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 5  regulate period Very very slight irritation of application site, other than that I LOVE the patch. Simple and easy to use once you figure out the best application site for you. F 18 7 months

 5  Contraception, Reduce Period Cramps No side effects Ortho Evra is the only form of Birth Control i have ever used. Im happy with it. I do not have any noticeable side affects, no weight gain, appetite increase, depression, nausea etc. Only thing i get worried about is it coming off, but so far its doing it job. F 17 1 weeks

 5  Periods, birth control Only side effect is sore breasts. I love it. It works well and I don't have to worry about forgetting a pill. It helps keep my period on track also, before I started taking it I would have a period like once on a blue moon but now i can expect it on time F 17 4 days

 1  start my periods off after mc Migranes , nausea, abdominal pain i put my first ever patch on as i suffered a mc at the beginning of the month and wanted my periods back earlier to determine when im ovulating to ensure i dont have sex then. I put my patch on about 11 this morning it is now half 9 at night and im lieing in bed crying at how sick i feel and how much of a bad head i have. My boyfriend is even peed off as now the slightest move he is making im ready to slap him one. Fair to say id rather just wait for my periods to come back and ive just ripped my patch of. F 16 1 days
1 weekly

 3  birth control Leg cramps, nausea, dizziness, cramps, headache, heavy menstruation, itching of the skin, bad mood, tired all the time,I feel hungry all the time. Did someone else have lots of symptoms like me? F 31 6 months

 3  contraceptive Good: peace of mind, slight breast enlargement Bad: itches, leaves a ring sort of even after removing and cleaning (I have a scar on the left side of my tummy because it), when it's on the butt, sometimes it will try to roll,& stick to my underwear when rolling, lint ring (embarrassing) because of that I wouldn't even want to have sex. I'm very moody, bad headaches F 17 10 months

 2  Easier way to administer bc I've been menstruating for 2 1/2 weeks.... I really hope it doesn't continue, and that my hormones balance out within the 2-3 months I'm supposed to stay on it. F 27
1X D
 2  Contraception I have two children befor I was on dianet pill an I conceived straight away with both children. After my last child I went on the patch an it was great until I decided I wanted another child my cycle is all over the place I can go 50 days befor a period then 20 days I'm up the wall!! I come out in big boils on my face! We have been tryin for 8 months an still nothing! Has anyone else experienced this!! F 32 5 days
 1  birth control I experienced pain & a blood clot in the leg of where I applied the patch..one user said it got so bad she was admitted into the hospital and it was cancer...the reason I don't trust the government or technology(New drugs) F 29 1 years
 2  help regulate periods I was on the patch a few years ago for about two years. Then I started to bleed for two weeks and it was heavy I had to go to the emergency room. They couldn't find anything wrong with me. I got off the patch and last year I got back on it. It was good at first other than the mood swings and for awhile I did have a sex drive but not anymore. My periods were what they were suppose to be. 2 weeks ago I had my period after that I put on a new patch which was a different brand and smaller. When I switched after one week it was burning where I usually wear it. I started to spot which is kinda normal I decieded to take the patch off on Tuesday of last week. I have been bleeding off and on since last week. This is my last time with the patch. F 28 3 years
 1  Birth control Severe depression. Migraine, nausea, fatigue, light headedness F 2 days
 4  lighter periods, prevent pregnancy. the patch was fine through the first 5 weeks, at the patch off week my period came as scheduled and I liked the predictability. now it's the 3rd week of the second box and I'm experiencing horrible nausea, random migraines, some vomiting, slight depression. I'll get really hungry but never satisfied, everything tastes horrible now and once I eat stomach pains come.. I've become extremely emotional just breaking out crying because of all this nausea. I'm hoping my body will get used to the hormones and the bad side effects will stop or at least slow down. the only good thing is I know when my period come, it's light, no cramps, when I'm around my boyfriend my sex drive is good, and of course pregnancy prevention. just glad I'm not alone:( was starting to lose my mind. F 17 2 months
 3  Birth control Breakthrough bleeding, Its my first time using any type of contraception and i have no other side effects but the non-stop bleeding. Slightly concerned as I specifically wanted to be able to have sex but am afraid to. F 22 3 weeks
33.9mcg 1X W
 3  Birth conrtol, hormone balance At first the patch worked wonders, it helped my hormones balance out even with the high estrogen. I only gained about 5 pounds which is expected with birth control anyway. My sex drive increased, and it helped my migraines become infrequent. However, after about 10 months of taking it, I started getting moody, and started getting migraines again. Then at about a year and half of taking it I had to stop it because I started getting rashes where the patch was. I think this isnt a drug to be used for a long period of time which sucks cuz it worked well in the beginning. It is dangerous to take because of high estrogen so be careful, and doesnt work great long term. After I got off of it my progesterone went so low that I couldnt keep a pregnancy. F 26 18 months
patch 1X D
 4  Birth Control GOOD: Boobs grew slightly, increased sex drive, lighter periods. BAD: Nausea and hot flashes during ovulation, menstrual cramping, PMS. I was on the pill for 7 years and I noticed it was starting to get to me; my emotions were all out of whack, I became bloated, I had low sex drive, and I often forgot to take my pill everyday. I have been on the Ortho Evra patch for 3 months now. I would recommend the patch to someone like me who might not remember to take pills regularly; although the pill is the safer option because it has a lower dose of estrogen. It took a few days to get used to having the patch on, and it can feel a little itchy at first. Sometimes the patch forms a sticky residue around the edge much like a bandage would, but it easily wipes off in the shower. I noticed that around the days of ovulation I tend to get random hot flashes with waves of nausea a few times in the morning. This only happens for 1-2 days, and it is usually on the same days every month, so I know when to expect it. I get a little bit more cramping during my period on the patch than I did with the pill but I never used to take any OTC pain killers; now I just take some Motrin. I also have PMS really bad on the 2 days before my period, nothing like when I was on the pill, but I return to my normal emotional state after I start my period. My periods are lighter since being on the patch and I have not gained any weight, my boobs have grew slightly more cleavage, and my sex drive has gone back up! Overall, I am pleased with my decision to switch from the pill to Ortho Evra. F 21 3 weeks
1X W

 1  Birth Control Orthra Evra made my skin yellow , however before I stopped using the medication I noticed horrible leg cramps/spasms ! Later they were so intolerable , that I had to be admitted to the hospital to later find out that it was cancer ! Chronic Mylogeous Luekemia! Please if this happened to you contact me . F 22 6 years
I patch/wk
 4  birth control. Extreme mood swings and bloating I can't say the extreme tiredness is from the patch since I have a toddler to take care. That's my only complaint in the last four years I've been on it! Periods are predictable, no breast tenderness no nausea NO More BABIES! F 27 4 years

 5  Couldn't stay on track with pills. I didn't notice any changes honestly. The only thing I hated was when I put the patch on my stomach around the patch would get icky so I put a clear window bandage around it. My patch day is on Sundays and I usually get my period on Thursday. It's so much easier to change the patch once a week rather than take a pill daily at the same time. F 21 3 months
1p a week
 3  Contraception At first i was fine, my breasts where a little tender but i expected that as my body was getting used to it. Then the past month or so i have these terrible mood swings! Bein emotional, like ridiculously! I have been eatin more.. feelin exhausted! I mean iv been strugglin to do housework! Iv had to take naps. This is deffo not me. I hate feeling like this. Im on my last patch and when i take that off I am NEVER goin on it again :( F 22 3 months

 3  prevent pregnacy and regulate perio 1st month went fine 2 month chest pain. Huge appetite, felt tired then usaully, itchy breast and itchy rash at patch site horrible mood swing crying for nothing the only good thing was lighter periods oh snd digrstive problems F 26 2 months
 4  Regulate Periods Works fine, regulated my periods and cleared up my acne by a dozen. However makes me eat a lot and slight digestive problems and emotional problems. However does it's job. The residue when taking off is gross and the process of replacing it is a little painful. Everything else is all good! F 16 6 months

 1   The first 12 hours were okay. After that I experienced debilitating dizziness, nausea, and headaches. Could barely walk to my kitchen and almost fell over multiple times attempting to shower and go about a normal day. Had to take it off when the headaches kicked in. I was on it for 15 hours and would not ever try it again. F 26 1 days

 2  heavy periods Constantly felt sick. Couldnt eat Tired all the time and insomnia F 33 7 days

 2  Birth control I can't eat , feel too sick && constantly feel like ima throw up . I gag like I'm goin to throw up but don't . Itchy , F 18 3 weeks

 3  Pregnancy prevention I started the patch a few months ago. Had no side effects, until just recently. I was beginning to be way too emotional. Crying over nothing, anxiety, and depression I've never had before. I've always been a happy, positive person. Also, I was beginning to get awful leg cramps. I never had sore breasts or itching but the patch has too much estrogen so it's best for me to try another BC with less estrogen. Hoping my mood goes back to normal! F 19 3 months

 3  Prevent Pregnancy I didn't think I would have any side affects because I used to take the pill and I didn't have any with that but I always forgot to take it. However once I started having some issues I read up on the patch and realizes that's it's a much higher dose of hormones. Side affects are as follows: nausea that comes in average twice a week for me, I'm experiencing it now as a matter of fact, I usually just drink water to make it go away; extreme and I'm talking extremely painful breast tenderness, all day everyday, wearing a sports bra helps the most, my breasts feel so heavy, they are a bit bigger too; sometimes I get an extremely sharp stabbing pain by my ovaries or a burning pain down the middle of my lower abdomen that feels like my uterus is tearing in half, only way I can describe it, it happens maybe once a day; patch fell off once because I put in jeans right after putting it on; headaches sometimes but I got those before the patch so could be just me, oh and mood swings for sure, lots of rage; I was very successful in a diet and exercise plan before the patch and once I started it, it was hard to control eating healthy and exercising daily, it increased my appetite and made me more tired I guess. That's it. Lots of side affects. I probably will continue using it tho. Pill is too frequent and Nuva ring grosses me out. F 20 3 weeks
1 patch

 3  Birth Control Method I am normally a happy, determined, and confident person. A couple weeks after beginning the patch, I started to lose interest in everything. I wasn't sure whether it was me or the patch but I experienced horrible mood swings. I would go to bed crying and wake up crying over absolutely nothing. At first I thought I might've been going through a rough time with my boyfriend but there would be days where I'd love him wholeheartedly and days where I'd contemplate breaking up. I seriously thought I developed a bipolar disorder or severe depression. I wanted to be in my own bed all the time. Lost interest in food that I usually loved. Developed insecurities. Also developed a keen sense of smell where everything would trigger the urge to vomit. Basically, things that never bothered me before are now triggering anger and sadness. Sore/tender breasts, weight gain, itch at patch site, and lost of sex drive. I also had to use lubricant for sex, which I never needed. Even my boyfriend noticed that The patch did the job of preventing pregnancy because my boyfriend didn't feel the need to practice the pull out method anymore. No babies. But if you already experience mood swings/PMS with no BC. I wouldn't suggest the patch since it contains a higher dosage of hormones. F 24 2 months
1X W

 4  Birth Control I really like this birth control, been on it for almost 2 years. Other oral BC's like Alesse, Yaz, TriCyclen made me insanely depressed and completely irrational, and I'm bad with remembering to take pills. Doc was nervous about putting me on Evra because it's considered strong...but it's been fine. Minor irritation to my side where I wear for first 6 months but now my skin is used to it. Have ripped off maybe 4 or 5 accidentally with my jeans, I now wear it in a different place. Only got itchy for the first 2 or 3 patches, no crazy rash or scabbing. I notice mood swings for the first 2 days when I have put on a new patch. Period always comes around 48 hours after I've taken the patch off and lasts 4-5 days. Doesn't help me so much with acne, but acne is not really a problem for me. Sometimes still get cramps every third period or so. Periods are moderate, not too heavy. Definitely prevents pregnancy for me, boyfriend and I have never used a condom on this BC. Sex drive unaffected. I s F 19 1.5 years
Patch 1X W
 3  Contraception The first couple of months were good, I've always had anxiety but when I started the patch it felt like it took the edge off things and I mellowed out and felt a lot better. I didn't really have any side effects at all the first couple of months except feeling more mellow and chill. It did itch like crazy after being on for a few days but I just ignored it. I noticed if I scratched the area, I'd get an awful rash for a few weeks so I'd just try really hard to never itch it and it was fine. It made my boobs a bit bigger which was awesome. I didn't gain any weight really because I was trying really hard NOT to gain weight. After about 4-5 months, I started to get more tired than normal. I'd feel so exhausted even though I didn't do anything all day. Smoking DID make things worse. After about 7-8 months on it, I started to notice weird feelings in my legs that felt like clots or something which started to scare me. I even saw clumpy clots forming in my blood vessels which REAL F 20 8 months
1X W
 5  Prevent pregnancy This is the first birth control I ever tried, and after giving a few others a try, I don't think I would ever switch to another medication again. Everything else gives me horrific mood swings, depression, and panic attacks, but for some reason, the patch just works, with no major side effects for me. Even my GYN is surprised by that, actually. F 28 5 years
1 patch

 3  regulate cycles, prevent pregnancy Extreme nausea within 10 hours of placing patch on. Makes my cycle regular and virtually no cramps, no pregnancies. Some skin irritation and one fell off at the beach. Does what it's supposed to do, but I can't handle the nausea and vomiting that feels like morning sickness. F 26 3 months

 1  bc Extreme fatigue and sleepiness. My right thigh: skin went numb ! F 38 1 weeks

 1  Pregnancy prevention Bloating, HORRIBLE mood swings, HORRIBLE feeling of wanting to vomit everyday I wore the patch, lost weight, depression, anxiety, not interested in daily responsibilities much at all, when I did have an appetite I could never eat much which caused the weight loss, my boyfriend hates BC all around at this point because I was turned into a monster basically. He felt really bad for me because of all the pain this patch was causing me. I also had the rash that is still there till this day. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!! F 19 3 months
 1  yes After the second day off using the patch it started itching, after the first weekwhen I change my patch the spot where the first patch was was red for a whole week after the red mark went away it turned into A itchy dry peeling mark with small scabs over it!!! I will never use this method again... F 21 3 weeks
 1  hormone replacement Put on patch for five hours. Horrible chest pain and insomnia. I would not recommend this to anyone. Ripped it off and have been up all night. F 47 1 days
 3   I just went on the ortho evra 3 weeks ago, the first day I put it on i was good the next day I experienced dizziness nausea and vomiting. Through out the week I had it it went away the second week when I placed a new one again nausea and vomiting then ill be fine a couple of days later now that I'm on the third week I'm experiencing nausea everyday. It works good but it's not for me I feel terrible!! F 3 weeks

 1  switch from depo because of weight When I first started the patch I was pretty pleased. My bf and I had tons of sex, no baby. That's the point right? That lasted for 7 of the 8 months Ive been on it. Over the last month, I've been experiencing extreme nausea, fatigue, and depression. Sex drive has went from 10 to 0 all in about a month. My breast were always sore for a few days after a new patch, but I never had any other noticeable side effects. The patch leave a horrid dark rash on the application site on the shape of the patch that I haven't been able to get rid of. All in all were alldifferent, so I know side effects will vary. It worked well for me for about 7 months, but now that the side effects have come with a vengeance I wouldn't recommend. No weight gain that I noticed, but very bad nausea, fatigue, depression, and dark rashes have driven me to seek a different contraceptive. F 21 8 months
 4  birth control I always put the patch on my pelvis and only bad thing is it gets irritated every now and then. I have never had a prolonged period from this product. Unquenchable hunger ever so often. F 18 2 years
1x a week

 5  prevent pregnancy I have been on ortho evra since I was 17 and had no trouble. I briefly tried other contraceptives that were more cost effective and hated them. The high dose of hormones has worked wonders for my pms. I reccommend putting the patch on your shoulders; it stays put easier there. F 24 7 days
 3  Birth Control As soon as I put it on I experienced a slight headache but ended up taking something to get rid of it. Since than I have only applied it to my buttocks because it irritated & hurts when I have put it on my pelvic bone. I still have a scab where I put it, & its been about two weeks. It likes to fall off so I have had to put on an extra about twice. My breasts are sore and tender, but a plus it makes your breasts more engorged. A negative is I am hungry all the time & have started gaining weight from this, as well as having HORRIBLE mood swings, which have started to affect my relationships with friends, family & significant other. I'm on my fourth week, with the patch off & Its been four days & still no period. From the looks of it, I'm thinking I am going to stop using this product and just go solo! Goodbye big breasts and weight gain! Hello happier me! F 19 4 weeks
1 patch 1X W
 1  birth control Pain in abdomen and area near ovaries, severe shooting pain through "mound". Period lasting 28+ days!! trouble sleeping, mood swing, emotional, depression, easy to get very angry. Insatiable appetite but feel sick afterward. I started on the first day of my period and followed the instruction on 1 patch a week i noticed that i was having abnormal cramping and thought it was just my period acting up like it occasionally did. Then after a week of this and my period continuing i was concerned as to why i was still bleeding. As of right now with my period being over a month long i am moody and annoyed all the time. I talked to my doctor and she said i was a hot mess and didnt help me at all!! This birth control only works because I'm bleeding 24/7 and cant have sex.. :( F 18 3 weeks
30 MG 1X W
 1  birth control Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, bloating (I guess from the lack of me eating) abdominal cramps, HORRIBLE mood swings, constant exhaustion, abnormal dreams, and severe boobie tenderness. Only positive is that my sex drive was increased 10x. Back to the NuvaRing I go. F 17 3 weeks

 3  Irregular periods Nausea, Vommitting, breast tenderness and itching, rash, sudden onset migraine lasting for several days, cold all the time (I'm usually hot or comfortable), waking up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. F 19 4 weeks
1X Week

 1  Changed from pill due to busy life Put patch on and all fine however after 24 got a severe headache, light sensitivity and a strange numb sensation in my neck, shoulders and down the leg where patch was. Also very bad nausea and felt dizzy. I took the patch off but the symptoms continued for a few hours. 48 hours on and dizziness still there and feel very tired. F 26 1 days
1 patch wk
 1  Changed from pill due to busy life Put patch on and all fine however after 24 got a severe headache, light sensitivity and a strange numb sensation in my neck, shoulders and down the leg where patch was. Also very bad nausea and felt dizzy. I took the patch off but the symptoms continued for a few hours. 48 hours on and dizziness still there and feel very tired. F 26 1 days
1 patch wk
 5  Prevent pregnancy I was on the pill for over a year but after my job schedule became unpredictable I kept forgetting to take the pill so I went to the patch. I haven't had any issues yet. Works just fine, period came when it was suppose to, no spotting. I feel the same as if I was taking the pill. F 25 4 weeks

 1  Birth control Shortness of breath , tight chest , palpitations . 1 months
 1  birth control Naseau extreme breast tenderness acid reflex tiredness horrid mood swings vaginal discharge headaches dry mouth depression lost of social skills blisters at patch site body aches horrible F 32 3 weeks

 3  To keep the babies away Lost some weight ,severe anxiety, nausea and barfing, INSANE mood swings, no sex drive at all, hungry but lost interest in food. The whole reason I found this site is cuz I was freaking out and i'm almost scared at how violent my moods are becoming. Like at this very instant i'm bawling my eyes out, starving but everything makes me wanna puke, and wishing I could break everything in sight. On the flip side i'm not preggers, I lost a bunch of weight, my periods are light, and the patch is easy to remember ( I always forgot to take the pill everyday hence the patch) I'm going to keep taking it until my prescription runs out cuz I'd rather suffer this temporary hell than have an unwanted pregnancy. F 25 5 months
1X W
 4  heavy bleeding/prevent pregnacy I was on the depo s*** for a little over 9 months and six months into I would bit stop bleeding. Although I had no cramps and it was initially a little flow it got heavier with time, I stopped taking it and decided to start the patch; its been pretty nice so far except the EXTREME breast sensitivity. I haven't gotten to the 4th week were I'm suppose to take it off but I think all will go fine. If not ill comment to keep updated. I've read a lot of comments and experiences of other with the match and most weren't great but everyone is effected differently. I will continue to talk with my doctor and keep watch on any other side effects, this page has help me greatly as to know what I should look for. F 18 3 weeks

 1  birth control just put my first patch on today, and already ready to rip it off, can't sleep, whole body is aching, massive migraine since bout 10minutes after applying, horrid cramps, flutters (almost like the first few a baby makes) dizzy almost wanna faint!!! TRY SOMETHING ELSE!!!!! this product SUCKS!!!!! F 25 1 days

 1  birth control I was on depo for years. No weight gain or issues. Loved it. Doctor got paranoid about bone loss. Gave me this horrid patch which caused 20 pounds in weight gain within the first two months!!!! Now I have migraines and other issues. Same with nuvaring only it just caused 15 pounds right when I lost the first 20. I'M GOING BACK TO DEPO SCREW MY BONES F 27 3 months

 3  prevent pregnacy I am haveing cramps and my boobs hurt on the side i dont know whats going on i still have one more patch bfore i get my period F 20 3 weeks
 2  Birth control; irregular periods It worked well for the first 6-7 years, then I started getting severe headaches during my week off. My dr. placed me on continous use, such that I didn't have a week off, but the spotting got really bad after 6 weeks and I had a low-grade headache anyway, so I took it off and had my period. Still had severe headaches when not wearing it. My dr. felt the headaches were due to estrogen withdrawal. Apparently, the patch has a higher dose of estrogen than other BC products. We switched to NuvaRing (which has a low dose of estrogen) and will see how it goes. F 44 9 days
30 mg 1X W

 3  prevent pregnancy; breast pain, itching, mood swings, depression, increased sex drive, a little weight gain, sleep patterns changed. I started the patch in July and I haven't been "happy" since (mood wise). My breast are starting to hurt 24/7, and they're really sensitive (sign of growing?). I've became itchy after my first month on the patch, I itch and scratch everywhere all day. I go from fine to angry or sad in a second and I have been feeling generally down lately. I plan on stopping because my senior year starts tomorrow and of my sleeping (or lack of it) and other side effects. I have been "in the mood" 24/7 and my boyfriend lives in another part of town so we don't get to see each other that much which sucks because I'm basically stuck like that for weeks. The weight gain didn't bother me because most of my clothes were too big and I'm filling them out better. I went from 118 to in my 120's. The patch is convenient but the side effect aren't worth it. I will just go back to condoms and praying. Or look into the IUD. F 17 7 weeks
1X W
 1  Birth control The worst breast tenderness ever!!!! So much that my doctor said stick with it and it will go away. It never did!!!! Switched to Nuvaring ... Best decision ever! F 26 6 months

 5  hormonal imbalance Mood swings,headaches F 32 6 months

 1  birth control Horrible abdominal cramps. Can't sleep. Absolutely no sex drive. Exhaustion. Headaches. Always hungry but loss of appetite. Leg cramps.depression/mood swings....the leg cramps prevented me from falling asleep all night. From where i put on the patch all the way down that leg on the same side as the patch to my ankle. After all night of no sleep and bad leg cramps i ripped it off and threw the rest away...it's not worth a possible blood clot F 21 2 months
1x wk

 3  Birth control This is my second time around taking the patch. The first time was 7 yrs ago and it took me 6 months to conceive after being on it for 4-5 months. I don't remember having any side effects back then. Now I've been back on it for 3 months. I think the patch caused me to have dyspareunia. I have to use lubricant each time for sex(never an issue before). My sex drive has decreased. I was always wanting it every day, now I'm down to wanting sex 3x a week. The bad mood swings is starting to effect my relationship with my boyfriend. I get easily upset and will blow up on the tiniest issues. I'm an emotional wreck at least once a week now. I have cried a few times. I place the patch on my abdomen and I've noticed that it gets painful on that spot. Now I'm thinking of placing it on my buttock instead. I get daily muscle sore on my calves. I jog once a week and eat pretty healthy with the occasional sweets here and there. So far I've gained two pounds while on it and wouldn't mind the extra pounds. I don't have headaches or nausea. My discharge are occurring more often and always accompanied by a very strong odor(new to me). I find myself quite drowsy alot with frequent naps if I can squeeze one in. I like the patch for its convenient use. I would constantly miss taking daily pills. The pill made me in a worser mood than the patch has. F 35 3 months
Once week
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