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 2  reflux Stomach cramping both night and day,and enough to wake me up at night. Burning at the base of my throat. This is only my 4th day on Aciphex, so I don't know if these side effects will persist. If so, I'll switch to something else. F 43 4 days

 2  GERD abdominal cramps, nausea, blood pressure rose, depression & paranoia (never had either before), hotflashes Helped the GERD (fairly well) but side effects were worse. I think this medicine works well for some, not for others, I'm one of the F 28 6 days

 1  Acid Reflux After I took the first pill, I had problems breathing and ended up in the emergency room. My mouth felt like it had a large cotton ball inside. For 3 days following had to wear sunglasses because everything appeared very bright. I didn't take it again after that. F 41 1 days
 3  Duodenal Ulcers / GERD Dizziness (Vertigo), irritability, confusion, slight headache I was taking Nexium before Aciphex, but had to stop due to high cost (insurance would not cover). After about two weeks on Aciphex, noticed side effects listed. Reflux came back more often when taking Aciphex than when I was on Nexium. Physican is taking me off Aciphex. I will now try Protonix. F 30 14 days

 3  Acid-Reflux, Heartburn Dizzy, lightheaded, and disoriented. Pressure in chest, pounding in throat. Felt like I was having a panic attack, yet symptoms came on randomly and at times when I was very relaxed. The medication helped symptoms that Zantac did not - I'd been having gurgling in upper chest and lots of chest pressure and excessive stomach gas and burping. AciPhex solved those problems, but the new problems it brought were more uncomfortable and disturbing. I was beginning to fear I'd faint while driving or that I was having a heart attack. Went off the stuff for a week and symptoms disappeared. An hour and a half after I took it again, symptoms returned. Going off it for good. F 38 45 days
 3  GERD and Barrett's Intense burping and gurgling in my stomach I take 20mg twice a day as my GERD has gotten a lot worse in the last 6 months. Does anyone have any suggetsions re the side effects I am experiencing? M 44 6 months
 5  Extreme heartburn None Heartburn used to keep me up all night. I slept in a chair many nights to try to avoid the heartburn. Aciphex is the only medication that stops the heartburn and I've tried many. I can't live without it. F 49 3 years

 5  acid reflex none Better than anything else I've tried. I had to go off of it because of our insurance. I was put on Protonix, but it doesn't hold a candle to Aciphex. F 44 1 days

 5  GERD Slight Head ache during the first couple of days, until it gets in my system then it's smooth sailing. This is my miracle drug I have been taking medications for my GERD for 12 years and nothing has helped like this!!! I know that it is extremely expensive (THANK GOD FOR SAMPLES!!!) but with me it is well worth it. I used to feel like I was in the exercist when I would come flying out of the bed with acid shooting out of my mouth and nose and I had no control over it. But now that is all in the past!!! AMEN! F 27 1.5 years
 5  Reflux None For years I have been prescribed everything you can imagine,this is the only thing that has worked. This drug is a miracle. AIts been 2 years. I couldnt eat anything without getting sick until this drug entered my system. I love it!!! M 40 2 years

 1  ulcer Dizzy, lightheaded, intense itch of head, hands, all sweat lines(waist), thight throat,wired feeling. F 51 11 days

 1  severe belly pain Went to emergency room when itching in scalp, underarms, waist and leg band area had large raised angry red lumps. Itch was severe.Tightness in throat.Felt wired.Not able to sleep or even sit still. F 62 10 days

 3  discomfort, burping, dry heaving light hangover feeling, salivating exsessivley, this is my second time on it, and the first time I felt any side effects F 22 14 days

 5  GERD, epigastic hernia none I was prescribed it twice a day for a while and never had any side affects. Without it, there is no rest at night. F 37 2 years

 2  GERD Intense itching all over my body for 4 days now, rash, dizziness, headache. Seemed to work for my acid reflux but the allergic reaction was too much to deal with. Went off medicine when I realized I was allergic to it. F 36 7 days

 4  acid reflux F 49 11 months

 1  Prescribed by my physician Moderate to Severe heartburn after taking this medicine for three days..Some nausea,slight headache. M 51 5 days
 5  GERD Maybe a bit more gas than before, but the improvement in my life was substantial. No GERD during the day or night. No heartburn. Ever. I eat pizza again. A miracle. M 51 1 years

 4  GERD Minor/occaisional side effects (stomach cramping, mostly)... but one strange thing: I work out a lot... since taking Aciphex, I haven't been sore from my workouts - no matter the intensity, no soreness. Weird. I've been on Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid, and Protonix on and off for the past 4 years. So far, so good with Aciphex. F 36 2 months

 2  GERD Lightheadedness, insomnia, skin on face and left arm burning/tingling feeling, severe gas. On Plavix, aspirin, toprol, and lipitor for heart. Been taking Aciphex for two months, stopped for three days and symptoms went away, took one pill this evening and symptoms have returned and can't sleep. M 44 2 months

 4  GERDs headaches, insomnia Works like a wonder on my stomach, I can eat spicey foods again. But it's giving me slight headaches that make me feel dizzy and hot. Also I only sleep after being awake for over a day now. F 22 1 months

 5  Acid Reflux Works great Better than anything else I've taken. M 38 2 years

 3  ulcer, gerd burping and feeling of stomach in throat, increased appetite, excessive gassiness. Seems to work quite well at relieving the heartburn, but the side effects were bothering me so much I tried going off the med for a few days, and by day 3 I was experiencing the most painful heartburn and severe acid reflux in my life, so I resumed the med.Will try to deal with the effects while looking into other options. F 28 6 weeks

 5  Acid Reflux No side effects I found I can only take Aciphex. Generic brands do not work. Insurance is more expensive, but worth it since I take it everyday. F 49 8 years
 4  Gerd, Barrets esophogas None Still have gerd, but doc wants me to continue with this to halt the barrets. F 47 1 years

 2  laryngopharyngeal reflux disease Severe vertigo/nausea. I had been on Prevacid, Nexium,& Protonix (2X/day)for 9 months:too many side effects - insomnia; severe abdominal cramps/constipation; no appetite;etc. I took Aciphex (20mg 2X/day) for 5 days. On the 6th day, I woke up with severe vertigo/nausea, which lasted for one week (I went back on Protonix for a short while, tapering off to nothing until I find out the ototoxicity of PPI's.) F 41 5 days

 5  GERD & Barrett's esophagus No side effects I was very ill with symptoms of my disease. I took Aciphex and within HOURS my pain went away and I have been fine since. I have an endoscopy every year for the Barrett's and it is healing nicely. F 64 3 years

 5  Acid Reflux No side effects at all. Cured my acid reflux almost within a few days which was causing something called Shotsky's Ring (when your throat spasms closed around food going down at the time and you choke). All gone!! M 1 years

 4  stomach problems seems like it has caused weight gain, so I am going off the meds. However did help with my heartburn,acid problem F 36 3 months

 5  acid reflux Non noted Works well M 2.5 years

 5  severe gerd None that I have noticed. Works better than all the others for me. Expensive my co-pay is $50.00. There are $30 rebate forms available on the internet. Just put the word aciphex in your search 45 2.5 years

 4  Acid Reflux/IBS Some cramping and gas.....has helped my acid reflux and chest pains. I have been on Prilosec, Propulsid, Zantac, Protonix, Prevacid, and now Aciphex for two and a half years. All of these medications had some kind of reaction. But Aciphex has seemed to be the only one to stop my intense heartburn and chest pains. I am reading that you shouldn't take it because it is causing major problems in people. Has anyone else had any major problems? Thanks. F 28 2.5 years
 5  acid reflux None This drug has elimated my acid reflux problem. No over the counter remedies were effective, and they made me feel sick. This has been a wonderful drug for me! F 43 2 years

 4  GERD, haital hernia none so far F 28 1 months

 5  ulcers none Worked excellent but now that I'm off I can feel the ulcers have come back. F 21 2 months

 5  GERD Very irregular, gassy. Not fun But it works great for the problem. M 55 7 days

 5  GERD Very irregular, gassy. Not fun But it works great for the problem. M 55 7 days

 5  heartburn non e F 47 3 months

 5  Acid Reflux None; it was very effective. I tried Nexium (cheaper) but the problems returned. Now that I am back on Aciphex, no problems! M 44 6 months

 5   F 41 2 weeks

 5  ACID REFLUX none F 50 4 months

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