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 5  VIN II I had absolutely no side effects--I was very afraid that it was not working. I used it three times a week, as directed by my OBGYN/ONCOLOGIST, and I used it for approximately four months. My doctor told me that if it were HER body--she would have the area CUT out. My VIN II was on my perimetrium and I wasn't willing to run the risk of having bowel problems later on. I realize that there is a chance it will return--but, I will use the Aldara once again if it does. She told me horror stories of her patients using the cream--but, I can tell you that I didn't experience ONE ouch or burn. Maybe I have tough skin--OR maybe I followed directions. I'm not sure--give it a try before you try CUTTING! F 62
1 packet 3X W
 1  Vulvar dysplasia from HPV I was prescribed aldara for mild vulvar dysplasia causing painful intercourse. I was having painful intercourse with my husband and went to the GYN. She did a bopsy and said I have mild vaginal dysplasia caused by HPV. I had no warts or lesions. She prescribed aldara to the area of biopsy/pain 3 times per week for 8 weeks. The only thing she told me was to wash it off after 8-10 hours with mild soap because it can cause irritation. After I had used aldara for 3 applications, I had a severe headache, fever, body aches, and fatigue. I thought I had a virus so I kept using it. After the fourth application, I developed red, irritated raw skin and blisters to my entire vagina and area between my vagina and anus. I had applied at night and sparingly washing off the next morning, but I'm sure it spreads around when you sleep. I could not stand, sit, pee, wipe, or walk without screaming in pain from this stuff. I was swollen, had huge blisters, and skin so red and irritated it was the colo F 26 12 days
1 pk 1X D

 5  AK Redness, overnight itching on application nights, burning, sores and scabs in infected areas I just completed the whole 16 week regimen. It seems, for me, there was a big response in the earlier weeks with overall redness and scabbing quite pronounced. After the tenth week or so, the skin was mostly soft and healed, with smaller sections around the fringes still reacting (perhaps due to spreading the medicine more after the worst areas were cleared). The last four weeks or so were pretty much a non-event. The skin areas that were affected are cosmetically nicer than before; but, more importantly, the AKs are gone. Time will tell how long this will last, but at least the few scaly growths are not present. Clearly, some seem to bail early in the treatment. I would encourage you to tough it out as the end is worth the inconvenience. M 55 16 weeks
2X W

 1  Molluscum I applied this to my genital area and literally have sores down there now from this medicine. They are so painful that I can't get out of bed and I take 800 mg of ibuprofen during the day and Hydrocodon to sleep. I would much rather just have the molluscum and wait for a derm treatment. The molluscum is gone, but it seems like this medication worked a little too well! F 19 1 weeks
.25 mg 5X W

 2  Genital warts I'm having a horrible experience with aldara. I partly blame the doctor for this. I got diagnosed with genital warts over a month ago and they tried freezing a couple of times which didn't do anything, so they gave me the cream. I got told to put the cream on 3 nights in a row every week and to put it 'all over' and was not warned of any side effects. I'm now in agony having one of the worst experience of my life. But i know it's because i've been using it wrong, clearly i have overdosed now i'm suffering extreme pain, can't move from my bed had to call in sick at work, i can't pee, they are oozing liquid and it smells horrible. PLEASE make sure you use it correctly, i had no idea this would happen nor the importance of not overdosing. Apparently this is a sign it is working in fighting the virus though, i plan on leaving it for a coupl or weeks till it settles then going back to it correctly, so it may work yet. F 19 7 days

 5  Genital warts 3 weeks using Aldara now. Skipped a couple doses in the middle due to soreness. Wasn't bad at all, just being extra cautious considering all the horror stories on here. I'm applying 3 nights a week. Had prob fifteen perianal warts, a few quite large. As of last night I have 2 tiny warts left. All the others are GONE. THIS STUFF Works. Just don't get greedy and slather the stuff on any more than 3 nights a week or you're running the risk of some serious side effects. Be patient, use common sense, take a break if needed, and this stuff works wonders. M 27 3 weeks

 5  AK Redness, sores, scabbing on forehead, cheeks and around eyebrows (treated areas). Earlier weeks, when the response was more pronounced, general fatigue the day after application. I was originally hesitant to use, based on some of what I read about side effects. Clearly, the first six to seven weeks were rough. But, I just kept going since I understood that the more the visual signs, the more the hidden damage that was being exposed. Truth be told, I shudder to think about all of those ticking time bombs that were not visible (there were perhaps three visible AK areas before I started treatment and the treatment exposed dozens more). For those that may be interested, the payoff at the end is clearly the end of those abnormal cells. But, for those that may be interested, if you continue on the treatment, you will have soft, baby like skin after the regimen. I can't say it's been a panacea to me, but my wife loves touching the soft skin now. Basically, there is a cosmetic upside that some would consider worth the pain by itself. Would do this again. M 55 16 weeks
2X W

 5  GWs Irritation in treatment area. Oozing of clear fluid. Muscle aches. It's me again! One of the things I hated when reading was people who posted during their first couple weeks and stopped. I wanted to hear from people thru the whole treatment. So I decided I will do that. I am now at 7 weeks. All of the original warts are gone. I have a appt with Doc next week. He gave me no instructions to stop before then so I won't. The treatment area expanded as time went on because as areas got red on the perimeter of the treatment area I expanded the area thinking there was virus there. I now have a large treatment area and it is inflamed but not unbearable. There is oozing of clear liquid from some spots. Lots of dry skin and pealing. On treatment day I soak in the pool and then use my finger and literally scrape the dead skin away prior to new treatment. I believe I am wart free now but will post after my doctor appt and again later to let you know about the healing process. M 55 7 weeks
3X W

 1  BCC Pain, severe flu like symptoms, exhaustion, back pain, headache Would NEVER use Aldara again! Diagnosed with a bcc on my chest, I was prescribed this with no mention of side effects other than scabbing at application site. Applied for 5 days on, 2 days off. At week 3 started to feel unwell, by week 5 I felt like death. Went back to the doctor who discontinued use. I have been off it for a week now but still the flu like symptoms persist- if anything they are getting worse. Extreme fatigue and body aches and very teary, not like me at all. To anyone considering using this cream, do so with extreme caution. I am hoping my symptoms subside. F 48 6 weeks
5mg 1X D
 5  GW I started using aldara cream on Monday for genital warts, I have quite a few small warts like skin tags on different areas of my vagina. I wanted to write this review to give others some hope, because I know when I got diagnosed I didn't have any hope at all. After seeing various doctors and reading a lot online I've come to the conclusion that hpv isn't for life. If you have a healthy diet and strong immune system then you can get rid of this virus quite easily, yes it may take time and it may return but it isn't forever! I used the aldara on Monday and Wednesday, today is now Friday and I have my 3rd treatment tonight. Slight burning but nothing major. I think the trick is to only apply a tiny bit of the cream, if you use too much you'll have bad burning and itching(used too much on Monday) my warts have gone down massively in the few days that I've used this cream, if the treatment continues to work like this I would gladly recommend this cream to anyone! I also starting taking immune system enhancers which I assume are helping too. If it isn't working as fast for you then I advice to stick with it, finish the 4 week treatment and see what the doctor has to say after that. F 21 4 days
3 per week

 5  GWs Side effects started to subside after 3 weeks. Only had sore and inflamed skin. I'm the one who wrote on 8/20. It is now one week later. All of the warts are either gone or crusted up and are days from being gone. In the last week something interesting happened. That is that the skin is no longer sensitive and painful. It is almost as if it is healing during treatment. The areas where the warts were is still red or purple. But the warts seem to be gone. So for me it was 3 weeks of discomfort and then it went away. My follow up with the doc is in 4 weeks. He never said I could stop before then so I guess I will just continue the treatments up to 4-5 days before the appt and let everything heal so he can get a good look. At this time I believe that I'll be clear at 5 weeks and the doc will suspend treatment at 8 weeks. M 55 4 weeks
3X W

 4  GWs Soreness around coverage area. Today is exactly 3 weeks for me. I have a few warts in a cluster on the scrotum and then 2 other areas on the shaft with a cluster of 4-5 warts. The redness and tenderness was certainly uncomfortable but not as much misery as others have said. After the 2nd application the skin under the treated areas literally pealed off leaving the underneath very raw. I waited 3 days and let it heal then resumed and at this point the areas are red and tender but the warts are diminishing. All of the warts are black scabs or have disappeared. The thing I did notice however was that I would develop red/purple areas in places that weren't being treated. My doc said this stuff goes into the skin and surrounding skin so I guess I wasn't surprised to see this. I think this may be what other's have said that more warts developed on this treatment. I don't think these are warts but possibly areas of the virus where future warts would develop. The areas were never raised and I could not feel a bump. Just a red or purple area about the size of a pimple. There are about a dozen of these and I expect them to clear up during or shortly after treatment. My doctor said this was a 16 week treatment but then as I was leaving he said 16 weeks or shorter. I have a appointment at 8 weeks, 5 weeks from today, but as I look at the progress so far and read others who said 3-4 weeks cleared it up, I'm not sure if I should stop when I see no more warts or continue putting this stuff on. M 55 3 weeks
3X W

 2  Anal warts Burning pain, can't go to the toilet I started on aldara last Thursday for small warts about 2 I now have 5 the pain is so intense I can't sleep sit down or lie down, I. Ant go to the bathroom this stuff is evil M 38 6 days
1X D

 2  Genital Warts Chills, severe migraine, fatigue, chest pains, mucsle aches, skin lesions, fever, nausea, burning, itching F 19 4 days
Once a Day

 5  Basal Cell Carcinoma Nothing unusual/distressing. I had one large BCC at the bridge of my nose. I used Aldara daily (overnight) for six weeks (five days on, two days off) and it cleared up leaving only a tiny scar on my nose. I've just finished using all over my face for solar ketosis (3 days of treatment, applied in the evening) and again, I've not experienced any bad side effects. The cream has bought up three spots on my nose and also a few on the tops of my cheeks. These have healed without issue. After reading all the comments on this blog I was concerned that my treatment would be difficult. My experience has been really good. BCC's are gone and no side effects. I'd highly recommend. F 32 6 weeks
1X D
 5  Precancerous lesion on labia minor 1 days
5% cream

 2  gw Itching all over! Slight stabbing pain! Headache! First week two of the warts reduced in size. Second week nothing happened. Now am in the third week; new warts are popping up and skin area around warts are showing signs of winkles! Too scared to continue! It's suppose to heal warts not add more! F 34 3 weeks
 1  Pearly penile papule Huge swelling of foreskin and itching. Papule still there. Penis shaft ruptured on inside after going mushy and soft. Using cortisone to repair damage. Very dangerous! Don't use for PPP! M 45 6 days
30mg 2X W

 5  Vin precancerous lesion on my labia My site of lesion had been slightly raised and as I had a biopsy there was a cleanly healed small hole healed over. I used it 3 times a week with rest day in between and all that happened after 3 weeks was the area turned a healthy colour as my good skin, but the biopsy site looks red and though not open appears to be affected by the cream. No other noticeable side affects so far :) F 55 1 days
 1  Basel cell skin cancer I was told to apply to my chest area to see if it "brought up" any skin cancers. Previously have had 6 MOHS - removed from my forehead. Aftr one week res bumps started to appear. At the end of 2 weeks I had large weeping sores. My entire chest hurt then and hurts now. I started to feel like I couldn't breathe at times, as though I had a huge weight pressing on my chest. I stopped the cream at 2 weeks. I am at 4 weeks now and have been experiencing flu like symptoms, difficulty sleeping, tired and dragged out. I wish I had never done this. It hasn't been tested for long enough. My Doc is a "top" Dermatologist at Yale and he doesn't seem concerned. F 66 15 days
1X D
 5  GW A little redness and burns if I used excessively and dont wash it off after 8 to 10 hours You only place it on the wart itself and just use half a pe sized amount. Wash it off after you wake up and DO NOT leave it on or yes it will burn. The redness is no big deal. The burn isnt a chemical burn. It's actually your imune system that is doing that. So if you use too much, it will burn and make it discolored and sore. Use only every other day. NOT EVERYDAY. IT DOES WORK. Just be patient. M 30 14 days
1X O
 4  Gw My warts almost all cleared after a few uses. I am not sure if they were warts because they cleared so quickly. Waiting on results from biopsy, hoping they were not warts. F 40 7 days

 3   using aldara after freezing caused me extreem aches,itching,depration,hardness of skin i have genital warts i freezed the warts 2 times and in the first freezing i had no problem at all but in second freezing i had such a reaaly hardddd time,i couldn't walk even.the second freezing made such big blaster down there and i used aldara 2 days after the second freezing and all the aches triggerd at that skin in the gentile part became hard and unflexible and terribly ugly.but after one week of extreem aches it becames good and somehw normal but the colour is still bruise like and the skin is wrinkled.never sex before reasureing ur parter health. F 23 2 times
3X W

 5  BCC M 60 12 weeks
1X D

 5  Anal Warts slight itching and sensitive skin around the anus.. All I can say is that I probably read about 15 sites with comments about Aldara. Needless to say, I was terrified to take it. I had 4 genital warts around my anus - two fairly large ones about the size of my thumbnail and two smaller ones. I went to two different doctors and both said that I would need surgery to have them removed. One of the doctors, a Colorectal Surgeon, prescribed Aldara but indicated that he thought it would not work, because my warts were too large and kind of deep around the anal sphere. I am now going into my fourth week of taking Aldara and ALL of my warts are almost gone. I had NONE of the symptoms aside from slight itching (it was not bad and went away in the morning after taking a bath) and the skin feeling slightly sensitive around the same area. Nevertheless, I noticed changes in the size of my warts after two weeks of using Aldara three times a week and now going into the fourth week, two of the four have gone and the other two big ones are almost gone. The reason I'm writing this post is because when I was researching Aldara, I saw almost no positive feedback and was therefore terrified to take it. I want people to know that while perhaps all of these negative side effects could happen, I had NONE of them that were of serious consequence and the drug worked for me within weeks. As I do not have insurance, I would have had to pay for the operation myself. While Aldara is expensive, it certainly beats having to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket M 30 4 weeks
3X W
 1  gw DO NOT USE THIS!!! I was prescribed this by my gyno and was not told to use sparingly and I used the whole pack, wednesday night and again friday night. Saturday had the worst back pain and flu like symptoms.then saturday night the burning came the Sunday burning and flu symptoms. I didn't want to even pee it was so painful. Well Monday flue symptoms are gone and I go to gyno... I have chemical burns alll over my vagina amd its extremely swollen and painful. (Not to mention gross looking) this has been the worst pain of my life. I wouldn't want anyone else to go through this.. its AWFUL!!!!!! F 20 3 days

 1  Genital Warts Burning sensation, ulcers on vagina, pain when urinating, nausea I used this medicine only 3 times but within 2 days I was in so much pain I couldn't walk or sit at my desk at work. I went back to the GUM clinic who gave me numbing cream and told me to take salt baths and it would clear up in 48 hours... 48 hours later I was in so much pain I had to be taken to A&E and I'm now on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory tablets and codeine and have been off work for over a week. Hands down I was in the worst pain of my life however as the swelling and blistering has gone down I have noticed that my genital warts have practically gone so it does work but I don't think it is really worth the pain. F 24 3 days
5% 3X W
 1  genital warts Burning, blisters sores, thick hardened skin, fever(103 degrees)headache body aches, chills, nausea, bleeding, ulcers, pain, swelling, swollen lymph glands muscle and joint pain. This medication is highly dangerous I almost ended up in the hospital even though I applied it in a thin layer and one a day the 6 to 10 hr increments only 3 times in a week as the directions state. All this for 1pimple sized bump that my Doctor claims there was no way to test weather it was HPV or not.... Thanks a lot F 28 3 days
5% 1X D

 1  genital warts Swelling, extreme itchiness and a lot of discomfort F 23 6 days

 2  genital warts Extreme burning and itching F 66 3 months
3 x week
 5  skin cancer re-occurrence redness until on maintenance dosing investigate this drug before using, each person will have an individual dose can cause decreased wbc and higher hgb A1C when being used as treatment for BCC (ie: 5X weekly for 4-6 weeks) you MUST avoid the sun and use sunblock when using this product Otherwise it is counterproductive F 59
2 pkts 2X W

 4  gw (thank christ I came across this site!) I have been using this for a week now, and I have fatiuge, mood swings and headaches and extreme uncomfort down there. I also have itchiness, very bad stinging sensation and when I go toilet the pain is absolutely unbearable I wouldnt wish it upon my worst enemy, still I see a small improvement already, il use it again next week and see. I would not recommend this. 1 days

 2  Genital warts 1st day was all good just a little bit itch, now I have horrible itch on 2nd day.Ö F 17 2 days

 1   Do not use this drug. It gave me deep ulcers all over my vagina. Do not use it!!!! F 28 5 days

 4  HPV Slight swelling, tenderness, itchiness and thrush, all symptoms are tolerable. Really scared to try this because 99% of the reviews on the net stated really bad reactions, or no result at all. People need to remember that those that do have success are less likely to post, while people who have a terrible time with aldara will be the first to blast it on the net. I started off applying the cream very cautiously, saw slight results and no irritation, stepped it up a notched and started applying to the general area, some irritation warts have shrunk dramatically! Keep in mind, applying this much might not work for everyone, start off slowly. F 25 3 weeks
250mg 5% 3X W
 1  GW Since I've started using it I've experience very bad backaches to the point where they wake me up early in the morning and I cant get out of bed, headaches, fatigue, itching, a burning sensation in my genital area, they've spread more in the past week then ever before. i don't even. I was supposed to use my fourth application today, but I cant bring myself to do it. I can't put up with this for 15 more weeks. I'm not sure where to go from here, but i'm going to consult a doctor on a better way to remove them like surgery. Avoid this method of treatment simply horrific. M 19 6 days
5% 3X W
 3  GW 1 days

 2  for a sun damaged skin on side of n started off ok then the whole of my nose became red ,then crusts appeared and went black, no pain , just looks like a huge wart all over my nose.. Wished I had read about Aldara before taking it, and about all the side effects F 67 5 weeks
1X D
 5  Genital Warts after using the cream I became very sore and then started to bleed, I think this is because I used too much and spread it about.!! follow the instructions and be patient If you use this sparingly and rest when it gets too sore its seems to work, I am delighted as I am now clear in less than 3 weeks. M 45 2 weeks
1X D
 1  Genital warts Chemical burn, painful urination, swelling and discomfort walking. Now painful sex due to scar tissue around vaginal opening and perineum. I now always tear there during sex. I applied this cream only once and although I thought I used the proper amount I may have used too much. I wore pantyhose and was flying internationally so there was no chance for my vulva to have proper air circulation. After the flight I washed off the cream and a dime sized piece of my perineum was burned off into a sore that took weeks to fully heal. It was truly awful! The genital warts I had were tiny (two side-by-side) and on my perineum just below my vaginal opening. I have never had another outbreak, but if I did I would never use Aldara again! for the first few years after the treatment I would sometimes tear during sex at the base of my vagina/perineum where I had applied the cream. Now 13 years later (and for the past six years) I ALWAYS TEAR there after sex! The skin/scar tissue is so thin and tight that no matter how I try to prevent it, I always have this issue. This cream has destroyed my sex life! Do not use this medicine! F 33 1 days
1X D

 1  bcc First 2 weeks -burning, itching, flu like symptons very red and sore. 1weeks rest Week 3 - All the above with open weeping and bleeding sores on my chest area Week 4 - could only do 3 days as was in agony. Laid up for 4 in agony. Hurts to move. No proper sleep for weeks as i was in so much pain. Miserable. Crying. A recluse and dont want to socialise immobile and unable to do simple tasks. 8 days rest to heal u - looks like a bad burn Week 5 - After 4 days i had open bleeding n& weeping sores i was in agony it felt like someone was holding a blow torch on my skin and sticking hot daggers into my chest. I felt like i was dying. It smelt like rotting flesh. I went to hospital and have a bad infection. I was crying with the pain. Im exhausted and will not continue with week 6. I pray im cured. The hospital dont tell you how awful Aldara is and it shouldnt be put on open sores as it goes into your blood stream, we need a better explanation about the treatment and follow up appointments during treatment. F 56 6 weeks
 1  Genital warts Zero reduction in wart quantity or size. New warts continued developing while on the cream. I only used one packet every 3-4 times, so I was not over applying. I also made sure to wash the cream off in the morning. Since the warts were inside my labia minora it was impossible to prevent the treated area from coming in contact with healthy tissue. It took about 3 wks before I developed extreme itching, burning, swelling and redness. The swelling wasn't anything major, but combined with the angry red color of my vagina it looked AWFUL!! This cream is extremely uncomfortable to use. I am constantly aware of clothing touching me on a minute by minute basis due to the pain. I developed ulcerations but I was also undergoing acid treatments, so I can't fully attribute that to the aldara. I continued using it on the sensitive, red skin, and then woke up every day with a headache (which I never get). I was willing to deal with the pain, but this cream did nothing for me. F 31 3 months

 4  Vaginal warts I used this cream on and off for over 4 years for small vaginal warts, with periods of freezing every few months, without much success. I could get to the point where they looked like they were going but always flared up when I stopped treatment. I suffered horrid side effects like wearing of the skin, blisters, burning, itching, thrush and bv infections. BUT I've recently restarted using the cream AND for some reason its working much better with hardly any side effects! The only thing I've done differently this time round is to thoroughly wash and DRY the area and allow the cream to soak in or dry BEFORE standing up and moving around. Maybe this allows the cream to ONLY be absorbed by the area you put it on! You know what I'm saying girls :-) I've used it 2-3 times per week for the last 2 weeks and things are looking much better! I am officially converted from thinking this cream is an evil substance that has minimum effect to feeling like its doing a pretty good job with no side effects! F 31 4 years

 3  HPV None I had a growths that hang off the skin around anus area. It didn't bother me at all until I accidentally bumped into GW pictures on the web. I hate going to hospitals especially with anything like that. I started to search the Internet and it didn't take long for me to "diagnose" myself with HPV - GW. I went to a drug store and bought a 12 sachets box of Aldara, fortunately no prescription needed in Macau. Then I found this site and was really freaking out to use it after reading all the comments. I decided to see a doctor first before i go ahead with Aldara. This time I was actually diagnosed with skin tags as oppose to GW. What a relief! I want to say if you done a self diagnoses better seek professional opinion before coming to conclusions. BTW I still got full box of Aldara, if anyone wants it PM me. M 40
1X D
 1  Genital warts - HPV I was prescribed the generic form of Aldara, called Imiquimod cream. First time applying I used half the packet and put on vaginal warts that were not internal. About an hour or so, I had burning. Since, side effects not too bad I applied cream 2 nights later at the same dosage and awoke with itching, burning, severe white vaginal discharge, white lesions scattered throughout my vagina and a burning on my labia an inch long. Called the doctor the next day, got an appointment for the next day. In the meantime, I suffered extremely terrible burning pain during urination. I can compare this pain with giving childbirth. I could barely walk or even sit and be comfortable, it was a constant burning type of pain. Went to doctor, he gave me 2 antibiotics, one for viral, one for bacterial and he basically applied numbing cream, and treated discharge and all the "white dots." Felt good the rest of the day then the burning pain came back at a vengeance, it was at its worse. Doc recommended pee in bathtub water and that's what I had to do. I then took baths every morning using Aveeno Oatmeal, nothing else. I used Vagisil Medicated Wipes for burning and itching, but a good cold washcloth helps you keep your sanity. I just had my follow-up with the doc and he says my tests came back negative for any STD's. This was basically a chemical reaction to the creme. I think my initial visit to him was that I had a full blown case of the herpes. I advise anyone NOT to take this medicine. I feel it should only be put on by a doctor or further tests need to be done on side effects. Currently, I don't have any itching or burning but I still have some fatigue, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, and breathing problems. F 46 2 times
5 percent 3X W
 1  Genital warts Horrific horrific cream. Do not use. Only have your genital warts frozen off and do not shave the area. Absolutely horrific experience with Aldara. I have a chemical burn on my vagina. It looks like herpes but it is my reaction to the Aldara cream. Extremely sore and painful. I can't walk comfortably, going for a wee is like being sliced with razor blades, looks horrific, I can feel a constant burn down there. Just is awful. F 22 2 weeks
3X W
 1  Basal Cell of chest area I developed urinary symptoms including frequency, urgency, burning on urinating, also irritation of urethra that has been slowly subsiding after using Aldara 2xday/21 days in a small area on my chest. I also developed low back pain. Would not use this medication again. I have not seen any other patient using this medication as often as the instructions from my dermatologist -- 2 times a day for 30 days. I wonder if I overdosed on the medication. F 60 21 days
5 mg. 2X D
 5  gw Some mild itching and burning. No fatigue, muscle soreness, or headache. Fortunately I read extensively about this drug (from this site and others) before using. Apply sparingly and only on the wart(s). I can't stress that enough. After only 4 treatments, warts almost gone. This does work! F 43 1 weeks
packet 4X W
 1  HPV GW Im on a lower dosage of aldara called zyclara and i have to use it everyday for 16 weeks..,It is just horrible literally set my vagina on fire. Horrible ulcers hurts to pee open sores, I wouldn't recommend this cream just get them removed I have a lil under a month to go... No change has taken affect all. THIS CREAM IS WORST THAN THE PROBLEM UTS TRYING TO CURE... F 20 10 weeks

 4  BCC Burning , itching, scabbing oozing followed by flaky skin, Did not like the treatment and was pleased most of the area was covered by my fringe as it did not look pleasant. A very small BCC became a large red area on my forehead. Was tempted tp stop treatment but as I had got so far I thought I should continue.I did suffer from back ache occasionally but did not stop me working. Now one week after finishing treatment and skin scabs and flakes have gone and the redness is fading. I think it will take a few weeks to look "normal" again but it is looking promising. F 59 6 weeks
5% 1X D

 1  Bcc and actinic keta's My GP prescribed this drug, I did the usual check it out on the net stuff, you don't believe half the stuff you read ... And well anyway being of sound mind I proceeded ... I think it's worked sort of .. But in the meantime my normal life is a shadow of what I used to feel like ... I fall asleep exhausted at 9 pm sleep 3 hrs then awake for 2- 3 hrs, i have constant headaches - i dont get head aches , I have a constant ringing in my ears, I cannot concentrate anymore - I used to be a fit healthy hard doer running a business, now at the end of the treatment I find myself suffering anxiety and tension ... Still unable to sleep a sound night Yup ... I will not use this stuff again, ever, it dicks with you, I have told my GP he seems not really interested, same for the pharmacist, he even suggested counciling for the anxiety ! ......... Your choice ... But from a bloke who has only ever had a cold or flue in his whole life and headaches from over indulging don't use it ! M 48 16 weeks
5% 250mg 2X W
 1  HPV Autoimune disorders, rashes, just overall unhealthy feeling 4 years after use. Currently using treatments to counteract an overactive immune system. Dont use it. M 34 30 days
1X D

 1  BCC Don't think if you just use too much you will be affected, if any get's in your bloood stream, which it is likely to do as it creates a sore and scabby area, which you are still suppose to apply....even when the scab cracks, creating the opportunity for Aldara to reach your blood. I had absolutley no side effects until 5 weeks into the treatment...then all heck broke loose. Anxiety, depression, shooting pains, Insomnia, Tinitus. 4 years later still have the Neuropathy this drug induced. Please stay away from this drug. F
1X D

 5  BCC Please study the medicine you are taking before using it IMPROPERLY and complaining about the side affects. I will explain many of the side affects of this medicine. It is known that imiquimod activates a potent immune response through the toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7), which causes and increase in cytokines (primarily interferon) natural killer cells, macrophages and B-lymphocytes. If you get canker like sores or major flu symptoms then it is a CLEAR sign that you are using WAY TOO MUCH cream. Use the MINIMAL amount possible to get the result you need. Be patient and after several weeks increase the dose if needed. In this case more cream DOES not equal a faster or better result. Please donít listen to me, ask your doctor, do your own research and be logical. After doing some basic research on wiki and pubmed I found this 1) Aldara causes a potent immune response, increasing interferons. It is normal for the human body to have symptoms such as aching muscles and fever related to the production of IFNs during infection. E.G. The Flu virus. Interferon (IFN)-alpha is known for causing high rates of depression and fatigue which makes sense because if you are sick your body is using energy to mount an immune response and telling you to stay in bed and rest. 2) You will see Imiquimod has a strong anti-proliferative effect. This means it inhibits cell growth which is good for cancer but is an obvious explanation for all these canker like sores people are seeing. If you use FAR TOO MUCH cream then you will get massive antiproliferative effects and cell death, large dead areas of cells on the skin will give you sores. 3) People spoke about Aldara messing with your immune system, I have no proof but this seems totally plausible because if you use too much Aldara on your skin it gets into your blood stream it will cause a potent increase of interferons in the blood which will affect your immune system in some way. It is plausible for example if you have if you have leaky gut syndrome, this increase interferon will cause antigens to be produced against all the undigested foods in your blood. These proteins are similar to those found in human tissues so autoimmune problems could develop. M 37 2 months
25mg 1X W

 4  VIN 1-2 Swelling, Burning, itching, weeping, a severe UTI at the end of the 2nd week (kidneys), severe pain, hair loss (after the first month), depression, body aches. It did remove the black spots (VIN). F 32 16 weeks
5 MG 3X W
 3  HPV Oh my goodness I am not liking this cream at all. I am applying 3 times a week to the letter, the first two applications were fine, a little itching maybe but nothing bad. From there on I am in intense pain in my labia minora (where I don't have any warts but I guess the cream may have transferred) which is red, swollen & extremely sore. So much so that I cannot bear to wear underwear or have anything touching it. Even walking hurts. I have another two & a bit weeks to go on this cream & am hoping the burning pain subsides soon. On the plus side, I do think it is having some effect on the warts. They seem to be swollen & hard & I am sure a few have gone already. I guess having them gone will be worth all the pain in the end! Good luck if you're persevering like me. I literally feel your pain! F 31 2 weeks

 4  melanoma in situ extreme redness, weeping, scabbing, itching, burning, crusting, swelling; canker sores in the corner of the mouth and eye, systemic side effects including fatigue, anxiety, depression, nausea, shortness of breath, mental fogginess Ignore my rating--I have another five weeks out of twelve to go. Won't know the results until the skin heals. But I wanted to share my experiences. I had five surgeries (2011) to excise an unusually extensive lentiga melanoma on my eyelids and upper cheek.(Each surgery turned up more cancer, despite having first had five mapping biopsies.) Last June, my oncologist judged that the melanoma had returned to the margins of the skin graft. More surgery would have been severely disfiguring, it's a huge area. So we are trying Aldara, which is off label for melanoma. a) It works BEYOND the area of application. Maybe this is good. Areas of my face are inflamed that I have not applied to cream to. b) BE VERY AWARE THAT DOSING IS NOT A SCIENCE!!! I started using one packet a day, for eight hours. I am however, super drug sensitive. After two weeks I had severe systemic side effects described above. (These come from the production of alpha interferon by your stimulated immune cells. Alpha interferon is the source of the depression and fatigue.) My doctor told me to halve the dose, and use it every other day. The canker sores went away, but not the intense surface reactions. I am still exhausted, depressed and short of breath. BE VIGILANT ABOUT SYSTEMIC (CHEMO) SIDE EFFECTS--NO ONE KNOWS THEIR LONG-LASTING EFFECTS. REPORT THEM TO YOUR MD, JIGGLE THE DOSE. I am hanging in, however The alternative is a Phantom of the Opera Mask.Good luck everyone! F 65 12 weeks
.25 grams 1X D

 1  GW I was prescribed this drug for a minimal gw, with doses every M,W,F. I put a very small amount on the wart but could only do it once a week due to burning and itching. I was never told to wipe it off, but later read you're supposed to. Up until recently, my side effects were only headaches and fatigue. I may have put more cream on then normal, but I developed bad white/black burns around my labia which also got extremely swollen and red. It has been three days and I still cannot walk normal and dread peeing as it burns beyond belief. I have a very high pain tolerance (i.e natural childbirth) but cannot tolerate this. I've found so many reviews consistentwith mine that had I read before I wouldnt have used. I went to my Dr who just doesn't believe its from the cream and actually told me it could be a herpes outbreak! My herpes test came back negative, which now has him in disbelief as he still doesn't think its the cream. He said he prescribes this a lot and has never heard of this. Well, check the internet because tons of ppl have experienced this. I would never recommend trying this cream for gw. There are alternatives. Not to mention the gw has not changed in 12 weeks. This stuff is miserable as application on genitals is not easy to control. Don't try it!! F 27 10 weeks

 2  Common Warts Extreme fatigue and drowsiness. The side-effects were not tolerable for me; it seems to be working for the warts on my face, though. M 27 1 months
5% cream 1X D
 2  gw No side effects and no change in warts what so ever... Not sure if this stuff works.. Thinking about trying it everday and see how I get on.. M 26 4 weeks
3 x week

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