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 1  Bi-polar and Hypermania Just a bad over prescribed bad drug Went cold turkey, it cost me my life, it destroyed friendships, prescribed to shut me up, this drug is used as a catch all for any ailment, I would not recommend this for anyone, I'm working through insomnia and angst for not researching this drug, nothing will ever have me take this drug again, did not dose down did not tell my doctor, just left it along. M 59 4 years
 1  Anxiety Woke up and felt like I was on fire. Took it 23 hours ago and I feel so groggy! Will never take it again! F 46 1 days

 1  Bopolar disoder Loss of vision; hallucination; loss of taste. Couldn't function and slept all the time. Loss memory and loss counts of days. Worst drug ever. Don't ever take. Don't ever let doctor prescride. F 10 days
300 mg
 5  Bi Polar Disorder I love Seroquel. Seroquel helps me sleep. BUT, there are some side effects that i have noticed that are...more hit or miss. And by that i mean i have the effect or i dont. i noticed that i have an adverse side effect that feels like suffocation. My nasal passages feel as if they are completely dried out...and when i touch them (yes stick my finger up m nose) they are dry. The sensation then feels like my nose is stuffed up really bad. to the point where i cant breathe correctly. This usually comes along about 30 mins after taking my dose. I take 400 mg at night. So, along with the drunken stupor i get settled into, i then feel as if i cant breathe. Understand that i am losing all function and just want to sleep, and the stupor im in is dizzying and im slurring and my eyes are half closed; now add in the fact that you feel as though you cant breathe. Its terrifying. This is where the fun part comes in. Panic sets in...and a mini or large panic attack *depending how sever your terror is, Other than the night and morning affects: morning stupor fine after 7am... This medication is a life saver. I could have been really sick by now. MY bipolar disorder was hell. I was sick of having to deal with it, and tired of nothing working, tired of my moodswings. Terrified i was going to break. I have a 4yr son, and the last thing i wanted was for him to see me like this or worse, lashing out toward him. I didnt want to hurt anyone, This disease is scary, and im just happy i got my life back. F 29 4 months
400 1X D

 1  Bipolar/Depression It didn't really help with my problem, just made me tired all the time. Realized, I don't need to be on it anymore. Weaning off of it slowly withdraws are horrible, so dizzy and nauseous. It's a very serious drug to come off of! Please give yourself time to come off it! I personally don't recommend this drug at all, because of what it does to your mind and body while on it. Hope this helps! F 32 3 years
200 Mg

 4  extreme chronic long-term insomnia won't allow ADHD meds to work, makes me extremely hungry after taking it, causes or worsens depression, Regularly having full body feelings of extreme discomfort w/sick feelings after taking dose, impossible to wake up before noon the following day, cannot fall asleep & stay asleep without taking it, excellerated pounding heart & its rate, sleep eating at times, fast weight gain, withdrawals horrific accompanied with long period of suffering, etc...... My diagnosis' are PTSD, depression, general anxiety disorder, chronic extreme insomnia, & AD/HD. When I was a preteen, I had the HUGE misfortune of being misdiagnosed as being bipolar. I lived with this stigma up until a couple months ago, when I realized I was not bipolar ever, but had AD/HD since I was a child. Several times while growing up, I was made by my family & psych's to spend time in many psych wards. Nightmare! I was first prescribed Seroquel in 2002 for "bipolar possible psychotic" symptoms. I took it at night & all it did was help me get a good sleep every night. So, that is why I continued taking it nightly up until 2004. I stopped because I had to relocate, and the county's mental illness dept. I was going to for my mental illness' dropped me. Then in 2006, when my daughter was born, I immediately started receiving psych treatment again at the above place, because I suffered extensive postpartum depression. I was put on different cocktails of meds all the time, because none of them helped me what-so-ever. Out of all those many pills, the Seroquel was the only one I chose to keep taking. I divorced that last psych. last year, but I was prescribed 800mg Seroquel to take every night by bedtime, to treat my insomnia for almost 7 yrs. now. It is a blessing for me by helping relax my brain, allowing me to both fall asleep & stay asleep every night. I have been reading all over the web that only very small dosages help insomnia-I believe ar F 38 7 years
800 MG 1X D
 1  depression it ruined my life!!!! pure poison, nobody should be allowed to take this drug! I have been weaning off this drug and it is the most terrible experience of my life....the withdrawal symptoms are terrifying. I wish I could take my DR to court for ever giving me this drug and not telling me why or what it is!!!!! F 50 2 days
150 2X D
 1  Skitzophraniac High blood sugar that still hasn't gone away, couldn't get out of bed, couldn't talk Almost died! Ugh This is as bass as abilify do not take F 27 1 days
1X D

 1  Bi Polar Very out of it zombied, Caused my sugar to go out of control and caused me to develop diabetes. Psychiatrist stopped me from taking it immediately upon developing diabetes. M 62 3 years
200mg 1X D
 5  Ptsd, depression, insomnia Zombification; can't do things early mornings! Struggle to stay awake some days. Nausea. Emotional blunting (not giving a damn about anything - though not everyday ) Was hoping it would help me gain weight but no weight gain for me. F 25 1 years
 1  bi polar Huge weight gain!!! F 43 1 years

 1  "bipolar" hypothyroidism , zombie-like effects, loss of emotions and interpersonal relationship skills. weight gain due to uncontrollable hunger, panic attacks F 19 2 months
500 1X D
 1  sleep Bad itching ,withdtawl hurt M 36 4 years
150 daily

 5  ptsd and neuro transmitter problems. At first for about 2 months a tightening in my lower jaw and some lip numbness.after the effects went away I can't say I will ever live without this medication. Everything I can say is good in my life has come after 39 years of living without this medication. M 43 1 years

 3  depression I experienced going to sleep straight away and little weight gain. It was the best medication in terms of not as much side effects but would like to get off it and its hard to get off it because if you dont take it you can get to sleep but you end up waking up about one in the mornin and can not get back to sleep the next day if u havent taken it you end up feeling fatigued like yourve studied heaps for exams its the same feeling. Plus you cant take seroquel if you are planning to start a family. Seroquel makes u look drug up to it help at start but now want to be off it who knows what its doing to your body being on itlong tern F 31 7 years
 5  Bi-Polar 1 more than pleasantly surprised by results achieved since the introduction of seroquel (take the generic) Seroquel replaced ambien (dreadful drug for me). As I understand it 150mg is a relatively lose dose but I find it effective in "cleaning up" a smidge of paranoia that accompanies by BP1. Sleep soundly with the 150mg of seroquel at night alongside of 300mg of Gabapetin (spelling?) current regimen 300mg Lamictal 30 mg Inderal 150mg Seroquel 300mg Gabapetin on a side note I struggled with the thought of introducing Seroquel (the 1st antipsychotic I would take) but am very happy I did :) best of luck folks, there is HOPE M 42 6 months
 1  Bipolar Depression and Insomnia Worst drug ever. Takes (3-5) hours to put you to sleep. Than you have horrible nightmares and remember all your bad dreams the following morning. Does not improve depression at all, makes it worse! The XR version will make you completely incapacitated the following morning to the point where you can't even move your body; literally. Completely halts the effect of stimulants like Vyvanse used for major depression and enabling you to get out of bed in the morning. Worst sleep aid on the market and no patient assistance programs exist. Also terribly expensive. Consider another antipsychotic such as Abilify or Saphris, you'll be glad you did. Plus Abilify and Saphris and Vyvanse will give them to you for free if your income is low enough; generally under ($25,000 annually). M 31 2 months
200 MG

 3   hard to find this drug 44
1X D

 5  Bipolar One hour after taking, it puts you into a heavy drowsiness, almost into a stupor. You simply have to go to bed; I can't imagine anyone doing anything waking/active at all once the drug kicks in. Causes the profoundest sleep you've ever had; a godsend to those of us with hyperactive minds. Often it seems to make the night fly by instantly: One minute you're lying down, the next minute you're waking up 6-8 hours later, with no memory of having slept. Surprisingly, you awaken with little or no grogginess; the fog lifts within 30-40 minutes. I do find I need 2 cups of coffee, though to get me into the swing of active thinking. Seroquel's most disagreeable side-effect for me was, as the drug takes effect, it causes your nasal passages to swell up and shut tighter than a drum; on one occasion, very alarmingly, I felt I could barely breathe through my mouth, either. Nose spray (oxymetazoline) totally relieve this, however. Seroquel really feels like a p It's a life-saver for those with manic, hyperactive, "monkey-minded" minds, and those of us recovering from substance abuse; It reins in paranoia. I take it as a strong, effective sleep-agent, but I know a schizophrenic who takes 800MG per day! Good lord. M 50 10 years
100MG 1X D
 5  Bipolar (both phases) insomnia One has to weigh the benefits vs. side effects and risks. Seroquel has contributed to significant weight gain and produces a significant "spacy" feeling which is unsettling if I try to "fight" this side effect. Of course, that's not a problem if I go to bed within 20 minutes of taking it. Should I wake up in the middle of the nite, I'm disoriented and have walked into walls, etc. Also if I get up too quickly upon waking, I sometimes feel dizzy and have some breathing problems. I sometimes have problems climaxing if I wait to long after I take my dose. On the positive side, Seroquel has been very effective in drastically reducing my depressive phases and, on the manic side, slows my racing thoughts & brings clarity when my thoughts start to deteriorate into mild paranoia & delusions. Seroquel dramatically CALMS me down both mentally & physically. Sure this drug has a lot of side effects (and can contribute to metabolic syndrome & cataracts) but it keeps me out of the hospital and the morgue for that matter! I'm also more med. compliant and work with my therapist instead of against him! God bless! F 43 3 years

 3   1 days

 3  bipolar type 2 bpd I have very young children and taking sequel is very hard due to being tired all the time I'm knackered all day I sleep a good 12 hours at night then have 5. Hours in the day I'm just grateful I have a wonderful family that support me through my mental illness F 23 6 months
200 mg

 1  Depression Within days of taking this drug I developed Spasmodic Torticollis. Was in severe pain and still recovering the damage of what this drug did to me. M 18 5 weeks
125 1X D
 5  skitzophrenia puts me to sleep hard to get out of bed leveled me out completely no more extremes no more halucinations or auditory halucinations i got to keep my job because of this drug M 21 10 months
50 mg 1X D

 3  Bipolar Disorder, Insomnia Sedation, limb twitches, body temperature dysregulation Worked well to prevent mania and help me sleep. Eventually lost it's sedative effect. 1.5 years
400mg 1X D

 1  Doctor's don't like me You DIE after 5 years or use or SOMETHING. One need to discontinue these medications as soon as possible. USE OF THESE MEDICATIONS LEAD TO DEATH IF THEY ARE USED BEYOND 5 YEARS. Withdrawal cause high inflammation and possible problems in blood parameters (blood transfusions). YOU DIE UNLESS YOU CAN TALK WITH THE PSYCHIATRISTS AND MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE NOT MENTALLY ILL AND DO NOT NEED THESE MEDICATIONS. M 33 5 years
400 1X D

 3  Psychotic episode, insomnia Sleepy F 17 3 months

 3  Bpd and insomnia Extreme drowsiness at first persisted next day eventually a wonder drug that knock me out tho be warned you could be sleeping a good 12 hrs other than that didnt do much to regulate my mood but calms me down when agitated takes effect quite quickly I will continue to take increasing dosage soon to therapietic dosage for my bpd F 26 1 years
 5  Major depressive disorder, generali After the first few days out of the psyche ward I was prescribed this: 300 mg twice a day. I did not know how I would ever take this drug during the day as it made me extremely tired. It was wonderful at night for the insomnia, but the grogginess at the time my alarm went off in the morning was immense. I felt like crying for no reason. I had suicidal thoughts, an empty lethargic feeling and an appetite like a bear. I persevered, and allowed my body to build up a resistance. Eventually the extreme tiredness during the day eased off and the negative effects dissipated.. I sometimes get this tight feeling or a pain in my chest, above my heart. Sometimes it feels like there is a piece if ice stuck in my heart as crazy as it sounds. My herat beats fast sometimes. I have gained 15Kgs but this may also be from the Remron, I am not sure. I feel very lazy at times, battling to do basic home chores. This drug has the potential to diminish ambition, or creative expression Second to Zyprexa, this is a miracle drug for me. I am more stable in my moods, my anxiety is lowered and my depression is relieved. I highly recommend that anyone taking Seroquel persevere for the first two weeks until the really horrible tiredness goes way. Then see if it works for you. M 47 6 months
300 2X D
 3  insomnia weight gain. pounding heart at night, which is now permanent. Makes you want to sleep all the time. I started taking this medication for insomnia. Which, it works great for. but, I would not recommend long term as getting off of it it a nightmare. This medication stopped putting me to sleep when I started taking lithium bicarbonate for anxiety. I stopped sleeping. I went to a sleep Dr. for some new medication and she told me to stopped it cold Turkey, which nearly killed me. She thought I would just go back to sleep in 24 hours which didn't happen. This medication destroyed my ability to be able to fall asleep on own. It putting me in a hyper state of arousal many weeks not sleeping at all sometimes, maybe only getting a few hours a sleep a night if that. Going off cold turkey also messed my brain up making me puck every time I get anxious. I just wanted everyone to know that this is a very dangerous medication. Do the research yourself, many people who get off this medication loose the ability to fall back sleep and have to go back on seroquel with a whole bunch of other drugs. F 33 3 years
200 1X D
 2  Depression/Anxiety Dry mouth, forgetfulness, clumsiness, and intense sleepiness were the only side effects at first. Over time the sleepiness (which I needed to get to sleep at night) dissipated, and coupled with my anxiety would make bedtime like a bad trip. Everything looks weird, makes me panicky. It never did seem to help my depression, though it did help me sleep at first. The dose was constantly upped after the effects would wane. The cons outweigh the pros, I would not recommend this. Maybe it would work better for someone else but after the first few months the positive effects went away and now I just take it because my doctor tells me to. F 25 2 years
400MG 1X D

 5  depression and anxiety sleepy for 8 hours after taking and harder to get out of bed; hand/finger will twitch periodically for a few hours after taking has made a big difference through a difficult time -- reduced anxiety by 80% and depression by 60% -- results started a day after starting on it. taking an hour before bedtime virtually ensures a good night sleep. i'm able to supplement my nightly dose with 25 to 50mg during the day on bad days with immediate relief, although will feel sleepy. taking generic instead of brand name extended relief because of the high cost. but seems to work just as well for me. M 49 6 months
100mg 1X D
 2  bipolar? Anxiety? unsure melting sensation in thigh muscles, dry mouth, constipation, forgetfullness, crawling sensation on my skin and back pain All new to me. Never had a problem pre seroquel that could not be accounted for Withdrew because of physical and some alertness effects: -weight gain, pain, level of alertness and only added problems compared to previously. Mostly - crawling skin sensation in ears, urinary dysfunction( green foul smelling urine and very frequent), transient abdominal discomfort(severe- about 7/10 compared to gall bladder attack), Withdrawl - 2-4 weeks - occasional insomnia(New even compared to pre seroquel), intermittent severe sweating(new), cronic headaches(new), persistent deep back pain, abdominal discomfort and pain. 6 weeks - Intermittent stabbing ear pain only - crawly feeling skin and ear gone. Sleeping through nights intermittently. No melting muscles. Urinary function still not OK(underlying pathology?), GIT signs still not OK(underlying pathology?) Mind space now much better. F 47 9 months
50 1X D
150 1X D
 4  insomnia, psychotic episodes took 3 months to get used to this drug. during those three months I would sleep between 10-14 hrs a day. now I sleep a solid 8 and wake up refreshed, no fog or hangover. Seroquel is my miracle drug. M 30 1 years
 2  insomnia Initially sedation - then nothing. After 4-5 years of use - I'm dying. These medications are toxic on purpose and will kill you - you will have try to discontinue until its too late. After 4-5 years of use I now has breathing problems that are probably related to dysautonomia and brain damage (brainstem). One has to discontinue these medications before 4 years or something or one will die to medication side-effects. These drugs are dead-ends that will kill you (on purpose) and doctors do not want to do nothing. Psychiatry is a killing system for those that are disliked. Instead of using piracetam, melatonin and other medications psychiatry use drugs that are toxic on purpose. F 32 5 years
400 1X D

 2  thought disorders restless legs sleep paralesis F 50 3 days
 3  Bi-Polar Weight gain Vacant expression Lack of concentration-reaction Make mistakes at work Lack of Libido Overtired Lethargic Lazy I wish I was me again before my episode 3.5 years ago and was hospitalised and put on Seroquel and Depokate also scared to come off in case I make more mistakes at work and get the sack! what would I do then! F 49 3.5 years
100mg 1X D

 2  Manic like symptoms Helped me sleep for one night, then it induced euphoria, wild hallucinations and complete insomnia. Started on 100mgs and was upped to 800mg over a few weeks, by the end I was in a state of perpetual withdrawal even when I took it, combined with lsd like hallucinations which I really enjoyed too much. The last night I took it I had eaten powdered laundry detergent and passed out on the floor, I don't remember doing that but the evidence was encrusted on my face and in my nose. Withdrawal was a 6 week ordeal it was not fun, but nothing in comparison with SSRI withdrawal. 2 years earlier Paxil kicked off my psychotic symptoms about 30 minutes after the first pill and it has been permanent ever since, for something that was just suppose to take the edge off with no risk of side effects it has cost me everything. M 35 75 days
800mg 1X D

 2  anxxiety It worked great at first for helping me sleep and evening out my mood. However, it worked a little too well. It doesn't just dull the anxiety or bad mood, it takes away the happiness to. I wasn't unhappy, just more flat. Took away sex drive and am working with doctor to get off of it. Unless you are schizophrenic not worth the risk. Had insomnia when I had to discontinue for a period. Felt weird joint pain, slightly sweaty palms and forgot tons of stuff. Felt stupid as I tried to think of a word. Don't take this drug. So many other options, not worth the risks and very hard to discontinue without tapering under medical supervision. F 48 3.5 years
12.5 1X D

 5  Depression First two weeks approximately: Severe drownsiness, impaired mental function (poorer memorisation of new information, worse ability to recall memories, less effective at problem solving), continuing extensive fantasies about self-mutilation and suicide. THESE SIDE EFFECTS TAPERED OFF OVER THE FIRST TWO WEEKS, after which I experienced some lethergy in the mornings compared to normal (but much lighter than the first fortnight), apparently normal brain function re: memories and doing tasks, significant reduction in the frequency of suicidal fantasies, no fantasies of self-mutilation, and the feeling that when my mood tried to crash it could only fall to a certain point. SUMMARY: In exchange for two difficult weeks and the need to be strict about my bedtime, I am now free from debilitating bouts of depression and largely free from my fantasies. Worth it, for me. I can feel upset, emotionally hurt, and angry, but never seemed able to fall into the full, black horror of depression, even though my brain is clearly trying to fire me down that path. No fantasies of self-mutilation, and suicidal thoughts decreased from ~4 fantasies a day to less than 1 a week. I would suggest informing your boss if you start on Seroquel while working. I started my prescription over a weekend, set my alarm for the early bus to work, and still crawled through my morning routine and arrived late. It is a good job that I take the bus to work, as I would not have driven! Throw in a likely increase in errors due to tiredness and the fuzzy-thinking as the brain adapts to the drug, and you have a potential reciped for a Friday 'performance management' meeting. After the first fortnight I experienced no problems at work that were caused by my Seroquel prescription - error rate and productivity normal. However, if I miss a couple of hours sleep for 2+ consecutive nights I find that I am over-tired and need to sleep for longer to 'catch up' compared to normal. I am not taking any other medication. M 30 7 months
150MG 1X D
 2  sleep No side-effects. Withdrawal causes problems. Switch to zyprexa 20mg and cold turkey it. Alternatively increase seroquel to 600mg and stop it but doses above 400mg make seroquel work like mild SNRI and are not long-term. Never start antipsychotics voluntarily. Always use neurologists and sleeping pills. M 32 2 years
400 1X D

 1  bi polar mouth dryness, confusion, poor concentration,memory loss, extreme irritability, slurred speech and strangely loss of appetite Had to quit this. It made me feel worse than when I was undiagnosed M 43 25 days
50mg 1X D

25 mg
 3  Bipolar disorder/insomnia Dry mouth, extreme tiredness I slept around 14 hours a day and could not shake that groggy, tired feeling F 36 1 years
200 MG 1X D
 5  mood stabilizer bipolar II at first it was horrible, i was a zombie the next day and 30 minutes after taking it I felt like jello. Increased Anxiety, panic and lethargy....but i stuck with it... IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE if you are looking for a med that will level you out and help your mood disorder this is it, but you have to stick with it. Give it a chance. I can't begin to explain what it does my irritability and moodswings I have researched and its dosage if used for different purposes...here it is in a nutshell 25mg-150mg sleep aid 200mg-600mg mood stabilizer 650mg-1250mg bat shit crazy M 27 8 months
300 1X D

 1  Depression, opiate withdrawal Racing heart, pressure on chest, headache, nausea, EXTREME constipation. F 31 2 weeks

 1  depression Akathesia, chronic constipation, suicidal ideation, OCD, anxiety towards the latter use felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin The first few months were fine and it was sedating but then I started to have horrible side effects and it nearly destroyed my life. Felt like jumping out of a window. My doctor slowly tapered me off the medication and got back my life and these symptoms went away M 44 8 months
300 mg 2X D

 4  Depression Lathargic tired M 40 2 days

 4  bipolar/some psychosis My major problem was not sleeping which this has really helped. Takes a while to get going most mornings but not sleeping too much . Some weight gain and still havve some anxiety issues. Overall has helped. M 56 4 years
300 mg.

 2  Bipolar I Pisa Syndrome(please google) *weight gain* Seroquel is a very effective drug for me. I am now getting off Seroquel. It's the weight gain thing. If your genes are set up for you to gain weight on this, you will, probably very quickly. I've had enough and I usually put up with most side effects. At 60, putting on 40 pounds is dangerous. Really at any age. Hopefully Lithium and Lamictal will keep me afloat because I'm not gaining another pound on this. M 60 2 years
300 mg 1X D
 2  Schizophrenia 1. Ridiculous sedation - I slept between 14-18 hours per day every day on the drug. It never got better. In fact, it simply got worse. 2. Cognitive sluggishness - this is easily the worst antipsychotic for ruining the intellect. I could not comprehend subject material that I used to find extremely basic. It was embarrassing to be honest. Yes. The side-effects were bad, but not the worst of any drug I have been on. However, the true problem was the the drug was ineffective for my Positive Symptoms. 300 mg is not that high of a dose (the max dose I took), but I simply could not bear to go any higher because I was sleeping 16 or more hours per day. It was totally ridiculous. I was still having strong psychotic breaks and all I was getting from the medication was sedation. M 25 10 months
300 1X D
 3  Insomnia Disorientation, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat I was prescribed Seroquel for my insomnia that required medical attention. My problem was falling asleep. Well, the first night I took it, it knocked my butt out like a light. But whenever I'd wake up briefly during the night, I'd notice my heart was beating extremely fast and heavy and my mouth felt so parched that it was actually painful to swallow. These side effects happened every time I took a dose, which was as-needed. Sometimes the rapid heartbeat would scare me and I would just try to ignore it and fall asleep, which I always would. The dry mouth I learned to just deal with. If I didn't go to bed within two hours of taking it, I would walk around the house very disoriented. I am grateful it put me to sleep, but eventually the side effects were just too much of a hassle and I quit using it. I still have some, but now I'd only take it in an emergency. Knocks me out, but too many worrisome side effects. M 28 1 years
200 1X AN
 3  bi polar disorder Restless legs, falling asleep with food in my mouth horrible horrible weight gain. While it helps with my mania and insomnia I cant help thinking how much better I felt when I was skinny. I stopped taking it for a week and I lost alot of weight quickly but I developed an intense fear of food. Unfortunately due to the stress that is my mother in law I had to go back on it. Im a good person and dont want to hurt anybody. Im also dissapointed in myself cuz i had almost no wirhdrawl symptoms. Now the fat zombie is back. F 26 2 years
 1  Insomnia w/Bipolar II Horrifying suicidal thoughts, crying, extreme depression set in about 12 hours after the first tablet. I was considering admitting myself to hospital. Passed as soon as the drug had left my system. Taken in conjunction with 1500MG depakote ER to try to solve my sleep issues. F 39 2 days
25MG 1X D

 1  atypical trigemianl neuralgia 15 hours after taking 25mg of this deadly poison I started having seizures. Back in early 2007 a crazy neurologist prescribed the medication for my atypical trigeminal neuralgia, which I got from botched sinus surgery. When I would start to fall asleep I would get 'electric-shocks' deep inside my right sinus. The Neurontin was helping, but this whacko neurologist decided to give me seroquel for sleep. Now I have seizures. M 55 1 days
25mg 1X O
 5  BPD/Bipolar/Insomnia Weight gain, restless legs, apathy, terrible constipation, memory problems, lack of motivation for communication with people, it has affected my eyesight. Along with psychotherapy. this drug worked like magic. The weight gain however is frustrating. Was on 800mg down to 50mg. Am weaning myself off this drug as I am taking Zeldox, another antipsychotic. I want to lose weight. I will get another drug to sleep. I've had terrible times when trying to go cold turkey off this drug. F 47 6 years
100mg 1X D

 2  sleep/BPD/depression WEIGHT GAIN-- OH MY GOD--- FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT. Other: lethargy, hypertention, crazy ass dreams, some memory loss ( although not as bad as when I had insomnia). I was given this by my Pdoc for " sleep" although I'm pretty sure this was also to mellow me out since my BPD is pretty bad. It fo' sure worked. I got mellow, even ( gasp) nice! At first I felt good about taking it, and I could finally sleep, but then I noticed that it stopped working and I was gaining a massive amout of weight ( even though I was exercising, eating healthy, etc.) According to my Pdoc I could take " any dose I wanted up til 100) hell, I could even up it and lower it if I wanted to. So when 50 didn't work, I would lower it, and then higher it. After a year on this crappy drug I gave up. I had started to smoke and drink coffee every morning since I couldn't seem to get up. I had to get 12+ hours on it or else I had headaches. I would wake up from crazy ass dreams, sweating and eat and then wake up in the morning and not remember anything. The dosing and time I took it did nothing and I still couldn't get up before noon. If Satan created a drug you would love/hate and tame the beast within it would be called " SEROQUEL" Thanks AstroZenica. F 31 1 years
25 mg-50 1X D
 5  bipolar2 w/depression small amount of weight loss but nothing else. maybe? some grogginess in the morning but 1 cup of coffee fixes this. highly recommend a small dose. One 24 mg dose for sleep saved me from a winter bout w/ depression, anxiety and mania. Currently on effexor and lamictal then had troubles sleeping and depression mixed w/ a manic anxiety. Took 24 mg for sleep and felt like a new person in the morning. More positive and relaxed. Currently taking only 12 mg ( I split the pill) and I can fall asleep in about 15 minutes. Reminds me of Zyprexa--but without the weight gain. It makes me more aware so I don't eat as much and eat healthier. Seems to have curbed my cravings, esp for sweets. Maybe because I am on such a small dose? F 43 60 days
24mg 1X D
 3  Bipolar disorder w/psychotic feat. Hallucinations, insomnia when tried to be pulled off of it, crying spells, memory loss, zombie-like, excessive sleeping, irregular heart beat. I went through psychosis from getting off of adderall and an ssri. I wasn't sleeping at all! Luckily the doctor put me on seroquel, and I didn't have any EPS which I normally get from antipsychotics. I want to get off of seroquel because I'm afraid of getting diabetes. I should be on a higher dose but I don't like the way it makes me feel. My biggest fear is having rebound psychosis. F 23 8 months
50mg 1X D
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