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 3  Bipolar RAPID weight gain, increased appetite, night sweats, fatigue, dry mouth, intense dehydration, decreased sex drive I started this because my best friend was on it before and he said it was a miracle drug. Honestly, it's helped with my mood a lot, and I've been able to keep a job for once. But the weight gain is a serious issue. I'm a 21 year old fashion student and I was a size 24/25 in jeans and now I can't even fit into any of my jeans I'm bursting out of them. All I do is think about eating and my portions have never been bigger. I crave things I normally would never eat like chocolate and junk food and ice cream. I can eat 3 bowls of cereal at one sitting and still want more. I have a gut and I've taken weight loss pills to try to burn the fat as well as working out but my weight went from 108 to 128. Very depressed about that. I also have no desire to have sex with my boyfriend anymore which is ruining our relationship. It helps so far with my mood and mellows me out but everything else in my life sucks. F 21 3 months
 1  stress,insomnia beyond extreme, continuing tinnitus/feeling of hot liquid in forehead this ruined any possibility of survival by causing extreme whistling in my ears to worsen my already catastrophic insomnia and stress M 48 1 days
2.5 1X D
 1  Depression Doctor never mentioned the effects on Prolacting levels so had an Unnecessary Breast Biopsy, benign tumor found, INFERTILITY, Ulcer, Gastritis, horrible nervous clics, involuntary movement of eyes & mouth & neck, headaches, vision problems, Zombie, oversleep, Seizures, tachycardia, dizziness, focus issues, Menorrhagia, abdominal pain, Depression, anger, 80 lbs in a few months all in the Stomach & double chin overnight, hyperglycemia, etc Doctor told me that other than weight gain no other side effects, in fact, he said he knew some people that got pregnant. It was a lie! It is the worst Rx for Fertility & if pregnant it causes Spina Bifida in babies. So do all of the others I read have the same side effects to fertility. Why do they keep making medicines that block fertility? Its inhumane! My doctor knew the thousands I spent on fertility treatments & consultations & still did not care to tell me. F 36 4 years
5 mg

 1  Preventing Depression ZOMBIE & ROBOT like personality, Extreme & rapid WEIGHT GAIN, 80 pounds in a few months (& I have always until them had a healthy Metabolism/ Diet & Exersice did not help with The weight gain while on The Drug), INCREASED PROLACTING Levels that caused FSH Levels To Rise to PRE-MENOPAUSE, Menorrhagia, Dysmenorrhea, nervous tics on eyes, head & involuntary Mouth opening, no interest in anything Pretty much, convulsions, epiléptic like, Depression, anger, hyperglycemia, oversleep for several hours (Wake up at 1 Pm & still tired), chess Pain, takicardia at night, (fast heart beat), WOMEN DO NOT TAKE Unless you don't Mind being INFERTILE, shaking of hands & involuntary shaking & movement of The legs, like kicking, HORRIBLE WITHDRAWAL symptoms, Parkinson like symptoms, memory issues, Seizures, dizziness, drowsiness, some fainting, vision issues like blurry eyes, (when 20/20 vision before). Etc... WARNING Doctor Never mentioned The Horrible effects It has on fertility, I was taking It Just as preventive, IT Should be considered UNETHICAL To do This to a patient who has expressed how The reason for being anxious is Because They Want to be a mom so Bad. Some doctors have no heart. My Career & life goal is ruined Now. WORST Thing I have ever done To Trust My doctor; permanent & possibly irreversible effects To fertility. F 31 3 years
5 mg

 3  Bipolar Major weight gain (40lbs). Worst was being a zombie, confused, in a constant fog. Cognition deficits. It severely affected my job performance. Fortunately, my boss knew of my condition and was supportive...but I need to think crisply. Started out at a low dose, but it was escalated when I was having severe depressive/suicidal episodes. Doctor took me off it about 4 months ago as my mood had stabilized. I've lost 25lbs and continuing gradually to lose. No longer in a fog. Basically all the side effects reversed after I quit, but I needed it at the time. F 54 2 years
5-15mg 1X D
 3  Schizophrenia Some wieght gain, craving junk food, hard to wake up and get out of bed. F 20 2 years
10 1X D
 1  was feeling extremely hostile My psychiatrist's nurse assured me when I asked about weight gain on Zyprexa, "it's such a small dose, so you shouldn't have a problem." Well, in just these two weeks, my weight has ballooned, abdomen sticks out, I am constipated, bloated, thirsty, miserable. Jeans that are normally loose are TIGHT. I cut back on food. NO change. While I feel better, the stressful situation that led to this "drug" had already begun to abate. Yes I crave frosted flakes...2 bowls (1% milk) right after eating 1/2 of a digiorno pizza, but that was both lunch and dinner and didn't do that all the time. Gonna call the nurse TOMORROW and tell her I want off this med...even if it means going back on seroquel. I won't live like this. I think 2 weeks and tight jeans is plenty of time to ser how well a med is working--- or NOT for me. Plus I am supposed to be around post-menopausal...hard enough to lose weight. I don't need the problems from Zyprexa too. F 47 2 weeks
2.5 mg

 1  Psychosis from Depression/Addiction I was completely unmotivated, extremely depressed, loss in interest of all things I cared about even worse than when I started. I started having delusional thoughts, cried all the time, panic attacks and massive anxiety. I had no energy and did not want to get out of bed. I was vomiting from upset stomach and then began to eat nonstop. This drug caused me to have extreme anxiety and panic attacks and a wierd buzzing in my ears. The doctor then tried to increase the dosage which made it worse. I was admitted to the hospital to taper myself off this medication that took away all of my motivation. I drastically reduced my dose in the hospital from 12.5 to 5mg but the doctor put me on a mood stabilizer to help with the withdrawl. M 18 6 weeks
12.5 1X D

 1  freak small elevation Feel like shit,lost my spiritually, and have not been able to eat due to so much body fat and weight gain. Can someone tell me if the weight will come off. I have taken myself off it for 8 weeks now, hope l get better. Have lost 5 kilo, another 5 to go, no sex drive because in so fat. Can anyone help. I am not usually suffering mental health problems, help. Help, i need a swim . F 45 1 weeks
 1  Doctors had delusions Heartburn after puking up food. Stomach problems. Dizziness. fainted and had to get brought back to life. Trouble breathing 30 days. Sleeping all day. M 2 years
I don't kn 2X D

 3  Psychosis listening hallucination I feel very sleepy in the morning. Sleep for 12-14 hours per day. I am working as an engineer so in the morning i have to push myself to act alert. I feel dry mouth in the morning. Weight is under control. I can not stop the medicine as doctor warned of repeat episode. Medicine is very good. I wish there was some solution of getting up early. M 44 5 years
10mg 1X D

 1  Jealousy Nearly died off it slept for 2days and nights straight then woke up and had a stroke for 2days i died but somehow clicked out of it lets say ive been to the otherside 28 2 weeks

 3  Schizophrenia Slight weight gain, huge loss of interest in sex, erectile dysfunction, sedation, clouded thinking and judgement M 30 3 years
15 MG

 4  acute schizophrenia Helped with psychosis. Tinnitus and distress. F 40 10 years
 3  Bipolar Mixed Excessive sleep 12-14 hours, slight weight gain because I ate less knowing I'd gain weight from this pill, zombie state, lactated, helped with auditory hallucinations Zyprexa helped with a psychotic breakdown aftermath mini episodes. It helped sedate me to sleep that gave a chance for my brain to heal. I am getting off this drug because I am better. I think this drug is good for acute or sudden onslaught of psychotic breakdowns or manic episodes as a temporary drug. But long term use I would not advise. F 34 10 months
20mg 1X D
 1  Bad doctor Being taken off the drug, and it caused enough insomnia, dizziness, headaches, and fuzziness that I had to start it again. Doctor prescribed it saying it was perfect for what I had, which was nothing, and I immediately noticed weight gain and "zombification". Tried getting off it twice, and will try again in a few weeks. Do not use this. M 14 2 years

 1  They didn't like me These drugs are deadly. One cannot use these medications beyond 5 years or something OR YOU DIE. They cause breathing problems due to damage to brainstem. If you are on these drugs, discuss very carefully with your doctor about WHY you are taking these drugs, IS the diagnosis really RIGHT, have you done something the doctor don't approve (psychiatrists don't like people who do not ACT 100% correctly to them). F 33 5 years
5 1X D

 5  Schizoaffective I haven't experienced many side effects. I must be one of the lucky ones who has not gained any weight-I am naturally thin. I don't feel tired but I do act slighty zombified for the first few hours after I take a dose. So I split the dose but take them both later in the day when I am home. Zyprexa has helped me much more than seroquel with voices and depression. Don't let others scare you. Try it for yourself. F 29 2 months
10mg. 2X D

 3  Depression & Anxiety Extreme weight gain; out of control appetite! Couldn't get enough to eat. All I thought about was food constantly. Dr. put me on Zyprexa 2.5 mg once per day. I read the reviews about weight gain but didn't think it would happen to me. Thought I would be one of the few exceptions to the rule and I would not experience weight gain. Boy was I wrong! I am a 4'10" woman and I went from 114 lbs to 124 lbs in 2 weeks. My appetite increased until I was out of control. All I could think of was eating. I also have an eating disorder and the weight gain made it worse! However, in all fairness, it is an overall good drug and I really liked it; made me feel calm; helped my anxiety and depression, and helped me sleep, but I couldn't deal with the extreme weight gain. Dr took me off Zyprexa and put me on Abilify. 3rd day off Zyprexa and so far no withdrawal symptoms. This is a good drug if you can deal with the weight gain. It really helped me, but I believe Abilify will be better for me as it doesn't normally cause weight gain. F 57 1 months
2.5 mg 1X D

 1  Withdrawal problems Breathing problems - probably kills me (dysautonomia?) Zyprexa is just deadly drug - one should try to discontinue it before its TOO LATE (but withdrawal can kill too). M 32 2 years
10 1X D

 1  Bipolar 1 Gained weight so much weight. Lethargic. No way to live life. Took about 5 weeks to get in my system. Never should have stayed on it 2 years F 45 2 years
1X D
 4  Psychosis,Severe Depression weight gain, increased appetite, insomnia (but has gotten better). This drug is a godsend,this has killed most of my anxiety but its not completely gone,I havent felt this good in many,many months.Now I feel like i'm ready to face the world without any problems. F 18 3 weeks
10 1X D
 3  Schizophrenia 1. Debilitating Sedation - I was unable to function, plain and simple. I slept between 14-18 hours per day for all five years on the med. 2. Moderate weight gain - I gained around 25 pounds and I am a rather skinny person (I never became obese but I was rather unhealthy and lacked motivation to exercise or eat right). 3. Depressive Symptoms - Schizophrenia and depressive bouts come together, but this drug made it much worse (and it improved upon stopping the drug). In fact, my two hospitalizations in this time were due to depression not schizophrenia! Despite the side effects and horrible impact on overall quality of life, for people with bad symptoms who cannot stand EPS symptoms and akathisia, this drug is a good option. In fact, at one point, I was on a nearly unheard of 40 mg per day (equivalant to 15 or more mg of Risperidone) and had no movement problems at all. That is remarkable IMO. It was the right drug for me at the time (when I was not familiar with the scary symptoms of Schizophrenia yet). M 25 5 years
20 MG 1X D
 4  Pseudoneurotic Schizophrenia Weight Gain (40 lbs) M 27 3 months
10 1X D

 3  schizoaffective disorder I've put on 80lbs and developed diabetes . It helped when I was psychotic and I suffer terrible insomnia and other symtoms when I try to come off it. I also get nightmares. And I can't orgasm. Also I can't write or read anymore . I feel lost and bored and I donttake pleasure in anything.I want to come off it but I've tried before and it makes me so completey exhausted I go back on it. F 44 10 years
20 mg
 5  persistent imnsomnia None F 51 1 days
 1  Stressful life events Initially none. Started due to dishonest doctors diagnosing me to be in psychosis. After reducing dosage to 5mg/day there is pale skin. Now after 3 years of use I have breathing problems and maybe some kind of heart problems. I think I'm slowly dying to Zyprexa. Some kind of pseudoparkinsonism (hard to initiate movements) and heart failure symptoms related breathing. I think I will try to discontinue although I'm probably suicidal [need to use statins - there is at least atherosclerosis and other problems]. http://nonpsychiatry.wordpress.com/ Films: V for Vendetta, Matrix, CCHR: Psychiatry Industry of Death, Batman 3 (breathing) etc. M 32 3 years
20 1X D

 1  OCD thoughts Worst drug ever! Withdrawl symptoms are still with me after only talking this for 2 weeks. It's been 4 weeks since I stopped. Medicine made me feel like a zombie. I had really bad dissociation from the med. I had extreme anxiety getting off of it..like bugs crawling on me, I can no longer nap with my kids during the day cause I am too wired and I have insomnia at night. I sleep for 4 hours and wake up every hour after that with my heart racing from anxiety. Don't not take it unless its your last option!! Withdrawl is bad! Do your research...worse than heroin they say!! F 36 2 weeks
 1  confused doctor I was hallucinating more while on the pills than when I took myself off. M 22 2 years
10 1X D
 1  depression I had a weight gain of 20 lbs in 4 months even if i only ate fruits and salads...fatigue and sleepiness ..i have stopped taking it the past 2 nights and have no intention of going back to it it was prescribed as a mood stabilizer for my depression yet the unexpected weight gain and self esteem plummeting as i have never had an issue with my weight, the negatives outweigh three positives. M 4 months

 1  Bipolar Unability to think. Breathing problems. Diarrhea. Diabetes. One should never volutarily start to use Zyprexa. Too low doses (> 5mg or something) can kill you (receptors open and close all the time (receptor bindings are not saturated enough) and damage brainstem, spinal cord or something else). Both too high doses (side-effects) and too low doses are FATAL. DEAD-END: People get side-effects and die or people reduce dosage and die. If you are put on zyprexa you probably should start planning your life so that you won't live very long (5-10 years) anymore. M 32 2 years
5 MG 1X D

 1  schizophrenia At first it was good but then as time went on it became less efective and now as of a week ago developed irregular heart beats don't take this drug it may be a difference between life and death M 25 3 years

 3  Manic episode due to drink spiking Weight gain, constant need to sleep, apathy, low mood, over emotional, irritability, loss of confidence, lactating from breast. I was on Zyprexa because my drink was spiked, which caused a chemical imbalance in my brain, which ultimately resulted in a psychotic break and very frightening manic episode. I experienced symptoms similar to bi-polar. Wherein I couldn't sleep, was paranoid, mood was elevated then suddenly sow, I was happy one minute aggressive the next. Doctors put me on Zyprexa which helped straight away. Within a day or two I started returning to my "normal self" doctors wanted to keep me on zyprexa for a few months to monitor the situation just to rule out bi-polar and make sure it was a one off. During the 7 months I was on the medication my dosage was lowered as I was weaned off. However I experienced some pretty undesirable side affects. My breasts became tender and started to leak! I was constantly tired, did not want to get out of bed, suffered depression was bitter angry etc. I was very lethargic and felt like crying all the time. I also became very anxious, nervous and worried. However my psychiatrist was great and eventually I came off the zyprexa totally. It is still working it's way out of my system but I am losing the weight and am much more outgoing and happy my sleep pattern and appetite have returned to normal. I have experienced an irregularity in my periods however. I went 5months without getting one since I've been off the tablets. I sometimes experience random twitching or sensitivity to stimuli. Overall I felt zyprexa did help in rectifying the situations, bu F 19 6 months
15-10-5 1X D
 5  GAD & major depressive disorder Huge appetite, slightly forgetful, Feel a bit sluggish for the first 30 mins after waking up. Shaky hands in the early to mid morning. I have suffered with general anxiety disorder and major depression since a teenager which has got progressively worse over the years. I 1997 I was hospitalised twice for major depression and again in 1998. I was prescribed Leponex, a very similar drug to Zyprexor. I felt better immediately but my doc took me off it because of the issue with blood testing. Years passed and I forgot about Leponex. I tried Prozac, Ciplapram, (Depramil) cognitive therapy and psychotherapy on and off for years. Nothing ever took away the continuous anxiety, unwarranted guilt, feelings of hopelessness, racing thoughts and varying depressive episodes. My life, my choices and my thinking has been crippled with this awful condition for most of my life. I have almost become a recluse. Over the last two years I have slipped into suicidal depression. Ten days ago I told my psychiatrist how wonderful Leponex made me feel in 1997. He put me on Zyprexa 5mg for 7 days then 10mg to follow and warned me about the possible weight gain. Fortunately I am a tall thin guy and I don’t mind something that will increase my appetite as I eat poorly. The following day I felt great almost immediately. No anxiety, no panic attacks, no dark pits of hellish depression. Ten days later I want to declare to the world that this is nothing short of a miracle, a life saving drug for me. I feel wonderful and Zyprexa is AMAZING! I am now calmer, I can concentrate better, I am more confident. M 46 10 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety/depression/cycling Nausea, vomiting, uncontrollable diarrhea. Lost about 20 pounds. Did not help me sleep. F 73 17 days
?? 1X D
 4  Psychotic Depression Weight Gain Zyprexa is amazing. It relieved me of my auditory and visual hallucinations, the only down side is weight gain. If I ate over 1400 calories a day I would gain weight, this was a battle for me because I have a very sweet tooth. Some days I would eat a little more than 1400 calories only to end up gaining a pound or two. In the end I lost the battle, the craving for sweet food became to much and the weight went on far to easy. I'm now on abilify which causes less weight gain than other atypical antipsychotics, on some sites it's even considered to be weight neutral. Overall I would say that Zyprexa is an amazing drug if you can mantain your weight on it but for me it was a constant battle. F 27 1 years
15MG 1X D

 5  Schizophrenia Light headed gastric somtime erectile problem but orgasm better than the rest ability orgasm ok too erectile good libido but causes anxiety always want to eat to get energy overall I really like zyprexa Take lowest dosage cause all of this meds decreased sexuality M 35 1 days
 1   I feel drugged, i feel my head heavy, i feel detached from the reality, like a zombie, hand tremors, palpitations throughout the body, i wake up with dry mouth and throat, i sleep more than 12 hous per day, i even missed classes to sleep a little more, i feel like parts of my brain were shut off, i only feel fine lying somewhere and still. Poison M 23 1 weeks
10 mg 1X D
 1  Bipolar disorder Weight gain weight gain weight gain. This drug is not worth it!!! See if you can get on lamictal and topamax first!! I gained 30 + pounds and am working like hell to get off. After talking w my psyc he said I didn't need to be on it. Really? So all this for nothing. Horrible drug. Find another. F 21 4 months
 1  Phychosis Memory problems, heart arithmiyas, irregular heart rate F 35 2 years

 1  anxiety 8 years
2.5 1X D

 1  bipolar Sedation at first, loss of interest in pretty much everything, boredom, trouble making decisions Over the past few months I've noticed a severe decrease in things I used to enjoy, and this correlates exactly along the same timeline that I've been taking this med. It definately stabilizes my mood, but I find I'm sorta just "existing" and passing time, not interested in much of anything. Haven't been to the gym in weeks, whereas I used to go routinely. I've had days where all I did, all day, was just watch TV, when there was stuff that needed to be done....it was an ordeal just to get off the couch. My guitars are collecting dust, my apartment needs a good cleaning, yet all I want to do is crash on the couch and watch TV, even though it's hard to find pleasure out of that as well. I'm not myself at work, I'm less productive, less helpful, it's awful!!! If I were to graph my moods while I've been on this, it'd be a straight line in the negative. Same thing happened with Depakote ER, Trileptal, and Lithium. I'm beginning to think mood-stabilizers aren't for me. M 29 5 months
10 1X D

 3  Depression Weight gain Anhedonia Excessive sleeping It gives you a half-life. You'll be stable, but completely anesthetized emotionally. If I could describe it as a color, it would be a permanent shade of gray. M 23 3 years
10mg 1X D
 3  schizophrenia Sleep 12 hours a day hangover effect M 24 3 years

 1  Psychosis weight gain, increased appetite, tiredness, lethargy, memory problems, loss of creativity, seizures M 29 14 days
20 mg 1X D

 1  Bipolar Weight gain,very tired, confusion with memory loss. I agree zyprexa is a poor performing drug for many and should be taken off the market. M 46 5 months
40 1X D

 1  Hyper activity, severe ADHD, etc Extreme weight gain (over 40lbs in less than 1year), breast development, unstable gait, and most recent, hypoglycemia. M 13 3 years
 1  bipolar - severe My face swelled up, my scalp split open and my hair fell out. I had to wear a wig for 6 weeks while it grew back. Weight gain ++++ even in a month. This is the worst anti psychotic I have ever been on and I've been on most. The side effects were horrendous. F 56 1 months
10mgs 1X D
 2  Mental Swollen feet weight gain.. Can't sleep & shortness of breathe.. F 40 10 days
 1  Bipolar Terrible drug. Would not recommend to anyone F 35 1 years

 1  Bipolar & Bulimia Weight gain, Lethargy, High appetite, Incoherence, Memory loss. Completely inhumane. I was just a living shell of a human while on this. I have one regret in my life and it's taking this medicine 12 years ago. I do not remember what mg I took or how many times a day. I was a zombie. I remember eating and sleeping. Became aware that I said something only after someone else responded. I went from 138 lbs to about 240 lbs in 6 months and no one gave me clothes to fit. I have PERMANENT lines around my belly from my pants. The abdominal weight has never come off...and my niece says I look like a tiger. Bulimia and bipolar tripled afterwards. THIS DRUG SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET AND THE MANUFACTURERS HELD LIABLE FOR DOING HARM TO PEOPLES MINDS AND BODIES. F 26 6 months
1X D

 5  catatonic depression tired, weight gain 30lbs. this drug was a MIRACLE, it takes me out of a near catatonic depression! all i want to do is die if i am not on it. it effects your dopamine and norepinephrine levels. i am severly lacking in those chemicals as well as serotonin, so i take wellbutrin as well. i think zyprexa made me know what a miracle from god is like. i am trying new drugs to see if things can get even better because i still have lingering depresiion irritability, so now i am trying abilify. but i will always know that zyprexa is there to keep me living... probably the best anti -depressant for near catatonia M 33 4 years
5mg. 1X D
 1  manic bipolar episodes Gained 50 pounds with in the first 2 months. I only had the urge to eat and sleep I felt like an animal. I couldn't wake up in the morning no matter how hard I tried. I would not recommend this medicine to anyone. I am also having issues with getting pregnant and its a good possibility that its because of the medicine. F 21 6 months
 1  Manic episode Horrible drug. Could have been ok to take for one day or one week but they had me on it for ten months. Within a week in hospital my clothes stopped fitting me. Constant cravings for sugar and caffiene, and complete lack of motivation and carelessless. Cut off from body. Rapid weight gain and lethargy. about 30 pounds heavier. Been off the drug about 4 months... Weight is not going down no matter how healthy I eat and exercise I do. No point in even trying to exercise on Zyprexa doesn't make a difference. EXTREME DROWSINESS, FELL ASLEEP BEHIND THE WHEEL OF MY CAR AND CRASHED. Very tired all the time, didn't want to get up in the morning and wanted to sleep in the middle of the day. Suicidal ideation, periods stopped for 6 months. Reduction in sex drive. F 24 10 months
20mg - 0mg
 2  Schizoaffective w/ Bipolar Subtype Weight Gain This drug helped me get back on track as far as being more social, hygenic, and less paranoid. The downside....45lbs weight gain in two months. F 35 2 months
30mg 1X D

 4  Schizophrenia Fatigue, sleeping too much, mild weight gain. This medication has significantly reduced paranoia, rage, manic episodes, and insomnia. The only problem is that I sleep until the afternoon and have trouble getting up in the morning. M 26 4 months
15 1X D

 5  anxiety and tics Fortunately no side effects Within two days of adding Zyprexa to my SSRI both my all-consuming anxiety and the accompanying nervous tics vanished. I opted to take the smallest dose possible (1.25 mg) and fortunately for me, I experienced only a small weight gain (which I've since reversed). For me it is a miracle drug, since I've been plagued by overwhelming anxiety and depression since childhood. F 63 7 years
1.25mg 1X D

 5  Bipolar 1, Mixed, rapid cycling Weight gain on a high dose (10 mg/daily); sporadic dry mouth (helped by chewing sugar free gum) I consider myself a pretty good judge of this medication. I have had ambivalence about this medication for years: Fear of the dreaded weight gain alternating with gratitude for the fantastic relief of my symptoms (racing thoughts, agitation). I am now solidly in favor of this drug ever since my doctor told me to take small doses (2.5 mg) as needed rather than a larger dose (5-10 mg) every night. Taking Zyprexa PRN has done a world of difference. I am not gaining weight anymore and my appetite is normal. I am not getting sugar cravings. And I don't feel lethargic. This med does not have to build up in your system to work. You can take it for mania as if you were taking an ibuprofen for a headache. I average none to 5 mgs of Zyprexa each day now. I have tried other meds: Depakote (terrible weight gain), carbamazepine (ineffective), and Risperdal (weird side effects, including tricking my body into thinking it was pregnant!). None of these meds touch the effectiveness of Zyprexa. With Zyprexa I am calm and not spazzy at work, a tendency that was beginning to hurt my professional credibility. Please email me if you have personal questions about this med. By the way, it just went generic in the U.S. I picked up a bottle of "Olanzipine" the other day. F 33 4 years
2.5 1X D
 5  Paranoid Schizophrenia Excess Sleep, and hardly any weight gain This medicine is lovely, it has given me complete relief from my symptoms of schizophrenia. I'm able to live happily with my family again and it has given me confidence in social relationships. I'm slowly re-developing myself and building my life with this medicine. The only annoying side effect i notice is excess sleep. M 24 6 months
10mg 1X D
 1  "mania" Laziness, weight gain, greater appetite Worthless drug that doesn't really do anything but subdue people beyond what is needed or desirable. M 27 3 years
varied 1X AN
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