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 5  Migraine None This is a miracle drug for me, stops my migraine in its tracks. I get migraines related to my menstrual cycle -2 a month that used to last 2-4 days each, but since taking Frova I have had only one that lasted that long, when I waited too long to take it. Frova will stop the migraine within 30 minutes if taken as soon as the pain starts, it has changed my life. F 12 months

 4  Migraines Dizziness, nausea, tingling, feeling cold and sleepy. This medication has worked well in relieving my migraines with one or two doses. The side effects are worth the pain relief. F 45
1X D
 4  Migraines The most common side effect for me is joint "stiffness" for a few hours after taking Frova. It works within 20-30 minutes, during this time I feel a little tingling sensation in my temples and my head. After that, usually the migraine pain is gone, but I have the strong urge to urinate. Once I do that and yawn (to relieve jaw stiffness), I'm good to go. I've been using Frova for 7 years now and for about 2 years now I notice that after taking it, I get mild to moderate muscle and joint pain from head to toe, which is a little unusual. I'm very stiff for a few hours afterward. Frova is the only medicine that has helped me. I usually get migraines monthly, mainly right before menstruation, but I do get them occasionally with stress or after eating certain foods. I tried other brands for years, in varying strengths and forms, but they were not very effective for me. I like that I can take Frova at the moment I feel the "aura" of a migraine and within 30 minutes it's gone and I usually do not have to take it again. For me, it's mild, but long acting, so I can take it even while driving or at work and it doesn't affect my abilities. For other meds, I used to take them and have to sit in a dark room and put my head down for a while and pray that it would work, which for the most part did not or it would, but then the pain would come back a short while afterward. F 44 7 years
2.5mg 2X M

 2  migraines I was taking this for over a year and my Nuerologist thought it is great. Every time I had taken it, I've had to go to either 1) get a torodal shot, 2) get IV infusions, 3) get put on steroids with it, 4) take 2 doses and aleve, or 5) all of the above. Hate it. Obviously seeing another dr now! Doesn't work. F 39 1 years

 2  migraines this drug didn't do one thing to alleviate my migraine, I might as well have taken a sugar pill F 62 2 days
2.6 1X D
 1  Menstrual Migraines Mood swings, irritability, confusion, unable to think clearly, or remember what people were saying to me. I was prescribed Frova from my neurologist for menstrual migraines. I was instructed to take one Frova daily, starting one day before the start of my period and to keep taking it until my period ended. About day 2 of taking this medication, I noticed I didn't like how my mind was feeling. I couldn't think clearly. My husband and kids would be talking to me about something and it was hard for me to remember what they were telling me. I also found I was extremely irritable. However, it did work for getting rid of any sign of headache - which was wonderful! 4 days into my period, I had to stop it because of how it was making me feel. I am at day 5 now, and I think the drug is still slowly leaving my system! I can't wait until it is out of me! I won't be taking this again. I will take a headache over this any day. Sorry makers of Frova. I am sure this is a blessing for some people. F 46 7 days
2.5 MG 1X D
 5  Migraine None Most effective triptan so far because of its longer half-life. One 2.5 mg dose usually gets rid of most of my migraines especially if taken early in the attack. On a couple of occasions, the migraine came back after around 16 hours; a second dose of 2.5 mg was then sufficient to clear it completely. F 42 1 years
2.5 mg 1X D

 1  Migraines Immediate effects: clearing of blurred vision; elimination of dull thudding pain. After 30 minutes: insomnia, shakiness, jittery, talkative Duration of 48 hours: muscular "knots," joint aches, nausea, diahrrea, hunger -- all too extreme to warrant taking this medicine. This medicine was given to me as a sample medication by my neurologist to try. F 60 1 days
2.5 1X D
 5  migraines None. Best triptan I've ever used. Imitrex made me feel worse, Maxalt made me fall asleep. Frova let's me take it and forget about it. I've had migraines for 15 years. In the last 2 years I've tried almost every triptan, antidepressants, occipital nerve blocks, you name it. Those got my migraines down to just monthly, during that time of the month. I used to use Maxalt to treat the migraines as they came, but that stopped working after about 6 months. Now I take Frova as soon as my cycle starts, 1 a day for 5 days. I also take magnesium during those 5 days. I've been migraine free for three months. That's the longest I've gone without one in years. F 28 3 months
2.5 1X O
 5  Migraine None so far. Best migraine med I have taken. Others made me feel weird, drowsy or throat closing up. F 40 1 days

 4  Migraines Tingling of skin in warm water like a sunburn. Fatigue. 2-3 hours to start working, but strong enough to get rid of the migraine for at least 24 hours. No weight gain noticed here. I switch between this and Maxalt. I love Maxalt since it is quick, but Frova is stronger and better at preventing rebound headaches. M 33 6 months
5 MG 1X D
 3  Migraine relief Heart palpitations, initial restlessness, frustration from waiting for its peak plasma levels to be reached (3-4 hours after ingestion of drug). Better side-effect profile than other Triptans, but I wasn't that thrilled. Also, my doctor friend told me Frova was the worst weight gainer out of all triptans. Screw that. Only use I got out of it was usually to sleep! I have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and sleeping long enough (usually sleep for 4 hour intervals then nap; when on zero medication I could stay up (involuntarily) for probably at least 3-4 days without nodding off. Anyway, Frova is a triptan with a mild side-effect profile; downsides are the 3-4 hours it takes to reach peak effectiveness, COST COST COST (omg this med is SO expensive), and the fact that it causes weight gain (not for everyone, probably a small percentage of people). But be aware that, long-term, daily or near-daily use might cause weight gain. F 28 8 months
1X D
 5  Migraine Sleepiness, aching fingers/joints, tight throat when swallowing. This drug is the best triptan I've taken for migraine. It lasts a long time preventing recurrence of my migraine. Takes about an hour and a half to work but well worth the wait. Side effects are minor compared to the crazy/scary side effects of sumatriptan and maxalt. This drug does not have the high rate of adverse effects, especially on the heart, that imitrex (sumatriptan) and other first generation triptans have. Great drug! F 39 5 months
2.5mg 1X AN
 4  Migraine Very drowsy, loopy feeling for about 2 hours once it kicks in; very tight throat; aching joints - particularly fingers, feet, elbows; sometimes a stinging sensation in one nostril. I started taking Frova after generic imitrex stopped working (took off and on for 16 years) and began having frequent recurrences; Amerge never worked; Maxalt had too many side effects. If I take the Frova immediately at the first sign of migraine it keeps it from recurring. I took for my monthly menstrual migraine (which is the harshest and lasts usually 2 to 4 days) and I waited too long so I had a recurrence and had to take another one. My joints get very achy and my throat gets tight. These are much more tolerable than the migraine and the side effects I first experienced with imitrex/sumatriptan. Less side effects than the other triptans I've tried. Frova takes a little longer to work - about an hour but lasts longer and so far recurrence seems to be much lower and less painful. I've only started taking it so I will see how well it works and report back. F 38 2 months
2.5 mg 1X AN

 1  chronic, severe migraines nausea, dizziness, vomitting, severe pain on rt. side of head, pressure behind right eye with tearing, pain radiates all down right side of head to the base of skull, light & noise sensitivity, overly-sensitive to smells Just returned from neuro visit-new doc. Gave me Frova script even after going over the two page list of drugs I've been on in the last 25 years. During a recent hospital stay (for migraine) neuro there told me, "See someone about Botox--it's just been approved. It may help somebody with your history." New doc said, "No, it hasn't been approved. And even if you want the treatment, there is too much paperwork & insurance rarely approves it." I had severe reactions to many meds & I'm so frightened to take this one. Advice? F 40 0 days
2.5 mg 1X D
 5  Migraines lightheaded - minor, sometimes I get hormonal headaches every month, but if I take the Frova, the headache is gone within 30 minutes and rarely (maybe only once) returns until the next month. This medicine has really helped me a lot. I went from not having a life for several days every month to being able to function within 30 minutes as if there was never a problem. F 46 5 years
2.5mg 1X M

 5  Migraines Mild tingling in arms, lasting only a few minutes. Slight fatigue. Frova has been a wonder drug for me. I have hormonal migraines that can be debilitating without treatment. Upon taking Frova, I usually have complete relief of the migraine in about 30 minutes. The slight fatigue that I have after taking the med is well worth the relief of the migraine. F 39 6 months
2.5 mg 1X D

 2  daily migraine Tired, unable to concentrate fully, headhache only partially relieved. It does not completely end the headache, only lessens the severity. It takes a long time to take effect (1+ hours). Foggy feeling coupled with the continuation of headache (although much less severe) makes this drug not worth taking. F 49 6 days

 5  migraines a little neck, scalp, and facial tingling This medicine is my life saver! After trying many different triptans, this is the best for me. Works quickly every time and NO REBOUND HEADACHE the next day!!! F 27 4 years

 4  migraines tingling sensations takes away the headache if i take it fairly quickly-1-2 hours of onset. lasts 1-2 days. i have sometimes have taken it with advil, aleve, etc. and have found that in combination its 99% effective. would def recommend if you have frequent headaches that seem to build slowly over a couple days. F 28 4 months

 3  migraine with aura tingling, jaw pain, and feeling silly/loopy about 30 minutes-1 hour after taking FROVA. side effects lasted about 30-45 minutes. also made me sleepy; fell asleep for 2 hours after the "loopy" feeling kicked in. it seemed to "push" my migraine pain away - didn't relieve it entirely, but did keep it in the background for about 3 hours. unfortunately, it then wore off and i needed to take opiate medication. this has happened to me with *every* triptan i've taken. they do not seem to work for me past about 3 hours. F 49 6 months

 1  Migraines Didn't help at all and I thought it might since one of my triggers is that time of the month. F 37 2 months

 2  migraine dizzy, tight feeling around neck, felt like i couldnt breathe it felt worst then the actual migraine. i also tried imitrex and did the same thing to me. but these syptoms lasted longer. F 28 1 days

 4  Migraine Break through headache, fatigue. Frova has worked best for me as a way to prevent a migraine from returning after I have successfully aborted it with Imitrex or Relpax. Frova is a long acting Triptan that stays active in the system for 24-26 hours while Imitrex and Relpax are both fast acting Triptans that only stay active for 2 and 4 hours respectively. Used alone, I don't find Frova as effective as the fast acting Triptans in fully aborting a migraine. The other downside to Frova is fatigue, which I find builds up if I have to take it two or three days in a row. On the other hand, that's still far better than the "pre-Triptan days" of blinding head pain, vomiting for hours and feeling like I've been run over by a truck! F 46 10 months

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