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 3  High blood pressure Have taken Divoan Hct for about one year. Only drug tried to not have major side effects (Toporol, Benicar) and seems to lower BP. 160/25mg has lowered BP from 140-155/80 to 125-135/75. However, have recently been quite 'foggy headed' Occasional fatigue which might be associated with the drug. Being 'foggy headed' over the last month has me a bit concerned. I've noticed this comment in other reviews. Also haven't slept as well as I use to before Divoan. M 40 1 years
 3   NO M 42

 3  BP Loss of Hair, difficulty breathing no stamina M 42 6 months

 3  hypertension I have been sweating profusely and feel very hot frequently since taking the drug. Anyone else with these sympoms? Thanks. M 52 4 weeks

 3  mild hypertension weight gain - 25 lbs in a year; some loss of mental clarity; don't sleep as well as I used to. Went for a physical and they started looking at blood sugar, what with all the weight gain. Worked to reduce my BP, but side effects are beginning to bother me. I just don't have the energy I used to have. I'd like to give Diovan about a 3.5 M 2 years

 3  Stage I Hypertension I began having sharp ear pain on the third night of taking Diovan. By the 2nd or 3rd week of taking this drug, I began feeling very tired and not very motivated at work. I didn't feel like getting anything accomplished at work or home. I was still having ear pains and my doctor said that was not a known side effect. Diovan quickly lowered my blood pressure to healthy numbers. My doctor was very happy how I responded. In spite of the lower numbers I stopped taking Diovan due to the side effects and my energy was gone. I recently began taking "Hawthorne Berry" (Standardized Capsules) and this stuff is a miracle! A friend suggested I take it and it has been a blessing. It lowered my blood pressure to avg. 115/70. I have never been this low in my entire life! NO SIDE EFFECTS. Thank you GOD M 34 60 days

 3  Moderate High Blood Pressue I used to take Lisinopril, but switched due to the awful cough it caused. I have been on Diovan 80 mg for 11 months. Like everyone else, I seemed to have gained weight around the middle. I exercise 5 times a week and have not changed my diet since taking the medication. Lately, there has been joint pain in my legs. Lack of sex drive. The constant rining in my left ear in unbearable. I have been to the ENT, They cannot find anything wrong. Suggeted it was in my head. Diovan works well to regulate the blood pressure. Need to discuss alternatives with doctor. Not sure if all of the side effects are worth it. M 44 11 months

 3  hypertension GGT levels were highy in my last check M 65 7 years

 3  HBP I have been takin diovan and Diovan HCT now for almost two yrs. I want to say I agree witht the remarks that everyone has made from the scale of 3 to 1. This drug is good at lowering your BP but it is awful on your body. I have experienced a lot of the symptoms you all have described and they are not very comfortable. I also say to the people who have been experiencing the ringing in the ears to take that very seriously. If you have been to a ENT then go to another one for a second opinion, Now i am telling you this from experience, I went through the same thing three yrs ago and now, I am deaf. I went from ENT to ENT and there was no diagnosis ever given. I dont think the Diovan caused it but, it definitely havent helped with the after effects. Please take the seriousness of the ringing in your ears personally and try to get as much help as possible, as I said my deafness started with a simple ringing in the left ear and ended up taking control over my right ear in a short per The medicine works to lower your BP, but the side effects are murder on your body. M 46 2 years
 3  High BP Weight gain. Fatigue. Decreased libedo. Problems concentrating. M 45 200 days

 3  High Blood Pressure I am taking Diovan with Norvasc and initially experienced no side effects for the first 8 months. After that, I started experiencing severe abdominal pains and severe bloating due to intestinal gas, about 20 minutes after a meal. I also have heaviness in my calf muscles with a tired achy feeling. I've also noticed pain in both ankles and both wrists. I am a physically active person, but for the past few months, I've been pushing myself just to get through the day. I'm going to my doctor to see if he can lower or change the dose. It seems by reading other patient's comments, that my side effects are similiar to those taking Diovan, and probably not the Norvasc. M 46 11 months

 3  Blood Pressure Conrol Have developed intermittent and frustrating lower back pain and spasms, which seems to coincide with the start of taking Diovan. The drug worked very well for the blood pressure control. M 55 4 months
 3  hypertension M 45 2 years

 3  hi blood pressure extreme anxiety and` palpitations...felt better upon discontinuing but my dr. was mad at me...has to be a better way...anxiety caused de-personalization and de-realization effects...just awful... 160 mgs reduced BP from 160/110 to 130/90...in approx. 2 weeks...cannot tolerate anxiety attacks... M 60 2 weeks

 3  HBP lack of energy, some hair loss I exercise regularly and need my energy levels to keep focus, switched to Benicar M 50 30 days

 3  Hypertension Noticed clothes fitting tighter and few pounds weight gain after 1 month on Diovan. Have not measured BP since starting the drug - initial reading 150/90 (Dr.s office). Also noticed dry skin, achy feet. Initially, had flu-like symptoms after 2 days on the drug. I have energy, but after exercising feel exhausted. M 43 30 days

 3  High Blood Pressure Recently put on Diovan after 3 years on Norvasc. Did not reliaze the side effects of Norvasc until Sept 2004 and I had been living with almost all the standard Norvasc symptoms , this prompted the change to Diovan. I am currently experiencing the following and I not sure if the diovan is creating these effects: Constant back fatigue and pain soreness, Constant pulsating feeling in groin Muscle tension and tightness Does regulate my BP approx 135/80 I have sleep apnea and use a cpap machine M 44 60 days
 3  high blood pressure I have had tinnitus for 38 years. Recently it increased substantially and after reading the side effects and finding that other patients may have had the same reaction, I asked my doctor to put me on something else. I'm on adalat now, but its been 2 weeks and the ringing has not subsided. I don't know if the drug is to blame. My blood pressure is erratic at times. My best medicine always seems to be exercise M 59 1 years

 3  hypertension dizziness, paleness, cold lips, cold hands, nausea, I have been on Diovan 160mg for the last 5 years of my life. Just 2 weeks ago my doctor changed my dose to 360mg. I had 2 reations in those 2 weeks. Both times it felt as if it were having a "falling dream". I went immediatley dizzy and my face turned pale. I had heart palpitations and after about an hour my lips and hands were cold. My blood pressure was normal but it was the worst feeling ever. Needless to say, I went to my doctor and requested to be put back on 160mg. All is good now, but by far, the worst experience ever. M 25 6 years
 3  Borderline hypertension Lethargy, dry mouth, dry eyes, restlessness, increasing sense of anxiety, gout, increased joint pain Started taking 80mg 21 months ago. Switched briefly to Avalide because Diovan wasn't in my PPO formulary but had to switch back because of severe constipation caused by Avalide. Even at 5'9" and 245 lbs, I've always been active and eager to take on more projects. Since being on Diovan, I hardly get through the day unless I am kept very busy. I crash in the evening and don't feel like doing anything. When the weekend comes, all I want to do is rest. At the same time, I can't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time and frequently move from one bed to another or the sofa to get back to sleep. Even with only a sheet to cover me, temperature of 70 degrees and a bedside fan blowing on me, I wake up hot and uncomfortable. I finally quit taking the stuff yesterday and am monitoring my BP to see what happens. In the six months prior to my HBP, my weight had climbed to 270 lbs. Once diagnosed, I dropped back down to 245 and started restricting my intake of carbs and especially sug M 60 21 months

 3  hypertension, stroke fatigue M 18 days

 3  BP 170 / 110 switched from lisinopril 20mg to 160mg DIOVAN (Do to Cough) After 6 weeks realized I was overdosing & began to cut back. Found that 20 - 30mg would sufficiently lower BP. Stop most of fatigue, Ambition came back. Continuous muscle spasm in Rt. Shoulder still has not gone away. Did not even connect it until I found this sight. Glad I did!!! Continuing 20 -30mg / day till I figure out what to do next. Still have colder than normal hands, The other day had very strong mouth pain out of the blue for the first time. do notice aches in arms and shoulders. Also Tinnitus The last 3-4 weeks. M 43 2 months


 3  high blood pressure I fell 3 times from dizziness and hurt my knees. I was then told that I needed knee replacement. I was also on norvasc. I stopped taking the norvasc ,dizziness stopped, but still have tingling in my toes. Also, wonder if the knee problems are related to the diovan.I have a balance problem and my hands shake. My blood pressure which was 160/90 is now 117/80 - almost too low for me on 320 mg diovan. M 68 6 months

 3  High Blood Pressure Dizziness, ringing in the ears, tired Not sure if it is the Diovan as I take other things as well. M 70

 3  HBP good for about a year then impotence hair loss deep muscle pain Felt like a zombie from dawn of the dead Dr says side effects are in my head.Wrong i know my body and will stop this poison immediatley M 48 1 years

 3  Hyperyension I've been on Diovan HCT for 2 years and have been having severe hip and leg pain, especially when walking for more than 2 or 3 blocks. Feet and legs also begin to go numb. Have been tested for PAD with test results negative. Are these symptoms associated with Diovan? M 55 2 years

 3  hypertension Started out on Diovan HCT 80/12.5 but made legs swell. MD switched to 160mg w/o HCT. Have gained quite a bit of weight w/o change in diet or activity level (30-40 lbs). Have been experiencing depression, blurry vision and occassional vertigo/dizzyness. No hair loss, but skin has been very dry, itchy with strange dermititis from time to time. I have developed insomnia which may be part of the side effects though not 100% sure. I have a dry cough that developed that also may be Diovan related. Some leg cramps and pain from time to time as well. I normally am fairly active but I must admit it seems more often than not I am feeling extremely fatigued. Definitely seem to have some memory loss as well... Why was I on this website again..? :) I usually avoid reading the side effects panel on drugs because there is a tendency to start thinking you are getting all the side effects.. so in this case I didnt look up the weight gain, depression, anxiety, memory loss, blurry vision, etc until I was experiencing it.. and going "hmmm.. I wonder if it could be.. this drug" Diovan did seem to lower my BP significantly at first, but it seems like there was a 'rebound' effect. At first it dropped to 120/80 but after a few months the pressure seemed to creep back to high normal and sometimes higher.. I stopped taking Diovan for a few months and cut back on Toprol and managed to lose 30 lbs. I am thinking about stopping Diovan again to see if the recent bad blurry vision and fatigue clear up. M 47 2 years

 3  Hypertension Severe sleeping problems. Never had such a hard time falling asleep in my life! Even if I were to finally fall asleep from exhaustion, due to not getting enough sleep, I will wake up in a few hours, usually sweaty. Most of the time, I could not fall back asleep. I'm not sure but I feel like I have similar dry cough symptoms as I did with Lisinopril but still not very pronounced and too early to tell. I was initially prescribed Lisinopril and took it for a few months but had to stop due to the persistent dry coughs. I coughed all throughout the day and it also woke me up almost every night due to it. I have only been on blood pressure meds for 4-5 months now. Diovan for about 6 weeks. It does seem to work on controlling my BP though. M 38 6 weeks

 3  High BP Some mood swings. Some fatigue. After 3 years dosage increased to 80mg. Two weeks later major allergic reaction, swollen face, lips, hands. Extensive raised red rash on knees, back, forearms. Like major flea bites but not itchy. Shame, until then it was doing a brilliant job controlling BP. M 50 3 years

 3  High blood pressure Have been taking diovan for about six years and was satisfied that it dropped my blood pressure. Started having heart flutters and went to Doctor and he took me off this med. Had been having lots of joint problems and real bad pain in the heel of my foot, also starting having consistant erectile disfunction thought was due to age but at 45 really didn't understand why. Long story short Doctor put me on 5mg nebivolol and within one week my joints and heel of my foot started feeling better, also guess what.......my erectile problem became less frequent and now that Ive been on new meds about 3 weeks not having any erectile problems. Wife very happy and so am I. Be very cautious of this drug. They say only 1% of men have erectile disfuntion from this drug, guess I was the 1% M 46 6 years

 3  hbp pain on left side of head ,dizziness ,cant sleep once i wake up,feel like passing out ,tired after 12 noon M 50 9 months
 3  High BP Dizziness, lightheaded, nausea, difficult to concentrate, neck pain, anxiety, Works well to lower the BP M 43 10 years
40 mg 1X D

 2  HBP LOSS OF LABIDO; ED; SUDDEN DARK SPOTS IN VISUAL FIELD, LACK OF ENERGY, LACK OF INTEREST, LACK OF CONCENTRATION, JOINT PAIN This is crap DRUG !! I have reviewed almost 500 reviews and all the comments in this database. Try another drug. FDA should take it off the shelf. M 50 9 months
 2   B/P was 170/110. Been on 80mg Diovan for a month now and have lowered BP to 130/90. Side effects are starting to kick in. Mouth and lips have tingling sensation, finger tips tingle, dizzy and lightheaded. Going to speak with my Doc about other options. Man my quality of life is terrible right now, I would rather suffer from high BP then be on this drug. There has got to be something better. M 44 30 days

 2  High Bllood Pressure Heart Palipations esp. at night. ED, Low sex drive. Joint pain. Disruptive sleep with heart palipations often waking me up. Also occasionally would wake up hot & sweaty. Both of these side effects are gone now that I switched to another type of medicine. Also now that I'm off of Diovan my sex drive is returning to normal. Worked OK for my High BP but has Too many serious side effects. M 56 2 years

 2  High blood pressure After 3 months I have significant pain in the upper middle of my back. Hard to sleep because of the pain. Some kidney pain. Light headed like almost all BP meds. Keeps my BP in check. Have taken several BP meds (azor, benicar, amlodipine, bystolic makes your eyes close, soooo sleepy) and all have some issues. I've only been on BP meds for a year and hate it. Got to find a way to stop the bad drugs. M 49 3 months

 2  moderate high BP dizziness (may be vertigo) palpitation, throat irritation M 2 months

 2  High Blood Pressure No Side effects I was taking diovan 160 mg for 3 weeks did not lower my BP 150/100, Dr increased it to 320 mg, it lower it for 1 week 121/76, but now it is back up 138/94, I have been taking this dosage for 1 week but BP is starting to increase. M 58 30 days

 2  HBP extreme fatigue, headaches, rapid weight gain, joint pain and weakness associated, difficulty in falling asleep, loud ringing in ears, periodic difficulty in swallowing, and blurred vision. I am discontinuing this drug today (160/12.5 twice a day).. I am glad I discovered this site, as I was beginning to believe that I was seriously ill from a disease that has gone undetectable. 2 MD's, 1 chiropractor, and MRI could find no cause for my ills. I think it's the Diovan.. We'll see. M 57 6 months
 2  Hypertension Erratic PB readings. Very bad muscle pains, randum arms, legs, shoulders, and back. Could not get out of bed this morning. Took ten minutes of sitting before I could get going. Dizziness, and vertigo are common at various times. Kidney pain has now started also. Dosage was increased to 160 mg. about three weeks ago. Attention to detail is gone as is motivation. Fighting weight gain but starting to lose. M 54 5 months

 2  Hypertension Lack of mental clarity, weight gain (10lbs), joint pain, twitching eye, lethargic, bloated I stated on Diovan HCT over 2 years ago at 40mg. My bp at that time (before meds) was 140/80. The Diovan lowered the bp to around 125/70 for a year. During that time, I had torn a bicep requiring surgery then PT. I have worked out for years and it was increasing difficult to go to the gym due to joint pain that my Ortho surgeon attributed to arthritis. I started taking Aleve to reduce the joint pain, but it reduces the Diovan's effectiveness. My doctor upped the dose to 80mg to lower the bp further. I started suffering shoulder problems and wound up having 2 operations due to pain. Between the pain, weight loss and bloating, and a general lack of energy, I have had to really concentrate on hitting the gym consistently. After finding this site, it all makes sense now. I stopped taking Diovan this morning and will not start again. I regularly monitor my bp, so if being off meds and working out doesn't keep it down, I will talk to my doctor about Azor. M 51 2 years

 2  HBP General tiredness, mild insomnia, weird muscular twitches and tremmors and dizzyness (especially when exiting lifts) on Diovan 80mg. Worst of all, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido! If you are young and still want a family, DONT take this drug! Marginal reduction in BP from 150/120 to 130/100 after 3-4 years use. Have stopped taking drug against doctors orders, but damage seems to have been done. Side effects slowly subsiding and seems to be spead up by vigorous exercise (still have sideeffects after nearly 3 months!). Problem is that the alternatives to Diovan that i have been on are just as bad effecting kidneys and giving persistent cough. M 36

 2  High BP No side effects at all for me. I have been taking 320mg a day for about 8 months now. I have had lots of side effects from other BP medications but my body seems to tolerate this one very well. But I noticed no significant drop in BP, started at 160/100 now at 150/100 with 320 a day which is quite high. M 8 months

 2  HBP Dizziness, gas bloating, back pain, decreased libido with ED,decreased ejaculation ,loss of hair, weight gain. I started with 80 mg.daily but my pressure didn't move from 140-90 so my Doc. increased the dosage to 160 daily ; pressure went finally down (130-80) but a lot of side effects. The worst side effect was the lack of libido and ED . Few days after having discontinued Diovan my libido was back and my ejaculation too. I've switched on Cozaar 50 mg., I will post my experience in few months. M 42 3 months

 2  HBP Chest tightness, trouble breathing, muscle pain, muscle cramps, insomnia, shoulder pain, tingling in arm and back. Helped lower BP, but caused too many side effects. Had stress test and chest x-ray about 4 months ago due to symptoms, and came back normal. Still experiencing symptoms. Went to my MD today and had him take me off diovan. Am trying a diuretic now. M 41 2 years

 2  high blood pressure itching all over body. stomach cramps M 44 45 days

 2  HBP Ringing ears, fatigue, dry mouth, low back pain - spasms. If it were just ringing ears, and dry mouth I could stand it, but the back pain is just to much. After getting a clean x-ray, and a clean MRI, and trying everything from drugs, inversion, chiropractor, accupuncture, and on and on and on - you reach a point where you've exhausted the idea that its something physical. I never put two and two together till just recently, I had an injured back when I began using this drug, so if my back improved, I had no way of knowing - the effects of the drug would have masked any natural improvement. I just accepted it as a fact of getting older - my Doc would give me muscle relaxant to help my muscle pains, but it would never go away. Then I found this site, and realized that the only common denominator during all these years was my daily dose of diovan - its only been about a week since I've been diovan free, and am feeling some muscle improvements already - though I still feel some muscle fatigue (probably from not being to exercise for 3.5 year M 43 3.5 years
 2  HBP Head pressure feels like I have pressure in the top of my head. Feel loopy and can not think. Sore muscles and hate this stuff. I am the same guy that wrote a week ago it was okay. i was wrong this is really bad. M 45 12 days
 2  high blood pressure dizziness, almost passed out on one ocassion, backache, excessive tiredness,some impotence, diarrhea then constipation, swollen foot. I have been taking it for two years and want to find an alternative without side effects. Some days my life is miserable. I lie on the bed with backache and total lack of energy. I am quite fit and exercise, my weight 75 kilos, height 5feet11" I am going to see my doctor to see about either trying to achieve blood pressure control through dieting and exercise or something that has less side effects.. M 75 2 years
 2  To lower my bloodpressure I am currently taking Diovan 160 and have noticed only a small drop in the bp numbers. I bought the arm-cuff bp machine and have noticed quite a variety of readings, some good, some bad. However, upon finding this site I have seen quite a few similar side-effects (listed below). My major problem after starting it was that I now how cracking/popping of my knees/ankles/wrists and elbows. Has anyone else experienced this??? Before I started Diovan earlier last year, I worked out the gym 2-3 nights a week and had no cracking/popping in any joints. It was only after I started Diovan! My kness are puffy and are more than often stiff. I am still able to work out. My doctor doesn't think it's the Diovan, but I certainly do! I will be asking my Doctor to change my med tomorrow. Perhaps I can get her to prescribe Avapro this go-around. I have been on Diovan 320 and also Lotrel and none seem to work that well. The stronger doses have not been good for me. Side-effects as follows: 1. Knee, elbow, Anyone have any ideas as to why the cracking/popping of the joints has occurred, please advise. I have taken MSM Glucosamine for years and thought I'd try "Osteo Bi-Flex with Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM" to see if it would help the cracking/popping. Nothing yet after three weeks! M 59 9 months
 2  High BP Intensity and occurance vary day to day, but seem to coincide with starting Diovan. I did not associate several side effects until I began to read comments in this formum. Side Effect (which I never experienced prior to using Diovan) include: Headache, Dizziness, Fatigue, Anxiety, Palpatations, and Joint Pain (the joint pain got progressively worse over time - it became very problematic about 2 yrs ago and I was recently diagnosed with mild psoriatic arthritis. Wonder if my joint pain is directly related to Diovan? I'm going off of it for a few weeks to see if my joint pain and other symptoms subside). Effectively controlled my BP: 115-130/70-85 M 41 7 years

 2  HBP Bloating, gas, slight weight gain and shoulder cramps every morning after taking 1600-12.5MG for about a month. BP is not controlled and heart rate is UP. Don't know if its related, but have the sense of pressure in my ears as if congested. EENT says he sees nothing wrong. Could it be the Diavan? Docs generally pay no attention to reports of side affects and will kill you rather than admit a drug they prescribed is making you sick. I told a doc of a bad reaction to another med so she doubled the dose but a pharmacist told me to stop taking it immediately because there were many complaints about that drug. What's wrong with the doctors, anyway? Are they making too much money on prescriptions and don't want to give it up, or what? As for Diovan, what works in place of it? M 57 28 days
 2  border line high blood pressure Blurred Vision, aching feet. My husband was given Diovan after his stroke one month ago. He was also given Lipitor and Aggrenox and has been taking Metformin for type 2 diabeties. After a month of taking these pills I had to rush him to emergency because he was week and his speech was slurred. I thought he was having another stroke. When we got to the hospital and finally spoke to the doctor 4 hours later, I was told that my husband's potassium level was extremely low. I did some research on the internet and found that if Metformin is taken with a diuretic that it would lower the potassium levels. I mentioned this to the doctor and said that that would not have had anything to do with what happened. While he was talking with the doctor, his speech starting to get slurred again and he became week. I also checked the side effects of Aggrenox and found that some of the side effects were changes in mood, unusual weakness, slurred speech, vision problems and a change in the amount of urine. These symptoms seem t M 56 4 weeks
 2  High Blood Pressure Was taking Toprol XL with a diuretic - did not like at all - things slowed down and I stopped responding to the med after 18 months on it. Doctor tried Diovan 160mg and it definitely dropped my pressure - from 150/100 to 120/60. Saw a dramatic decline in sex drive - 50% drop. No other noticable side effects. Doctor now having me try Cardizem CD and Maxide (a diuretic). No decline in drive with Cardizem at all although it doesn't drop my pressures as much as Diovan. Perhaps the Maxide will drop it more. M 36 6 months

 2  moderately high blood pressure Within 8 hours of taking Diovan, I always experience a type of depression - - - I seem to have lost the mental "energy" to begin tasks - - - I just feel like life is worthless and want to quit living. This is, of course, quite frightening, and I immediately stopped taking this drug. The half-dozen or so times I've talked myself into trying it again, the same thing happened. No more. What's the matter with some doctors? They don't believe you when you describe a side effect. I probably need to find a new doctor. M 59 2 months

 2  High Blood Pressure I have been a relatively healthy individual throughout my life with no major illnesses or surgeries. I was diagnosed with HBP in the 1980's and went through a battery of trials with available blood pressure medications. All had significant side effects. In 1998, Diovan was prescribed as having minimal side effects and was prescribed a daily dosage of 320mg. Without the drug I could reach elevated blood pressure levels of 210/110. I was unaware of any initial side effects, however, in the past few years I experienced constant insomnia, "tennis elbow" syndrome, pronounced anxiety , loss of motivation--almost depression. Initially, I presumed it was age yet I could not understand the recent rapid decline of my health. I stopped taking the drug for 7 days. All of the above symptoms were no longer exhibited, however, the blood pressure sky rocketed. I am currently back on the drug and receiving alternate health care treatment to remove the Diovan dependency. One has to seriously evaluate the consequences of presription drugs. I personally do not accept prescription drugs as the "cure all". I believe that Diovan produces immediate results as intended. The general public is vulnerable and at the mercy of prescription drugs! M 63 8 years
 2  high blood pressure None After some initial effect for about 3 months it had failed to control my high blood pressure at all. Also took it with HCT, the dose was 160mg. M 53 365 days
 2  High blood pressure Fatigue, overall achy feeling, loss of sex drive but not performance, dulled sense of taste. It did lower my blood pressure but quality of life not worth it. Doctor switched me to Cozaar and side effects from Diovan have gone. So far blood pressure is staying down. Seems worthwhile to work with Dr. to find medication that works for you. M 45 3 months

 2  High Blood Pressure Lethargic. Zero ambition. Had to take the the big one (160mg)to bring down BP at all. Take AFTER I get in bed. 30-40 minutes later I'm dead to the world. M 56 6 months

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