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 3  Anxiety, Depression Blurry vision, Frequent urination, Dry mouth, Weird body zaps, Lack of appetite, Constipation I'm on the fence with this med. My Pdoc wants me to go to 300mgs, I'm resisting- I want to wean off, My anxiety is reduced (though not eliminated), but this may be due to starting a low dose of metopropolol at the same time. Also, this med is a sodium leach which is why I would like to wean off soon. I don't need additional health anxiety issues, thank you very much. F 52 6 days
150MG 1X D

 1  Trigeminal Neuralgia Nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, stomach ache, headache. 4 days after stopping still could not go back to work. Hope it works for you. F 68 9 days

 2  bipolar light headed- unmotivated- F 68 6 months

 3  bipolar 1 When I work. I don't eat. Because if I do eat, I will go to sleep in 2 hours. I'm gonna stop taking my medication someday and forever. Let a person be who he is without medication. M 43 1 months

 5  Seizures Stopped my seizures completely . bad thing is 1/2 hour after I take it . It completely makes me feel out of it and I'm not able to function 100% this usually lasts for an hour . F 19 3 years
 1  Rapid cycling Bipolar 2 Mood swings, irritability, dizziness, tiredness, vivid dreams, severe sweating, constipation, sensitivity to light, weight gain, mild acne, headache, foginess, depression, feeling out of touch with reality F 34 3 weeks
1200 MG

 3  Brain avm F 18 1 years

 4  Trigmenial Neuralgia This medication does help control about 75% of the pain and burning of my face and mouth. I fall down alot and run into things. I am dizzy, have double vision, light and noise sensitive, mouth blisters occur often. Clinch teeth, Loss of focus and concentration, forget words when having conversions. Forget what I was doing. I spend much time looking for something I set down. Also have tremors or seizures often and drop things alot. I was told this was one of the milder drugs used to control my condition do I could still work. Yeah right, my boss walked me out the door and am no longer able to drive. They took my keys away. F 54 2 years
 3  Seizures Extreme fatigue, cannot sleep at night, weight gain, loosing my place in sentences when conversating, loss of sex drive, increase in infections, confusion. Took a while to reduce seizures but the extreme fatigue is the worst part. Others that have said it is debilitating are not lying. Feel like I have to sleep most of my day away for me to at all feel rested. Cannot sleep at night either. Although this has reduced my seizures thinking of trying to switch meds so I can function during the day without falling asleep. F 24 2 years
600 2X D

 1  bipolar disorder Emergent hyponatremia, numbness, fatigue, urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, tingling. Have taken for 15 years. Had such vertigo and drop in sodium ran into fireplace and cut head. Had to call squad and stitches and iv sodium. Been on high salt and fluid restrictions. Several kinds of antibiotics and salt tabs. Sicker Than Ever And Cannot Get Into See psych For months. Feel like dropping all meds. Worst drug. F 52 1 days

 1  bipolar Blurred vision, tight muscles, unable to use left hand, foggy feeling, cant walk straight, stiff neck, grinding teeth, feeling tired but not sleepy. Its hell! It is horrible! F 42 2 days
600 mg 2X D

 4  bipolar disorder No persistent side effects. This is the only drug that has ever helped with my rapid-cycling bipolar disorder. It's why I'm alive to write this review. F 36 2 years

 1  Racing Thoughts I had been tired the whole time while taking it and after 8 weeks I began having the chills and a fever. The gland on the back of my head were swollen and I thought it was because of neck problems. I went to the er and they thought it was a viral infection. The next day I developed a rash. The day after that I began swelling up so bad I didn't even look like myself. I finally got transferred to the IC after I started having breathing problems. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR BIPOLAR or RACING THOUGHTS!!! This drug nearly killed me. F 21 2 months
100 MG 1X D
 2  Trigeminal Neuralgia I've experienced practically every side effect I read about; Severe dizziness, blurred vision, forgetfulness, can't sleep, severe suicidal thoughts, fear of dying, paranoid about having other diseases, upset / off stomach, etc. They were so bad I stopped taking it on Easter and will deal with my painful Trigeminal Neuralgia. Even a week after stopping, I'm still slightly dizzy and have slight blurred vision!!! Be carful with this drug!! M 35 2 months
600mg 2X D
 5  bipolar Initially headache, sleepiness but sometimes insomnia until I got used to the dosage. Started at 200 mg 2xday while hospitalized, and each time the dosage was increased side effects would come back for about a week. Side effects that are still with me are that I cannot drink alcohol with this drug AT ALL. I get diarrhea, headache, depression when I drink. This is a good side effect for me! I also have some blurred vision, not a big deal. Feel normal for the first time in my life and in an elevated stable mood. This drug helped me accept my bipolar diagnosis.. I stopped drinking and self medicating. I am 52, have had several suicide attempts as well as many hospitalizations and been in and out of AA. I have also been very successful at times as well (typical bipolar but I could not see it). This drug did not work until I hit bottom. I could not feel the benefit until I stopped drinking and took 600 mg 2 times a day every day every 12 hours. If I take over 1200 mgs a day I get all the side effects like nausea, headache, diarrhea. F 52 6 months
600 2X D
 4  bipolar Tingling, numbness, dizziness, F 33 2 years
2100 MG

 3  bipolar Some hypomania, weight gain, increased appetite, dry mouth, drowsy, euphoric feeling, face numbness F 29 2 months
600 mg
 1  Bipolar w/ psychotic tendencies Black outs, dizziness, serious mood swings, hallucinations, loss of appetite, blurred vision, memory loss I was placed on it at the age of 14 and the psychiatrist doubled the dosage daily four times, each time that I would tell him I would become high off of the drug and was not able to do anything in school. I ended up missing just under 100 days of school from that year and most of the year is black, I have to rely on what my mother and friends relay to me about my experience. F 24 1 years
2400 mg 2X D
 5  Bipolar II Occasional dizziness. Sodium test slightly slow. Regulated my sleep; slowed me down during the day in a good way - racing thoughts, anxiety, irritability much much better. Slight weight gain but I attribute this to not adjusting my calories down. Now that I'm not going hypomanic, I have to eat a bit less since I'm not fidgety/moving around as much. Adjusted for sodium by having some salty soup and a pickle or two each day. M 43 1 months
300 2X D

 3  bipolar I have dark circles under my eyes at eight days of use. I've experienced some bad headaches. F 40 8 days
300 mg
 1  BiPolar It began on the second dose with a stiff neck on my right side. Over the next seven weeks the muscle stiffness, pain and muscle exhaustion intensified. I felt almost as if I was living in a dream. Itchy skin, Hives rash on back, red spots all over, walking became difficult due to joint pain. Confusion and memory loss. Dry cough and shaky hands. VERY PAINFULL headaches, stiff painfull joints and muscle fatigue. ER Dr. said it was coincidental to my meds and discharged me with a sore throat (which I did NOT have) I was treated COMPLETELY different when he asked WHY I was taking Trileptal and I told him BiPolar. F 35 2 months
300 MG 1X D
 5  Bipolar Constipation at current dose. Higher dose gives me numb lips, anxiety and difficulty concentrating. Within a week of the first dose, the mood swings I was having lessened. Life became much more manageable. I was much less irritable . I have tried about 20 other meds and usually I can not tolerate the side effects. This one has been a lifesaver for me. F 46 6 years
150 2X D

 4  Bi-Polar So my side effect increased with higher dosage. I started with 900 mg, raised to 1200, then 1800 then 2400 mg. Vision blurry, hand tremors, gas, extreme anxiety. I lowered my dose back to 1200 mg(300mg 4x day) and it sub-sided some. My moods however are stable now.. Guess it took some time to adjust the meds for the magic number. I originally thought 1500mg was it.... M 52 7 weeks
300mg 4X D

 3  seizures Headaches, numb lips, short temper, hard to go to sleep some nights, depression. M 35 2 days
600 mg
 2  bipolar disorder I never had acne before, and this medication has made me look like a monster. It makes me really tired, forgetting eveything and very nervous. And the worst part is my doctor suggested I stay on it..hell no!!!!!! F 31 1 months

 3  partial complex seizures Sometimes makes me feel drunk, numb mouth and lips, very scary, headaches, vision problems, craving salt which i never did, gained weight not happy, memory loss can't remember if i took medicine or how much, short term memory loss is horrible I am not sure going back into hospital for that dreadful eeg with video for 5 days to see what is going on i think it is a medicine issue trileptal has to be adjusted or something or is this it from being on it not happy F 53 8 months
1800 2X D
 5  bipolar ; mood stabilizer Had to slowly work up to desired dose or I would get double vision. Now years later my life has never been more stable. M 28 3 years
 1  seizures bad insomnia, memory loss, frozen thoughts, 'smashed' feeling The wacko neurologist who prescribed this med for me is the *same* md who wrongfully prescribed Seroquel for me for atypical trigeminal neuralgia, which I developed after having sinus surgery. Had I never had my right turbinate burned with a CO2 laser I would have never had the seizures which tore my rotator cuffs up on my shoulders and on one time in May of 2009 I went unconscious while driving and crashed into a tree. The damage to my trigeminal nerve from the CO2 laser burns were how (at least phsically ) the seizure started. Don't EVER have it. M 54 3 years
300-600mg 2X D
 5  seizures I have had the sensitivity with sunlight. Drove out of town and could feel leg burning. When getting to place, leg was hot and noticablly discolored. Had my second child without any difficulties. Pleased with med so far. I also take with dilantiin. Combination works. F 41 2 years
 5  Tonic colonic seizures Coordination issues, extreme sweatiness, Trouble sleeping, slight weight gain, walking patterns( problems walking in a straight line) F 18 9 years
300 mg 2x

 1  BiPolar II Headache, blurred vision, SEVERELY WORSENED DEPRESSION, paranoia, fear. This is the worst drug I have ever taken. M 61 5 days
150 1X D

 3  bipolar1,rapidcycling,mixedepisodes Just started having a severe yeast infection that will not go away with treatment, abdominal distension, upset stomach after eating, stiff joints with muscle weakness Trileptal is a pretty good drug for me. I have taken it for a year and a half with few problems. The side effects I have didn''t start until I stopped taking AAP's. Now they are coming on fast and furious. I don't understand it, but it is happening. I fear I may have to move to a different AC, not something I want to do as there are only worse alternatives. F 56 1.5 years
600 2X D
 5  Bipolar I mixed episodes Allowed me to focus and controlled mixed mood episodes. I have loss 5 lbs since taking it which made me happy since I became overweight on depakote. Did not cause loss of libido. No side effects except for first 3and days had nausea and vomiting. I feel better than I ever have on any other mood stabilizer. Works great for me. F 39 1 months

 4  simple partial seizures Incredibly tough time adjusting, but after finding correct dosage, became seizure-free and have been for 11 m! Downside: Need to get 8 to 9 hours sleep, or feel nauseous and horrible. Can't get a buzz from alcohol, exhaustion, dry eye and nose, and awful memory loss, even tho i'm only 43. However, given that seizures were ruining my life, it's worth it. I can work, extremely demanding job. Just have to write down EVERYTHING. Stick with it. Give it a chance. F 43 18 months
600 mg 2 x 2X D
 5  seizures weight gain, wich is counteracted by change in diet, and more activity, used to be awake somewhat at night, but that went away. M 28 2 times
 5  seizures About an hour after taking the medication I become very dizzy and uncoordinated for about and hour to two hours. My sodium levels have become very low and I am unable to drink water because this aggravates the problem. This is the only seizure medication that I have been on since I started having seizures six years ago that allows me to function normally. I can remember things from years ago that I thought I had forgotten, I can read a book with great comprehension, and I have a personality that my family and friends recognize as me again. F 28 6 months
600 2X D
 5  Epileptic seizures :2 daily doses 900mg &1200mg Fatigue, sleepiness, lethargy-all severe. IBS, Low sodium levels, causing craving for salt. Very poor concentration and short/long-term memory. Skin sensitivity, especially to sunlight. Also have problems reacting to high and low temperatures, cannot control body heat and don't sweat as much as used to. My hair has lost it's curl, apparently to do with hair follicles changing shape, happens with lot of medication. Major symptom is the tiredness, no matter which word I use it can be described as debilitating. I am currently in a wheelchair if I leave the house and cannot push it myself-I'm too scared about having a seizure to use a mobility scooter. I ahve managed to control my sleep so that I have 8-9hours at night and 2-3hours in the afternoon, only if absolutely necessary.I have a strict sugar free/yeast free diet to control the IBS and it works to a certain point. The low sodium means that I drink less water/tea than I would like, it's either that or have a seizure due to excessively low sodium. I have never been able to go out to work or even study or work from home, initially from the seizures, but now from the tiredness. Doing very little and spending most of my day in bed or on the sofa is the norm and I will get dressed at weekends and go out with my husband for a couple of hours. I have given Oxcarbazepine 5 stars because it has very nearly totally controlled my severe convulsive seizures F 36 10 years
2100mg 1X D

 1  Bipolar My son was on 600 mg in the evening and 150 in the morning when the Dr increased it to 600 in the morning and 600 at night he became very aggressive felt like he was going crazy and extremely hyper M 15 4 months
600 2X D

 1  bipolar 1 Awful side effects hallucinations, lethargy, confusion, slurred speech M 45 2 weeks
 1  Bipolar II Drowsiness, tiredness, depression, severe lack of motivation, lethargy I did not like this medication at all. I hade been taking Lamictal before this, however I had to stop due to the severe side effects I experienced (unfortunate! Lamictal worked so well). While I was not completely stable when I first went on Trileptal, my instability became increasingly worse over the month that I was on this medicine. By the end of the month I was so depressed and lethargic I could barely make it to school. On the other hand, Trileptal did not cause any other side effects besides the severe drowsiness. I am also on 2mg Abilify, 100mg Wellbutrin, and 30mg Adderall XR. I was also taking 25mg Lamictal while I was on the Trileptal, however I've since had to stop taking the Lamictal, again, due to side effects. F 18 25 days
150 mg 1X D

 1  Tonic-Clonic Seizures Twitching right eye, trouble focusing, memory loss, loss of appetite, tingling sensation in face, stability problems, vertigo, trouble remembering what I was doing 2 seconds ago, lack of social interest and sex drive, trouble sleeping, anxiety and/or impatience, nervousness, trouble accomplishing any task, new-found ability to move one eye indepently of the other, occassional "zoning" out for the first 6 or so hours after taking a dose, when I'm zoning out one eye tends to cross while the other stays normal Generic Oxcarbazepine is the only anti-epileptic medicine I've taken except for dilantin (which was a temporary fix from ER doctor). So, I don't have a lot of experience in the matter. Also, I don't really remember but I think the side effects got MUCH worse when my dosage was raised from 450mg to 600mg M 30 7 months
600mg 2X D
 2  meningioma causing partial seizures Cannot concentrate, blurred vision and twitching eye. Vertigo and brain is misty. Can not remember peoples names or what they said 3 seconds ago. Lack of libido and get very anxious. oh and have trouble with itchy rashes. I hate to think of the long term side effects of this drug M 42 90 days
150mg 1X D

 2  Complex Partial Seizures Anxiety, OCD, Sleepy, Blurry, Post Nasal Drip, and Bi Polar I've been taking Trileptal since I was 15. I have horrible OCD. Ever since I raised it to 1200mg twice a day I've had this horrible post nasal drip. I've never had post nasal drip before after I raised it to 1200mg. I can't wait to see an ENT. I'm mad all the time. I can sleep for hours all day and it makes me stay up all night long. Everytime I take it I'm blurry and dizzy. I feel like even though I'll eventually get off this medicine these side effects may be permanent and my doctor won't even care. I've even lowered the trileptal to 900mg in the morning and the post nasal drip didn't even go away. I'm just so sick of it all. F 27 12 years
1200mg 2X D
 4  Seizure Constipation, post nasal drip due to inflammed nasal passages (not related to allergies-I never had any before), urinary retention, I feel intoxicated if I take it on an empty stomach, inability to find the right word, slight tremors, barely noticable facial ticks, off balance when I first wake up, sometimes it's difficult to concentrate, occasional insomnia. The constipation has been the worst! I'm taking a prescription laxative b/c nothing else is working at this point. The post nasal drip gives me a terrible cough. An ear/nose/throat Dr. said that my nasal tissue is very swollen & that it could be due to either the seizure or the medication, I have to take another medication to deal with that. Recently I have been experiencing what has been diagnosed as urinary retention. I'm not able to completely empty my bladder. The other side effects are merely annoying. When I first started the drug I felt stoned each time I took it, now I only feel that way when I take it on an empty stomach. On the occasions I do feel intoxicated I also experience dry mouth & lips. F 39 1 years
600 mg 2X D
 2  Mood disorder Vertigo, dizziness... probably should not have been driving, due to poor judgement. Itchy skin, face breakouts, lazy, tired. Started at 300 mg. gradually increased to 1200. Not happy at all with how I felt. I just knew it was not a good drug to have in my system, and we know our bodies better than anyone else knows them. I am down to one 300 mg tab at bedtime with a 50 mg Trazodone for sleep. I am content with how I feel, and could probably drop this dose eventually. I started taking a wonderful multi-vitamin for my moods and am sold. No more mood medications for me. F 44 2 months
300 4X D
 1  Bipolar II Loss of libido, terrible upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, start of an ulcer, ringing in my ears interfered with audio, numerous vision problems including feeling cross eyed, blurry vision and seeing spots in front of my eyes, deep pitted acne. Worst side effect: I became so suicidal I went shopping for a gun. I got worse rather than better on Trileptal. I would not recommend it to anyone. I was in a car accident while on Triptal. I wrecked my car and totaled it. I was too loopy on Trileptal to be driving. I was taking 200 mg 3x a day when I wrecked my car. Previously, I have been hospitalized for suicidal ideation, but that experience was not as bad as being on Trileptal. Trileptal made me obsess over how to kill myself and not get caught or stopped. I became suicidal very, very quickly on this drug. If you want to kill someone secretly give them this med in their juice or smoothie and before you know it....they will attempt to kill themselves. F 47 5 months
200-600mg 1X D

 1  Bipolar II Loss of libido, terrible upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, start of an ulcer, ringing in my ears interfered with audio, numerous vision problems including feeling cross eyed, blurry vision and seeing spots in front of my eyes, deep pitted acne. Worst side effect: I became so suicidal I went shopping for a gun. I got worse rather than better on Trileptal. I would not recommend it to anyone. I was in a car accident while on Triptal. I wrecked my car and totaled it. I was too loopy on Trileptal to be driving. I was taking 200 mg 3x a day when I wrecked my car. Previously, I have been hospitalized for suicidal ideation, but that experience was not as bad as being on Trileptal. Trileptal made me obsess over how to kill myself and not get caught or stopped. I became suicidal very, very quickly on this drug. If you want to kill someone secretly give them this med in their juice or smoothie and before you know it....they will attempt to kill themselves. F 47 5 months
200-600mg 1X D

 1  Bipolar I Thought it was withdrawal from Effexor. Nausea, Blurred vision, sexual impotence, heightened anxiety, exhaustion. These side effects are still present 4 months later. Now I know it's the trileptal. Almost went to Pysch Hospital about 5 times now due to extreme anxiety. Never had this anxiety on anything else. Quit taking it today. Started smoking again after quitting for 9 months. My doctor told me to keep taking it but I am going to stay on Wellbutrin and Ripserdone only. I'm using some amino acids-just basics like shakes. Can't wait to feel better soon. 40 4 months
600mg 2X D
 3  temporal lobe epilepsy Nausea, indigestion, sleepy, darkened urine and decreased frequency, water retention/swelling, skin burning, (felt like had a sunburn) and reddened. Started at 150 mg, but didn't develop urinary and skin problems until increased to 300 mg. The medication pamphlet I received said the urinary problems were very serious. Would have loved to stay on this but couldn't with side effects. On the plus side it leveled out my moods. F 28 2 weeks
300 2X D
 5  my son has seizures. he takes it my son is 3 and has been on it since oct. 2010 and he is very tired after taking it, and now he is having a side effect from it, its causing him to have hand tremors. he actually takes 5ml in the morning and 6ml at bed time. and he takes this medicine at the same time every day! that is very important!! this medicine has worked so well for him! his seizure decreased tremendously once they got the dosage right! M 3
5mL 2X D
 4  Complex partial/generalized seizure Tiredness, weight gain, depression, blurred vision, sensitivity to sunlight,stomach sensitivity.Side effects have been worsening since switching to generic. Helpful in controlling seizures(nocturnal).Was on name brand initially, but cannot afford them now and have been on generic for 6 months.Put on weight, depressed and lack of motivation.Want to lay around.Never feel like I've had enough sleep.Pretty bleak when you are the sole support of your family.Have to live on pots of coffee throughout the day.But I do not have seizures which is a fair trade off I suppose.Thank you Folgers. F 42 5 years
600 MG 2X D

 2  depression weird dreams,extreme mental slowness, hard to carry out conversation, still depressed 900mg at night, 150 in am. when first started experienced bad nausea(has resolved) and concentration problems (which has only gotten worse). F 33 9 months
1050mg 1X D
 1  partial Complex epilepsy blurred/double vision, weakness, fatigue, startled, sleepy, cramps, tingling in mouth/ numb lips, dry eyes Great to control my seizures at first but will be switching off next week. F 22 6 months
375mg 2X D
 1  Bi-Polar I have all of a sudden developed serious nausea with unbelievable headaches F 46 2 days
40mg 1X D

 4  Simple Partial Seizures None at all. Since I started taking this drug I am seizure free. Itís only been a month, but I would usually have had at least 1 or 2 seizures in that amount of time. I hope it stays that way. One down side to this drug is the price if you do not have insurance. I only pay $5 for a monthís worth right now, but when I lose my health insurance in a few months it will be $175 dollars a month. M 25 4 weeks
300mg 2X D

 4  seizures major fatigue I have been taking trileptal for about six months now, and i have been seizure free but after being on a dose of 300mg twice a day my neurologist had me double it. After about three to four weeks of taking 600mg twice a day I couldn't even function for a whole week....I wasn't able to work or do anything productive. Just the simple task of straightening my hair in the morning made me have to sit down and rest. So I ended up just going back to taking 300mg twice a day and I have been back to normal. Other than that week of major fatigue trileptal has been great to me. F 24 6 months
300 2X D

 3  Bipolar headache, bloody nose, pimples, tremors, slow thoughts, no concentration, blurry eyes started at 150 mg for 2 weeks at bedtime & had blurred vision for about an hour after waking and had headaches for about the same upon waking for the first 4 days. Transitioned to 300 mg after 2 weeks with no differences occuring. after 1 month, tried to increase to 300mg at bedtime & 150mg upon waking. That is when I got the tremors, slow thought process & inability to concentrate. M 40 1 months
300 MG 1X D
 1  Bipolar I nausea, dizziness, light-headed, my skin itched but there was no visible rash; body aches starting on the 4th day, throbbing headaches, sleeplessness The side effects came on slowly and compounded until it got to be too much to handle. By the 6th day I was lying in bed with a bucket wishing to vomit so that maybe I would feel better. I felt so terrible that I took a pregnancy test. It was negative, but I have NEVER been that nauseated, not even when pregnant. Everything felt like it was spinning. I was dizzy even with my eyes closed. I will never swallow one of these pills again. F 32 6 days
300mg 2X D

 1  Bipolar 2 constant headache, constant and woresening dizziness, cross-eyed, vertigo, etc. etc. etc. etc. This is BY FAR the WORST MEDICATION I have ever been on for bipolar and I have gone through most of them. It should be BANNED by the FDA. DO NOT TAKE THIS!!! I think I am permanetly brain damaged thanks to this drug... F 54 3 weeks
600 1X D
 3  complex partial seizures TIRED! I could sleep 10 - 14hrs a day, dizzy, feeling off-balance like I'm falling, feeling drugged,high, or drunk. Inability to find the "right" word, memory loss, dry itchy skin, blurred vision, constipation, emotionless (don't get angry or happy), acne. Sex drive has not been affected. Also, I don't care for alcohol anymore..weird, but I've noticed one drink feels like 2, 2 drinks feel like 4, etc. Started low at 150mg 2x's per day. Side effects lasted 3 months, then finally leveled out and gone by 6 months. Doc just increased me to 300mg 2x's per day. Back to the old side effects again. I have always been active, gym 5 days a week, extreme sports. 4.0 graduate in comp science, technology field. Now I am a total drag, cant spell C-A-T, too tired to get dressed and leave my house, and did i take my meds this morning..? memory is terrible. Trileptal has controlled my seizures 100%, so I'm hoping side effects level out soon. BTW, I see comments about weight gain. Trileptal can drop sodium levels, and your body could be craving salt, which may be translated into those wild urges for Pepperoni Pizza or Super Nachos Supreme:-) I have been adding salt to my meals, and it's kept down my cravings to "munch out" a lot more...not sure if it's all 'in my head', but I've not put on any weight...Lost weight actually (without the gym). Drink LOTS of water on this medication, include lots of fiber in your diet, and ladies take folic acid supplements. I'll see how things look 6 months from now. F 36 8 months
300 mg 2X D
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