On 60 Mg And That Didn't Seem To Be Having Much Success As I Was Still Very Depressed And Had A Ton Of Anxiety. So They Increased The Dose To 120 Mg Per Day. That Helped With The Anxiety And Depression.I Was Very Low Energy Though. I Had Very Vivid And Disturbing Dreams On It as Well. At 4 Months I Decided To Discontinue UsE After Becoming Aware Of Side Effects That I Was Not Okay With And That Seemed To Be Worse The Longer You Were On It. I Was Plagued With Vivid Nightmares That Were Difficult To Wake Up From And That Would Continue From Where They Left Off When I Did Fall Back Asleep. They Were Accompanied by Terrible Night Sweats (Even When The House Was 68). I Also Had Brain Zaps, NauseA, Headaches, Confusion And DifficultY Thinking. Pretty Severe Withdrawals For Such A Short Time Of Usage. I Did Not Experience The Weight Gain That Some Did (Though Perhaps That Was Because I Tried Living A Pro-Anna Lifestyle At First Then Stopped And Began A Healthier Lifestyle Characterized By Healthy Eating And Regular Exercise) And Was Only Aware Of The Slightest Hint of A Decrease I Libido. Some People ReportedLy Suffered From Insomnia But I Did Not, But I Also ContinueD Using Vistaril To Treat Any Anxiety Attacks And At Night As A Sleep Aid. F 33 4 months
120 MG
 1  depression... hip pain... Extreme anger....ears ringing,pissed F 56 1 days
60 mg

 1  pain, anxiety. SEVERE exhaustion. Non stop yawning. Severe restless leg while trying to sleep. No appetite all day. Im so tired, it's dangerous. Not "better make it two cups of coffee!" tired. Dangerous "probably shouldnt be driving. hope I make it through work without passing out" tired. F 28 5 days
30MG 1X D

 3  Major Depression & Anxiety Nausea, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Weight Loss, Mental Numbness, Blurry Vision. I started at 30 MG for 3 full weeks. Start of 4th week, I went up to 60 MG. I take it every morning at 8 am. After getting into work because it makes my vision very blurry. I can't see well the first 3 hours of work. But by afternoon most of the side effects go away. Only loss of appetite is all the time. I just can't eat and have no desire. F 43 4 weeks
60 MG 1X D
 3  Anxiety Depressiom Tingling scalp, NO SEX DRIVE, reduced self control, BRAIN ZAPS The drug certainly eliminated the anxiety which was my primary concern at the time. However, the other side effects severely hurt your quality of life. The brain zaps are no joke if you happen to have this side effect - almost mini-seizures in rapid succession. I stopped cold turkey 5 days ago along with a very aggressive exercise program and office therapy! Wish me luck! M 45 2 years
60 1X D

 2  Bipolar depression, GAD Am still awaiting an antidepressant effect. Meanwhile have felt more depressed and generally slowed down: anorexia, tiredness, slower talking, slower walking, constipation. Other early side-effects have been headaches, irritable watery eyes (improving), hair loss (persisting), anxiety, akathisia, no motivation (worse), reduced libido. Appearing to friends/family/nurses as flat and looking more depressed. Anorexia is severe. Hoping that I'm through the *2-week wall*! We'll see.. M 56 14 days
60mg 1X D

 1  depression Horrible. Totally horse tranq knocked out for 12hrs within 2hrs of tasking it couldn't focus on anything laid down and stayed there all day apart from running to the toilet with diarrhoea a few times. Could sleep later without restless legs then slept for another 12hrs. One of the worst meds I've been on. M 49 1 days

 1  depression auditory hallucinations!!!! other side effects were minor, but I heard music coming out of the wheel of my car; initially I thought it was very funny, and figured if I know I'm hallucinating I must be OK, but then I started to hear things that I wasn't sure if other people heard. Called the doctor SO FAST to go back on to Cipralex! F 51 4 months
20 1X D

 5  anxiety I feel awesomely numb while taking Cymbalta. After only a couple of weeks taking the drug my thoughts improved, anxiety stopped completely, and I could hear what people are saying better. I do notice that my memory is not great and that I love sleep! It definitely got rid of what were hypochondriac-like thoughts, and completely. Sleep is amazing on this stuff. However, I'm scaling back from 60mg for 6 years to 30mg because I do notice my memory is affected. F 39 6 years
60 1X D

30 1X D

 5  depression ,fibro myalgia, syatica A little nausea first couple of days and jitters gone fast. Lived on a heating pad with lower back no motovation depression,fibromyalgia,after two week felt great stayed great for two months then had to get my dose increased from 20 to 40 mg. Never felt better. 63 3 months
20-up 40mg

 1  chronic lower back and leg pain I had seizure-like symptoms. Shaking uncontrollable. Had to be taking to the hospital and got 3 different meds to stop it and a bag of fluid..bad thing is i cant remember any thing except getting up for work at 4 am till around 3-4 that afternoon..i still experienced some shaking for around 4-5 days afterwards... never again will i take this..now i'm very scared of taking any medicines. .., F 46 1 days

 3  Chronic back pain from injury Begins with nausea for about 2 months but has subsided makes my head feel stupid or delayed have had headaches better now I missed 3 doses when I forgot meds on a trip and I snaped! This stuff is dangerous if you quit cold turkey or miss a few pills! But for the back pain it has really helped! Thinkin I'm getting off this crap soon and see how the pain goes. Definitely not a life long drug, probably fry my brain. I wonder in 10yrs from now they will figure out this stuff fries your brain or other problems. M 42 5 months

 5  Depression, fatigue, brain fog None that I noticed If you are having major symptoms, do not be afraid to try this drug. Just ramp down from your old medicine if any and ramp up slowly to this one - take a whole week. This medication has quite literally changed my life. I'm a professional and wasn't able to get out of bed before 8, and then I was foggy through about noon ... not good. I would sleep 12 hours sometimes and still have these issues. I am now sleeping normally, 8 hours or maybe 7 at times. I feel wonderful in the mornings now and can immediately get up and start my day without the fog. I have energy and am enjoying my interests and activities again. I don't know if I'm having loss of appetite or weight loss quite yet, but I will say that previous to taking Cymbalta, I ate to wake up or clear my head and feel better. That's no longer happening and I'm back to riding my bike, gardening and other activities. So I won't be surprised to lose a few pounds due to my decreased need to consume calories and my increased caloric burn. I'm impressed -- in my 15 years of having periodic episodes of depression, I've never had such a drastic turnaround. Give this drug a shot -- if it doesn't work for you, ramp down slowly and move on. Nothing to lose and a lot to gain here. F 43 12 days
60 mg 1X D

 4  Depression No side effects that I'm aware of. F 58 12 years
60 MG 1X D

 1  fibro pain I went into anaphylactic shock taking Cymbalta F 60 1 weeks

 1  pain Sweating, throwing up, stomach pain, can't sleep missed 2 days of work F 59 2 days
 5  neuropathic pain Biting myself when chewing Numbs the pain just enough so that I can handle it with no problems at all. F 60 3 years
60mg 1X D

 5  Panic disorder and nerve damage Like with Celexa, I had the usual 2 weeks of side effects. Stomach upset, dizzy, shaking, sweating, insomnia. After the first 2 weeks, which any good Dr. should have warned you about, I'm fantastic:) Celexa and Cymbalta both have a 2 week side effect allotted time, both at the beginning and when you're quitting. Keep in mind that it metabolizes out of your system in 72 hrs. I'm finding most of the reviews are coming from people who were not given a heads up. Should have stuck it out for the 2 weeks. F 30 2 years
60 mg
 1  Anxiety, body pain from lupus I took this drug for 2 days and I will never take it again. Within hours of taking I started having the worst stomach cramps I've ever had (and I've given birth) then severe nausea and diarrhea. I started to research this drug and it is not a good thing. I would never recommend it. F 23 2 days

 2  Depression, panic attacks F 60
30 1X D

 2  Nerve Pain and Depression Hair loss, nightmares, blackouts, irrational thoughts I ended up in the hospital after having a few drinks at a party and blacking out completely. This stuff is dangerous. My hair loss still hasn't come back. F 36 2 years
60 mg 1X D

 1  depression & general anxiety exhaustion, anorexia tendencies, headache, socially withdrawn, hallucinations if i missed a dose or drank alcohol, sadness. The drug may have helped anxiety a bit but WITHDRAWAL IS SO HARD. please think before taking this drug. It put me in more of a depression then ever before when i tried to come off of it. I had a full blown panic attack for the first time, dark thoughts, headaches, exhaustion,diarrhea, aches. I had been on paxil and celexa previously and never had withdrawal side effects. The benefits by no means outweigh the side effects. I finally was tapered off with the assistance of prozac- hoping prozac will help but my ultimate goal is no meds!! F 21 5 months
60 mg 1X D

 1  nerve pain Made me unable to think, eliminated my motivation, could not focus, made me very tired, but couldn't sleep, them towards the end became out of sorts and felt angry for no particular reason, did NOT take care of pain!!! When Dr. took me off it, I had withdrawals like hard drugs and ended up in kidney shut down and had to go to emergency. This drug is dangerous! It made my life a disaster. Should NOT be approved for pain issues, it destroys your life! Shame of FDA and any Dr. that prescribes it for pain. M 58 9 weeks
30 mg 2X D

 1  Manic Depression Sweating, dry mouth, anxiety, brain zaps, severe brain pain, (different from headaches) dizziness, foggy, anger, no sex drive ... AT ALL, nausea, weight gain, throat pain and exhaustion. The side effects from coming off of this drug are much worse than the side effects of being on this med. ALL of the aforementioned side effects plus I feel like I have the flu. I have not been able to work, take care of my husband or daughter, take care of my house or even make meals on a consistent basis for the past 5 weeks while I am trying to get off of this med. I cannot think, spell, or follow through on simple tasks. The first week, I went from 60mg to 30mg - I almost divorced my husband of 8 years. The second week, I almost killed myself. the 4th week I went from 30mg daily to 30mg every other day. I am currently in week 5 of my detoxing and it has not gotten better. I cannot go shopping, people in the store are "too close to me" and I become very fight or flight. I should have been in the hospital at least twice. Thank God my husband loves me and is willing to supervise and take care of me. F 40 3 years
60 mg 1X D

 2  For memory problems and anxiety Extreme tiredness, low libido Did not work for my memory problems nor my anxiety, both stayed about the same. I was on 60mg/d for a full year and then to 90 for a couple months which did nothing, so I had to wean off of it completely. Be warned that stopping Cymbalta can be very dangerous, I missed 3 doses, 3 days in a row and felt like I could have killed somebody. When I weaned off of 90mg I went to 60 and then to 30 over a course of 2 months but that is not long enough. A few days after stopping from 30mg I had very strong urges to kill myself for about a week. I knew I really didn't want to die but that didn't stop my brain from telling my body to do something about it. Luckily I have family and doctors that helped me through it. The only positive I can give this drug is that it helped me sleep when I trouble falling asleep before taking it, but it made me so sleepy that I needed a nap everyday. Now that I'm off it, I hardly ever want/need naps but my inability to fall asleep is back. F 26 1.5 years
90 1X D
 2  Depression and Fibromyalgia Major difficulty having an Orgasm (this could be considered good or bad. Good, because one can perform Sex for a long, long time. Bad, because one can never get the satisfaction of completing the act.) I stopped Cymbalta for six months and went on Viibryd. I also began the type 2 Diabetes drug, an injectable, called Victoza. I was on Victoza for a year when I read that Cymbalta was now being used for Fibromyalgia. So I took one to see if it would help. 7 hours later I became so nauseous I had to run to my bathroom to vomit - I ended up puking for 15 minutes straight until I had the dry heaves. I thought perhaps I had a stomach bug so I put off taking the Cymbalta for a few days. 5 daysllater I took another Cymbalta. Sure enough 7 hours later I was running to my bathroom to puke my guts up once again. It had to be the Cymbalta /Victoza combination that made me sick. A year passed and I went to a new Rheumatologist. He recommended that I begin taking Cymbalt While I was taking Cymbalta it did seem to help my depression, but it sure did not help, nor alleviate, any of my Fibromyalgia symptoms. Also, it seemed to lose its effectiveness after I took it for some time. M 58 2 years
60 mg 1X D

 1  facial pain Anixaty 1 days
at night

 1  depresston I broke out in weeping and extremely painful blisters on my back. Then for the next eight months I had blisters in my mouth break one at a time. The terrible side effects are to numerus for me to go into. I was really sick. F 64 1 days
30 1X D
 3  Chronic pain/depression Sweating insomnia ring in head no sex drive at all hard to interact with loved one feel like I'm just there I just stop taking this drug the side effects r bad feel a little jump this drug makes u think suicidal and I never thought about that before be VERY VERY CAREFUL wild taking this drug it might help some people but the side effects is not worth it I have been off for 2weeks now and my sex drive is in full swing I feel like a kid in a candy store can't get enough M 37 3 years
120mg 1X D

 1  Major Depressive Disorder After one 30mg pill I experienced nausea, heart palpitations, total lack of ability to orgasm, insomnia (even though I took it that morning) that went for hours, auditory hallucinations. I did not take another pill, realizing that this was not the drug for me but felt rotten right through the day after taking it - head-aches, general malaise. It does work for some but it was too powerful in a negative way and I knew I could never go up to 60mg. F 46 1 days
30mg 1X D

 1  fibromyalgia Memory issues, exhaustion, libido issues,weight gain, black outs and ringing in ears. When I stopped taking it I felt dizzy, had no appetite and had strange nerve zaps for months. F 28 1 years
90 mg

 1  Depression Started at 30 I was fine. After a month I was upped to 60 mg. A week later I started getting agitated easily, my hair is shedding way more than usual. I sweated like crazy, I felt even more depressed than ever , I became anti social and my anxiety worsened. I'm currently being weaned off this drug, while on Prozac. IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS TALK TO YOUR PSYCH ASAP DONT STOP TAKING THIS MEDICINE BY YOURSELF *** warning extreme consequences GOOGLE IT (cymbalta withdrawal) luckily I'm one of the good ones tho F 18 2 months

 1  pain, anxiety, depression slurred impaired speeh, crying, exhausted, emotional instanility never take this drug. It fries your brain. I've been off for 6 weeks, and still cannot talk correctly. Crying and anxious all the time. Still cannot sleep 8 hours. F 63 500 days
60 1X D
 1  GAD/ Deoression This drug has been a nightmare. I have woke up every night with a feelingbof panic and cant sleep for more than an hour at a time. Even taking Ativan at night doesnt even touch the anxiety. It is the worst drug Ive ever tried. F 35 5 days

 1  fibromyalgia and back pain inability to have sex headaches nausea will not go away after being offered for 2 to 3 years M 64 2 years

 1  Pain, anxiety Never ever take this. I was up all night with panic attacks, sweats, shaking, dry mouth, feeling sick, dizzy, faint, memory loss. These are prescribed far to easily and are awful! F 18 1 days

 3  depression, early dementia Shock from paying $273 for one month supply of generic. Want to change med M 67 2 years
90 mg

 5  panic attacks, anxiety Side effects- jumpy,nervous,hair loss.blurry vision. Big reason I stopped.was on it over ten years.it kinda ran its course. F 56 1 years
 1  Anxiety Nausea, extreme night sweats, strange sensation in my head, can't sleep. F 40 5 months

 3  Depression, anxiety Only a slight headache and maybe curbed appetite. I feel a little better on day 2, but it is early on to identify if correlation. Perhaps I'll add another review after more time. F 26 2 days
30 mg a da

 1  Depression & Anxiety 2 hours after taking a 30 mg pill I felt very weird & out of touch! Also felt tired & nauseated so layed down & fell asleep for an hour & now I'm wide awake with a headache, ringing ears, & restless legs while still feeling strange & not myself. Will never take another cymbalta inmy life! F 26 1 days

 2  Depression and pain On and off sweats, nausea, jittery, eyes feel like they are over focusing, dizzy. Horrible side affects but made me more tollarable to life, unfortunately I'm stopping this crap before I freak out. M 29 1 days

 1  Depression Major anxiety, brain 'fog' - couldn't remember words while speaking I felt that this medication was horrible for me; coming off of it was even worse-had so many horrid side effects getting off of it F 39 6 months
60mg 1X D

 1  Anxiety/depression Low libido, black outs, no help for depression M 42 6 months

 5  depression bipolar chronic pain I've only been taking Cymbalta for a few days but I already feel so much better. I finally have the energy I always wanted, I'm being productive, and enjoying my life. Side effects im experiencing are: greater sensitivity to light and taste, headaches, and jaw clenching. Since I just started I don't know if these symptoms will continue, or for how long if they do, but I am willing to put up with them. F 30 4 days
30 mg
 1  Fibromyalgia diagnosis Detached retina, weight gain, dizziness, nausea, short temper, extreme sweating. I would never recommend this drug to anyone! F 55 45 days
60mg 1X D
 4  depression none Was great, until I changed insurance plans. Very costly. Changed to inexpensive Prozac without and changes noted, except in my pocketbook. F 58 4 years
60mg 1X D

 5  for pain management Cymbalta has helped me get my life back. The side effects are minor compared to the benefit, dry mouth, gained around 10-15 and crazy vivid dreams nothing scary. I recommended it to anyone that is not suffering from depression or diabetes. It works better then opined, staying clean and getting things back in order. F 37 1 days
 1  depression my side effects are probably caused by the toxins in the inactive ingredients! FD&C blue No. 2 SODIUM LAURYL SUFATE ( A CORROSIVE) and sugar. are the pharmacies companies trying to kill us slowly!!!!!! I WILL STOP TAKING THIS DRUG BECAUSE OF THE TOXINS AND SINCE I HAVE HYPERSENSITIVITIES WHICH IS PROBABLY THE PROBLEM WITH THIS DRUG!!!!!!!!! F 60 10 days
60mg 1X D

 4  Moderate chronic depression Honestly, none that I can recall other than the usual dry mouth. I just went back on this after a really crappy experience on Pristiq...don't know why I ever switched meds in the first place! I was more depressed on Pristiq and I gained 10 pounds. Cymbalta never affected my weight or caused any other troubling side effects. I won't make the samemistake twice! F 38 1 years
30 mg 1X D

 4  Depression. Weight loss. A little memory zap. F 49 1 days

 5  Depression Sore throat, tiredness, headache, weight loss. Amazing medicine for me. No more crying everyday. No more getting upset at simple things. I weighed 165lbs when I started taking cymbalta and I'm 115 now (I'm 5'7). F 38 2 years

 2  Depression Worked great at first but now I'm always exhausted, have a horrible non-stop ringing in my ears, feel like I have uncontrolled anger often, suicidal thoughts, feel like I'm going to explode & my restless leg syndrome is only increasing. Going to taper off, hopefully with success! F 51 6 years
60 1X D
 1  Depression Night sweats, sexual dysfunction, hypomania, and others. M 29 6 months

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