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 1  possible low pressure glaucoma After 5 minutes of applying one drop in my left eye I had the following symptoms: extremely dilated pupil, eye pain, extreme dry eye. Eye pain has diminished, but still persists after 36 hours of use. My opthamologist said he'd never heard of these reactions; however, the drug info on the internet says these side affects can be common. I filed a report on the FDA Medwatch website. I will be seeking another opinion from a different doctor before I try anything like this again. F 65 1 days
.01 1X D
 1  pressure rubbish rubbish M 66 4 days

 1  Glaucoma I take this along with Azopt. This drug makes my eyes sting and feel very uncomfortable. the skin around my eyes is darker. I suffer with migraine that I take medicine for. The medicine usually helps but my migraine always gets worse after the drops and turns into an agressive thumping. Dizzyness, cough and sickness are always experienced. I have also developed very dry and itchy ear canals. I have a feeling of pressure in my chest all the time and now develop pain in my left shoulder and arm when I am stressed, I also feel that there is nothing to look forward to in my life anymore, I never suffered with depression before. I have explained the problems to my doctor who says there is nothing he can do and I will go blind if I don't take the drops. Very negatively effect the quality of life. F 50 6 days
1 drop per 1X D
 4  Glaucoma suspect Occasionally watery eyes, random chest heaviness with weak arms lasting about 2 minutes but not sure if related to Lumigan F 60 2 months
1 drop eac

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