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 1  Mood Swings This drug has made my asthma horrible. My rescue inhaler barely helps. This made my mood swings worse and my anxiety 10 times worse. I've also had a few panic attacks. I haven't had a panic attack in a year or so. It also causes me to have an extremely dry mouth. F 22 3 days
25 Mg 1X D
 5  Bipolar This medication has saved my marriage. I was a mess before I started taking it. I picked fights with my husband constantly. Finally, he told me he couldn't take it anymore and was considering leaving. I knew at that point that if I wanted our marriage to work, I was going to have to get help. My doctor put me on Lamictal and within days I noticed an improvement in my mood. I'm not 100%, but I am much better off than I was before I started taking it. I have a lot going on in my life, including the loss of loved ones and dealing with several medical issues with myself as well as my children...some of these issues are progressive and incurable. Lamictal has helped me deal with everything head on, instead of curling up in a ball crying and being unable to face life. I can finally be strong for my family. Things could not be better between my husband and I. We get along great and we're finally able to give our children the loving, stable environment they deserve. I will never stop taking this medication. As far as side effects, if I have any, they have been so mild that I haven't even noticed them. Yes, some people do have unpleasant side effects, but that's a possibility with every medication out there...even Tylenol. What works for some, clearly does not work for others. You'll never know if this will be a right fit for you unless you give it a chance. It's worth a try, in my opinion. F 35 1 years
100 MG
 4  BP 2 General Fatigue following light jogging. Recent tinnitus. Dry eyes. Poor sleep, can't get to or back to sleep. Sometimes wake up with head feeling warm. Allergies got worse. I might try to get off this drug. I could deal with other side affects but the fatigue and tinnitus are too much added to other side effects. M 53 9 days
150 mg

 4  Depression and anxiety. Short term memory loss and some dizziness. May be causing some calcium and vitamin D oroblems, still testing. Some lethargy and fatigue. F 49 2 years
30 mf

 1  BIPOLAR AND ADHD This drug made me stare out of the window, non social, people kept telling me I was not myself and asking me what was wrong and I did not feel like myself. I was not thinking at all. There are alot of people who do not know I am adhd or bipolar, they just think I am a get her done type of person and am very social. Limictal with paxil made me a zombie, did not feel comfortable, my stomache always hurt- would try to make it feel better by eating,but that did not help. I forget all of my symptoms but I felt as if I were dying. I also have never had gory and mutilation dreams, being scared and trying to run away. I started having horrible seeming so real nightmares. I am thinking that I was misdiagnosed as bipolar and I am only adhd. Both run in my family and I did tell the dr. I went to that I don't believe I have strong bipolar symptoms. I know what a person acts like and the symptoms from speaking with 2 of my sisters that have bipolar. My sisters have said that they have those kind o F 30 3 years
30 MG 1X D
 5  bipolar 2 Blurred vision, runny nose, HORRIBLE night sweats F 15 6 months

 5  bi polar II I have had no side effects what so ever. This medication is like the missing link in my brain. I got a diagnosis of bi polar II disorder in 2005. I have been treated for depression only in the past...unaware that the ssri's would make me hypomanic. Lamictal has helped me so much. It evens out my moods, which for the most part is good. I also take celexa. They even out my moods and dull them a bit, but it is better then crying all the time, insomnia, paranoia, and rage. It sucks having to be on medication. I wish I could go off them and be a normal person, because I have had periods in my life when I was "normal" but if I miss even a single dose I am struggling to function and if I miss a few days my world literally falls apart, can't work or function around people. Anyway, it has helped me a lot and it has helped me stay sober. Haven't had a drink in almost 6 years. F 48 5 years
200mg 1X D
 2  Bipolar II with mixed states Inability to orgasm, problems with talking, eyesight changes, confusion, short term memory loss, trouble sleeping All in all, this drug has been a godsend for me and my relationships. While I'm still struggling to become a better person, this drug has removed quite a few roadblocks. I have side effects and they definitely bother me after having been on the drug for a few years, so I'm considering weening off after speaking to my doctor. Two years ago you might have found me either exercising or crying uncontrollably any giving time of the day, even at work on breaks, but now I'm a pretty well adjusted person who's finally calmed down enough to pursue some interests other than drinking and laying around watching tv. From what I've read about lamictal, it's nothing you want to stay on long term, especially if you having side effects. As far as side effects go, (and pardon, i'm in a hypomanic state atm) I tend towards mixing up my words, forgetting what i'm saying midsentence (which makes me look like a total DA at work), I have swirly and sometimes static like vision, especially when I'm looking at bright objects like the sky and the computer. I have residual images constantly, I have a hard time getting my brain to "work" sometimes, like during math, and some trouble sleeping. I also have stiff muscles and find myself clenching my entire body during the day and at night. So basically, it's worsened the normal effects of hypomanic states in bipolar disorder, in many ways, while keeping me completely level headed about it, if that makes sense. F 24 2 years
50 1X D
 1  Bi-Polar Feelings of indifference, increased disasociation with reality, irrational thoughts sometimes stemming from "lucid dreams" that he is certain mean something. Sporatic and unpredictable aggresion accompanied by severe shaking. Disreguard for responsibilities. Warped sence of invincibility. Increased confusion and inability to cope with distractions. I am writting this on behalf of my husband as a warning to other concerned spouses/children/partners/parents out there that are experiencing, second hand, the negative side effects that this drug may be having on their loved one. After my husband began taking Lamictal he started feeling "better" quickly. This led to sudden thoughts that he is in his right mind and should be focusing on him and his needs while his children and wife sit on the sidelines. He has now lost his wife and children and beleives that it is a good thing. He has left the house and is only paying for his room and board where he is staying and refuses to pay the bills he left with his wife and children. This is all very recent and who is to know if he will remain happy with these changes but he has very limited interaction with his children at this point and the effects on them have been huge. It does appear that he feels better but from what I see it is only better because he isn't reguarding any of the responsibilities that he has. Only time will tell how he responds when reality hits him but from what I have seen so far he will continue to withdrawl. He refuses to listen to my feedback about his treatment and has concocted a grand story in his mind that I am the root of his anger issues and with out me he will now be better. He has taken this to the extreme of simplifying our seperation saying that I just didn't want him to go hiking so I ended our seven year relationship and tore our children F 32 3 months
100 MG 1X D
 5  Epilepsy - Schizenchephaly Initially trouble sleeping, more frequent urination, have to get up at night to go, need to clear my throat more often, heart palpitations. I've had great results with Lamictal and have not had a seizure for 11 months. I haven't had any serious side effects, probably the worst of which is minor heart palpitations but I am very pleased. I have a rare congenital disorder and lived a completely normal life until I was 20. I had 8 total seizures within a 9 month period but have not had one for 11 months now since being on lamictal as I approach my 22nd birthday. I am back to a normal life about to graduate from college in May 2011. M 22 10 months
200mg 2X D
 5  epilepsy M 40 6 months
150 2X D

 4  Bipolar I, Hypomania & Depression None at first, spontaneous and rapidly worsening symptons after 8 months. After months of severe insomnia, suicidal thoughts, etc. lamictal was a godsend. Within a couple weeks my entire life turned around. No significant side effects, but I generally don't get side effects. It continued to work through the summer, wasn't affected by any pain killers from a few surgeries. What really made me realize it's full effect was how well it worked during a really disastrous breakup. Never been so sad in my life, but I was able to function, go to school, etc. I didn't have any suicidal thoughts like I would have had in the past. Mid-October, it suddenly stopped. It started with insomnia, restlessness, crying all the time, inability to finish work, lack of motivation, couldn't get out of bed, extreme hunger, etc. I was put on 300 mg... no change. I started getting weird anxious energy, like... when I was upset or stressed I started acting "scary." Spontaneous, very neurotic reactions to little things. Inability to connect to emotions, connect to physical actions. I'm so glad someone else reported this: weird, compulsive head-scratching. And my shoulders and collar bones. I picked at my skin until I had little scabs like bugbites, but I never realized it. I displayed all the symptoms of public anxiety but never ever felt paranoid or anxious. This December it's continued to get worse, severe depression and listlessness, crazy insomnia, apathy... I started Seroquell XR which was miserable. Still on the Lamictal until I start Lithium tomorrow. F 19 10 months
150-300 mg 1X D

 1  epilepsy severe headaches all day/every day...insomnia..severe memory loss (started 2 fires in my kitchen!!! i can't do more than one thing at a time..walk in room & forget why i went there)..weight gain @ 2 lbs/week & i don't overeat this med has reduced my number of seizures but the side effects are nasty, nasty...this is my 4th med...now doc wants me to start Topamax...boy am i scared!!!..i cannot get a return call from him about the problems i'm having....so off to the ER tomorrow!!! pathetic if you ask me M 47 2 months
200 1X D

 1  Anxiety BiPolar Depression Bleedling gumes, rotting teeth, mouth sores and ulcers, rashed and hives, vision changes,hot flashesm bone aches, chest pains, extreme headaches, lack of creating tears, memory loss. I have taken Lexapro and Xanax with much success but felt at 75%. I was so happy when the nurse practitioner stated "I can get you 100%." I was estatic. Last week I looked at my bleeding gums and loss of enamel and rotting teeth. I NEVER have had teeth problems in my life. I immediately went online for natural products (Celtic Sea Salt) to correct the problem. Itching I have to take Atarax. I took all of the pills left in the starter pack and flushed them down the toilet. DOT NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE. YOU WILL LOSS TOOTH ENAMEL AND YOUR TEETH WILL ROT. I CALLED DR AND THEY WOULD NOT RETURN MY CALLS. I am a writer and I wanted to stabilize my moods but now my energies would be better served writing an expose on this EXPENSIVE MEDICINE AND I HAVE INSURANCE. I have never had severe side effects with meds with the exception of a headache or two. THIS MEDICINE WOULD KEEP ME UP ALL NIGHT AND THEN WHEN I WOULD SLEEP I WOULD HAVE THE STRANGEST DREAMS. I AM GOING TO RESEARCH NATURAL METHODS TO HELP ME WAVE MY KIDNEYS. OH AND MY MENSTRUAL CYCLE WOULD START WHENEVER IT FELT LIKE IT. THIS DRUG WITH KILL YOU AND ALSO I WOULD HAVE BLIND SPOTS IN THE CORNERS OF MY EYES WHERE I COULDN'T SEE. THROW THIS MEDICINE AWAY BECAUSE THE SIDE EFFECTS CAN COME IN YEARS OF TAKING OR WEEKS. I HAVE DONE A LOT OF RESEARCH AND IT IS THE SCARIEST MEDICINE AVAILABLE... F 40 5 weeks
beginners 1X D

 1  Seizure disorder Unbelievable side effects with this medication. I feel like a basket case. Severe anxiety; Mood swings; Memory loss (short term); Trouble concentrating; Poor word retrieval; Imbalance; Vivid, horrible dreams F 48 6 months
100 mg 3X D

 5  Bipolar II mild muscle weakness and blurred vision It was the only drug I could stay on. The others either didn't work or the side effects were so bad that I had to stop taking them. It's been very effective in conjunction with welbutrin & stress reduction. 450 mg seems like a lot compared to what others are taking, but it seems to be how much I need. M 57 10 years
150 3X D

 5  Bi-polar 2 Eye twitching, clumsy It has been a LIFESAVER for me. It is the only thing that has kept me stable for the last 7 years. The eye twitching just started so I am not sure if it is due to it or not. F 29 7 years
300 mg 1X D

 1  bipolar II sore thorat, terrible cough, overall feeling fatigue, body aches Although I was not on Lamicatal that long, I starting experiencing cold and flu symptoms when increasing the dosage. My mood was better, but unable to function because of feeling tired and sick with flu symptoms constantly. The body aches were unbearable. I do not recommend this medicine M 41 3 weeks
50 1X D

 3  Bipolar Disorder. great loss of sex drive when going from 75MG - 100MG I started lamictal for depression and bipolar disorder..and I really wasn't noticing anything, like it hadn't helped my feelings and moods at all, and after increasing my dosage to 100MG, I completely lost ability to get wet, once we start I am able to get wet and then I'm fine, but initially, I can't get horny. F 13 2 months
100MG 1X D

 3  anxiety Joint pain/arthritis, speech/verbal confusion, difficulty focusing Before I started taking Lamictal I was seeing a doctor who managed the County Psychiatric Hospital. He had me taking alprazolam, ambien, xanax and adderall all at the same time.( WTF? )Before that I had tried lorazepam, Lexapro and Cymbalta. Nothing worked. The thought was that my anxiety was triggering depression and I couldn't focus so I took something for that, and then I needed something to make me sleep. Didn't work. I was total zombie for months and I was suicidal. Up and down.. I was scared and paranoid all the time. I felt so terrible I wanted to die. I found a new doctor who put me on Lamictal. It completely evened me out and I felt like a human again. The anxiety I had was gone and I was so happy to have my life back. It really seemed like a miracle drug. HOWEVER... a few months ago I started experiencing joint pain and swelling. My knees give out. I sometimes have to walk backwards up the stairs and I am not over weight. I can hardly get out of bed in the morning. My feet turn inward - cant put them flat on the floor. I feel like someone threw me down the stairs when I wake up and I have a hard time gripping things. An example: I was carrying a gallon of water into the house and when I sat it down sharp pains started shooting up my arm. After just a short bike ride my knees give out and my wrists hurt. I can't put pressure on them. I have back pains. I have to be on my feet at work. I have a pretty physical job and now I'm in so much pain at the end of the work w F 25 1 years
150 mg 1X D

 1  epilepsy Hair loss, depression, suicidal thoughts, lack of interest, easily confused, problems speaking, confusing left and right, aching teeth, irregular periods Listen to your symptoms and yourself, NOT your doctor. Look at how many people have life altering side affects from this drug. Is it worth it? Stop thinking it won't happen to you...it happened to me and my hair has been falling out for 4 months F 28
1X D

 4  Bipolar I Short term memory loss The drug helped me greatly, but the memory loss was the reason why I eventually discontinued taking it. It had an immediate positive effect on my moods, though. F 22 3 years
150 1X D

 2  mood disorder I have increased appetite-I've gained 20 pounds in the last 2 months since being on lamictal. I have bizarre muscle and/or joint pains that come and go within minutes. I have terrible night sweats, I wake up soaking wet. And the last few weeks since my dose has been moved up to 200mg/day I have the most awful vivid nightmares all night long every night. I wake up exhausted and stay exhausted all day:( F 30 60 days
200mg 1X D
 4  bipolar weight loss of 15-20 pounds - wasn't really needed. Less appetite. Very, very vivid dreams. Recent development of pain in two knuckles of right hand with a bruise like appearance. My son is taking lamictal. He had previously taken depakote with seemingly good results but he did not want ot go back on that. I was excited for him to try Lamictal. I can really tell if he has missed 2 or 3 consecutive doses - starts to develop a little agitation. He seems pleased with the results of the medication. M 17 2.5 months
50mg 2X D
 5  bi-polar F 60 3 months

 5  bi-polar Sounds weird, but instead of age related night sweats, my sweats seemed to tell me to wake up to go to the bathroom at night. Had sweats before, but never syncronized with urination. Thought that was kind of strange. It happens ever time! Medication is working for me. Up to 300 MG a night and feel pretty good now. No other problems yet.... F 60 3 months

 4  yes Definite short term memory loss and constant constipation Eliminated most partial seizures. Had two gran mal seizures before taking and haven't had any since then. M 58 6 months

 4  Bi Polar Has been working well for me at 200 mg. Hasn't full stopped my mood swings. Back and Joint pain at 250 mg I have been taking 200 mg for 2 years with out any problems. I got a new doctor and he suggested that I ramp up to 300 mg. After a few days at 225 mg I started getting back, muscle, and joint pain. I thought I was getting a bad case of the flu before I found this website and found out that others are having the same side effects. M 36 2 years

 4  depression Night sweats, I guess word mix up (didn't really attribute it until seeing other comments), vivid dreams (some good, some really bad), memory loss, propensity for slurring (+alcohol) Lamictal has really helped me. I was feeling suicidal and this generally kept those thoughts at bay. It has set a floor for my depressed moods. M 38 4 months

 3  Depressive Bipolar II Inability to focus vision on fine details, some discoordination with fine motor tasks, abnormal liver functions, high triglycerides and cholesterol, and CRIPPLING BACK PAIN. I was excited to try this med as, like many people with BPD, I have a hard time taking SSRIs. It's claimed to be more effective against depressive episodes than more regularly prescribed BPD meds like Lithium, and it was. However, I gradually developed back pain during the slow dose increase used to start this medication. It started as a slight stiffness in my back, and I assumed I was just out of shape. Then it became painful, and I assumed I had hurt my back somehow, but didn't think the Lamictal had anything to do with it. By the time I got to 200mg, I was basically crippled and wondered each time I bent over whether that would be the time I wouldn't be able to stand back up- at 37 and fairly healthy, I knew something was wrong. In spite of pointing this out to various doctors and nurses, none of them seemed to make the connection, and it wasn't until I did my own research that I found that a VERY HIGH NUMBER of people have similar complaints, something like 1 in 12. At 200mg I had my blood checked, which revealed abnormal liver functioning, and high triglycerides and cholesterol. The doctors (all psych trained) didn't find that odd either. I have stopped taking the med and hope that sometime in the next month or so my back will recover and that the damage isn't permanent. So PLEASE recognize that your doctors are not all-knowing gods, and that the side effects of this med can creep up on you VERY slowly. M 37 3 months

 5  bipolar I short term memory loss, words get mixed up, some itchiness, dry mouth. Was able to think clearly for the first time in my life, after beginning Lamictal. Was ultra rapid cycling daily. Finally feel in control of myself, thoughts, feelings. Anxiety, and severe depression 90% eliminated. Some "break through" days as with any medication. Definitely feel flat most of the time. Stable. No more extreme highs, however there is some depression when mania is triggered. Overall, life saving drug. Would recommend giving a try. F 40 7 months
 4  bipolar NO SEX DRIVE F 26 3 years

 3  Bipolar fatique, motor agitation, twitching in limbs and trouble with gait. Good med but broke out in rash. First day I felt the med's working in my frontal lobe. Quick mood swings on the first day which I found interesting. I was laughing and crying at the same time. My moods started to calm down. Instead of quick mood swings....I would have a bad mood one day and good mood the next day. Always felt aggitated and irritable at night. I had to take 2mg of Clonzepam to get me to sleep. Felt my skin itching but no visible rash. That sensation disappeared after I got into my new dose level and it started again when the pdoc increased my dose. I felt he moved me too quickly into the dosages. First two week 25 mg, the 2nd two weeks 50mg, the 3rd dosage was increased to 100 mg for three weeks. I did felt it stabilized my moods but the initial dosages made very tired and it was hard to concentrate at times when people talked to me but that slowly cleared up. Experienced some headaches. Experienced in the sixth week some twitching at night in my limbs. Felt dizzy at times. Noticed in the seventh week motor agitation which came in spurts and came throughout the day. Also had trouble with my gait but nothing real serious. None of this effected my driving ability. I did experience flu systems which the pdoc thought was the regular flu. I thought it was the meds. ...then I broke out in hives. Pdoc told me to stop ASAP. When the rash reached my face I went to the emergency room. Got a quick dose of allergy steriods and diphenhydramine. Took a whole week for my rash to clear up. F 52 49 days
 3  Bipolar II Back & joint pain, numbness in feet when exercising, fatigue, dental pain, circulation issues on left side of body, short of breath, dizziness, vision changes, trouble "finding" words when speaking I have experienced many side effects on this med & none of them are what I would call "minor". There is one very good thing Lamictal does for me that makes it worth taking: it regulates my sleep to around 8hrs per day. Without it, I would rarely be able to wake up and function after 8hrs of sleep. I strongly suggest taking calcium & vit D3 with this med due to the issues with joints & teeth. I have taken it for 4 years and wish I knew about that when I started taking it. M 33 4 years

 4  Epilepsy Short term memory loss, dizziness, lack of strong feelings, weaving when walking Previous to taking Lamictal I was on Dylantin. The stuff had horrible side effects including what I have on Lamictal and more. I could not function on my job and still had seizures. My doctor put me on Lamictal and I take it 3 times a day - 150 mg AM/PM and 100 at lunch. I figured out I had seizures in the late afternoon so the lunch dose is just a little push to get me to my night time dose. I've been seizure free for 5 years this April. That said, sometime the side effects are pretty bad. They seem to improve or get worse with hormonal changes. I get frustrated at the lack of strong feelings but I'm on this drug for the side effect of controlling seizures rather than the primary intention of helping bipolar. So, I should expect no strong feelings since it is a mood controlling drug. However... I miss them. When I start weaving down the hallways I drag my finger against a wall and it helps straighten me out. Lamictal recently went generic and I've read that people are hav F 56 6 years
 3  Bipolar Disorder II, rapid cycling Dizziness, weight gain, increased appitite, difficultly reading and concentrating, insomnia. I've been on it for a few months. The first month it felt like it had completely chanaged my life. I was happier and higher on life than ever! Unfortunately that didn't last. My depression came back in full furry, but the hypomania didn't. So basically I felt like crap all the time. And now sleeping problems and weight gain have become issues. I go for days without sleeping, but its not that I am not tired, my body just can't sleep, so I am sluggish and withdrawn during the day. Kind of sucks. But, it has only been four months, so maybe it can still work for me. Last time I visited the psych, she bumped me up from 100mg to 150mg and reminded me that it was important to take the meds. Its not like I wasn't before, I just don't like taking them. . . but apparently I am a suicide risk, so people get all freaked if I don't take them. I don't know. Go luck to anyone taking it. F 18 4 months
 4  yes hives and small rash nothing serious.insomnia.but i take a simple sleeping pill and that does the trick.I go off in a daze sometimes when people are talking to me i hear them but dont know what they said.Tingling in my cheeks and jaw.This medicine has helped me a lot though so i could say i dont mind the side effects because i feel better when im taking lamictal when i forget to take it for a day or so i feel horrible so i know it works,considering ive been taking it for a good while it took me since i was 4 to find a medication that worked. Its a good perscription for someone suffering with bipolar and comes with less serious side effects. F 17 2 years
 3  Mood Stabilizer After 2 weeks I experienced manic/ Racing thoughts (for just two days)and Blurred vision. after 6 weeks I developed a rash on my feet, neck, shoulder and buttocks and a SEVERE rash in my mouth (50+ sores on all gums, cheeks, tongue, soft pallet, roof of mouth throat and lips). I was then diagnosed with SJS I was so mad that I had to come off Lamactal because of the side effects because this was TRULY a miracle drug for me. It changed my life completely, Then, by a cruel coincidence snatched away. I suggest trying it and see if it works. M 39 2 months
 4  Bipolar II Appetite loss, blurred vision, dizzy, "high" feeling at first The appetite loss has been the most severe side effect (which I dont mind, I've lost 5 pounds so far), but the other side effects are eliminated completely by exercising immediately after taking the pill. I'm fortunate that I was already working out regularly before taking this medication, but I strongly recommend trying to exercise (even walking) if one were struggling with side effects. It works for me. The drug seems to be clearing my mind as I increase the dosages (started at 25 mg, then 50, etc.). I played the violin when I was young and at a very definite point about 10 years ago seemed to lose my ability. Luckily I kept my violin because I seem to have picked up where I left off 10 years ago! Could be coincidental? Feel free to email me. F 28 4 weeks
 4  Anxiety, irritability, depression sore throat, weight gain, irregular periods I felt HUGE relief the first couple of days when I started on 25mg. Now I am on 100mg and I constantly have to drink water and tea as my throat hurts. Also have to keep clearing my throat. Got my period 2 weeks early. Overall though, a positive effect. Will have to wean off soon as I plan to get pregnant in the near future. Also on 20mg Prozac. F 38 6 weeks

 2  mood disorder anxiety, headache, head feels heavy and "stuffed up", ears feel plugged up, extreme drowsiness/fatigue, vivid dreams, waking up a lot in the night, mood swings. I dont think I can do this. I've never felt this weird on antidepressants. I've never felt bad enough that I start crying uncontrollably and get really scared to take another dose. I was told this drug is well tolerated but I'm not tolerating it well at all! Its only been a week but I'm going to ask my doc if I can ween off of it. F 31 7 days

 4  bi polar 2 scratching my head, that's not so bad. :) please contact me with positive experiences with this medication. that would help. i have just started taking Lamictal and have felt relatively good this first week at 25mg. i will be increasing that dosage every week and see what happens. while i recognize that some of the side effects are real for people on this site, i am concentrating on relieving my depression which can become very severe regarding my bi-polar. The balanced periods are not too severe or out of bounds, but the depressions are paralyzing and suicidal. i appreciate all the comments from everyone that has had success with this drug. i am hoping it is an answer to a 25 year search for controlling the depressions i have had. Hang in there people. M 45 7 days
 3  bipolar II vision blurry, fuzzy-headed, loss of creativity and enthusiasm, sex drive MAJORLY decreased I had the side effects described by others on this page regarding fuzzy-headedness, dropping words, etc., as well as vision problems, but I have noticed these are lessened if I take the dosage at night. I was at 100 mgs for some time and recently increased to 150, but my sex drive is literally ENTIRELY gone. As this is creating problems in my marriage, I am dropping back to 125 and am going to hold there for a while to reassess. Also general loss of creativity, although I wonder if the loss of sex drive and creativity are because I am missing the manic phases. F 31 1.5 years

 4  Bipolor Listlessness, increased appetite, fatigue, insomnia. I've been at 200 mg for over a year now. It leveled things out. The raging ended and the quick swings into depression stopped too. It was almost miraculous. Lately, I have had almost no energy, don't get enthused about anything any more. I feel rather zombie-like. Sleep was a problem until the doctor put me on Ambien. No problem any more. M 50 16 months
 5  bipolar II Some: dry eye, blurred vision, acne, short term memory loss, trouble finding words, insomnia, vivid sometimes very strange dreams, ulcers in mouth, mild rashes, the usual Great drug, my third time to use in the last 3 years. The side effects are a mild nuisance compared to suicide and deep depression. Had one bout of depression at 5 months this time and increased the dosage from 100mg. to 150mg. and will soon try 200mg. Also take 150mg. of wellbutrin upon waking and 150 mg. at noon. Its the original fast acting parent drug. I take it this way so it wears off before bedtime. About the memory thing, on depressed days I couldn't remember shit then either. M 59 6 months
 5  Bi-polar II None that I identified as side effects. Lamictal plus Provigil really turned my life around. I had been barely functional for 3 years prior. But I have recently discovered that I have osteoporosis and that Lamictal interferes w/ absorption of Vitamin D and calcium. I have also experienced severe cognitive deficits since taking the drug--memory loss, difficulty finding words, can't remember how to do basic arithmetic. I am now re-thinking my use of this drug. F 62 4 years

 3  bipolar 2 at first, none. now i am experiencing agitation, hostility, racing negative thoughts, dysphoria, emotional detatchment, "spaced out", loss of creativity and motivation at first, no side effects and i felt better and happier than i have ever felt in my life. i was happy and confident but then i started to feel kinda detatched as i moved up on the dosage scale. then added lexapro and experienced severe agitation, hostility and dyphoria. stopped lexapro and those symptoms worstened and i take xanax to calm me down. it helps ease the anxiety but doesnt remove it completely-just helps me forget it and move on with my day- but i don't enjoy it. i don't enjoy anything i used to. music, movies... music used to get me through the tough times. i don't get excited about anything and my husband thinks i am unhappy in the relationship. that is not the case, i know that deep down. i just don't care about anything. now i am at 100 mg lamictal and just don't care. i have never felt so emotionally flat. i don't feel connected to my husband whom i am normally crazy about. i understand this stuff takes time to work and i have only been at 100 mg for 2-3 weeks. I felt F 23 5 months

 1  Mood swings Severe back and joint pain, 3 spine fractures, high blood pressure, high triglycerides. My 15 year old son started Lamictal 150 mg at age 12. He has suffered 3 fractures in his spine, terrible bone and joint pain, and high blood pressure. Hasn't been in school in 3 mo. Unable to sit. Been to Cleveland - Pittsburgh had spinal epidurals, facet injections, MRI, bone scans, spect scan, steroid inj, physical therapy, labwork, took many meds -put on Enbrel IM Injections for 3 mo hoping he might have arthritis. Doctors guessed arthritis or that his pain was in his head. Turns out LAMICTAL can cause. VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY which causes high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, elevated ionized calcium /PTH, fractures AND MORE. Tapering off. Doc started 50,000IU vit D wkly. and 1000mg calcium daily. BE CAREFUL. Vit D Deficiency is serious. Have your blood checked. Lamictal can be helpful but the anticonvulsant family can cause Vit D deficiency. Are very thankful that we know the source of his pain. We now have hope that the next weeks and months will bring relief. We thank God. M 15 3 years

 4  moods swings BPll I think my side effects were non existent, started off with very small doesage like others here, was increased slowly to 150mg, 75 twice daily...have experienced some weird things going on which i attribute to age and life...maybe the drug For 15 months it was my wonder drug, lived a very even keel life and was very happy. Past two months have had a slight hypomania and now think i am sinking into depression. Figure it is time for a doseage adjustment? Would luv to hear from someone, who has had a similar prob. F 50 15 months
 3  Bipolar I have weight gain since risperdal was added to it. However, lamictal works well with me. It's known that lamictal can cause cleft palate in new borns if the mother to be is taking the medication. Get off it before having children. F 28 6 months
 4  Bipolar II short-term memory loss, fuzzy head, drowsiness, inability to articulate things, disinterest in exercise, possibly why I keep getting sick, lack of motivation, indifference In many ways this med has been wonderful- my moods are the most stable they have ever been. That said, I am starting to feel like an idiot. I am a writer and I can't even call my children by the proper name, let alone combine correct verbs and nouns to express myself properly. It used to only take me an hour in the morning to start functioning; now I feel like it never happens. Also, I have little desire to do anything- I used to be physically fit and eat well, now I have little motivation to do either. And I keep getting sick, which never used to happen. All of this seems to be getting worse in the last four months. On 200mg, ready to reduce my dose. Definitely won't get off all the way. Don't get all that excited about anything anymore. F 33 15 months

 3  Epilepsy Sensitive/bleeding gums. Occasional weakness throughout body. And this weird/awkward feeling throughout my body that is very hard to describe. M 22 1 months


 5  bipolar Slight weight loss immediately after weening off depakote ER. The drug is expensive & has potentially serious rashes as possible side-effects but I would gladly pay double because it allows me to work with a clear head & doesn't make me feel lethargic nor does it make me feel as though I have no true RANGE of emotions. M 44 2.5 years

 4  Epilepsy Acne I switched to Lamictal after taking Depakote for several years. I am currently on 100mg/day and I have no complaints other than acne. I had flawless skin before taking this drug and it hasn't been the same since. All and all though, its a good drug, especially in comparison with Depakote. F 26 6 years

 4  1st DX: PTSD 2nd: Mood Dis NOS At 25mg for two weeks I experienced: dull headache, dizziness At 50mg: dull headache, blurred vision, rapid eye twitch, nausea, very dry eye. Increased dreaming. Felt like I slept better. At jump to 100mg: Acute Insomnia, blurred vision, headache, eye twitch, dry eye. Went down to 75mg: Developed swollen bottom lip with 1 pencil erasure sized ulcer on inside lip, blurred vision in the morning, coordination problems, eye twitch, dry eye got worse. Lip swelled to twice it's size with some soreness. Stopped the drug immediately. Took liquid Benydryl for four days and it finally went down. Now going to rechallenge. Despite the having the side affects, I was feeling better, less anxious, happier and much less hypervigalence. I noticed I felt rested in the morning before I jumped to the 100mg dose causing me to have major insomnia. Going back down stopped that. I again experience restful sleep. My partner noticed very positive changes in my mood while on the 50mg dose. You know, despite what people say is the theraputic dose, 50mgs might be fine for me. I'm re-challenging at a much slower titration up. I'm hoping it works because it's the only drug I've found to be helpful for my problem. I was wondering if others had similar experiences. F 38 1.5 months

 3  Bipolar I Inability to sleep Lamictal is a good mood stabilizer. However, the effectiveness wears off with us. I had to switch to Lithium to stabilize my mood. F 18

 3  bipolar I I am also experiencing joint paint, but it is only on the left side of my body. My elbow, shoulder, and knee all on the left side ache when I try to exercise. Other than that I do have relatively low side effects, little shaking, little blood work. I also lose my balance once in a while. In a way I like this the best, but I can't work out and I do tend to eat more. I also have a hard time completing tasks. I start 50 projects and not finish 1. I have a hard time concentrating and am having a hard time at work. Before I added abilify to help this, but the side effects are unbearable. I have a hard time swallowing, walking, and get sunburned easy. The other problem is doctors are not open to discussing side effects, or possibility of. Pharmacists are better for information, but they can't practice medicine. M 29 5 years
 4  BiPolar and Depression I have had(have)the memory thing, the clumsiness, constipation, and the intestinal pain. But this drug along with Vistral and Wellbutrin has changed my life. I was scared to take the drug after reading all the posts, but I would have killed myself without it. I can tolerate the side effects to feel like my old self again. I am lucky that it works for me. It was like someone throwing a switch. M 40 15 days

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