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 1  Prostate Feeling like passing out.rapid heart rate,intermittently Need to research heart effects M 93 14 days
0.4mg 1X D

 1  BPH constant urinating - every 10-20 minutes, including through the night. incontinence. Caused *extreme* muscular weakness and dizziness - fell 4 times during last month on this med- unusual for me and dangerous. Going off of flomax slowly now under doctor's supervision - was on .8 mg. Did NOT help with incontinence. Doc is trying me on enablex now. M 90 2 months

 1  getting up to pee at night My father took this drug while hospitalized a few years earlier & had vivid realistic sometimes fightening dreams. Most recently, last summer he began taking it again & began having hallucinations after taking for 4 days. He stopped taking but a couple of weeks later "had a bad dream" and ended up being taken to the hospital after a violent episode. Doc diagnosed him as having dementia, but has been fine since getting out of the hospital almost 8 months ago. The only time he was messed up was within the first few weeks of taking flowmax. M 89 4 days
 3  Frequent night urination I wanted to ask anyone if they have had this type of experience: My dad (mid 80's) was on Flomax for some time and it worked great to keep him from getting up all night long. He was recently hospitalized and had trouble voiding at the time. Then it appeared that his usual pattern for voiding reversed: he would not go all day and get up every night. Any insight into why this may have happened or what could be done to reverse this change? Changing his pill time has not helped. Thank you so much. M 85
1X D
 4  incontinence None that I could notice, except going for two hours without a bathroom break, instead of 30 minutes (maybe). After radiation for prostate cancer. I would prefer 8 hours, for sleep. M 84 1 years

 1  BPH, failure to empty bladder, etc After two days, every time I pee'd, I'd also pooh. Soiled several shorts per day. Things got worse and I quit using it. Loss of bowel control still lingers after more than a year. Reading the comments of others seems to indicate Flomax is like most prostate symptom-control meds. Maybe this will encourage others to report with similar embarrassing side effects. M 83 4 days

 1  BPH Episode of multiple bleeds in the brain. Hospitalized in semi-comatose condition and having seizures. During recovery in hospital medication resumed and had an additional bleed in the brain after taking it for two days. M 82 14 days
 4  Slow release of urine Loss of ejaculate, but not organism. Did not help much in lessening my visits to the toilet. M 81 30 days
 3  urgency none it did all right to begin with, but lately it doesn't seem to help much. Urgency is there and some loss of control. M 80 9 months

 1  Prostate Fainting, Dizziness, Leg Cramps, BP Unstable, Confusion, and Stomach Pain This product is potentially deadly. M 80 3 months

 4  prescribed by MD requires 2 capsules per day to work for me Very happy with it M 78 1 years
 4  Frequent night time urination None M 77 4 years

 4  Urinary flow,retention at night. Dizzeness on rising ,in conjuction with Blood pressure Medication; Directic,Zestril-20mg Atenol 50 mg once a day. took this medication for many years after Hormone therapy and Radiation for Prostate cancer now 7 years OK low PSA 0.02 stopped for awhile while one Kidney removed.Night time urination started to slow and retention.Started use again.Seems to be Ok except dizzeness,tiredness.Flow better,Rention better at night,Daytime no problem.May have to reajust BP medication M 77 10 years
 5  BPH Better lasting erections For the past 5 years I have been taking 20 Mg Cialis once a week. For the past year, although I get erections normally, about 90% of the time I lose the erection during intercourse. With FLOMAX combined with Cialis, I can hold a strong erection during intercourse until ejaculation. My Dr. switched me to 5Mg Cialis to be taken daily with FLOMAX 0.4Mg. Now I can achieve and maintain erections whenever I want. Also, since the Cialis is prescribed for BPH rather than for ED, my insurance pays 100% M 76 4 weeks
1X D
 3  weak urine flow,emptying out poorly EXTREME sleepiness, increase in bowel activity, sexual performance and orgasm negatively impacted, probably contributes to (prexisting) depression and vision fuzziness. Have enjoyed generally good health. Started Flomax 0.4 mg. daily about 2 years ago with no other oral meds. almost immediate improvement in flow and some reduction in night urination.No side effects noted for months. Several months ago started noticing drowsiness, which has increased to extreme levels with Occasional dizziness. Quit taking today. Life quality sleeping 12-15 hours a day has gone into the ditch. M 76 2 years
 2  As an during Prostate Radiation Very, very slow "Start" for urination during the nightime. Not able to M T the bladder -- so it seems. I tend to think and feel, that THIS Medication is highly overated if you consider the tremedous AD campaign that goes on -- every magazine, constantly on TV, on the Walls of many Dr. Offices, many Dr.'s are "pushing" this product, etc. M 76 5 months

 5  Bph Lightheadness , dry ejaculation, diaria, dizziness when arising,constant running nose. It was very helpful on my onset of Bph. But now thinking of giving up drug. M 74 10 years
.4mg 1X D

 4  For dribbling urinating No seman at ejacklation M 74 3 months

 1  BPH I have discovered that I have many of the symptoms indicated by the other respondents since searching this website ie: dizziness, runing nose, decreased ejaclation, decreased libdo, decreased strength, much loss of sleep, pain in leg muscles. I have been off of Flomax for a month. I feel a lot better. Decreased flow, one time up at night which I was doing with the drugn normal ejaculation. I can live with the decreased flow and without the side effects. Do not use this drug-the side effects outweigh the good. Also, if you are using this drug and will have cataract surgey be sure to tell your eyedoctor. Flomax can cause problems with the surgery. M 74 4 years
 3  Enlarged Prostate retrograde ejaculation I have been taking Avodart concurrently with Flomax. It's about a year that I'm taking and my Prostate has shrunk. I've reduced my Flomax dose from two to one a day. I'm now going to eliminate Flomax as I'm urinating with strong flow consistently. Avodart needs several months to do its job. It has worked for me M 73 2 years

 3  BPH indigestion and gas very uncomfortable. drowsiness. no ejaculate. back pain. abdominal discomfort. diarrhea. partial erections. stuffy/runny nose I can not evaluate whether my bladder is voiding completely or not short of a sonagram. Unfortunately I think the side effects outweigh the positives for taking this drug. I also begin taking Avodart at the same time as Flomax and the combination may enhance side effects. I teach cycling at my gym and have not had it affect my energy level while teaching. If these side effects do not subside, I may be forced to discontinue the Flomax. M 73 30 days
 1  Frequent urination Stuffy nose, dizzy, weak,no energy,tired.slight confusion. Way too strong side effects.I'm through with it. M 73 2 days

 5  bph Seem to have little sex drive, and do not know if Flomax is the cause or perhaps Plavix or Lipitor? The reason for prescribing Flomax was problem with draining urine from bladder which resulted in severe infection and a PSA of 24. After Flomax, urine flowed immediately and PSA came down to 2.46 within 2 months time. M 72 6 months
 4  brachiotherapy effects blocked evac Erections soft. Ejaculations sparce and not vert rewarding M 72 1 years

 3  benign prostate enlargement stuffy nose; diminished sex drive;lack of ejaculation urine flow increased greatly, yet still up 2 to 3 times per night; will try saw palmetto again, although physician thinks I should accept side effects and stay on this drug M 72 35 days

 1  to improve urination One pill then light headed the next morning then total unconsciousness with heart stoppage. Was revived and required the emergency installation of a pace maker. The doctor said it was not related to the Flomax and said to take another Flomax pill the next evening which I did and had drastic fluctuation of bloob pressure. No one should take this unless you are already in the hospital and are under constant care to monitor side effects. It helped with the ability to urinate but with risking a near death expericnce. It is a very dangerous drug. Don't risk it. M 72 2 days

 1  prostate cancer tongue swelled,dizzy,light-headed and my father died after 1 hour! M 72 1 times
 5  BPH - severe urinary frequency nothing major that couldn't be tolerated gave me my life back. At this point, I don't really care about the other side effects. M 71 30 days
.4 mg 1X D

 4  Problems urinating post surgery Erection problems, no ejaculation during orgasm. Also taking blood pressue medication, Not sure what effect an ED medication like Levitra would have if I decided to take this or another ED medication. M 71 1 years

 3  BPH, UTI Stuffy nose, not normal sex, this med DOES work to empty my bladder so that I do not have any UTI's. My union stopped paying for brand Flomax. I went on generic (tamsulosin) the side effects became intolerable, stuffy nose,throat, not normal sex. I went back on brand Flomax and paid out of pocket $500. for 90 pills. Side effects was very minimal but was breaking my wallet. I now buy from U.K. and pay$170.00 for 84caps of brand Flomax. Side effects are now much more tolerable. M 71 6 years
.04mg 1X O

 2  Retention-Scar tissue from TUR. Very high blood pressure,especially distalic pressure.Weak spells with profuse sweating. Increased bowel movements. Flomax does work and markedly increases the strength of stream flow.However the side effects are a serious consideration. M 71 4 months
 1  Enlarged Prostate Little or no ejaculation - when there is some it is clear. Climax is not as intense Cough Runny Nose Back Pain M 71 3 months

 5  BPH--unable to fully void bladder Retrograde ejaculation--some stuffiness 70 2 weeks

 5  bph and uti Semen reduced to a drop and makes my nose stuffy. This stuff works! Dr. told me once a day and it worked within hours. Urologist suggested cutting back so I went to every other day and that also worked. Stopped for 5 days and symptoms came back, so going back to every other day. When I travel, you can be sure that this will go with me. What great stuff. M 70 14 days
 3  enlarged prostate nasal congestion,runny nose & sneezing also sex life is not as enjoyable. it really does work but after suffering with bad nasal problems for the past 6 years I quit and am now taking terazosin,2MG per day.it seems to work and I no longer have nasal side effects. M 70 6 years
 3  BPH nasal stuffiness pronounced, back pain M 70 2 years

 3  prostitus-BPH Weaken sex feeling, some tiredness, weaken flow in the morning. I find when I take 100% Cherry juice,(Kudsen brand) It makes my flow stronger, and prevents any infection in the urinary tract. When they first gave me a PSA test, it read 7.4, and they wanted to take a Biopsey, I said to revaluate me in two weeks, In that two weeks I had about seven quarts of Cherry Juice, when i went back and took the test, it read 3.4. Some how Cherry juice, prevents uric acid buildup in the urinary track, and they now are finding out That the Perillyl alcohol, which is in the skin of the Cherry, destroys the proteins that the cancer lives on. I find that the Cherry juice with the Flowmax work well together... I also take Vitamin B-12 & folic Acid. B-12 for the nerves, and mind,as when you get older, the myelin sheaths,(coating around nerves) dry out and deteriate, one of the causes of multiple sclerosis & Alzheimer's disease & ALS. B-12 lubricates the Myelin Sheaths, also carrys more oxygen to the blood. I take 1000mcg Time Release B-12 as the time release will metablize in the intestinal track and not the stomach, as the hydrocloric acid in the stomach will destroy the B-12, because B-12 is 5% Cobalt, and acids attack heavey metals. I take Folic Acid for the Heart, they say that if more men would take folic acid acid it would prevent 40% of heart attacks in men. M 70 4 years
 3  BPH Drowsiness 3 or 4 hours after I take pill. Loss of energy! Some depression. I want to thank this website for making me alert to these side effects. I now take Flomax, right before I go to bed, and I think everyone should, I was wondering why I got tired and drowsy 3 or 4 hours after I took the Flowmax. I have been also taking B-12, but wasn't geting the energy, and my mind was slippying, However since I have changed the time when I take the Flomax, I have got back my energy, and my mind is getting sharper than ever. What I can recommend is Take Flomax before you go to bed! I just can't believe the change in me since I switched the time I take it. I feel like 10 years younger. To bad that Drug company can't figure that out! M 70 4 days
 2  BHP Dizziness when standing from sitting or crouching. Not too good if you are working on the roof or working with a chain saw. While working out at a gym and using the leg push machine, I had to hold on to something when I got off the machine. M 70 6 months

 2  BPH Lower back pain, dizziness, constipation, gas pain, depression, nasal congestion in the mornings. Minor headache. Greatly improved sleep pattern. Was getting up 4-5 times pernight. Now get up once. Urine flow improved. Less retention. Less frequency during the day. However, side effects quite bothersome. Trying to decide if they are worth it. M 70 30 days

 2  bph Increased blood pressure. Weight gain, Swelling in the legs and groin The first few days of taking 0.4mg did what it was supposed to. Urine flow improved etc. But then things got bad. The side effects kicked in and I quit taking the stuff. I hoped to get back to my original condition and restart but the symptoms have persisted. Now I have no sensation of needing to urinate. During the day I can sense a need to 'go' but during the night I just dribble. ie I am almost incontinent. Before all this I was in good shape. Running 3 miles a day and/or playing 2 hours of tennis. Now both have been compromised. I think 'Flomax' has done permanent damage to my system( kidneys )and I may seek legal advise. I have to see a renal specialist this week. M 70 14 days
 1  EPH Side effects: Throat, jaw, and gums irretations to terrible muscle spasms. Dr. put me on this when I had a UTI and said I had a slightly enlarged Prostate 3.7 after being on flomax for 3 yrs and PSA at 4.8, I started to add things to my diet: 1 CENTRUM SILVER for men,1000mg pumpkin seed oil tabs 3x a day, pomergranate cap 1x a day, lycopene caps 1x a day, Just black Cherry juice (knudsen brand ) 4oz a day, 8 oz Cranberry juice daily, 8oz blueberry juice 8oz daily.After 3.5 years on Flomax I stopped completely but kept up with these caps and juices added to my diet and now One Year after stopping all FLOMAX my PSA decreased to 4.6. I still get the throat,jaw and gum irritations and spasms even though I have not had any FLOMAX in about a year..True story M 70 3.5 years
.04mg 1X D

 1  urinary/prostate problems blurry vision, eye pain, little or no ejaculation, difficult ejaculation, tiredness at all times, irregular heart beat, difficulty obtaining an good erection. this drug has helped with urine flow but the side effects are terrible. I am trying to reduce the dosage to one pill every other day but it is too soon to see if the side effects will change. I will contact my Doctor as soon as I have given the every other day dosage more time. M 70 2 months
 5  Enlarged prostate and cancer None I am in my 8th. year of prostate cancer using vitamins and herbs for treatment and doing very well. PSA level continues to decline but recently had extreme difficulty in urinating and the pain associated with it. Emergency doctor prescribed Flomax and the results have been spectacular. Relief with the first tablet and it continues. Would give up years of life at the end to enjoy the present fewer trips to the bathroom, ease of flow and now sleeping as long as 7 hours without having to get up. I can do a lot of activities now that I couldn't do before because of the frequent trips to the toilet. M 69 15 days

 3  BPH There were too many side effects w/ generic flomax so I changed to brand flomax. I still get some jaw and throat irritations. Brand flomax is $375.00 per 90 caps. Much better product than generic, I take 1 cap every other day and the sex is much better just about normal. I also take 1 lycopene 1 pomogranate and 3 pumpkin seed oil caps with cranberry juice and "just black cherry" .juice daily.I do not have any urinating or sex problems. M 69 3.5 years
.04 1X D

 2  Enlarged Prostate,slow urine flow General tiredness, malaise. Night time urination frequency remained the same, although voiding was more complete. Dribbling still occurs. Diminished sex drive. I expected a decreased frequency of urination, but it did not happen. I feel too tired all day. Will possibly stop using. M 69 45 days

 2  Fluid retention, Frequency Decreased orgasm intensity & ejaculation. No others noticed. Taking 0.4 mg/day for about 3 weeks. No improvement noticed yet. Have been taking during day. Will shift to bedtime to improve night frequency. No help with fluid retention yet. PSA 0.2 and prostate is normal in size. Also taking herbal 'Prostate 5LX', cosisting of saw palmetto, ginger, etc. Will finish this round of Flomax. If no improvement, will discontinue. M 69 3 weeks
 2  BPH Rhinitis, back pain, tiredness, constipation, sexual problems (i.e., ejaculation problems). The flomax helps marginally with urination symptoms. Some of the side effects took a while to fully manifest themselves. I have been on the drug for several years. The nose stuffiness and constipation have become so severe that I think I will have to go off the drug. I am against taking systemics for prolonged periods anyway, unless absolutely necessary. M 69 3 years

 4  frequent urination & enlarged prost Dizzy when laying on my left side while in bed. Can't get up too quickly or feel like passing out any time of the day. Constant backache. Dry mouth all night. Wake up each morning at 1 A M & 4 A M. Weird dreams. No production of semen at all, period. Climaxes DULL! Runny nose during every meal. The drug has stopped frequent urination, but the side effects are almost too much to take!!! Take 2 pills a day, one with breakfast, and one at bedtime. (.4mg) Also take Avodart, Metformin, Zocor, and Lyrica. M 68 3 years

 3  prostate problemw none works fairly well to increase flow M 68 5 years

 2  BPH pain & lumps in throat,sinus drip, sensitive teeth. I take Brand name Flomax only it still has side effects but there are much fewer. I take flomax every monday,wednesday and friday. I have very good sex on weekends. I take saw palmetto,pomergranate,lycopene,zinc, selenium on a daily basis. I also take pumpkin seed oil caps 3x daily.Cranberry,blueberry,pomergranate juices every day.My PSA went up only 1.1 pts in 3 year period.(3.7 to 4.8) I do not take finastiride and choose to take naturals described herein. So far so good. finistiride kills sex, period end of story. M 68 2.5 years
0.4mg 3X W
 2  blocked bladder Fatigue,cough, M 68 60 days

 2  BPH Libido reduced. Difficulty in obtaining orgasm. No ejaculate. Has not improved urine flow yet. M 68 9 days

 1  prostate infection Lower back pain, impotence, no ejaculation, dizziness, tireness, would need sleep during day, exhaustion, after a short walk legs felt heavy and felt I could not make it back This drug should be taken off the market. Even though I explained the symptons to my urologist, he asked if I was over 60 and asked me what I expected at my age. I really thought my life was over. After stopping for 2 weeks symptons went away. Have my life back!! Have been having some withdrawals such as headache, nervousness, sleeplessness but worth it. M 68 12 months
30 1X D
 1  BPH Chest pain, heart palpitations, insomnia, stuffy nose, headache, weakness, decreased libido - all the things seen here. This stuff sucks! Stopped taking it, then started again, now will stop it for good. Can't stand side effects, especially the chest pain, palpitations, and insomnia. Have to admit it did help with urine problems, but just not worth it. M 68 3 months

 3  BPH Side effects greatly reduced when I changed from generic to brand.($342.00)for 90 pills. I no longer have any sexual side effects. There are lots of side effects with generic even the ones from Canada.(see add comments) I take 1 flomax brand pill every other day.I take 3-1000mg pumpkin seed oil tabs daily with one Lycopene and one pomerganate tabs daily. I Drink 100% cran/pomergranate juice daily.My PSA has risen only 1.1 over 30 months. Daily exercise good diet,no alcohol,no smoking. M 67 26 months
.4mg 1X D

 3  urine retention Frequent urination at night,once per hour. Started 2 flomax tablets per day improved day time situation, spoke to doc, told to take two flomax at bed time. Improved night time urination to once every two or two and half hours at night.My wife gets up once per night and I am getting up three or four times, not happy.I am taking one table spoon of fiber with one glass of water at lunch time.I would like to hear about other flomax experience. My PSA was less then two for the last four years.My doctor did ALL of the cancer tests and they were negative. M 67 6 months
 3   M 67 3 years


 2  BPH Dizziness combined with weakness and mild chest pain. Doctor ran tests and my heart is good. Runny nose all the time. Mild loss of sex drive. Side effects got worse when I started taking Avodart recently. I cannot function with the dizziness. Flomax cut my nightime urination from 6 times to 3 times at first. Good effects seem to be going away with time. I am stopping Flomax now to see if the dizziness stops. I will continue Avodart because it take 6 months. I have tried Saw Palmetto for years and it seems to do little good or bad. M 67 90 days

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