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 3  Periodic Limb Movement Disorder Hallucinations when I took too much, none at my regular dose I got put on this for PLMD and for the first two months it worked great, but then it slowly lost efficacy to the point I had to double or even triple up on my dose to get relief. One night, I took five of them and had mild hallucinations. My doctor switched me to Flexeril after I told him it was no longer working and he told me this was common for this med. He said nearly all patients experienced a burnout on it and it completely stopped working for them and they had to switch to something else. M 29 5 months
0.25 1X D
 5  rls I have bad compulsive disorder for gambling. I need to change mirapex to something that wont cause complusiveness.but it must work for my rls thank you 69 1 days
60 mg day
 5   After 40 yrs on all types of medication for depression mirapex has finally helped me with my depression. Only side effects are swollen ankles and stiff lower legs ( arthritis like) to the point that I have trouble moving after being in any sitting position and begin to walk. When walking notice some stumbling and stiffness in writing. M 68 3 months
.25 MG 1X D

 1  rls after 1 month started getting rls10x worse..during the day...in other parts of my body...twitching in the face, legs all over horrible...tried to taper off and had terrible withdrawal spent all night pacing for 3 days before giving up.. F 60 4 months

 1  RLS Addiction to gay porn, spent all day sleeping as dreams were so much better than my real life, started smoking, scratch cards, short term memory problems, lying, erectile dysfunction, compulsions, two pulmonary embolisms pretty much screwed up my entire life. Still get no enjoyment from anything just waiting to die. Still erectile dysfunction although addictions have gone but short term memory rubbish. Wish I had never seen the news article and asked my doctor for it. Cured my RLS on day one with half dose, but side effects, and on-going side effects are life changing. Probably worth it for Parkinson's patient as they are going to die anyway. Cured RLS by taking 30mg Codine Phosphate Hemilhydrate/ Paracetamol 500mg (called solpadol) before bed, no side effects as yet. M 40 2 years
.5mg 1X D
 5  RLS I had RLS so bad. My Dr prescribed Mirapex, 0.25 at first and now I'm taking 0.50 every night. I'm really amazed that Mirapex has helped me this much. I have not had any symptoms of RLS since day one. I have had no side effects. I've actually lost almost 30 pounds in 4 months. F 42 4 months

 4  RLS constant fatigue..memory loss, compulsive gambling, depression it worked very well at the beginning, now if I'm late taking it I suffer for hours until the drug takes effect. I realize that it's just not working as well anymore and hope that there's some thing else I can try. I'm very upset about the gambling side effects.... totally irresponsible and uncontrolable.... it just not me! F 61 10 days
50mg 2X D
 1  Restless Leg Syndrome Severe paranoia and paranoid delusions including shooting at neighbors believed to be hurting me; compulsive behavior in terms of shopping, hoarding, eating; impulsive behavior such as acting without thinking of the consequences; lost career; was arrested for the first time for a felony in my 60s; detached retina; had pneumonia including hospitalization about 9 times; was hospitalized three times for syncope; experienced excessive sleepiness during the day and had difficulty driving and staying awake; herniated disk (L4-L5); stenosis; curved spine; problems breathing and weezing that mimicked asthma; Mirapex pretty much ruined my life over the course of 11 years and the doctor failed to recognize that the Mirapex was causing problems. The symptoms of Mirapex resulted in countless misdiagnoses of other conditions such as narcolepsy and asthma, and it did untold amounts of damage to my eyes and teeth. I had a detached retina in which I lost half of the sight in my eye; I had three tooth I believe it is criminal for doctors to prescribe a dangerous drug like Mirapex for a relatively benign condition like restless legs. The drug companies involved have made out like bandits by extending their patent to restless legs when the patent for its use with Parnkinson's was about to expire. F 61 11 years
2 MG 1X D
 1  Parkinson's Disease I lost myself, I began telling stories that were not true and getting deeper into a fantasy world created in my mind. Became easily agitated and aggressive. The stories didn't need to be told and I had no desire to make up a story but here I am telling this story without the ability to stop. Grandiosity became a real issue with me. Even if you're an intelligent person, this drug doesn't care, it will make you do the things you know you have no business doing and would never have done before. M 56 8 years
1.5 1X D
 1  rls took this drug 1 night for rls and woke up with severe stomach pain, then proceeded to throw up for 12 hours, also had a bad headache. after reading other peoples problems with this drug i am glad it happened on the first night. will have to figure out how to control rls by myself F 53 1 days
1.5 1X D

 1  Parkinson D I could not stay awake, I had double vision and could not at times focus my eyes to save my self and a increasing RAGE that made me almost kill myself more than once I am not sure which was worse the drug or the PD but I am off of it now and after a month on my new meds I feel more like my old carefree self and am beginning to regain my hippie like self again YEAH for me I would never tell some one to take this drug ever F 52 3 years
.75 3X D
 1  RLS I would never recommend this drug to my worst enemy. It worked really well for a few years, but then I began augmenting, had horrible RLS, and had to quit cold turkey. 3 weeks of pure hell...now I know what it is to go through withdrawal from a powerful addicting drug. Stay away. F 62 10 years
1 3X D
 1  RLS I took my 1st dose of Mirapex last night and it made my symptoms worse. Not only was I constantly moving my legs, but my feet were burning and the skin on my feet were so sensitive it hurt for the sheets to touch them. I didn't get any sleep last night. I am so tired of this. I'm sitting at work now and only slept in about 15-20 minutes spurts for about a total of 1.5 hours. My body is getting wore down. I just want to be able to sleep and for the past 4 months I haven't gotten any sleep. Last night was by far the worse though. I don't know if I should take the Mirapex again tonight or not. I called the doctor and he said to take 2 tonight instead of the one. I don't know what to do. F 28 1 days
0.125mg 1X D
 4  Restless Leg Syndrome Compulsion to purchase items in general but I can control it. I have severe RLS so that without drugs I stay up 24 hours a day and spend most the time pacing because I cannot even sit down. With Mirapex taken at night and other medications during the day I am able to lead a normal life. Without sleep I cannot work or enjoy life at all. Mirapex has been the only drug that allows me to live a good life. I probably should give it a 5 but I am giving it a 4 because of the fact that it gives some people compulsions such as I have with it. M 57
.50 mg 1X D
 1  restless legs on this several yrs, Doc.s increasing the drug, and # of times he was taking it, with NO CONSERN.looking back, urine prob, falling alsleep while driving. memory, depression, ocd, shopping, gambling, 70,000. to 100, 000. gone. more if adding the shopping, paying for sex, tried to kill self, ended up in mental hosptial. was also beginning to drink, and smoke again, even with copd. horrible drug, been trying to get help from Dr.s for most of this yr. zip! began running tests with neuro dr. when he bought a gun, and tried to kill himself. this is a good, hard working, honest, loyal, husband before this and have watched him become "someone else" Possible his water retintion problems, are also all/part caused by this as, since off it and home 2 weeks, he is having no problems at all. breathing is better too. no OCD, just feeling very guilty and trying to deal with what he has done. This should be taken OFF the market. I am reporting to FDA, and going to see about legal rights Had 2 drug changes, one in Hosptital, that was not holding the RL. 2nd drug is new! Horizon ??? or something that makes me think of that. 3 nights of horrible, uncontrolable shakes, kicks, twitches of whole body. huge workout, of all muscles, sweat pouring off. fell, 2nd time. tried massages, with different things, hot bath, heatpad, cold, muscle relaxers. took 3 days and nights, before we got any sleep. then started getting better. not perfect, but good. M 69
 4  RLS Initial nausea at first. The first morning I thought I had the flu. I reduced my intake to a quarter of a pill and gradually worked my way up to half a pill a day. Nausea subsided with no other side affects. My doctor prescribed Mirapex after I developed minor anaphylaxis to Ultram. The withdrawal from Ultram was excruciating. Mirapex has been a lifesaver for me and has practically eliminated my RLS. I haven't developed any of the other side affects to include gambling or compulsion. I think these person specific. Everyone reacts differently to medications. M 41 2 months
,25 MG 1X D
 5  MS induced RLS I am not aware of any side effects. Very surprized reading all the bad reactions - I guess I am VERY lucky. Mirapex has been a godsend for me. I don't think I could function without it. Started 5 yrs ago taking as needed but now increased to daily. Of all the meds I take, I think Mirapex would be the last one I would give up. F 60 5 years
0.50 mg 1X D
 1  rls Unable to function,confusion,flu like symtoms. you now have rls in your intire body.This drug is not for rls. It did nothing to help only made rls symtoms worse,.I took the extended release.What a mistake.It takes a long time to leave you system. This is a terrible drug.You are home bound and ready to lose you mind while waiting for this med to leave your body.What ever you experience from rls is nothing compared to what this drug does to you. Please don't try it. AND IT DID NOTHING TO HELP RLS. F 69 1 days
.375 1X D
 2  Restless legs It doesn't stop my restless legs, even though my doctor said to take it with Sinement 25/100mg, it still doesn't help me.My doctor told me this week when I'm finished with the script. to not take it anymore, when something isn't helping me there's no reason to continue taking it.So - when I finish the bottle of mirapex, I won't renew the script,& try something else. I haven't been able to sleep more than 1 to 3 hours nightly, & that's not good for me. Sorry it just doesn't work. Goodbye F 85 6 months

 1  pk Such a terrible drug. Extreme halutionations. Panic. Overwhelming themes, such as, lumber being stolen to be processed, visions of imaginary men 14' tall. Confusion. Sleeplessness. Not eating. Obsessed with images and themes that seem so real. M 62 10 days

 1  Parkinsons My mother has been taking Levodopa for 4 years, but since she was given also Mirapex, in April 2011, experienced extreme fatigue, too much sleep even during the day, personality changes, vivid dreams, allucinations. Now she's trying to come off it, following a neuro doc's advice and is going through hell, she cannot sleep at all, she's got panic attacks and is very much distressed. Angry with the GP who prescribed it to her saying it would help... Awful medicine due to side effects and extreme difficulty to stop it: no benefits for the patient, as far as I could see. I hope it will be removed from the market. Wonder why the doctors keep on prescribing it, without warning of what kind of medicine is this: highly addictive and with no evident improvement for the Parkinsons' sufferer. F 89 14 months
1X D
 1  RLS aka Willis Ekbom Disease Started on .5mg to 1mg over first few years. During last year went up to 2mg, which my neurologist told me was my max. During last two years have experienced weight gain, migraines, chronic fatigue, memory issues, vivid nightmares on higher dose. I've had RLS (now referred to as Willis Ekbom Disease: see RLS.ORG (connect with others/discussion board... you don't have to create an account to read boards like it says) since I was in high school and was able to control with exercise and OTC pain meds for years. Finally got so bad I started Requip. Augmented on that after taking it for several years and started taking Mirapex after discovering no natural ways to control symptoms. The nausea and fatigue have been constant since day one. Since upping my dose, due to symptoms returning, I have been experiencing weight gain and increased symptoms previously described... I am trying amino acids and Jigsaw Magnesium as an alternative to upping my dose. My neuro doc says I have to go on Neupro (patch) if the Mirapex isn't working any more. Having had bad results with Epilepsy drugs, and running out of options with PD drugs, my only resort is opioids. My current career goal involves working for the government. I cannot get a job there while taking that class of drug. I am convinced that this condition is brain chemical and or neuro transmitter producer/reciever related, and am seeing positive results from taking amino's (see: http://bb.rls.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=7977). I am also taking .5 Clonazepam 1x day with Mirapex before bed. I believe these drugs are doing more harm than good in the long run, may increase symptoms, and am not looking forward to the withdrawals when I get up the nerve to give them the boot. M 44 4 years
1.5 1X D

 1  Parkinson's Disease Sleepiness, irritability, personality changes, gambling, lying This drug has turned someone I love very much into a raging gambling addict who goes to any means necessary to gamble slots. I don't even know who this person is anymore. It got so bad I had to separate myself from them. They would lie about anything and everything no matter how big or small. M 58 9 months
1.5 1X D

 1  parkinsons fatigue, hyper sexuality, erectile dysfunction, slowed reflexes, drop foot, IT band, fine motor skills particularly on right side, I was poisoned by car exhaust with lead and possibly manganese 40 yrs ago. I probably have hereditary hypothyroid. I got over chronic fatigue for the most part. I have been stressed out of my mind for over 50 yrs. I did chelation for the lead for years and had a reverse osmosis system without proper remineralization for 6 yrs. I like my beer. Stress, diet, alcohol, diarrhea sweating and of course chelation and reverse osmosis water will deplete minerals out of your body and Magnesium in particular. I told the dr that I couldn't continue the chelation because of cramping all over my body. He didn't say a word. I am getting divorced! Once your Mg levels drop, your potassium will drop and you might get the runs. Get the runs and your Mg drops and you start a downward cycle. If you run out of Mg, you die. Simple RBC Mg tests don't work. Two weeks ago two of us did a preliminary search of Mg and Potassium deficiencies and screened every one of my symptoms we could think of. Hit after hit after hit including MG def cns vasculitis. Ma Barker's herbal tea site doesn't mention that one. Mg def comes up for RLS, tremors, chronic fatigue (cfs), anxiety, agoraphobia etc. Hypothyroid comes up for fatigue, cholesterol, suicidal thoughts, cfs, fibromyalgia, agoraphobia etc. I used to focus on thyroid but mg and other mineral deficiencies are more relevant to me. They are both important but I have ADHD - mag related! It is time consuming. Then there are the idiot doctors M 64 2 years
1mg 3X D
 1  Restless Leg Syndrome Highly addictive!!! Would sometimes bring on the RLS; but mostly just didn't really do much after the first couple of years. Mirapex worked great for the first year. Then it slowly lost its effectiveness. My doctor tried increasing the dosage and changing the frequency and times of day I was taking it. We tried drug holidays which worked for the first couple of times then stopped. We added other drugs and I even tried many, many non medical treatments. But the real problem is that it just really didn't work any more and when I tried to stop using it, my RLS became unbearable. I used to believe this drug was a miracle. Now I would not recommend any one starting it. Just go on the web and you will find hundreds of stories of people who can't find a way to get off it. M 64 10 years
.5 Mg 2X D
 5  RLS Possible memory impairment. I don't care. Mirapex is a miracle for me. No obsessive/compulsive behaviors, narcolepsy, nausea, etc. I can SLEEP! My RLS is so awful that my legs jump by themselves if I don't move them proactively. It's unbearable torture. I'd rather be in pain. Thank you Mirapex! F 51 1 years
0.25 mg x2 1X D
 1  rls My Husband was diagnosed around 1999 with Rls.This diagnosis was just a verbal diagnosis from Doctor Frank Chiampi with my husband explaining his symptoms to the doctor.The symptoms being the irratating feeling as his legs and feet had worms and bugs crawling through them so bad that he would be trying everything to relieve them banging them against the wall etc.My husband was immediadley perscribed Mirapex.Not long after my husband developed a compulsive gambling addiction.He has decribed this as urges so strong and would be thinking about gambling all the time .He also describes this as just gambling to gamble not for gain but to fulfill really bad urges. He has got really high amounts of money online and just gambled that away.I had once found sheets of paper with numbers written down as like as to find a pattern or something.I had to keep our bank accounts in my name after many times of online gambling .He eventually did the unthinkable and stole from his job.This record has been e M 11 years
5 mg 3X D
 1  Orig Clinical Study in 1997Park Dis SEVERE Sleep Attacks, SEVERE Impulse Control Disorders, Cellulitis from swollen ankles, SEVERE Dopamine Agonist Withdrawal Syndrome-Included suicide attempt. Restless Leg Syndrome, Inability to Sleep. Interesting to find another person who has also fallen down a flight of stairs during a sleep attack. I was not so 'lucky' After two spinal surgeries I have rods and pins in my back. I had my first car accident , plus over ten more. In the one I totaled I was told the pressure on my knees was the car engine. I've been on anti-seizure meds a year since I started DAWS Studies have shown the longer you ingest this drug the less your chances for full recovery. The Dr. who titrated me off this Hell-go-Round saved my life, what's left of it. INGESTER BEWARE! There s/b a zero rating. F 60 14 years
1.5 3X D
 1  Multiple Sclerosis induced RLS Within 6 months I have gained almost 20 pounds, and I work out 5 days a week! I am very athletic. My hair is thinning and I have been out of control with Home Shopping Network. I wake up in the middle of the night. Every night and eat about 600 calories before 6am. I have to stop because I cannot afford a new wardro be and I am going into debt from all my compulsive shopping. PS I alos experience incontinence. Please don't take this unless there is no other option. I do want to say it was effective with my RLS but with very, very high price. F 44 6 months
.75 ER 1X D
 1  rls I writing in for my father. About 18 months ago he started gambling... stealing everything he could find to gamble, distancing himself from family and suicdal thoughts. After given an ultimatum he decide to check himself into a hospital to help him with severe depression. The hospital looked at his meds and advised us that a mirapex is under a law suit for not advertising these side effects!! Being off the meds for 2 days it seemed as if a fog lifted and my family had their old dad back. Now 2 weeks later we are in the hospital with what appears to be seizures... what's next?? Any advice please email me. pcesshill@AOL M 54 2 years
2x day
 1  RLS My husband takes Mirapex for RLS. Excessive Gambling, Cocaine use, compulsive behavior, memory loss, Poor sleep habits My husband started taking Mirapex for RLS and at first it was a miracle drug for him. He could finally have a restful night's sleep. I strongly believe this drug is changing him in a bad way and destroying our marriage. He always enjoyed gambling, but now he spends so much money its scary. He started using cocaine over the past few years while we'd be away on vacation then started using it at home over the past year. He only admitted to the cocaine use after me questioning it for a year and finding evidence of use and threatening to leave our marriage. He says he isn't doing it anymore. I strongly believe this drug is changing him into someone else. He goes from one compulsive thing to the next. Gambling, drug use, smoking too much, drinking too much, distancing himself from family, lying. Help! I want him to go to the DR to get a full physical and to see if this drug has anything to do with the compulsive strange behavior. He doesn't even have to go to the Dr for regular physicals each year to check this med and what it's doing to him. The Dr just continues to prescribe it when prescriptions run out without any medical evaluation. I'm positive its the Mirapex that's changing him. He started on .25mg and just recently had taken 4mg to find relief and then had an episode of such a terrible headache he was in bed for 24 hours. F 40 10 years
1mg + 1X D
 1  Myoclonus sudden narcolepsy. Nothing I could do we keep me awake. Happened at work, while driving, while talking to people and any other situation Was prescribed Mirapex about 8 years ago for myoclonic epilepsy. Worked wonderfull at first. Than the effects started to wear off. So they increased the dose by .05 mg. Over the course of time I was eventually up to 5 mg per day which is above and beyond the reccomended dosage. The Narcolepsy was really bad and I was still twitching at night. I finally stopped taking Mirapex and substituted another non-prescription drug which has been working wonders. I would be very careful with the use of Mirapex. Do not drive and do not do anything requiring one to be alert. M 46 8 years
5 mg 1X D
 1   swollen ankles, painfull joints, weight gain am always hungry I want to get off mirapex. Iam having some luck with smaller, earlier evening meals, no caffiene or alcohol,chocolates. also easy to digest foods help.I am convinced my rls is food related M 81 2 years
1X D
 1  RLS I was prescribed Mirapex for RLS. I have had it for about 12 years and have never taken anything. I was going through a really bad time with it and just could not go on any longer. My symptoms were daytime and nighttime. I was told I could add .5 mg until the RLS subsided so the first night I took 3 doses approx 4 hrs apart. Suddenly I felt like I was dying. I had major flu-like symptoms: sweating, nausea, sore throat, extreme body aches and a massive headache. It took about 24 hrs before I could get out of bed! Haven't taken it since. F 36 2 days
.5 mg prn
 1  PARKINSONS the worst was sleep attacks. i totaled my car due to this. memory very bad. slept an average of maybe 4 hrs per night. on occasion wouldn' t sleep for days. constantly on the move, always cleaning, rearranging, but things got worse not better. gained at leasst 40# telling people it may cause drowsiness just doesn't get it with this drug. they neglect to mention you may not get drowsy at all and suddenly fall asleep at the top of the stairs like i did. yes i fell head over heels and after hitting lower back and back of head i woke up in mid air,saw and grabbed the railing in time to stop myself with only three stairs remaining. it's a miracle i wasn't killed but i didn't even get a bruise F 59 9 years
1.5 MG 3X D

 1  Fibromyalgia-based muscle twitches Severe depression, suicidal thoughts After reading all the positive reviews for this med, I was hoping it was going to be my wonder drug. But I wasn't one of the lucky ones. It had no effect on my chronic muscle twitches that occur all over my body. Neither did it help with my exhaustion. But it caused acute severe depression. F 55 2 weeks
.5 1X D
 1  parkinsons Fell asleep without warning x2.1st time while on the phone--thought I had a seizure. Heart studies normal.2nd time,3 yrs. later fell asleep while walking--head hit cement hard.Trauma cost $30,000 to repair. I stopped taking Mirapex after last fall.I am afraid to take any meds.$30,000 of dental repair and permanent scars.Again my heart studies were normal.I have a slight tremor but I sleep better off of Mirapex. F 79 4 years
.25 mgm 3X D
 4  RLS Vivid dreams where I don't know if I'm awake or asleep.Nausea if I don't take with food. Memory issues. Heightened sex drive. Weight gain. This was my last resort after being in a study for rls for a drug that was AMAZING, but they decided not to market. Mirapex is a poor substitute, but better than Requip. I have had RLS since i was a baby. The side effects so far are outweighed by the effectiveness. I also take neurontin (400mg)with the mirapex with success, as prescribed by my neuro. F 47 7 years
.1875 mg 1X D
 5  RLS Initially some drowsiness. Some obsession with a particular relationship and increased sex drive while taking bioidentical hormones also, for first two years. Recently some fibro type stuff. But all these could have other explanations or have appeared anyway. Overall a life saver the last five years. Previously had RLS for 35 years, had gotten to be nightly two hour sessions. I started on half a min. dose: .125 mg once a day at dusk, and that worked (unless I forgot) for 4 years. Then, along with some stressful life events, RLS would break through some and I increased it to .2 mg. Now I think I better up it some more, a year later. F 61 5 years
.125 mg 1X D
 5  RLS None that I'm aware of - I was taking Permex previously. My Mother, Sister, and Daughter also have severe RLS and take Merapex- with no apparent side effects. It has been a "lifesaver" for us. F 68 10 years
50 mg 2X D

 1  RLS Husband takes this medication. Terrible side effects that increase over time. Things experienced include withdrawal from family, lying, stealing, gambling, hallucinations, binge eating, etc.. Our marriage of almost 30 years is in SERIOUS jeopardy. He does not recognize the issues that he is experiencing. Unfortunately, this has been the ONLY drug that has worked thus far. This is a SERIOUS drug. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL IF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE THIS DRUG! F 54 6 years
.50 1X D
 3  RLS Fatigue, falling asleep during the day, morning nausea, muscle weakness. I was prescribed this drug about a year ago for RLS. at a dosage of .125 which seemed to work if taken 2 hours before bedtime. Recently it was not working as well and my doctor increased to two 0125 tablets. I guess one question I have is what problems are side effects of the drug or just the body getting older, like muscle weakness. However, lately I have felt like I wake up in a fog even after getting 8-10 hours sleep. This weekend I took my motorcycle out of the garage and after a short ride returned as my balance and general control was off. I also felt mentally impaired, just not sharp. I now can fall asleep at the computer with no effort at all, yesterday I fell asleep and didn't even realize it. As far as the RLS the drug works! I am now thinking about getting off the drug and trying to find some other source of relief from RLS. M 63 1 years
0.5 1X D
 3  RLS Weakness in legs. I can hardly walk up 2 flights of stairs without feeling like my legs won't take me any further. When I have a few alcoholic drinks and I get up to walk, on occasion, my legs require a lot of effort to get them moving. It's like I have lead in my feet. After a short time this goes away, but it's scarey when happening. I am thinking about going off this med. to see if I can't tolerate my RLS as these side effects are just not worth it. I have had RLS since a baby...my mom always told me she had to take the rollers off my crib as I would start my nap on one side of the room and end up on the other by rocking so hard! F 57 10 months
.5 1X D
 1  anhedonia helped at first then reversed all the sudden after a few weeks and made me much worse. its been a year and a since i stopped mirapex and i still feel horrible from it. horrible M 23 1 months
.5 mgs 1X D

 3  RLS At first Amazing, I have been suffering RLS for 25-30 years. the first night i took it I slept all night long, I woke up well rested alert and I lost 14lbs in 10 days, Who woulnt love that? I take it the same time every day, on day12 however woke up feeling like I had the flu. horrible headache, neck stiffness, and leg weakness. I just shook it off and went about my business......the next day the joint pain was even worse I couldnt go to work.The pain was horrible! I called my neurologist and he said that there was no way this could be a side effect because I was on the lowest dose. and gave me medrol dose pack, that didnt work so I called my pharmacist and he told to stop the mirapex immedatley.....I dont know what to do I have'nt been able to sleep more than 2 hours a night ( and that was while I was taking 12.5mg of ambein and some times I was taking 2 of the ambein) WIth mirapex I sleep 8-9 hours and feel really good. But this joint pain, neck stiffness, headaches, and mus I wish my body would just allow me to take it with no side effects because it really DOES work for RLS. F 45 2 weeks
0.05 1X D
 5  RLS This drug has saved my life. I could not sleep without it. I have had no side effects from taking Mirapex. I have had no side effects at all with Mirapex. It truly has been a "Miracle" pill for me. I have been taking it for 2 years. F 64 2 years
0.5 1X D
 1  RLS I have been taking Mirapex for 3 years and recently began terrible side effects. I wasn't even aware of them except my boyfriend experienced them. I fall asleep heavily after 1/2 hour and apparently start snoring "enough to take the paint off the walls" and begin hallucinating, accusing my boyfriend of "looking like a german shephard with big teeth, a giraffe, etc." I have no recollection. He cannot sleep with me anymore and it is causing major relationship issues. I now am so depressed because I don't know what to do. I can't go without the Mirapex. I would be up all night. F 51 3 years
0.50 1X D

 1  RLS abnormal dreams, diarrhea, fatigue, muscle twitching My doctor wanted me to take this medication 3 times a day. I felt uneasy about taking this medication as it is prescribed for Parkinsons, so I only took 1 at bedtime. I've missed time from work due to diarrhea. I can't imagine what shape I would be in if I took 3 a day. I have a appointment with my doctor today..I am demanding that he take me off of this crap. The side effects are far worse than the RLS. F 33 2 weeks
0.125 3X D

 1  Parkinson's this medication seems to destory all emotions. There's no right/wrong. no good/bad. Nothing to cry about. M 60
1.0 1X D

 4  Fibromyalgia Pros: Can tolerate more foods. Have more drive. Have less pain. Cons: Quicker impulses. Nausea. It works for me. The side effects are annoying but its fine. I think people need to watch themselves carefully during the first months. Also, if you dont have to take it during the day time then dont. Take it before sleep. It works best this for Fibro anyways. M 31 3 months
1.5@night 1X D

 1  RLS Started med in Sept on FL vacation after a badly failed sleep study that said RLS. Extreme muscle pain and charlie horses. Started in foot, then calf, then inner thigh/groin muscle with rock hard muscle. Couldn't even get up in the morning to move. Felt robotic and extremely stiff. Felt this would go away. I started having terrible ankle pain with swelling and had an MRI in Jan that showed a torn post. tibialis tendon. Could this have been snapped from the extreme charley horses?? Never had an ankle injury or hurt it in anyway. Also low in Vit D (No winter sun here)that increases muscle weakness/pain. After reading other reports, I'm lucky I quit and am not addicted to something. F 56 10 days
.5mg? 1X D

 5  Restless Leg Syndrome slight morning headache at first; none now drowsiness This drug was an excellent fit for my situation. The sleep study results indicated 'involuntary periodic limb movements' and I exhibited the symptoms of RLS over the years. My sleep was disrupted and not restful. Now, I sleep through the night and am very comfortable. I take one .5 about three hours before bed. It is possible that .75 might be needed when I go in for my 90 day follow-up with my primary care physician-I still have some symptoms during the afternoon but counter that by doing some physical labor--weed, clean the pool, vacuum. I have a lot of energy! F 56 2 months
.5 mg 1X D

 4  RLS Until i read other peoples comments I thought my side effect were minimal. I am not sure if the side effects are from a combination of menopause and mirapex? I would still never go off mirapex as I would never sleep? Have run out of the drug for one night and literally did not sleep all night. As I age the RLS gets worst and is in my arms and legs. Occasional memory loss (perhaps menopause) word reterval (also could be menopause) and misplacing objects. The side effects are not nearly as frustrating as not sleeping and literally walking the floors all night. F 54 8 years
1.25 mg 1X D

 1  RLS Intensified usual pain. Unusual leg and foot cramping, extreme drowsiness, racing thoughts, short term memory loss, easily distracted, inability to perform daily functions or verbalize thoughts. First & second dose allowed me to sleep through the night, experiencing odd dreams but no nightmares and foot pain was lessened to a large degree. Day after the first dose I was drowsy but could function & complete my office work. Day after the second dose I had racing thoughts and rambling conversations and txt messages, couldn't recall names or phone numbers, was easily distracted. Following the third dose, the usual pain in feet was intensified. Cramping & trobbing in my feet AND legs hit me so hard that is was intolerable. Due to extreme drowsiness I was unable to get out of bed to exercise or "walk it off" until five hours later. When finally "awake" I was unable to complete the smallest task. Couldn't remember how to make coffee. Burned food I left in the oven. Set the wrong temp for drying clothes. Misplaced things and later found them in odd places. Sense of time passing was distorted. Didn't trust myself to leave the house. Gave up on accomplishing anything and slept until late in the afernoon when the effects had worn off. The meds are now in the trash and my pain level is back to where it was before the first dose & my mind is clear. I'll return to my walking and exercising routine. Maybe will try acupucture and massage therapy. Can endure the pain better than the side effects of the meds. F 56 3 days
.0125 1X D

 4  Parkinsons Weight gain, sleeping problems Works well for me so far. I also take Sinemet so don't know if Mirapex is helping or not, but with the minimal side effects, I will continue taking it. M 59 1 years
.25mg 3X D

 5  RLS Minimal side effects. Nasal congestion 30 minutes after daily dose. Poor sleep habits, frequently awake at night, drowsy while driving. To be fair, have had sleep issues since onset of RLS and could never stay awake while in a car. Mirapex could be your miracle drug. I spent 10 years in pain and insomnia before RLS was diagnosed 8 years ago. Without Mirapex I would be a basket case. Based on what I read here you will want to proceed with caution. M 54 5 years
2mg 1X D

 4  rls/fibro The side effects stink...weight gain, urges etc. but my life isn't worth much without this drug. I don't sleep at all. I have had rls since my 20's and I just wish I had this drug back then. F 44 10 years
.25 4X D
 1  Parkinson's Horrible reaction. All PD symptoms became dramatically worse within days of starting Mirapex. I quit the drug after 4 days. I've been off the drug now for almost 3 weeks and my symptoms have still not returned to their pre-Mirapex level. Shuffling gait, constant spasms, frequent muscle cramping, unsteadiness-all much worse than before I started Mirapex. I also take Azilect and Propranolol. Has anyone else experienced this or heard of anyone who has. I'm quite anxious about how much longer the intensified symptoms will last. My neuro says she's never seen this before. Doesn't know what to do. Any ideas/info would be greatly appreciated. I understand my reaction is not typical, but I think the drug warrants much stronger warnings re side effects, and perhaps even to be taken off the market. My reaction has been dreadful, but based on so many other postings on this cite, Mirapex has absolutely devastated many lives. I have urged my neuro to never again prescribe it for anyone. M 56 4 days
.25 3X D
 1   Took for leg cramps at night. Caused high blood pressure. The side effects listed for this drug include low blood pressure but it affected me exactly the opposite. I took this drug at night for about a week and the nightly leg cramps had stopped. Then the next few nights, when I awoke at night, I just didn't feel right. The last night, I woke in the middle of the night and thought I was having a heart attack - the pressure on my chest was very intense. I took my blood pressure and it was very high (for me). I immediately discontinued this drug and have had no further symtoms. If you are prone to high blood pressure, I would NOT recommend this drug! F 68
0.125 1X D

 2  For Secondary Progressive MS F 45
1.5mg 1X D

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