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 1  To quit smoking Do not take this drug. I experience a change in personality, thankfully recognized by family members who recommended I stop taking the medication. I experienced clinical depression, which I believe was triggered by this medication for a period, immediately after taking this medication. It took 2 years to overcome the depression. If you want to quit smoking, make the decision, butt out and stick to your guns. Stay away from this "medication". Someone should seriously contact a lawyer about this stuff. F 28 10 days
30 mg 1X D

 1  for smoking cessation As mentioned by the others here: paranoia, anxiety, sleeping little and waking up at 5:00 AM, depression, "feeling like a caged wolf" as another person here put it, seriously impulsive acts, mania, feeling like I was talking too fast, feeling like I could literally jump out of my own skin, inability to think linearly or function at work, I could go on and on. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE. I have taken a number of anti-depressants in my life and have never had side effects like this. This stuff is dangerous to your mental health. Please don't take it. Just quit cold turkey. The nicotine withdrawal alone will teach you the lesson you need to learn: that smoking has control over your life. Don't let Zyban control your life as well!!!! F 33 10 days
150 mg 1X D

 1  Quit Smoking Only been taking the drug for about a week. At first it was fine, didn't want to smoke and felt it was quite easy to go without smokes even before my quit date. However on days6-7 started to feel edgy, experiencing poor sleep and feel like I am about to have a panic attack at any time. VERY short tempered, headaches, anxiety and snapping at people for no reason. Wasn't warned about these side effect before I started taking the medicine. I wouls reccomend other forms of quitting and if you have ever had Mental Health issues I would NOT reccomend this drug. I really feel that the problems listed here should be taken into account more when this drug is being prescribed. M 28 10 days
 5  Quit smoking I took one pill a day for 6 days and now am on 2 a day. Since day one I have had MAJOR insomnia (wide awake at 3am every night) and a little bit of shaking in the afternoons. I'm recently married and starting a family soon. Quitting smoking before I even begin to try to get pregnant is really important to me. From day 1 of Zyban I have smoked fewer and fewer cigarettes. Since starting I just F 33 9 days
 5  smoking cessation Jittery but tolerable, lots of energy, good focus, occasional memory loss, but after day 7 I quit smoking and that's when I started waking up every at night. Called the doc for something to help me sleep since I'll be on this for at least 12 weeks. I have really positive things to say about it but the sleeping issues after I stopped smoking are pretty rough. I smoked for 15 years and quit after 7 days of taking Zyban. Days 1-3 were 1 pill 150mg then day 3, 2 times a day. M 33 9 days
150mg 2X D

 4  Quit Smoking Can't sleep, wake at 4 AM, feel spacy throughout the day, mind is racing, weird dreams, dry mouth, slight case of the shakes. I have taken it before - it was working but I stopped because I needed some sleep! Has anyone out there taken sleeping pills to counter this? Do they help? I've never taken them before. F 36 9 days
 3  to quit smoking Iíve been on zyban for 9days (17 150mg doses). Strange things started to happen by the fourth day that got progressively worse and more intense by the 9th day. 1. I canít sleep, I wake up 3 to 4 times a night 2. I have no appetite what so ever, I have to force myself to eat. Lost about 5-10 pounds. 3. The depression is getting severe; I canít focus on one happy thought. Everything is doom and gloom. 4. I cry for no reason. 5. Iím starting to get severs panic attacks, It feels like I canít breath and I just want to jump out of my body. Intense shortness of breath. Severe anxiety like Iím having a heart attack. 6. Constantly pacing back and forth to help alleviate the anxiety. If I keep moving it helps. 7. Constantly thinking about death. How am I goings to die when am I going to die, just crazy stuff. 8. Occasional thoughts of suicide. not so much in that I want to kill myself just a morbid interest on the subject with occasional flashe It did what it was suppose to do help me stop smoking, Even though it's been only 9 days, I haven't had a desire to have a smoke at all. But the side effects were not for me. I saw my life flash before my eyes... I finally realize health is everything in life ..health is life...good luck to all .. I hope you don't go through what I went through M 43 9 days
 3  stop smoking I posted earlier but wanted to put something out again. My husband and I started Zyban on the same day. He's had no side effects, nor has he had a decreased nicotine craving... Is this normal? Has anyone else felt the same? I quit after the 8th day and have had few problems. Any feedback would be good. F 33 9 days
 2  to stop smoking insomnia, no appetite not smoking for a 3 days, but I decided to stop. I mixed it with energy drink last night so it's now around 30 hours since last pill and I'm still feeling weird. Hope to get back to normal without cigarettes. Zyban is history. DON'T TAKE IT TRY WITHOUT IT. YOU CAN DO IT ;) M 23 9 days

 1  To quit smoking Stroke & Siezure Lost 5 years out of my life. Left me with a siezure disorder, panic disorder, double vision, heart problems and numberous other life-threatening disorders of the autonomic nervous system. Taking this pill is like playing Russian Roulet. F 62 9 days
150mg 2X D
 5  To quit smoking The only side effect that I had was a bit of insomnia and my tongue was soar for a while I have been smoking for 21 years, I have been taking Zyban for a little over one week and I am down to one cigarette if that already. It is covered under medical insurance and I believe it to be one of the best solutions for those who have tried the gum and patch such as myself M 29 8 days

 5  To quit smoking The only side effect I've experienced is a bit of trouble sleeping and vivid dreams. Eliminates cravings. In eight days, I've gone from smoking a pack a day to 10 cigarettes a day. Zyban has given me the confidence to KNOW I will be able to quit. Wish I'd started on Zyban years ago. F 49 8 days

 5  Stop Smoking Mild Lucidity Feeling of being on a speed come down, Dry mouth, fould breath, feel dirty sweaty just like a come down from speed. If you do not know what that feels like then this may mean nothing. Stress that I am not worried about anything. Tense, Tight Jaw and cannot sleep. Sex drive up at least This is the second time I have had Zyban, the first time I purchased on the Internet and YES it works! It stops you smoking. No Nicotine patch or Gum or Lozenge can touch Zyban. The simple fact is, after 3 days of taking 1 a day, I craved the cigarettes but did not enjoy smoking them. On 1 a day after about Day 4, I noticed the mild Lucid effects, like being slightly out of it until there was something you needed to concentratew on. now on Day 8 and 2 days into 2 a day I dont want a ciggy, Well from time to time during the day, I do and when it comes to actually lighting it, it just does nothing, Seems Pointless and tastes weird. 2 days on 2 a day and the Mild effects of feeling like I am on a come down from Speed are not so mild now. My whole body is tense, My sex drive is up and I dont feel worry about anything. It is weird, There is things I know I should be worrying about but I am not worrying about them and thats making me feel uncomfortable. I would not take this if i did not kno M 34 8 days

 5  to stop smoking Constipation, gas, quirky dreams, affected sleep, more energy I wasn't too sure how this pill could work, & on the 4th day when I was to start taking 2 pills a day, i found this site....not a very positive site I might add, however I went ahead & took the second pill...the wanting of a cigarett has dropped considerably, right now I smoke sometimes because I think "hey, I'm in my car, I should smoke" & let it mostly burn down. The extra energy is great, constipation being the worse of the side effects, but nothing a little bran & metamucile won't fix. As for the farts...oh well!! F 36 8 days

 4  quit smoking where do i start? i can hardly sleep and when i do its not deep. too much energy. crazy thoughts, sweating, and i feel like coming off drugs 24hrs a day. i recommend that you quit early, 3rd or 4th day when smoking really makes you sick, otherwise as you move along you get somewhat used to it. M 36 8 days
 4  to stop smoking Spaced out feeling, headaches & sleeplessness. Feel irritable or manic! Was prescribed this approx 7 years ago & stopped completely on DAY 12 - for 11MONTHS. This time I have to stop for good- GP orders. My mind seems much more altered than the previous time & am finding it hard going. My stop day is 4 days away F 47 8 days
150mg 2X D

 4  quit smoking Well..I have no clue why there are so many complains on this forum and less successful stories. For me side effects were dry mouth and drowsy feeling. Thats it! The first week when I was taking 1 pill a day was little tough..had insomnia for 2-3 days. I haven't smoked since my quit date. I hope this pill will help me in a long run. I have no idea why all these people well almost 90% of them had horrible side effects..like suicidal thoughts, killing someone and stuff like that. Well I donno.. I think my body is strong enough for this drug. At first I thought nothing will ever stop me from smoking but this pill proved me wrong. Its little expensive. Got it for $180 (175 tablets). M 29 8 days

 4   First 2-3 days, I felt great. The next few days I experienced shakiness, was jittery, anxious, some momements of sadness, some moments of irratability, dizziness. The side effects for me aren't that bad. However, each time I take a pill, I never know what side effect I will experience. I am very satisfied with the outcome so far. I am on my 8th day of taking Zyban and within the week, I went from 20-25 ciggs per day to 4-6 ciggs per day. F 31 8 days
 3  Smoking cessation Irritability, stomach pangs, jitteriness, severe headaches, anxiety, constant and loud ringing in ears, insomnia, a general feeling of being out of it With all the side effects, I feel like crap so I don't have a desire to smoke. (Not that I can find my cigarettes if I tried because I can't think straight.) F 30 8 days

 3  stop smoking extremely paranoid,crying all the time then losing my temper in a major way.nausea in first week a feeling of being totally spaced out first few days just a decrease in urge to smoke.Started to take 2 and felt totally on another planet,losing track of conversations and talking nonsense and repeating myself.However didnt want to smoke after day 4 so stopped before target date.on the fifth day of quitting feel extremely emotional,crying for no reason even at work which is no good,totally paranoid and angry,have spells where I am calm and then can look at the way I was an hour earlier and think ive gone crazy then ten minutes later im doing it again.Ive totally lost my appetite and am so paranoid at times thing my teeth will fall out! F 29 8 days

 3  To quit smoking To start with I had nasty side effects, dry mouth, forget being able to sleep, maybe 2 - 3 hours a night then wide awake, anxious, the shakes, can't be bothered attitude, forgetfulness, swing between lack of concertration to full on fixation, "Zoning Out", forget to eat and drink, don't feel tired from not sleeping but my body feels exhausted. But along with that is no want for ciggerettes at all, quit on day 3. Apparently the side effects are hitting me bad, I know lots of people who have used it successfully with no problems, when I get the bad moods, depressing thoughts etc I remember that they are just side effects and that if I hold on just a while longer I will remain ciggie free. It does make it easier, I also allot myself a bottle of water and a small amount of food I must eat / drink during the day, otherwise I still forget. Hard slog but to be honest, if I keep telling myself and reading the bits of paper I have put around me that "It is just the pills doing it to you" then a reality check kicks in and I'm right for a while longer. M 31 8 days
150 mg 2X D
 3  to quit smoking anxiety, short attention span, thoughts all jumbled up, forgetfulness, blurred vision, jittery, ear and neck pain I have not quit yet, but I figured out what helps immensely to cut down symptoms and wanted to share with everyone: avoid caffeine and drink lots of water. I was going nuts and didn't think I could take this anymore. I realized sometimes they were really bad and sometimes not so bad and thought it was my morning coffee. So one of the times it wasn't so bad, I grabbed a caffeine soda, and symptoms came back full blown in no time. I choked down several glasses of water and was much better in a short while. Your body is going through withdrawal because it THINKS it's not getting the nicotine even if you are still smoking. Drinking water clears the nicotine out quicker. Also, zyban effects the fluids in your body somehow, especially the sinuses, so caffeine basically makes you dehydrate really bad. That dehydration is probably causing the worse of the symptoms. F 40 8 days
150mg 1X D

 3  Quit smoking Dry mouth, foul breath, insomnia, lack of concentration, spaced out, shaky I used Zyban as an aid to the book by Allen Carr, Easyway to Quit Smoking and I think that it definately helps to take the edge off. The book is the way to go and if you still need some help then try the Zyban. I will not stay on it for very long as it makes me feel like i am in a fog all of the time. I horseback ride and had the worst ride of my life yesterday. Couldn't concentrate at all, it was like i had forgotten anything my coach had taught me in the past year. The second day of taking the drug I cried uncontrolably for an hour, still not sure what that was about??? Anyway, I still think it is worth it all as I managed to quit withing 3 days of taking Zyban but I do not plan on being on it for very long. My advice to you is read the Allen Carr book. F 34 8 days

 3  quit smoking I am on my 8th day. Yesterday was the first day I took 2 pills and all night I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I had chest pains and my heart rate was very high. Today I am having a little discomfort in my chest. I have not experienced any of the other mentioned side affects yet... Maybe I will stop taking Zyban. I hope that this drug does not lead to a visit to the hospital. I almost wendt last night. And do not take anything to help you sleep as this can cause damage to yoou. Zyban is not meant to be taken with any downers. M 28 8 days

 3  Quit smoking Depression, anxiety, moodswings, paranoia, insomnia, feeling useless, spaced out, and skin on my face very irritable Its only my 8th day on zyban, but i'm really considering coming off it after all i read here tonite, what scares me most is that these terrible feelings that i have now can stay with you even after quitting zyban, i'm doing really well as in quitting smoking, but not so well mentally, and my face is a dissaster, my skin is grossly oily and have a touch of rosacea on my cheek, which i'v never had before, think i'll go to my doc tomorrow to discuss this with him in detail, feel angered that i wasnt warned of any of these possible effects in advance. F 26 8 days

 2  to quit smoking It felt like zyban may have decreased my appetite, but that is not saying much because I still ate a lot. Other than that I felt nothing from it. I started taking one pill a day for the first 3 days and on the fourth day I started taking one pill in the morning and one pill 8 hours later. I have been on Zyban now for 8 days and I feel like having a cigarette like I always do. This drug has not helped me at all. I feel totally normal and I am thankful I did not get those bad side effects, but I would have taken a few minor ones for Zyban to help me, but no such luck. This wasn't for me, but it may be for someone else. Cold Turkey here I come! F 25 8 days
 1  To quit smoking Severe nervousness, dry mouth, sleep deprivation, panic attacks (scary because I've never experienced that before) Severe mood changes...happy one moment and crying or screaming the next. Feeling of desperation (never had bouts of depression before)and heart palpitations Stay away from this pill...it'll turn you into somebody that you're not! and you'll wake up during the night many times shaking like a leaf. F 41 8 days
2X D

 1  Quit smoking Outer body experience, feeling low and finding hard to even smile, very dizzy, feeling sick, confused, hard to focus never again. I started taking zyban 8 days ago (one a day) until 2 days ago when i uped it to 2 a day. After the first day i felt a little strange but nothing to worry about. Day two - even stranger but nothing i couldn't handle Day three - started feeling dizzy but thought i was coming down with something. Day 4 - very dizzy and anxious had a minor panic attack. Day 5 - very tired, dizzy anxious, panicy and clamy. Day 6 - all of the above but with the added problem of feeling very depressed, confused and find it hard to read the screen on my work PC because of feeling so ill and now the headache kicks in. Day 7 - all the above but to a greater degree. Day 8 - today it is so bad i feel like my body is just a shell and i am looking down on myself (outer body experience) feeling very sick and wish i hadn't put myself through this. I have now stopped taking these tablets and hope to get back to normal soon but after some peoples comments on here im not sure it is going to be quite as easy as that. PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE TAKING THIS MEDICATION. M 30 8 days
150 MG 2X D
 1  quitting smoking ZYBAN SHOULD BE BANNED...I had the worst experience on this. Complete loss of appetite, confusion, anxiety (fear of going crazy), paranoid, slightly depressed and a feeling of being lost/spaced out. Couldnt sleep although i was very tired and couldnt keep still. Ohh yeah and dont forget the nightmares. I cant believe this shit is on the market. I've gladly taken up smoking again- because i'd rather smoke cigarettes then be stuck in a zyban phase. I realise some people dont really get the side effects, but i wouldnt take the chance, if you want to quit- go cold turkey. M 23 8 days
2X D

 1  smoking i was very irratable i feel like iwant to kill someone every half hour or so its messed up my mind i just wanted to quit smoking but now the slightest thing pisses me off so much when someone says the wrong thing to me i feel like cracking there skull open with a rock i tried zyban once before and the dose was 2 pills a day for the first week or so than it was 1 pill a day for the rest of the time but now this time the package says to take 1 pill for the first 3 day s than to switch to two pills a day for the rest of the time i feel that tis change is from the pharmasuitical company so they can make more money because you have to buy more i personaly feel these people should be taken out back and beaten to death M 26 8 days

 1  attempt to stop smoking psychological disturbance, headache This drug has been described as 'not for everyone', I discovered I must be everyone, because it sure as hell wasn't for me. I experienced some scary,sinister 'not-quite-hallucinations' followed by the worst splitting headache in memory for 3 days when I stopped taking them. But, I have heard others rave about it. I think it's a gamble. I have since ceased smoking successfully using plain old NRT. M 36 8 days

 1  smoking cessation mood swings, worth less, crying A LOT, depressed, dry mouth & throat, tightness of chest, shaking, MORE CRYING I have been taking ZYBAN for 8 days. For the first 2-3 days I was ok, had a few cravings here and there but was able to tolerate the craving. After the first three 1xday pills, I started on my 2xdays per day. WORST MISTAKE.. I suddenly notice I was sad. When I was registering for classes, I started to feel hopeless and unworthy. That I was dumb & stupid. Upon registering, I started to cry REALLY BAD to my husband. Afterwards, after taking the stupid 2nd pill, things did not feel right. FINALLY, on my 8th day. Took the usual 1st pill.. I started to feel a bit shaky but did not think much of it. When I took the 2nd pill, after an hour, I started to shake a little harder, I couldn't breathe, I was slurring in my speech. I cried so much that I kept telling my husband things like I am stupid, I am a bad mother, bad wife, bad daughter, etc... but after talking to my parents, they found that people who discontinued this medication was the same systoms I was feeling. It's really not worth it. My life is worth it. I know smoking decreases your life span, but I see both worlds now. It's either I die from smoking or die from something else. SO MY SOLUTION IS: JUST ELIMINATE EVERYTHING. F 25 8 days
 5  quit smoking Depression. I've been takin Zyban for 7 days. The 5th day into taking the medication, I felt depressed and didn't want to do anything. I went to a party over the weekend, and didn't even feel like I wanted to be there. My 7th day, my depression was worse. I felt really down, and wanted to leave work and go home. However, I don't have to desire to smoke as much. Which is a positive. I think I will only need one more week at the most on this medication, so the depression side effects are well worth it to be smoke free. M 28 7 days

 5  stop smoking The first day I had trouble sleeping but after that it was good, I took the 2nd pill always around 3 which I believe helps. I did have a day where I was nauseous most of the day but after eating it helped and it didn't bother me too much. I started to blog about my current experience, feel free to follow along: http://budeprion.wordpress.com/ glad i haven't experienced any major side effects, i think m body has adjusted to the medication. if you have any questions feel free to post it on my blog, more than willing to be support for anyone who is thinking about it... or currently in the process! M 31 7 days
 5  Stop Smoking Nothing I have had a great experience with this drug! I enjoy how I can go about 3-4 hours without even thinking about a cigarette. It has made me happier and more goofy, I guess that's the word. I recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to quit smoking. F 23 7 days

 5   I don't sleep, I eat less, I am always happy and funny. I feel it is like a psicodelic drug. My mind shifted and I have mistic feelings all the time. I am going crazy and I love it... It's fun taking Zyban. Not only for smoking, it's just like Extazy... M 27 7 days

 5  Quit Smoking Having Chest tightness daily. At first was real scared...thinking heart attack, but now reading all of the other comments, it appears this is a side effect. I have been smoke free for 7 days now. No desire to have a cigarette, and will never go back to smoking. I feel 100 percent better and am very proud of myself! I do wonder though when I can stop taking the Zyban? Will I get cravings back for cigarettes? I stopped smoking the first day I started Zyban, but only because I wanted to know I had the desire to do it and not just the drug working. Day 1-3 were tough, but by day 4 when taking 2 pills per day........no desire at all! F 39 7 days
 5  To quit smoking Initially the dose was 1 x 150mg for 3 days then 1 twice a day 8 hours apart... In the first few days I felt weird. The third day, I was down, depressed about the smallest things. However, yesterday and today the 6th and 7th day I feel great. I stopped smoking yesterday (6th day) and after smoking for 20 years, this is the best thing!!! DON'T DRINK WITH ZYBAN!!! M 35 7 days
150mg 2X D

 5  Quit smoking Zyban is great..took it first day and immediatly i wasnt craving cigs..some side effects where gas insomia and the feeling of being high(which was great for me lol ) the off the wall side effects people say didnt happen to me..i exercise drank plenty of water and just keep busy...i guess its different for people F 21 7 days

 5  quit smoking My comments actually start below this one...I guess I rambled on too long and got cut off...here's the rest of it: I also experienced visual distortions including blurrines, and off and on depth perception issues. I also experienced some back muscle pain and dry mouth. Things are calming down now. The nausea, however was gone by day 4. I still feel all of the above but 80% less intense. Now I'm tackling the lack of concentration and focus (having a thought in my head, forgetting it 5 seconds later, and then taking a couple of minutes again to remember what it was.) I haven't really experienced the emotional side effects that some have. As for craving a cigarette, I still do, but I find that I don't enjoy them as much. Also, because of feeling so rotten from the side effects, I simply forget to smoke as often! F 34 7 days

 5  quit smoking During the first 3 days, I began to feel a bit light-headed and nauseous. Between days 4-7 I experienced some strong side effects. I've read all of the comments and am envious of those who received the desired result without going through these symptoms. I didn't find this website until last night and I'm glad I did. I thought I was having some bizarre adverse side effects that were not normal and was getting quite alarmed....should I go to the ER...wait to go to the doctor... But now I find that I'm not alone in my misery. Between days 4-7, I felt high as a kite...but not in a good way. I'd lapse into moments of extreme dizziness and then go back to the baseline high. My ears have been ringing since day 3 and this hasn't subsided yet. My brain did actually feel like it was twisting and my eyeballs felt like they were going to be sucked into my skull! I had the shakes and my hands are still warm and palms are sweaty. I have maybe had 10 hours of discontented sleep in the past 7 days. I Because I feel like I've tried everything else, I'm going to stick with the Zyban for a bit longer. If it really doesn't seem to help, I'll stop taking it....But I hope it does...and soon because I really don't want to take this drug any longer than I have to. I'm also supplementing the zyban with 45 minute sessions once a week with a public health nurse. From reading the comments on this website, I'm sure that many who have read it are thinking, "How can you keep putting yourself through the nightmare of these horrid side effects?" In response, I hope that, by suffering through the temporary lesser evil, I'll be able to rid myself of this greater evil that has controlled my life for 20 years. F 34 7 days

 5  Smoking As with some other people I am very irritable. Not all the time but when I am watch out. I screamed at my sister today for no reason. I also felt as though i could inflict serious pain on somebody and not care. It works!! M 31 7 days

 5  To quit Smoking After 4-5 days of taking this drug I began to feel spaced out, withdrawn, nervous and emotional. During the period between day 4 and day 7, I basically felt as though my brain was being twisted inside my skull - almost like a chemical labotomy! Due to not feeling present in the here and now, my ability to do the most basic things were affected - even a simple crossword or helping my daughter with her year 5 math homework became stretching to me - if you take it be prepared for Zombification! After experiencing the Zyban experience, I'm convinced that it works by making you feel so withdrawn, screwed up and ill, that you don't notice anything as little as nicotine withdrawal! By the way, I quit without aide - it just took a little of positive thinking....I scored this a 5 so that it appeared high on the review list. M 37 7 days

 5  bye-bye ciggies More energy, waking up and being wide awake (without any coffee) but also being on extreme edge... can snap at the smallest thing. More anxiety than normal. EXTREMELY VIVID dreams. Dreamnt all night long, felt like I dreamed for days and days, woke up remembering 30 diff adventures I went on while sleeping. (TO ME THAT IS AN AMAZING, AND GREAT side effect, I love dreaming) Dreams were not bad... were either good, or neutral. Having certain moments of doubt, paranoia and sadness... thought for a split second (after reading this site and reading how it causes extreme rage) that my bf might kill me in my sleep. (he's on it too). I wouldn't advise to get drunk... I had 3 drinks and threw up, whereas in normal cercumstances, 3 drinks is nothing. 7th day, no desire to smoke. Still had same urge to smoke until day 5, when they started to become less sastifying. Quit day is 3 days away, going to bed and only had 1.5 smokes today, without effort. F 24 7 days

 4  to quit smoking I have been having a loud ringing in my head, feels like pressure in my head. Bad insomnia is driving me crazy! Wake up everynight since I started at 3am and dont go back to sleep. Feel in a better mood though. Its seems to be a good drug other than the ear ringing. I havent craved a cig since the 2nd day F 24 7 days

 4  quit smoking moody,dry mouth,shakey,unable to focus at times This is week #1 for husband and I. There are some good points to this drug and some bad, I have noticed im not smoking as much, makes me queezy to smoke. We both have been very moody, not sure if its from the drug or not smoking, I would recommened this drug to people, if they are strong enough to take it, quitting smoking with or without zyban is difficult,just make sure and discuss with your doctor before any of it. F 28 7 days

 4  Quit smoking Very effective in diminishing craving; have noticed slow increase in time each day, before I need to take it. Exacerbated slight hand tremor, to point where whole arm shaking. And a marked loss of power to throw. Dr recommended back on to beta blocker, when shaking is bad. M 72 7 days
150mg 2X D
 4  quit smoking dry mouth,anxiety,shaking,cannot sleep at all, cant close my eyes. no appetite (yah) i took zyban a few years ago and quit smoking for 9 mnths. i dont remember having these side effects im having this time. very bad side efects. but i do know the drug works and these will go away with time just like the smokes....Good Luck all F 38 7 days

 4  To quit smoking Weird, vivid dreams. Other side effects are not necessarily connected with Zyban. I am on day 7 of taking Zyban. Started with the 1st three days at one pill a day, and then started two pills a day. I have noticed I do have more energy and am upbeat. I am usually a very positive person so I don't know if Zyban has affected that. I have been having weird, vivid dreams and sometimes have to get out of bed to see if it was real or not. Trouble sleeping only started last night, woke up a few times and trouble falling back asleep. That also has happened to me prior to taking Zyban. The few things that seem out-of-sorts for me are not drastic, and they are managable. So far so good, cigarettes don't taste the same but I still crave them at times. Tomorrow is the first day without them, so we will see how I do. I do not understand how others can be depressed, but everyone reacts differently to things I guess. F 27 7 days

 4  Stop Smoking I had insomnia (took over the counter sleep aids, worked like a charm), crazy dreams, dry mouth, a bit of anxiety, increased urination (probably due to all the water I was drinking), a drab sort of "whatever" feeling. I'm 7 days into Zyban. I started feeling the side effects when I upped the dosage to 300mg. I quit smoking 5 days into the treatment. So far it has worked. My head sometimes hurts but I haven't had any side effects I can't handle. From most of the (positive) posts, side effects subside in the first 2 - 2.5 weeks. I do have a weird sort of 'whatever' feeling. Kind of a lack of caring about stuff yet I still manage to put 110% into it. I've had some weird thoughts but nothing totally out there. Me and the girlfriend split a few days ago and I never really took it too hard. I usually do. Maybe that's the antidepressant characteristics of this drug kicking in (we never ended things because of the Zyban). I think I'll avoid alcohol for a while just in case. I took sleep aids after I upped the dosage to 300mg as I couldn't sleep a few nights. Since then I've switched to taking herbal Valerian Root to get to sleep. If history repeats itself, in a few days I should be able to M 21 7 days

 3  Quit Smoking Day 7. My prostate is acting up a little more than usual and I have to get up in the night to pass water 5 or 6 times instead of 1 or 2. When I smoke a cigarette now it's like drinking de-alcoholized beer. The smell, taste and other physical sensations are there but it's like something should be happening in my mind, but isn't. It appears that whatever mental effect I get from nicotene isn't happening. Very much like the first few months of total abstinence when I detoxed from over thirty years of alcohol and drug addiction. I mean after the physical part was over and the suppressed emotions started coming out. Trying to quit nicotene cold turkey brought horrible and chaotic blasts of suppressed emotions which caused depression and other negative "in the now" emotional reactions. Zyban is like that but much more gradual and more bearable. I've been through this kind of mental confusion 6 years ago and I know from experience that the emotions sort themselves out. M 56 7 days

 3  To stop smoking I am now on 300mg a day and am on day 7. This is really weird stuff to say the least. I cannot sleep at all!! Irritable, back pain, general feeling of being out of body. Starting to lose the urge to smoke, quit day is coming up in a few days. I am going to try to hang in there, I am a die hard smoker for 25 years. Today, day 7 seems a little bit better (side effects) Will try to post again on day 14, good luck to you all M 40 7 days
 3  quit smoking the 1st couple days were great: i felt good and found myself 'forgetting' to smoke. But then i followed directions and smoked 'normally': there was a tightness in my head and confusion as the quit date approached: but i was determined to stay with it. But on about day seven i awoke, looked in the mirror and had blood in the white of one eye. Scared, i quit the pills and never made it to the 2nd stage. I'm about to try again. All the doctors i've spoken to say there is no connection. But after research, i'm not so sure. Thanks to all who've posted: i will definitely NOT be increasing the dosage to 2 pills a day!!! Like condoms i think zyban should be free. ps: in my opinion, light headedness, vertigo,dizzyness,etc. are NOT due to nicotine withdrawl, but due to the sudden rush of oxygen that the brain has been deprived of from smoking!!! Doctors (gp's in particular) are dumb (selfish): 19th century: age of reason, 20th century: age of analysis,21st century: age of UNCERTAINTY: USE YOUR COMMON SENSE! M 46 7 days
 3  To Stop Smoking Dreadful side effects. Started taking Zyban as directed, immediately quit smoking (Fantastic) But I have suffered very badly. I have had no more than two hrs sleep per night, tremors and pins and needles. Worse still I have had SEVERE thoughts of suicide and my partner has had to take time off work to watch me. I have felt as though I could quite calmly and methodically get in the car and drive at speed until I hit a brick wall. I have therefore stopped treatment before the tenth double up day, as there is no way on earth I could survive it. Be VERY careful if you have a history of depression, as I have and DO NOT buy this or any other mind altering medicine over the internet without Doctor's input. I would strongly advise against taking this drug if you live on your own. ZYban certainly quelled any interest I may have in smoking---Despite bad side effects I had absolutely no thoughts regarding cigarettes. It has kick started my quitting, but unfortunately It's effects are too severe for me to continue taking it. But, I will NOT be picking up the fags--and the rest is up to me:) F 32 7 days
 3  For the sake of my health & wallet Dry mouth is a biggie - and oddly the ability to concentrate more, i've always been the type to have a thousand things going on at once and never get anything done! In the last week i've finished 3 projects that have been in the works for months. Hmmm. The other odd thing is the cravings (i haven't hit my quit date yet) have become stronger! I've been smoking more! and my quit date is in 2 days! I hope this works! Optimistic M 25 7 days
 2  Smoking Cessation After three days of one pill per day, I upped the dosage to two. On the evening of the fifth day I noticed restlessness and sleeplessness--as though I had overdosed on coffee. Last night (day six) was very unpleasant. I got about two hours sleep and couldn't stop thinking about a personal conflict I uncharacteristically embraced the day before. Today I took only one pill, but I still feel dry-mouthed, agitated, impatient, short-tempered, and--my wife assures me--I am behaving here and there like a real bastard. I haven't altered my smoking habits yet, but I have noticed that the cigarettes aren't as satisfying as they were before. I'll give this a few more days at one pill a day. If I still feel as crappy as I have the past several days, I'll dump Zyban. I think my MD should try this stuff before prescribing it to another patient; my pharmacist should try it, as well. I was told about the possibility of insomnia and the rare seizure--not that I would feel like I spent three days in a crack house. M 50 7 days

 2  Quit Smoking Constant headache. Runny/Irritated Nose & Sinuses. Insomnia. Moody. Dry Mouth. Change in Appetite. Lack of Concentration. Agh! Am just finishing my first week, and i cant carry on!! Admittedly the desire to smoke has gone down, but the side effects are horrendous! I cant sleep! Have a headache that feels like severe pressure on my sinuses, my nose is blocked...then runny...then blocked! I cant concentrate on anything for more than 10min, which impacts my work! I want to quit, but this is not worth it! There has to be another way!! F 25 7 days
 2  stop smoking insomnia from the first day,wacked out feeling,difficulty concentrating, jitters,heart flutters, itching,not really able to function properly. this is a strong mind drug that for sure is not for everyone. 7 days and still have a desire to smoke,will cut back to one pill a day for a few days and see how it goes....all in all, i really hate how i feel on this stuff, it has totally frigged me up so far. 48 7 days

 1  Quit smoking I had appearing a rash on my penis. It was literally raw. I went to my doctor and was treating me for some kind of burn . I figured out it was not external but internal. Once I stopped taking it, I began to heal. I even contacted the FDA to let then know of my adverse reaction to this drug. M 60 7 days

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